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  1. Don't do much news but; sold some with Demotix/Corbis. So far none with Alamy news as news, but sales later as stock! Phil
  2. I have submitted to all but not had any Alamy Live News sales reported. Had sales at other agencies but although we grumble about transparency, image theft and prices with Alamy, the problems are wider and worse elsewhere.
  3. I've found a number of educational sales just by putting my name with Alamy in quotes in the Google search engine. Congrats on your first sale.
  4. Yup, Jill! You're right! Goes to show that it's not a good idea to take too much stock in those darn zooms! Voted you up one on that!
  5. 6 sales = $361.03, ranging from $31.27 to $80.00. The lowest was a distributor sale + there was a re-use sale for $50.00.
  6. Not too bad in the end - two low value RM sales and one RF for $240.
  7. If you contribute to the live news feed then Alamy news desk does an excellent job of contacting news outlets to actively sell your images on your (and their) behalf. The rates are worth it and any interesting news worthy image will be pushed out. It is one area of Alamy that has impressed me. Also, of course, your images move over to general stock and as John stated you still may make future sales. Andy
  8. Not incredibly relevant, but the UK live news sales appear to be dominated by weather photos, not essentially extreme weather, just well thought out and attractive shots, often, but not always, involving people, showing sunshine/sunset/sunrise/rain/wind or whatever. I was surprised to see no Alamy photos of the New York snows, the UK papers did use some shots from other agencies.
  9. Jill, I'm not a news photographer by any stretch of the imagination, but I do occasionally upload "soft news" images of local (Vancouver) events. I've never sold anything directly through the live news feed. However, I have made some good sales after the images were moved to the general collection. For instance, in January, much to my surprise, I leased the same former "live news" photo twice ($175 and $180). It was an image taken at a street festival last summer.
  10. The vast majority of my sales have shown up as zooms at some point. I guess it depends on to whom you usually sell. Newspaper, magazine and textbooks sales usually show as zooms before purchases are made. It can be a long time between the zoom and the sale appearing (6 months to a year for books especially)
  11. I agree, particularly in the case of The Telegraph - though in my case the many offending websites almost always seem to be in the Far East. I do find it odd that Alamy accepts low-value sales but won't help following up infringements - even when they could thereby share any dues.
  12. Views: 4733 , Zooms: 36, Total CTR 0.76, Sales: 6, Gross Sales $339. Averages for the last 12 months were: Views: 5791 , Zooms: 26, Total CTR 0.46, Sales: 7, Gross Sales $292. So, a bit above average really...
  13. 33 sales, not many tiny ones this time but few biggies also making it the worst month for quite some time. Zooms recovering but might just be because of odd measures results reported elsewhere on this forum. All we can do is press on and hope. Pearl
  14. 24 for $1118 Gross. Worst month for sales and income since Sept 2012. Views average, zooms back up to average after lower than normal Dec/Jan which may explain low sales this month relatively speaking. In Newspaper scheme,not in NU Onward and upward hopefully! Happy March everybody Kumar
  15. Congratulations, stunning achievement with only 71 images. With limited time it is easy to get distracted. I`ve found that trying to get something uploaded every week, even if only a couple keeps me focused and thinking. Just keep shooting and more sales will come.
  16. BME!! 8 sales $860, average price way up. Still not great but I'll gladly take it since there's 40m+ photos now is it? It'd be good to see 10m similars purged, I recently deleted 50+ similars.
  17. Yes, having any sales with only 71 pics on file is quite an achievement. I really like your images. If you can keep producing that quality in the hundreds I'm quite sure your efforts will pay off.
  18. Congrads, MaryBeth! Now is the time to fatten up your collection, not worry about trying to follow sales.
  19. I wouldn't exactly call it a surge but I did get a nice textbook sale drop in my sales yesterday and it was of one of my old standbys that seems to sell over and over again!
  20. This is indeed the best thing to think about first. This is not only relevant to Alamy but i many sence also to other agencies.....even microstock. Similars really will hurt your reputation. When client sees 10 almost the same images and have to go throught all of them they will get irritatet. On Alamy you have the extra thing that it will affect your search position. Better have 2 images on top then 10 totally down. What i learned the best thing to do if you want more images is for every subject to have 1 landscape, 1 portrait and 1 different then the two for example taken from the right down
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