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  1. Not necessarily- If you look at my stats above- My NET % is declining... Due to more distributor sales, and commission cuts by Alamy. So, my NET this year would have been a good bit higher, had I actually earned the same % of Gross as two years ago. But in the sense of simply seeing that prices have been falling, yes, Gross also tells a telling story! But we already knew that. -Jason
  2. In a word, yes. Not quite as bad but I had one used in The Times via the Live News feed in July. I was alerted to the use by a mate and received an email from Alamy with congratulations. I wrote to MS three months later and they responded saying they were chasing payment. I wrote again in December but haven't yet had a reply. Another agency I joined in October has already sent 4 sales sheets letting me know usages and 3 remittance advices with payments. It's a no-brainer to decide where my live news pictures go to now.
  3. On January 19th 2013 during the blizzards, I had a Railway image live news shot D2ANED used in The Times. It still appears in the google search for Orient Express. To date - one year later, and despite having had many communications with MS and Live News about this image, there is no record of this image being used on my account, and I nor Alamy have not been paid. I have regularly asked for this issue to be taken up, and am always assured that the sale will appear. But one year later, still nothing? My question is, why is it that the mechanism that Alamy has for images to be used and purchase
  4. Here an additional view using MEDIAN rather than average. The MEDIAN being the value having an equal number of values above and below. It is not distorted by unusually high or low exceptional sales. It is just an additional data point that is useful to understand a trend. eg: 5, 6, 8, 10, 15, 25, 265 10 is the median (middle number, three above, three below). Average here would be 47.7 (distorted by one large number, 265), but 47.7 is a far way from the majority numbers in the distribution. So median is interesting to know too. From a total of about 10,000 images over 3 accounts since
  5. Easy enough for me as I only sold at the 50% cut so: Year Gross NET Royalties Paid 2013 $54.53 $27.27 50% Not in NS, NU and have very limited distribution with no sales so far. I think Gross still gives a good indication of the way things have gone.
  6. I don't think that presenting the Net value is that important, and certainly not useless. Since we know that we receive a known fraction of that value. If Gross declines obviously Net will follow. Net value may only be interesting if we're trying to assess how much distributor sales we get. If someone has none than the Net will be 50% of the Gross (at least starting from a certain date of 2013). If Net is lower than 50% (or 60, or 65 depending on the year) then you can get a notion about the contributor distributor sales. Just that. Other than that I don't see that presenting only the
  7. Something I am grappling with as I try to reinvigorate my sales, and photography. One pseudonym: the successful pics lift the whole portfolio (might only be slight in a large collection) multiple pseduonym if split by most active/ successful image groups, the less well regarded pseudonym will sink to oblivion? Other groupings may just be for a convenience and have an unpredictable effect. It strikes me as I write this that building a large collection is risky especially if the hit rate is low or the collection is at all specialised - I have a lrge collection of my home town (Nottingh
  8. I think it's important to show NET when sharing this kind of statistic, otherwise a little useless? Last three years: Year Gross NET Royalties Paid 2011 $91.53 $52.99 58% 2012 $54.88 $26.15 48% 2013 $80.95 $32.87 41% Random Notes: 2011 - In Newspaper scheme, NU sales removed from AVG 2012 - In Newspaper Scheme, Not in NU - A few low sales brought down average, more distributor sales than direct 2013 - No Newspaper, no NU. Felt like one of the lucky ones with an $80.95 average GROSS. But thanks to commission cuts and large
  9. My gross figures are: 2002 $117.96 2003 $154.32 2004 $113.01 2005 $98.23 2006 $134.59 2007 $138.71 2008 $123.27 2009 $87.06 2010 $83.77 2011 $44.81 2012 $65.52 2013 $50.11 NO Novel Use and I only joined the newspaper scheme at Christmas. 2011 was probably the turning point as it was the first year I had a gross sale under $10 ($4.5) and the first year no sale over $100. What is particularly troubling is that I started to be more active again in about 2009/10 - I added around 50% more properly keyworded images in 2012/13 of much better
  10. I too see an evolution similar to that. Yet, 2013 was the first year since 2008 that I've seen the average sale price and my commission slightly rise. But considering that I saw a drop of +30% in my sales all I can say is that it was an absolute disastrous year! Since 2010 I average between 10 to 20 sales per month, so I think these numbers are relatively balanced and not being influenced by an odd sale or two. Average per image Year Gross Net 2007 $175,52 $ 99,13 2008 $182,23 $109,43 2009 $141,43 $ 72,23 2010 $110,89
  11. Ian welcome! What you have started with is not really news to anyone here, but for a comparison here is how it went for me: 2006 Sales 1 Average Gross $100 2007 Sales 3 Average Gross $201 2008 Sales 16 Average Gross $159 2009 Sales 15 Average Gross $70 2010 Sales 25 Average Gross $79 2011 Sales 46 Average Gross $113 2012 Sales 74 Average Gross $49 2013 Sales 76 Average Gross $45 Prices dropped sharply after the crash of 2008. One big sale in 2011 boosted the average a lot....
  12. A Japan sale for $135 popped up today, certainly much better than most other distributor sales. First one in a while.
  13. It's a legal requirement to notify within three months that you have started to trade, regardless of any sales. There's a £100 fine for failure to do so.You can then apply for exception from class 2 national insurance.
  14. I believe the rank is by pseudonym so new images are ranked at your current rank and all go up or down during re-ranks. I don't know if my experience is typical but I stayed at a middle rank until I had made some sales. Then I sank at the first change because the sales were for small amounts. Then I did well anyway -- maybe because of careful keywording -- and my rank went up to a fairly good one. I don't think images are ranked individually except for those rated "Creative". Ed's advice is excellent. Keywording cannot be overestimated. Paulette
  15. Uploaded an image on 8th November (2011), spotted it in The Mail on 13th November. Didn`t show in sales until March 2012. A few of my Live News images have sold a week or so after going from News to stock. Joe
  16. Very normal.... Upload in 2012 and you automatically get assigned a median rank which allows your images to be more visible in searches. Sales declined for images you had initially uploaded due to the subsequent re-ranks. Every new image you uploaded (and continue to upload) is assigned a median rank...and then they are re-ranked months later. The larger your image collection the tougher it will be to raise a rank. Because you are ranked against other photographers, and because your image collection is not exactly like every other photographer's your images are being returned in variou
  17. Hi All, This is not to complain, but rather to better understand what is wrong with my approach to Alamy. I have started to upload back in 2012 and started to sell several shot (some for fod $$) that year. I got confident and increase uploading between 2012 and through the whole 2013. Here is what is frustrating me, the sales declined and became very sporadic, 1 every 2 months? Something like that. I did not get discouraged and keep uploading but now my last 2 batches are waiting for review since December 20something, so no way to speed up and contantly upload.... Am I cursed
  18. Thanks for the nice replies..... I will try to explain. My point is that i am photographing many Polish subjects. I just look at views and zooms for example. Last week i made indoor photos of a shopping mall in Poland. I upload them to the agency where i will go exclusive with and i allready have several sales from this shoot. This are Editorial RF licences. I have more Polish sales there then Polish views here. So after 1 month seeing this difference i really feel that the images here should be there. It is not allowed in my case to have both. I think i am missing many sales. It is not f
  19. Btw, can you tell me guys, why I got that low price? (UK newspaper scheme is out) Rights Managed Country: United Kingdom Usage: iQ sale: Magazine, Editorial print use only. Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Start: 06 January 2014 End: 06 January 2019 $ 8.08 This is third time in last year... That is very low. The smallest IQ sale I've had is $35, all others have been over $50. I think yours might be so low because it is UK only. All of my IQ sales have been worldwide. Mine was $6.50 so you were lucky It seems our collective IQ is getting lower all
  20. Btw, can you tell me guys, why I got that low price? (UK newspaper scheme is out) Rights Managed Country: United Kingdom Usage: iQ sale: Magazine, Editorial print use only. Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Start: 06 January 2014 End: 06 January 2019 $ 8.08 This is third time in last year... That is very low. The smallest IQ sale I've had is $35, all others have been over $50. I think yours might be so low because it is UK only. All of my IQ sales have been worldwide. Mine was $6.50 so you were lucky
  21. If he doesn't have many sales, hence no issue of conflicting licences, and needs the images exclusive elsewhere, one can perhaps see the logic, if it's a specialist collection.
  22. True, the price was lower than print+digital IQ sales, so I guess it's a magazine's website. I'm still confused by "any editorial digital use," though. Guess there's a reason I'm not a lawyer.
  23. It's the magazine website. I've had these. The price versus other IQ sales suggested online only.
  24. Having been in the stock industry as a photographer,sales rep and agency owner,I think you are making a big mistake by removing images. Have RM images here and if you want to go exclusive with another agency(dread I say,micro) then upload to RF with them. You do not have to remove RM images to be exclusive with a micro agency. Good Luck whatever you decide. L
  25. This is worth a read http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/1640-copyright-thievesgive-em-more-of-this/ - it is two pages long and was on the forum last month, but I won't bore those with only a transient interest by repeating all of my experiences again. Just say this, I pay the $300 and get an excellent service, I am pro-active in that I send a URL, screengrab and copy of my image file with EXIF and IPTC intact to ImageRights under their Recovery scheme, and that is what they have done for me - many cases are just not worth pursuing, many try to drag out the process which starts wi
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