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  1. Yup, love 'em. Remask is very good, Clarity and Detail also are good. Denoise looks good but I process my RAW in DxO which is so good I don't use anything else. Their B&W is also good, though DxO (I'm sounding like a real fanboy) Filmpack is better, and also On One's B&W converter is good. In fact On One have a great package that is also worth a look. Keep your eye on both sites as they have frequent sales. Colin
  2. Had my zoom surge last month. This month average zoom numbers so far. 2 sales for $210 at present.
  3. I just had similar one land in my sales today, with odd language like "missing internal" Country: Worldwide Usage: iQ sale: Travel client. Marketing Package Use. Any size. MissingInternal and external marketing communications plus web banners and trade adverts. Repeat use within the terms of the license. Industry sector: Travel & tourism Start: 11 February 2015 End: 11 February 2025
  4. They have already in that blog post. That is what started the discussion this time. we’re constantly tweaking how search works and trying new things out – so what might give your ‘BHZ’ image a boost one day, might change the next and sometimes your location may affect the search results you get. Meaning if your images are visible one day they may not be the next and you may never find out. Only 3 to 6 months later you have no sales that's all. And we already know what we should do about it: Send us your best work. So it's easy: if we have sent our best work and we are not selling,
  5. That's one less thing to worry about , not that I did, being on the last page but one and never having moved more than a page in 5 years despite increasing sales.
  6. I have a number of pseudonyms created long ago for some unknown reason, I forget now why I created them all. Back then there wasn't a lot of advice available about the way things worked. Anyway. It's come to my notice that one of my pseudonyms, which previously yielded my best sales, has now become my worst performing one. Not only that, this pseudo. is on the last page in the BHZ thingy when in previous years it was right up at the front. So it looks like BHZ could be possibly saying something which is more or less correct. Clearly, from my point of view I need to do something about this
  7. Hello Joseph. I don't usually do this but since no-one else has, here's a code you can use: https://secure.smugmug.com/signup?Coupon=Nsd9g8OMhMb9g I have been with Smugmug for several years but dropped out of the business plan last year because it didn't bring any sales. (Probably more to do with the type of photography I do than any flaw in the plan.) The "powerplan" gives me what I want at a reasonable price. My site is nothing fancy; the front-page is here: http://chrismattison.smugmug.com/ if you're interested and it's linked to a Blog. Good luck! Chris
  8. I am about to pull out of PhotoShelter as it is not compliant with the 2015 EU VAT rules (which apply whatever country you are in!). That said I am not convinvced any of the stock photo platforms is any better. Or it wasn't when I looked and asked at the turn of the year. I have decided to remove online sales from my web site as the returns do not justify the extra administration and costs. As a result Photoshelter looks expensive for hosting my galleries (when I no longer need to store full size images for sale) so I will reengineer my web site and host the images (small: ~600-720px long
  9. Guardian Online http://www.theguardian.com/books/2015/feb/01/the-ebook-is-dead-long-live-print-digital-sales Gary Blake books on the beach ............................. Telegraph Online http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/active/recreational-cycling/11394828/Taxi-boss-cyclists-are-the-Isis-of-London.html LookEngland Shadow cast by a bicycle parked against a street lamp in Soho http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/the-filter/11393647/5-times-crimes-against-the-English-language-were-brilliantly-corrected.html Chris Batson Man viewing internet web site wikipedia
  10. May your sales increase exponentially.
  11. Don't think of Alamy. Think of your clients. So your tool of choice should be AoA. What spelling do people in Switzerland, Oceania, Singapore, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Sweden, Latvia, Norway, Taiwan, Finland, Middle East, South Africa, Estonia, Italy, Netherlands, India and the Slovak Republic use? (all from last years sales) wim Most cryptic. But I don't deal with clients. I deal with Alamy. Like the airline industry, the stock industry is conducted in English. As you know, I'm American born with two passports and I've lived in the UK. There simply aren't that many English words
  12. Don't think of Alamy. Think of your clients. So your tool of choice should be AoA. What spelling do people in Switzerland, Oceania, Singapore, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Sweden, Latvia, Norway, Taiwan, Finland, Middle East, South Africa, Estonia, Italy, Netherlands, India and the Slovak Republic use? (all from last years sales) wim
  13. Never a problem with LR, i use the CA setting at default and adjust the purple fringe slide to +2. i am not concerned at all anymore with QC results, if they pass great if not what the heck! i work with others that accept and sell many of my images, my Alamy sales are not very good in general therefore i refuse to raise my blood pressure because of QC failures. Life is too short Paul.
  14. The old Scots saying, "Lang may your lum reek" seems appropriate here. In relation to your recent predicament I guess it translates to "Long may your QC passes continue to produce sales"
  15. Thanks you, nice Forum Friends!! Yes that is the same one! It was a surprise to me. Alamy sent an email this morning, a nice way to wake up. I have only had one sale of the image and it has been on Alamy for ten years now. Maybe more sales will come now, who knows? But thanks for the kind words, made my day!! Michael
  16. I like the analogy Paul. I find when I get myself into gear and write query letters (photography and writing) I actually have a pretty good success rate, I just don't do enough. That is mainly because I would prefer the reach of a library or an agency to tap markets I cannot and generate a relatively passive income. But for much of my newer work it may well be the only way to reach its market - no library really seems to sell picture stories, words and pictures feature packages seem even more difficult to find a syndication service for (unless celebrity or cute). I guess it is about separa
  17. Real life might be the core of Alamy editorial licenses but there's a whole market out there of proper released work on showcase. The success of that we rarely hear about on the forum. Getting back to the real world aspect, and it's hard to fit into because there's a ton of it on here. It's really down to how well you sit in the search results even if you're keywording is up to scratch. Shooting stock editorial, as in signs, blurry folk walking into Jobcentres and banks and stuff like that is all well and good, but the media seem to just like using the same pics over and over again.
  18. Robert, you are spot on, although when I joined Alamy in 2002 one could make a useful income with modest effort. That is long vanished. I have already adopted the approach you suggest. I will place work here that does not have a home anywhere else. However that said my aim is not to shoot generic stock or even stuff that is Alamy bread and butter. Too much competition from crowd sourcing, As you know I am looking at other, very different photography and sales channels. As Alamy is not working for rme I need to find other channels that can. I have been working hard on building that plat
  19. I won't burn the bridge but the effort will go where I believe it might deliver a return. Richard, like you I am in an ongong process of reviewing and replanning. I started with an active relaunch last summer and by the rerank in November it seemed to be having a modest effect on views but not much else. Then the rerank hit and I was suddenly down to 30% of where I was in September, and it has barely improved since Christmas. I had raised the issue a couple of years ago that if you drop to the bottom of the rankings it is all but impossible to claw your way back to a worthwhile position; y
  20. Forgive me that I dare visit your gallery and write it to you, but what I found is a lot of unrelated keywords, for example here: EEKFKX: beautiful, beauty, color, colour, image, images, joseph, night, nightfall, no, people, scene, scenes, twilight I know it's not my case but I suggest re-keyword your files and I'm sure it will bring effects in sales
  21. Note this! almost all reporting reasonable sales are portfolios with an editorial overtone!! this just goes to show that any creative portfolios might as well jump off a cliff. Been like this for many months now. Its no doubt that Alamy is more and more becoming just an editorial outfit and with old, secondary material. Pity.
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