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  1. We made the comparison to leading general subject photography agencies / libraries, not small or niche, eg Writer Pictures. Let's not detract from the main spirit of the statement which is that 30% via a third party distribution commission is very competitive, and many other libraries offer that for direct sales. Alamy
  2. Why compare with micros? As I know, (non exclusive) agencies like: Inmagine, Profimedia, Pond5, etc... offer 50%. Lately more and more sites offer 70-80% to author. So, if there is point to follow the worst? Btw, many people (me too) left places like FT, iS, DT because of low %. Alamy's 50% is still more encouraging, and 30% (of distrib. sale) is absolutely minimum to make any sense of supporting. You can also add Photofusion and Writer Pictures to that 50% list as well. It also seems that Demotix (news agency part of Corbis) pays the full 50% on reseller sales and splits their 50% w
  3. Jools, The 30%/40% Getty split is long gone! If you have images sub-distributed by another agency through Alamy, you only get a % of their %. If you are making big money through direct sales from said agency then please share! Alamy's % is still better than most. Chris E
  4. It wasn't a great month for me - average at best - until yesterday. I made more money before lunch on Monday that I did the whole of last week (nothing today, unfortunately) The three figure sales are still out there, I'm glad to say .
  5. "picture researchers may be focussing on the latest material" Not sure i agree With the exception of LiveNews sales, 137 of the 144 licences since the start of the year have been from images with Alamy codes starting with A-D....ie, not my recent material km
  6. Cloud is not secure, or practical for many, for all sorts of reasons as a long term backup. My PC has mirrored drives so I am protected against a single disk failure. I use bare 2Tb HDs as a backup and keep one in my motorhome on my forecourt, or with us when we are on the road. I need to move to a copy fully off site, probably at my sisters but not conveneient for a weekly backup so I will probably do it quarterly or thereabouts. For that amount of storage SSDs or other solid state memory (USB flash drives, SDHC cars etc) are not financially viable unless you are a high earner, I am defi
  7. I tend to use more keywords than I used to. However, when I look at my sales, I get the feeling that most of the buyers found my images using pretty basic search criteria such as location and main subject. Don't think I've ever made a sale thanks to a concept keyword. Nonetheless, I'll continue to include them just in case. That said, I think that given the size of Alamy's collection, it's fairly difficult not to have images come up in irrelevant search results. Whether or not this negatively affects ranking, etc., who knows?
  8. Of course the statement "All Discover the Dinosaur exhibits, rides, and attractions are protected by copyright." is complete nonsense. When our son was about 5 we went to Dinosaur Adventure park near Norwich and took some shots. Some were nice enough and a couple have sold on Alamy. But nothing to get excited about. When we went to Disneyland Paris a few years later, I left the cameras at home. The chances of sales might have been higher and careful editing might have yielded some fairly safe submissions but on balance, I decided to just be a tourist for the day.
  9. Guardian online 23 February 2015 http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/feb/23/top-muslim-cleric-ahmed-al-tayeb-urges-education-reform-to-counter-extremism Images & Stories http://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/feb/23/fairtrade-sales-fall-first-time-20-year-existence Peter Titmuss (cropped) http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/feb/23/want-to-learn-the-value-of-healthcare-try-to-diagnose-your-own-mother eye35 http://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2015/feb/23/australia-sends-air-force-personnel-to-train-in-use-of-us-armed-drones US Air Force
  10. In firefox browser, my handy dashboard view includes my recent sales and Alamy's tweets. The Upload button doesn't respond, and the Overview & Account Settings views are blank. Anyone else experiencing this? - Ann In Chrome browser, page looks fine.
  11. Ridiculous sale through Italian sub agent. In October last year I found one of my images on the front page of a national Italian newspaper "La Stampa" which has a print run of over 300,000 copies. Finally, last week the sale was reported: Country: Italy Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic Print run: up to 10,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1/4 page Start: 01 October 2014 End: 01 October 2019 Duration: 1 month Price $38.83 After Alamy and the agents cut, it left me with $11.65!!! A front page of a national newspaper for $11.65. I contacted Alamy telling th
  12. 2024 images now in my collection taken me nearly 2 years to get here. 23 sales to date rather pleased with myself onwards and upwards
  13. Thanks Ed, To me that most interesting part of the story was about how sales (should be licenses) fees have dropped. I've heard exactly the same thing from other full time stock photographers and even though I am not a full time stock photographer myself, I've seen it first hand. On a happier note, I've also seen the fees raising a bit in the last year.
  14. I think you need to read deeper into the article as to where they are submitting. It is not just Alamy alone. I highly suspect that the New York agency happens to be G3tty, which would account for hefty sales somewhere along the line. The Barcelona one is I know and have reports from others that it ain't great returns wise. I'm also there but I still think it's too early to tell. As for the other two, no idea. This game is not a one trick pony. It is worth having images in a variety of places to maximize income! Edit: Oh, and it's not just a numbers game. It is numbers PLUS quality
  15. It reads to me like Alamy don't want us (the plebs) upsetting their customers so they will give them the chance to buy a retrospective license therefore keeping them as customers. They may actually chase infringers but only the ones that will be worth it financially to Alamy with us getting a share of the spoils (possibly 50% of the normal license fee after costs rather than 50% of the infringement which could be higher for flagrancy,etc.). All the smaller ones not worth it will be passed to us to chase but infringers will be able to show $6 sales via Alamy therefore restricting our claims
  16. I used to actively shoot portrait format (about 30-40%) with magazine covers and the like in mind but much less so these days, magazine covers are a much smaller proprtion of sales. For web use landscape format seems to be generally preferred, and I appreciate why from my own web site work. I think David Kilpatrick explained it in some depth in a thread a good while ago.
  17. GS-Images I think you have a good collection of images I am pushing myself to 3000 also. 50% of my sales have been news related in the right place at the right time I suppose. my CTR is very low at the moment with only 1 zoom this year my ranking is nothing to shout about very often don't my see what page my images are on as to far behind. . One thing I do though is look at ALL AlAMY and see what phase / word is being searched and then add that word to my collection if i have appropriate image
  18. I am a 18 year old hobbyist photographer from India. I am new to Alamy & still in a process of building my Alamy profile to make sales. I have read all of Alamy's rules & regulations before coming here but still have a doubt if I am really doing things the right way. I would be glad if some professional photographers with experience in stock photography would just check out my photos & point out the mistakes (if any) in keywording or other departments. Since I have just begun and have a meagre 80 images for sale I thought this is the right time to rectify my mistakes after consulti
  19. Had to Google that one... Same here. Of all the photographers that have contributed to Alamy I wonder what percentage are still active. They may have uploaded a 'few' images to test the water but either moved elsewhere or given up when things didn't work out as expected. I almost count myself in this category but I have been here long enough now to know better and recently started to do something about it because I now have the time to do so. Hard to say, but I imagine there is a fairly high attrition rate. It's tough to stay motivated if you aren't making any sales.
  20. keep plodding along Bill. I do like your collection on images. I have just booked myself on a a 2 day workshop to help with editing as i am self taught and no expert so hopefully that will filter through to more sales
  21. Good luck. I'm struggling to increase my inventory and to try to improve the quality. I'm just about to eclipse 700, which is a big deal for me. I'd like to try to add 200-300 more saleable, quality images before the end of this year and maybe thin some of the poor ones. Sadly, I have nowhere near your 23 sales, but I know that I've got nowhere to go but up.
  22. I had an image license sale reported yesterday, and the only information listed under "Details" was the file size. I haven't had that many sales yet, but all the others had information about the usage of the image, start and end dates of the license, etc. Is this something new?
  23. Not used RF myself for years either, but about 12% of mine are legacy items and they've accounted for a quarter of sales by number. The averages are higher than RM too but that's largely a historical effect from when prices were higher anyway.
  24. Nice collection and hope loads more sales come your way. So that these apear on a buyers search, you might want to recaption image EDCT4X & a few of it's group as it's not a Cheetah....it's a Jaguar (Panthera onca) Good luck Parm
  25. It is coming along nice. I need to redo my licencing costing as I based it on Alamy's and they come out way too expensive for today's market. From using info from this forum, very few sales ever go above $250, and those seem rare. So going to balance out my costs a bit to be a bit more than Alamy, but not outrageously so. Haven't sold anything yet, and not sure if I will, but still tweeking, and since I have it, no point in not using it. You can click on the link in my signature to see how its going. Jill
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