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  1. Most of my stuff is street photography and it does sell occasionally, but, you need a lot of it as the market is highly saturated. Turning the question around if I may......have you had any sales from your small portfolio but good quality nature photos? Andy
  2. I my opinion more chance for sales with street photography then macro. Go for it. Maybe stupid question but what you mean with "L"' ?
  3. ". But I am interested in street photography and was wondering if street photographs are good for sales on stock photo sites like Alamy??" yes km
  4. Alamy had to make a choice of reporting currency and it chose USD because that's its main market. The calculator doesn't reflect bulk pricing and other contracts negotiated by Alamy. You are very fortunate to see a discount of only 40%- most are much higher. Most of my sales are effectively discounted by 80-90%. That's supply and demand, I'm afraid. $300 is a very, very good fee for that size in a magazine these days.
  5. Hi all, I am trying to restart my Alamy stock photo. All of my photos so far have been nature macros. But I am interested in street photography and was wondering if street photographs are good for sales on stock photo sites like Alamy?? Any advice will be appreciated to kickstart this.Thank you!
  6. I've made a few sales via Live News during September, is there a big difference in the fee between stock and news? I guess i'll have to wait until they appear in sales. Could be a longish wait. Still waiting for a double page Guardian news image to be reported from April. Joe
  7. I watched it on my phone (HTC ONE) and it was nice and loud. The strongest point James makes for me, was that if we want more and bigger sales we need to submit better work. I have really been guilty of this throughout my whole portfolio. Quick snaps to build a portfolio, because that's what was advised.
  8. Been on Alamy a year now Pseudonym Your Sales Paul Chambers (575) Your Sales 2 Your Views 3,200 Your Zooms 44 Your CTR 1.38% Can only get better
  9. Do you get the same resolution output from both formats ? I wouldn't have thought so. Without knowing more, I would probably opt for the format that represents the ratio of the sensor.
  10. Didn't James' video essentially admit that the experiment has failed? Doubling the number of images sold at half the price is not progress. When Alamy slashed our percentage we were assured that increased sales would more than make up for lost revenue. That clearly hasn't happened so can we have our 'investment' back please? Always nice to get an update from the CEO but it might have been better if the promises James made in the previous video update had been delivered before now. The reduced payout threshhold is long overdue and, whilst the reason for this might be "long and boring", I'd
  11. No recent sales , but had a couple in the past, best was $197 back in 2011 for a Japanese travel brochure. Phil
  12. Some nice pictures, you obviously get around abit! Some are a bit on the dark side, don't get disillusioned, it takes alot more than 67 photographs to start getting sales
  13. John, I don't have a ton of autumn shots and I don't think I have made any sales because of fall color. While beautiful to look at I think fall leaves can hurt sales, making images too season specific. Now having said that, there are some places in the USA that are known well for their fall color and maybe it would be good to shoot there if they haven't been shot to death already.
  14. Jeff and losdemas-- I don't know if it you applies to you, but at first I couldn't hear the volume either. My speaker volume was at max, and then I noticed the video itself had another volume control which I was then able to amplify and listen to just fine. Questions about the ($ or pounds )135 million in sales to photographers to date, Anybody have an idea what that is yearly by the year? It would be nice to compute contributor sales commissions per image per time on the average each year. Would it be a fair guess that each Alamy image generates about $1 per year gross in sales on average
  15. Well.... Sept may have been quiet here (sales) but just landed a $1,500 sale elsewhere, first one of that size.... along with 4 other smaller ones.... and another 8 zooms here. Happy days again :-)
  16. I have given up on this. Your north American / Canadian autumn leaves are bigger and much more colourful than the Danish. But you have better pastries. Actually, Jill Morgan above lives in prime autumn leaves territory. Out here on the west coast of Canada, we have mainly coniferous trees, but we still do get some wonderful colours. Looking through my sales, this is the only one of my few autumn photos (shot in Vancouver) that has leased on Alamy. Don't know if the buyer was interested in the church or the golden leaves, however.
  17. I only have a few images up made have made 2 sales to date. It is not much of an encouragement for new contributors to contribute more though when at current rates it will be several years before any of my earnings will be paid to me :-/ Also does not encourage me when since my initial submission acceptance I have made 16 successful multiple submissions in a row without a fail and now my 17th submission appears that it will be a fail as it was submitted on the 23rd September and still awaiting QC. But why if you can pass a submission in under 24 hours do you make me wait for such a long ti
  18. Hello Gangoo, Some look saleable and other are not really belonging into stock. Just like mentioned there is not really a specific rule. Sometimes the great looking image is not downloaded and the lessed expectd four times. This i saw from experience. Variation, volume, keywording, patience and quality is the way. Just keep on going with a good spirit and dont break just because the sales are not coming inmidiatly. Before you see regular sales it can take many uploaded images and months. Even if you would have a download today in many cases you will see it reported afer couple of months.
  19. http://www.scribd.com/doc/141391187/Bavaria-Magazine-2013-The-Real-Bavaria-An-original-kind-of-holiday I found one of mine in here and there seem to be A LOT of pictures of Bavaria credited to Alamy. I really admire the dedication of those here who manage to find all the pics in the Alamy archives and list the details, but I'm afraid it's getting late and I can't quite summon the effort just now. If you have images of Bavaria, it might be worth a look. Mine came through on 5th June and was over $60, so check your sales first and happy hunting. Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editoria
  20. Hi Alex...Just about all my Alamy images so far have been uploaded via Live newsfeed from home computer on the Alamy newsfeed uploader. I have been covering the Balcombe anti fracking protests however not being able to upload from the field has lost valuable time and possibly sales in some instances. I know an alternative option is to use a wi fi laptop in the field but that is bulky fragile and time consuming in comparison to a camera computer combined like the Samsung Galaxy. Most field work will go to stock, Police at work etc but from time to time something kicks off or a celeb turns up
  21. IMHO (what do I know ?!), your images are good/saleable on Alamy and I see no reason why your sales should not increase greatly with a larger portfolio. This doesn't however alter the state of the industry or what the future may bring! There are some totally contradictory results on this thread from valued and respected contributors with large portfolios and long-term experience in stock: David Kilpatrick is apparently having a rough time of things at present, while Jeff Greenberg is doing just fine (and he has voiced concerns recently). Others have reported similar disparities: it seems t
  22. September was much like the other months. No sales single figure zooms and hundreds of views, well thousands actually. Impressed with the stats from Jeff. $10k? in a month? that's pretty impressive
  23. Congratulations, Diane. The same thing happened with one of my images (BEY87T) last year. Then this year, the same buyer renewed all six licences: twelve sales in total, all fees paid and banked. Incidentally, the image failed QC the first time I submitted it (some sneaky chromatic aberration around the arches). I removed the CA and re-submitted it, and very glad that I did! All the best Rawdon
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