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  1. These are Stockimo sales, as in money being exchanged? Or are they uploads?
  2. Thank you, Arletta. I'm thinking of going out to a Polish restaurant in Queens for lunch . . . if they do lunch; I have to check the details. I heard the owner on the radio yesterday. Maybe you could tell me what dishes to order? I have several shots with a sale notice in the window, but for some reason this is the one that sells. Number of sales, Alan.
  3. Hi all, quick question about refunds. I recently (May 16th) made my first sale here, single placement editorial website usage, through Alamy's distributor program. Using Google image search I quickly found the website using it. Even though it didn't sell for much (around $4 after Alamy and distributor cuts), I was annoyed to see it refunded more than a month later (July 31st). A quick search in this forum shows that refunds after the 30 day period are quite normal, but all the posts I found on the matter were regarding sales for print, while my image is currently still online on the
  4. I don't start chasing for at least 6 months, particularly for newspaper sales. Unfortunately it is a fact of life these days. dov
  5. I'm with you. I'll be back to regular work in a jiff, but felt frustrated at being left out of Stockimo. I'm sure not hearing about Stockimo sales, that's for sure.
  6. I may have mis-stated something, as I have only one pseudonym. They ask for contributor's name in the advanced search. There's no Stockimo section in Manage Images or anywhere else, because Stockimo is a separate entity from Alamy. Everything is done through the app (upload, keywords & caption, sales, payment, delete). Stockimo images are offered to buyers through the Alamy collection. There may be a delay in getting the images visible on Alamy, don't know.
  7. It does happen. People have reported sales within a day or two, or even hours, of uploading. But competing with 50+million it is always going to be as rare as winning the lottery. News of course is diffierent.
  8. If you are comparing with microstock, don't. You will have far fewer sales here. With 100 images you can expect about one sale a year.
  9. Bad spelling comes with frustration. I'd've been depressed. What looks too good to be true most likely is not true. But sales at these prices are seen, so, of course, we believe they are trustworthy.
  10. It's not even safe when it's in the bank. I have had cleared and paid out sales refunded before now. Andy
  11. Thanks for finding this SShep, first time I've seen one of my sales reported in this thread! Sue
  12. Not sure when I passed the 1000 mark as we didn't have a "handy dashboard" back then but presently at 1875 licences since 2003. Very slow start with only one sale on 15 images in first year but that was enough to kick start my uploading and more sales followed. Pearl
  13. Well the drought is over thankfully. Two run of the mill sales over the last couple of days brings an end to a dismal period for me. I might yet just sneak past last years total after all. With just under 600 new images added this year I thought I'd be in a better position at this time. Here's hoping the remaining months are good to us
  14. +1 Kumar Interesting to hear that I'm not the only one experiencing this phenomenon. My "ranking" appears to remain fairly consistent, so I can't speculate why there is more variation in sales numbers this year, except that the gods might be taunting me even more than they usually do.
  15. Congrats to David. We're at 912 sales since 2010, hoping to reach the 1K benchmark by the end of the year.
  16. Limping along here with 221 sales in 10 years. Not too bad for an old retired secondary-editorial part-timer.
  17. Well done David Half way there myself 550 sales since 2008 but most images uploaded in last 3 years Graph shows a steady rise each year so progress and most images shot within 10 miles of home
  18. David I'm sorry if I appeared to be taking a cheap shot, and I'm not trying to belittle reaching 1000 sales for you or anyone else. You have four times as many shots as my portfolio and by no means a bunch of second rate hopefuls. It's the "can't figure it out" aspect that makes me uncomfortable a little. I used to trade on the idea of being a photographer who knew how things worked and what to produce, either as a commissioned photographer or a supplier of stock. I don't like the impersonal "just keep on keeping on" way of doing things And YES, I do appreciate your generous technical inp
  19. Well done! It's taken me two years with 1,000 photos to generate a mere 57 sales. Thanks for sharing your news.
  20. As a reader of your magazines and someone who looks forward to the advice you give out freely on this forum I'd like to say a big thank you for all your hard work! And may the sales keep coming in for you (and me ). You really should get out and about in Scotland though - the mountains and coasts are magnificent and well worth effort Carole
  21. over 3000 sales since 2004. Only 4800 images online. Fairly happy but hate seeing good images being sold for peanuts. Peter
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