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  1. Which is why despite the hundreds and even thousands some peeople continue tto make frequent sales of iconic landmarks - they have found something a bit different that shines out amongst all the essentially thoughtless "me too" stuff (of which I know I have plenty but am working to address it with my new stuff)
  2. Very good! My nephew has the 5S and it was trashed by the update. He then ..ah-hem .. "Accidentally" got it wet and told his wife to order him a 6. I guess iOS 8 was bad. So Apple released 8.1, hoping it would be a fix, but it is buggy, too. My sister just got the iPhone 6 and she said the update is fine. But went on to say the app where you can charge sales through the phone didn't work. That's one of the things I read that is buggy, among others. Apparently, it messes with the iPad the worst.
  3. I first noticed this relatively new idea of using temporary store fronts, where they rent a space for selling or just promoting a produce, when a store here on Mulberry Street showed the singer Joni Mitchell's painting for a month. Goggle tells me they have these places in Canada, Australia and the UK. I'm just wondering if any of you have had stock sales on these temp subjects? Thank you
  4. I've photographed a few including a "pop-up cinema" - no sales [but I haven't had all that many anyway...] I still think they are an interesting subject so will continue
  5. I agree that dropping the Nokia brand could be a major own goal by Microsoft. Mergers or sales of mobile device companies don't seem to work: Ericsson and Motorola spring to mind both had popular, and at the time innovative and trendy, products but their purchasers have not been making much real impact on the market.It seems to be more about taking a competitor out of the market rather than merging (visible) strengths.
  6. Conspiracy theories abound. Mine is that you are allowed X amount of uploads of rather nice but ordinary images. Then you are put in the slammer for some perceived image fault. Slows the bloat down nicely, cuts down on many thousands of images being uploaded of images that are already well-covered. People who have the elite portfolio with released models, high end shoots, niche slots, and lots of sales don't fall in the former category. I also think someone in a trench coat is hiding in a closet just waiting to attack me when I get out of the sin bin and come home. Ooooeeeeaaaah. Problem
  7. Well, it took me two years and 1,000 photos for sale, but I finally had my first book cover. I've had 24 sales so far for inside textbooks, but this is my first cover. Woo Hoo! A pool party in Palm Springs, California. How about you, any book covers?
  8. I'm seeing more and more direct links to Alamy images using Tineye, but they are not showing up in Google Image Search. Generally it appears that Google IS is not being kept up to date with UK newspapers. I can find some of my 2014 image sales using Tineye, but Google is only seeing older usage. Maybe there are levers to be pulled to shake Google into life, if so I would be glad to learn.
  9. Hi all Not exciting for most of you but I like it... I had a sale to day which hit a milestone = Total sales $40066.91
  10. Well down Mark. I'd say you have quite a clean library of usable images. I dread to think what your sales would be with triple what you have in there.
  11. Hi Olivier I few high sales will have distorted the average
  12. That's what I normally do too. However, I only see a few inside uses even though I've had quite a few book cover sales. Oh well, as long as someone is leasing them, I'm happy.
  13. I haven't figured out my percentage of archival sales but I had 3 out of 5 this month including an old B&W from 1987. I think my oldest archival sale goes back to 1979 or so, shot on Kodachrome. One interesting feature of the Archival Route is that the minimum file size is 5 mb so you can submit images from some of the earlier digital cameras too. fD
  14. I did that too - it was an image of a cork in a wine bottle, used on the cover of a book on alcoholism. You should have seen the 'targeted advertising' I got after ordering a copy of that Never quite understood this one though I've had some others - including some direct sales (Blue Guides) http://pjrfoto.com/published%20work.htm Yes, interesting choice for a cover. I think it's fair to say that extremists think in terms of black and white. Plus there are many parallel and diverging streams of extremist thought these days. That's my guess. P.S. How do you guys find your b
  15. So true. At least I didn't spend it on junk food, although I have put on some weight, which I'm working on losing during these lean times. Almost all of my sales have been editorial. Luckily I found a fertile niche during the 1990's that is still bearing fruit (touch wood). My newer, more general (i.e. non-niche) images don't do nearly as well.
  16. I did that too - it was an image of a cork in a wine bottle, used on the cover of a book on alcoholism. You should have seen the 'targeted advertising' I got after ordering a copy of that Never quite understood this one though I've had some others - including some direct sales (Blue Guides) http://pjrfoto.com/published%20work.htm
  17. Thanks for the Excel lesson, I used it a lot when I used to do proper work, but not since I retired 10 years ago. I have a separate spread sheet for submission data. For each submission it has the original file name and date taken, upload date, and all the keywords, location etc. If it passes QC I add the Alamy file name. If not I either note fail or resubmit date. It is useful to be able to quickly copy keywords from a similar previous image to a new one. Needless to say this spreadsheet is much larger than the sales one.
  18. Has anyone downloaded the "Summary of items sold" list shown under Sales History in My Alamy? As it shows all details including a thumbnail of the image, thought it would make a good record. Wondered if it could be incorporated into an Excel document, so that I could add comments. Unfortunately it is not a long list, in my case
  19. Here's how. Select your time period in the Summary. Highlight everything from the blank cell above the first picture to the final amount value. Copy it (Ctrl-C) Paste into Excel (Ctrl-V) in Cell A1 Highlight everything in Excel (Ctrl-A) and use the Format tools to Autofit column width and column height. Tweak to suit. Once formatted it will be easy to add subsequent months or, if you are doing a lot of sales (well done), multiple screens. Update: Just tested, works OK for Excel 2003 and 2010.
  20. Jealous of you all . I have had a few text book inclusions both via Alamy and direct sales with publishers/authors...but never a cover. One day... Many congrats, Lisa Here's to the next dozen!
  21. Nice going, Lisa. I've been lucky enough to have quite a few book cover sales. This one has been used twice, over $300 each time for educational book covers. This one sold for the highest amount. It's a selfie BTW (just kidding).
  22. "I honestly can't understand why anyone wouldn't fill in the claim themselves. As someone above said, it takes about 15 minutes, the first time - much quicker in subsequent years - and the amount can be several hundred pounds. Unless your photography work is charged at £200 an hour, filling in the form yourself is time very well spent." Because as an indervidual I am allready claiming the maximum for magazines and books WITHOUT any Alamy licences which are all for magazines and books in my case. I cannot make more than one claim as an indervidual- which is a pity as I have more than 10,000
  23. Alamy have made a claim on my behalf for pics sold through Alamy and it is the worst deal I get. Other agencies also make claims on my behalf but only take 50% not 50% minus unspecified expenses! The best deal is the claim I make on my own behalf for direct sales. Still some thing less than 50% of something is better than nothing and it only takes a few seconds to send the email. Regen
  24. I have often thought the same John, i am sure one would have a better chance in getting work pass QC via another agency, i have images with 1 agency that Alamy failed, the same concern supplies Alamy, i am sure if i were to allow the agency to offer my work to Alamy those images would be here. I am just picking and pretending to be upset, in a nutshell i am happy with what i receive across the stock board, even happier if Alamy could raise my sales just a tad. I just delete images failed by Alamy (i.e. I don't resubmit them), but it would be relatively easy to get them here vi
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