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  1. When you get into photography it's very hard to do anything free of charge. Kit = cost website = subscription software = subscription plugins = cost selling kit on ebay = fees Alamy = 50% fee How do we expect other business' to provide a service like wire transfers for free? Alamy absorb the cost of UK and US transactions because that's likely bringing in a boatload for them so absorbing the transaction costs makes sense. I do feel there should be an option for people in the EU. Stay with the £175 or lower it and get a fee via the transaction vendor. Closing accounts and leaving Ala
  2. So, as I understand it, Alamy is not charging anything, its a paypal fee, and for some a bank fee? (or a skrill or whatever it is charge under some circumstances). It will be free fo uk customers who do bank transfers, and now we have the option of the money going straight into paypal? I buy a lot on paypal anyway so welcome a paypal option, not that I have had any sales yet lol.
  3. While US and UK contributors get their bank transaction fees absorbed, those of us living in Canada must pay $15 for each bank transfer. This is not a small fee, it's an additional 15% for a $100 payment! To get a lousy $85 (based on a $100 payout), I now must sell $200 or more worth of image licences…at Alamy's ridiculously low licencing prices that have come about recently. Are sales so bad that contributors need paltry $100 handouts to keep them around? I was perfectly happy with the original $250 payment threshold I signed onto five years ago, I could absorb the still painful $15 ba
  4. About this i think that for sure Alamy used most of their own money for the USA office. I dont think it is bad that we contribute for it also since it will generate us at the end more sales to have an extra office. Mirco Why do you 'think for sure...' On what basis do you say that? Alamy took a massive 17% extra from around 27,000 contributors when they changed the contract without any consultation with us or any financial information to justify what they were doing. It was a simple 'smash and grab' raid. As I said before Alamy are becoming greedy and cynical. It may generate mo
  5. About this i think that for sure Alamy used most of their own money for the USA office. I dont think it is bad that we contribute for it also since it will generate us at the end more sales to have an extra office. Mirco
  6. forgive me for barging in... at the danger of being off-topic, but how do you find sold images that are not showing up in your Alamy Sales? Google image search? what if they printed only etc... Also, please someone tell me what/who is 'MS'. Thanks
  7. I have been waiting just under 3 months for a Live news usage in the Sun and i just don't get this buy now pay later deal. It seems to be it's more like "buy now and hope the sale gets lost and forgotten in the system so we don't have to pay for it". I wonder how many image leak out like this and both ourselves and Alamy lose out on precious sales revenue? Regards Craig
  8. Same for me as Pearl, I already upload in fairly small batches and regularly, I certainly don't think the 'new' button has anything to do with drops in sales. And afterall, the shiny new buttons aren't that new any more are they? Something does seem to have changed, just not sure what yet - but I am starting to put more efforts in other areas.
  9. Mmmm - that b***ers up my theory then ! Looks like you are doing everything which would (should) get you more sales. Everything that is bar producing more 'Creative' material (I think that should be pretty much read as advertising-style imagery: white toothy models with sand-blasted skin & pointless grins, 'concepts', extreme angles/unusual processing, avoiding natural lighting as much as possible, and anything which might be regarded as currently in vogue or soon-to-be). Sorry, it's cynical Sunday.
  10. Ever since Alamy changed to the much shorter QC wait times I have uploaded in small batches - whatever is ready at the end of a day, 20 max but more usually about 12. This fits better with my slow internet and makes the chore of keywording a little less daunting. I also mix my upload subjects to try to add variety e.g. from a recent trip to Denmark and Norway I have done a few from each place visited but will go back and do more so that they are spread over several months and interspersed with other subjects. I never batch keyword as I prefer to mix the order of words to try to match di
  11. I have not noticed whether small or large batches make any difference. I find that my sales pattern includes new and old and very old images. I tend to upload larger batches about once a week. This fits in with my workflow rather than anything else. I also suspect that this is good for QC. September was average for me with values creeping up. October has been a bit slow so far with prices again above average. dov
  12. That place is four hundred a night. How did you say sales were going?
  13. How about a WANT SALES Forum !
  14. I use the same 15-85 EF-S lens on a Canon 550D and did have an early failure for CA.For a while I used PTLens plugin with Photoshop to manually fix images for CA and, although effective, it was tedious. Then I swapped to LR4 which does it automatically. I also tend to downsize to 2400 x 3600. I've had no QC problems with CA since in over 100 submissions. I had wondered about downsizing, but then why did I buy the 60D. Seems like I will have to look into buying Lightroom, so if Alamy could arrange a few sales.......... Thanks for all the responses and suggestions, much appreciated. Pau
  15. David, my drop in sales has only happened since the start of September and I definitely haven't been inactive recently. I am starting to suspect that it is more due to more editorial buyers searching through Creative or New rather than Relevant. This puts me at a serious disadvantage as my images come up high in searches under Relevant but very few have been selected as Creative because I am an individual rather than an agency. If this trend continues then I will have to rethink where to send the majority of my work. Pearl
  16. Personally I never have large projects to upload any more - so I upload a few targeted images every couple of days - sometimes as few as five at a time. For me it is a good discipline and I do a basic keywording as soon as the files are in the system - while I am there I have a think of how I might search for the previous batch, and go back and 'tune' the keywords - often to a simple one, two or three word search. I'm not sure how my strategy would affect my searches or sales. But I do know this - if it ain't in there it ain't going to be viewed, zoomed, or sold.
  17. And - 30% off - sure - no problem for me as this is 30% of on-line calculator buy it now rates. I still think that stock image licencing has too wide an overall spread, giving too many images for almost nothing, but then putting off and killing sales at the other end of the range by making the image cost more than the entire print job or the web page designer's fee, or the journalist's per word writing fee. The price calculators do not take account of new print technology (a 10,000 run is now a relatively big printed magazine order and all the major printers in the UK will quote from 1,000 run
  18. Not here - I'm having my best year ever. Total number of sales already 50% up on my previous best year and there's still a couple of months to go. Average sale price for this year only marginally less than my overall average for the 5 years I've been a contributor. Alan
  19. thanks for the comments and guidance guys, i must admit, being new to film (having to learn as i go, after acquiring them), as im a digital generation lol. and also i have learnt photo "tidying up" too, it was a bit daunting having to wait for the QC nod! then i saw the application of archival, which seems to fit my photo's. i acquired a few thousand car photo's but also take my own shots, so i think i'll start on the getting releases for my images from now on. obviously i would have a near impossible task getting releases for them many years after the fact. so its good to know tha
  20. Three of the four sales that I've had so far this month have been for more than $100, which is over 230% up from last month's dismal average price. So I guess one person's slump is another one's bump. Not sure what I think about the 30% off because I have no idea what it means. But if it brings more business to Alamy, I guess it's a good thing.
  21. Slump here too, Pearl. More news than stock sales this month. Curse of the 500? Joe
  22. I understand what all of the foregoing posters have said but it begs the question: "Has Alamy experienced a slump/slowdown in sales?" Allan
  23. The warning about the quality is a bit of a downer as really it should be enough to identify the images as reportage/archive - many of my images in these fields come from historical events or are of people now long dead - the quality is not an issue - the rarity of the image is. They'd mostly pass QC especially as the size has been reduced and come from a variety of media - even glass plates. Some are scanned prints, some 35mm colourneg, trans and even old mono film scanned on a Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 which produced excellent large scans. Sales are pretty good - but that warning is a bi
  24. I have something like 5 or 6 hundred archival/reportage images on my portfolio. They are all RM. When searched, they do come with a health warning that they might not be quite up to scratch (!) as far as quality is concerned but I don't get the sense that clients are put off. They account for a good slice of sales. Some of them are scans from film stock dating back a good few years and might just struggle a little to make QC but certainly nothing to worry about at most repro sizes.
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