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  1. Ok, now I understand, thanks Paulette. Only one of my two sales have cleared, and it was the smaller one so I'm not at the payment threshold yet. The larger one is from a textbook publisher.
  2. If you go to Balance of Account on your My Alamy page you will see your situation. It is under Sales Information. Regrettably it can take a long time for sales to clear -- especially through distributors. Paulette
  3. Sales take at least 45 days to clear or, if you're me, longer. Dashed annoying to have to wait 6 weeks longer and counting for the Mail to cough up $6, especially with a cleared balance of $73.
  4. Assuming you have filled out the payment details, i.e. how you want to be paid (see link in your 'My Alamy'), you will automatically be paid when your cleared balance hits the magic number of $75. The payment will be at the start of the month providing the clearance is met. It's not like micro etc where you have to request payment. The process is explained in Section 12 of your contrib agreement - the sales/payment workflow etc.
  5. KevinS

    Stockimo query

    I get 30,830 results for Stockimo, not 17,000. My rejection rate is improving; now around 50% on a very small number of images. I plan to spend more time on this as I find it interesting to do and interesting to see what is accepted. The feedback I get from this, blunt as it is, helps me improve as a phototgrapher. If rejection becomes bothersome I'll just spend my time on the regular Alamy collection, where the technical factors are all that matters for acceptance. Having images accepted at Stockimo might just improve my sales, as salability is one of the criterea. Like Edd, I bought an iphon
  6. My definition of acceptable quality depends on the circumstances of the shoot. If this was a brightly lit beach scene, then this image with noise etc would be a personal QC fail. This image of a craftsman in a dimly lit workshop would meet my QC standards, but I would reject it for other reasons. If there had been a single contrasty light cutting across from the right on the craftsman only, then it would have emphasized the craftsman, given him some modeling, and thrown the clutter into shadow. The clutter is important for atmosphere, but it needs to be about 2 stops underexposed.
  7. I am in Romania which is not an interesting location. I have uploaded photos from other neighboring coutries also (Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria), but I saw only zooms. There was no sale on specific locations as they are often searched. I think people are using Alamy to plan their holidays.
  8. My pleasure Keith, I suspect that in this game you make your own luck. Mail Online 7th DY54AR Tenereife. 7th April, 2014. The beach where two British women drowned at Playa Las Galgas in Playa Paraiso, a resort in the south of Tenerife. The women - Uma Ramalingam and Barathi Ruvikumar - went into the sea to rescue their two children who were in difficulties. The beach that the accident occurred at is called Playa Las Galgas in the resort of Playa Paraiso (Paradise Beach) in Adeje, Tenerife. The yellow flag warns bathers to be cautious. © Phil Crean/Alamy Live News CR0GAT Frank Fl
  9. Anyone looking at my portfolio would think I can't figure out what I want to do. They would be right. I just throw it up on the wall and see what sticks. Some tabletop, some travel, so far that never sells, lots of people, mostly unreleased, but some are. Funny thing, some of the impromptu shots have sold repeatedly. One of a group of neighborhood boys that bought a Twister game at my garage sale, and spread it out in the yard across the street to play. I grabbed my camera and got shots of that. It sells or is searched more than a lot of my stuff. Another, sold several times to Japan,
  10. I try not to specialse, but I do take quite a lot of signage images and they sell quite well, about 20-25% of my sales on Alamy. The majority of my sales, I reckon over 50%, are of London street scenes, signs, hospitals, art deco cinemas etc. I do concentrate on London as it sells well and I can get in there easily. The rest of the UK is well covered in area and subject matter, but out of over 300 non-UK shots I have only sold one from Central Park NY and one from Bayonne in France. I have also done a few studio shots but sales there are limited to statin tablets, which are frequently
  11. Yes I feel that there needs to be something happening at that place, even it is only a couple walking by, person walking dog, reading newspaper, cyclist whatever. But there's no magic rule that I can see, my best earner and most of my best sellers are people free. Never licensed a food shot, but have had a couple of recent zooms. so living in hope.....
  12. With more than 300,000 images in my 2 company archives if I knew what would sell,I'd be so rich I could buy my friends mansion and have enough left over for a night on the town. However,reality is,at least looking thru my Alamy sales,appx 40% of my sales have people.About 1/3 of those people photos have model releases. I've sold shots from locations other than my own city from a few tourist attractions but most have been day to day things we see. On this site,not that many sales of 'celebrities' but just a few and not for big prices. I am not part of the newspaper scheme. I have enough head
  13. No, they're nice shots, John; they have an alive feel about them. Funny, but in the thumbnail, the food pictures next to the vegan chef, look like sausages and hotdogs! I think about 25% of my sales are food. Maybe I need to add an autumn church? No, but I did forget to show and mention cityscapes.
  14. No doubt everyone knows about Facebook's somewhat scarey TOS agreement, but I thought I would post this link anyway. There may be more up-to-date info out there as well. http://asmp.org/fb-tos#.U0GpVKKGifM The following sounds particularly worrisome to me in the context of sales such as the one mentioned in my original post: "There are also some very important business and legal concerns for photographers to consider. For instance, imagine that a client comes to you in a few months and wants to license an image from you for exclusive commercial use. If that image is posted on Faceb
  15. No critiques from me, but I see one trend in the replies which misses a point. People shots do really matter, but not JUST people, and not with too much of a passive context. One of the few activities which is passive but does sell is eating/drinking, so that's an exception, and the reason it sells is because eating and drinking is so important physically. Just being an interesting character doesn't sell, though it may gain competition prizes. A lot of street photography today just seeks to find people who look a bit distinctive or are positioned in the frame as a shape which works. My experi
  16. "Completely missing the point, it's not a secondary editorial image. I was pointing out that the icons of New York are still alive and well in the visual reference library.... we see NY and it's shorthand for certain things inc the largest financial centre, the Yellow cab is another icon - busy, American etc...... You can then hand any concept you want around that." Bang on. Iconography is key in stock photography. It can be obvious, it can be subtle, or you can play games with it, as this image does. "Get to know the world LIKE NO ONE ELSE". Which is why the cabbie is the one looking
  17. But if you do the celebrity thing you'd be standing next to 25 Getty photogs who are having their images given away or sold for litterally pennies for subscription sales. It's turned into a big "why bother" for many of them. I agree Linda, and I have no intention of doing the celebrity photoshoot thing. I am so totally uninterested (It is big "Why? get a life!" topic for me) that I wouldn't know Johnny Depp from Russell Crowe or recognise few of the women! Not news anyway. No I was thinking more of small local events where (rare occasions) you get a "star" slumming it, doing a favour
  18. New York,London,Chicago...I think no matter where you are at if you've lived a life of variety and travel and no longer living that life,you're probably getting bored in your surroundings not matter what they offer. I am sure many people in other locations would give anything to be in a big metropolitan city and live that lifestyle. I know my life use to be much more exciting than it is now because I don't travel as much and there are not as many fun events to cover here anymore;especially celebrity of which I've been doing since 1980 or so. I've owned my current condo for 11 years and I
  19. But if you do the celebrity thing you'd be standing next to 25 Getty photogs who are having their images given away or sold for litterally pennies for subscription sales. It's turned into a big "why bother" for many of them.
  20. But if you do the celebrity thing you'd be standing next to 25 Getty photogs who are having their images given away or sold for litterally pennies for subscription sales. It's turned into a big "why bother" for many of them.
  21. +1 Agree 100% with all you say. Betty (not wet at all !). Every time I look at what has sold and continues to sell well in stock, it almost invariably involves people. There are (and will continue to be) exceptions, of course, in all kinds of subject areas, for all kinds of reasons, but many of the best-selling togs (inc. those who report here) have people in a large %age of their images. Like you, I'm hugely guilty of being well aware of what I should be doing, but not getting around to it: I know I'll get little sympathy from contributors here when I moan about few or no sales! In
  22. "Most of the "news" people cover on Alamy is not really news". Semantics. Alamy isn't Reuters (or VII), if that's what you mean. But pictures of current events sold to news desks is still 'news'. Regarding the World Trade Centre. I've had no sales of the old one as it was collapsing (second tower). The reason? New York is stuffed with photographers including some of the most talented in the world - there were a lot of much better ones taken. "My OP was wondering why New York City, not me, does not do better". It does brilliantly, but due to saturation coverage, and for the reaso
  23. "Spun the dials and it told me Ed should move to San Diego. Easy!" -- David K Funny you should mention that, David. In the '80s I was offered a two-year contract with San Diego based Southwest Airlines. I turned it down because of a few deal-breaker details. I was living in Oxfordshire at the time, doing a weekly spot for BBC Radio Oxford and had a relationship going. I also agree with what Bill Brooks said above; if there is a center to the stock scene, it keeps shifting and will keep shifting. Last night, when I posted this, I was thinking that my point was being missed entirel
  24. Well, there's more than one example here of a photographer whose location would never be expected to produce high levels of sales (Keith, in Aberystwyth; Alan, Seaton on Northumberland coast) but through a combination of energy/output and exploiting the strengths of the location both make almost daily 'pictures found' appearances. Concerns over climate change and a strong interest in unusual weather conditions no doubt help, and in the UK, that favours coastal locations. Not only is the light generally one stop brighter much of the time for no other reason than the sea/beach/sky reflection thi
  25. I think a lot of us have the same problem I was going to start similar thread. I live in Warsaw now, where everything is covered already (in photos). I was sure this is the place that will make some money for me. But sales are random. So I thought to come back to my Masuria lake district and shot boats, but... how many images of boats I can sell (sold few, nothing more)? I need action, repo, news, happenings... details of living everyday. Wherever I am I can shoot the moment. I tried food and object photog. in studio shots but get boring fast. It's not me. I enjoy nature and landscapes ph
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