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  1. I found also few photos of mine but not yet reported. It can take some months. And about sales it was said before....you need to upload much more the see regularity. . Keep on going... feed me more. Mirco
  2. I have so many sales every day that i can not remember if it is real time or not..... Kidding .... You will see them after Alamy refresh. Mirco
  3. I started doing this just a few years ago and found that, like most things, practice and experience helps. I am very much still learning! You need the courage to stand there and shoot, and you also need to be able to pick a location with good light and have the ability to recognise an attractive pattern formed by the people/objects within the shot. I tend to find a spot and pre-focus, relying on depth of field to get a result. I typically shoot with either a 28mm or 42mm equivalent focal length and generally have to take several shots in order to get one decent result. Sometimes I wil
  4. Great sale! But keep your fingers crossed. I had a couple of those sales earlier this year (both over $1000). I was overjoyed. Then a week later they were reversed/credited and resold for about 20% of their original sale price. Good Lick and I hope for everyone's sake that the sale stands as is.
  5. I dont think agencies have the right to sign up"on your behalf". I have signed up to give support and see how things go. I dont think its going to improve my sales though !
  6. Hopefully they won't. I had a Russian Fed distributor sale (definitely not $905) pop up yesterday, along with a couple of other low ones to Brazil. But these have been offset this month by a flurry of decent non-distributor sales of $80 to $180. So, I guess life really is like a box of chocolates, especially these days. October is not over yet. Good luck.
  7. I have zero sales so far this month. Alamy bring back novel use. Craig
  8. I contacted Ross Savill at Payback this morning and put to him the problem of identifying claimable publications - his reply was: "Unfortunately we aren’t aware of any ways that information relating to works like this can be tracked down yet. Dutch PLR royalties which we are distributing this year also relate only to works in books which have been originally published in the UK before subsequently being translated and published in the Netherlands." I replied: "Thanks for that Ross, As you can guess this is totally impossible - I have literally hundreds of publications in UK books
  9. Euh, I did't get that sale. Ladikirn did All I got this morning were a few distributor sales from Brazil (hip hip hooray, I wonder if they'll pay ) Cheers, Philippe Alamy have stopped suppying the distributor that has not paid and they have several more in Brazil so should be ok. Andy
  10. For the new contributors ..... this are the sales that you can expect every day when you have 3000 images online . Arterra..... you can shake hands with Bill Clinton .
  11. I've had a couple of decent sales to china through alamy, including one for almost $1000, which took me by surprise as I'd figured that they'd have a relaxed attitude to copyright. It was for a front cover of a magazine, which was weird since it was a landscape shot, and at that price it must have been full page. Unless Chinese mags are landscape!
  12. Pretty sure that the Time is not in the scheme - and you are right they still pay a reasonable amount for direct sales.
  13. A couple of my Live News image from April have just appeared in sales; rates definately higher than normal stock. Joe
  14. It looks like I'm never going to be teacher's pet. Over three weeks and counting for me so far. This after six years with Alamy and hundreds of sales.
  15. I have a couple of known sales that should be due to pop up any day now. You feel odd because you get rather excited about seeing your images being used, but saddened because you have no idea how much they went for until a lot later on.
  16. Thanks for your reply Keith as I appreciate you are substantially involved in live news. I have contacted MS today and reported the live news image that was in the Telegraph on the 4th April and 2 other newpaper sales that are around 4 months old, these are the ones I know about. To be fair MS have got straight back to me and are looking in to it. Thanks for all the replies. Andy
  17. If you look at the size and success of Alamy there must be a reason. My recent average sales values have been rising modestly so maybe there is hope for the future. IMO having the same images on Alamy and a MS site is likely to end in up with the buyers going for the cheaper alternative. dov
  18. Thanks for your answer Ed. I dont think it is not sustainable. I see growth. The point is to keep on uploading regulary. My point was just if people experienced extra growth in traditional stock after leaving microstock. I dont know if i just should leave the microstock what i have or that i am losing extra sales. I am wondering what others would do in that situation.
  19. Hi fellow photographers Recently I decided to check what of my alamy images might have found their way onto the web, and combined my surname and alamy in a google image search. It did bring up a few, but none were on Alamy's page strangely. Most of them show up on www.dijitalimaj.com. But strangely not all. So whilst a fairly recent image is on there (http://www.dijitalimaj.com/alamyDetail.aspx?img={7053FE86-1C39-4308-B77F-D983C6AF228A} ) more recent ones are not. The image there has the Alamy watermark, so I think they somewhat sublicense them, but I fail to understand under what agre
  20. I've had a few sales in China through other agencies and I don't think any have hit double figures. That's not through any newspaper type scheme, those are the typical full fees you can expect.
  21. Phil - Good for you - it doesn't matter where the sales come from. In additional to being obsessional about photos I also collect stamps (!) . The Pitcairn islands issue about 8 sets of stamps a year, and they are not for the use of the islanders but collectors around the world. Same I suspect with textbooks etc. The history of the islanders being descended from Fletcher Christian and the mutineers on the Bounty has a worldwide interest and the only income for the islanders is stamps, books etc. Kumar
  22. This means that I'll be paying $3.10 for the bank transfer that until now was free. Picking up an idea read elsewhere why should I, and many other contributors I'm sure, who have uploaded thousands of images which actually sell and meet payout every month suffer, simply because some contributors uploaded a couple of test images that were approved because they were sharp and got an occasional sale but never get to the payout limit? Is this the way alamy treats the most committed contributors to this agency, that despite the brutal fall in sales volume and rate value still upload and are
  23. This is incorrect. Paypal typically charge a 2% fee but depending on where you are and the currency you deal in fees are capped. Alamy do not dictate these fees. Fee information is here: http://www.alamy.com/contributor/help/sales-payment.asp We have also sent an email out regarding this change. If you haven't got it, the wording is here: ------------------------------------------ We’ve made some changes to our Contributor Contract. The key changes are listed here. You can read the full contract here. The reason we’ve changed the contract is because we’ve lowered
  24. "Alamy is a UK company and much of its business is in the US" but what about the Germany office, can't Euro payments be handled through that? According to the Alamy website there are "sales teams in Germany", presumably they get paid in Euros without a fee?
  25. This is a poor do - contributors scrape together small image sales over many months and pay Alamy 50% really its a bear face cheek to charge a contibutor for the monies he or she is lawfully due. Also the level of censorship on the forum is unacceptable
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