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  1. Nothing strange there: last update (before 20th) was on the 14th - showing stats up to and inc. 13th. ...and sales have nothing to do with ctr.
  2. I had a good month with 20 sales for $580 gross. The month also included my first sale over $100 this year, a $180 textbook license.
  3. If it's to check sharpness then a 100% crop would be all that's needed. If they're not satisfied with image once licensed I suppose they could ask for refund. I guess Alamy sales team could always field any concerns they may have though.
  4. OK. Awful first two weeks of April BUT (this is the positive bit) much better in the last few days. I too had one of those $180 textbooks sales - a pic I took at this year's New year's day Parade in London, where I nearly froze, so that has made the trip worthwhile. Two weeks ago I bumped into George Galloway in Westminster and got a couple of good portraits of him. I put one on twitter that evening and he saw and retweeted it. Yesterday two of the images sold, (one of which, a cut-out, I had only uploaded seven days before) to the same customer. The licence was "Marketing package - Small bu
  5. Yes, last week's sales all there and most of the 'ready' images now on sale. Looking forward to measures being there on Monday. In images are moving from 'ready' to 'on sale' as I watch
  6. I had a slow start to the week but caught up with sales on Thursday and Friday - they appeared in Net Revenue but not in Summary of Items Sold until this morning. One of them was only uploaded on 10th of this month and the sale posted a week later!
  7. New images from past few days have updated now as well as Sales, Balance etc. Measures still not updated since 14th April though. Kathy
  8. Kumar, when you mentioned the "date of invoice" data in Sales report, I checked my DoI info and found a 4/14 sale that's not showing on my Dashboard yet. - Ann
  9. My sales are actually up this month. A $200 one (nice to see) was invoiced yesterday, but it hasn't appeared yet on my dashboard.
  10. Appearing under 'Build a downloadable sales report' but not in the main dashboard - at least in my case, with a sale from the 15th.
  11. Alamy really seem to be fast at the moment - my recent history is :- Loaded 9/4 Failed 10/4 Batch size 229 Loaded 13/4 Passed 14/4 Batch size 136 Loaded 14/4 Passed 15/4 Batch size 213 Just wish the sales were as quick to materialise! dov
  12. I think the argument here is between production of engineered stock and pursuing a personal vision. The problem with the engineered work is that it tends to date quickly, and needs to be top notch to bring in returns on investment. Work I do now which sells well, and is designed to sell as stock (not here) may go dead in a few years time. For that reason I prefer to sell it as RF to maximise the possible outlets, make it a much easier buy, and still allow the option of non-RF editorial sales. Most of the 'fun' arises from the problem solving involved. Personal work is something else entir
  13. Thanks all. Yes I suppose it's not that much hassle and I (very) occasionally have a good enough sale to make it seem like a worthwhile endeavour ($2000 being my record by quite a distance) Robert I definitely feel that quantity has a pretty big part to play as well as quality so my small collection is a fairly major reason why sales are few and far between... and true enough, I have never sold an infrared shot!
  14. Page 22 is a median ranking. Your placement just means that there aren't that many lower ranked psuedos playing BHZ after page 22. There are 30 pages at 120 per page so people think that page 15 would be the median. It might be if everyone on Alamy used BHZ. In turn page 30 might not be all that bad of a ranking. BHZ is just a rough estimate, and if your photos don't have a lot of competition then it doesn't much matter how you are ranked. BHZ will let you know if your ranking goes up or down drastically, which happens. Lots of sales for lots of dollars seem to be the driving force behi
  15. My March 2015 totalled about $165 for a total of 5000+ images - only fair. Some people here are mentioning their zoom count for the month. Since the revamp of the My Alamy start page, that data no longer appears in Sales History - where else could it be found?
  16. I agree with the OP - my impression is that distributor sales are rather less frequent Kumar
  17. All my Germany sales have been rather decent. However I don't think any of them were through distributors. Not complaining...
  18. Just spotted a random travel shot, of the Gemini Giant on Route 66, in a calender https://plus.google.com/106814313685299525386/posts/i1TgCqbrRRP Not had many sales from that trip, as I figure route 66 is pretty much shot to death by stock photographers, but I guess even a blind squirrel, finds a nut every so often!
  19. Another 4 score for me I have 800+ images on Stockimo but no sales yet
  20. General positivity: tons of licenses are still been sold around the world for very good prices. Had a couple last month. For $1032 and $600 respectively, two different agencies. Straight photography, not at all commercial. A year or two ago I had a couple of four figure sales here (one netting me £1000). Interestingly, in these cases and others, the highest figures tend to be for more personal work. But I won't make the classic mistake of forming any general conclusions from my own experience: sometimes it's the really commercial stuff that sells best.
  21. Maybe distributors are more selective in what they accept ? Have distributors gone out of business, and new ones aren't being added ? Alamy is getting more 'Global' now (Alamy has more of an overseas presence with offices/sales teams in other countries compared to a few years ago, so Alamy is serving the overseas sector direct more). Haven't really looked at what Alamy's distributon sites are like for a long time now. Just some probably wrong theories from me !
  22. "We now have over 395,000 images on our site from photo agency Corbis!" http://www.facebook.com/Alamy?fref=photo I don't suppose this will help my already floundering sales of this year. I can't keep up with the crowd.
  23. You mean via http://www.alamy.com/net-revenue.asp or personal sales?
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