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  1. 10 sales for $455 gross. Account balance $606, of which $212 cleared. My new years resolution was to reach 7000 images by year end, but I got to 7015 this month. All good so far as I am concerned....
  2. Yes there is. My RF sales have always attracted fees somewhat in proportion to the file size, although the fee for a given size has varied by a factor of 25 depending on whether it was scheme or non- scheme. My largest ever fee was a full-size RF. None of them would have justified upsizing, but I certainly wouldn't downsize (from 14MP). Well, yes, according to the price calculator larger RF prices fetch higher prices. But I have a feeling that the reality might be quite another story. I downsize images taken with my 14 MP NEX-3 if I think it will increase the likelihood of pleasing QC. But
  3. Yes there is. My RF sales have always attracted fees somewhat in proportion to the file size, although the fee for a given size has varied by a factor of 25 depending on whether it was scheme or non- scheme. My largest ever fee was a full-size RF. None of them would have justified upsizing, but I certainly wouldn't downsize (from 14MP).
  4. I don't think that size matters that much for RM editorial photos since most usages are small. Also, given Alamy's unpredictable pricing, there isn't much evidence (IME, anyway) that larger files end up generating more income. I often downsize to 4000 or 3600 pixels on the long side to increase sharpness without worrying about possible lost sales. I guess larger RF files might bring higher prices, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of evidence to support that theory either. Or is there?
  5. If you have an Apple store in your city,go online and check to see what free hour long seminars they have. Sure much of it is sales pitch,but you can ask questions and you will come away with something you probably did not know. Good Mac forums online and same for youtube videos. I switched in the mid 1990s from PC to MAC and never looked back. L
  6. Ed, I don't walk on the news side much either, and when I do it's anything but wild. However, I've had sales of former "news" images after they've been added to the pot and have marinated for a while in the stock stew. Sorry, Lou, for the bad poetry, wherever you are.
  7. The image tracking stuff is still all in beta I understand because they sent me a couple of excel files containing images which they had found - loads of them, but a lot were legit sales - some through this agency. By the time that I went through them and told them not to chase the legit ones I had decided that the best route was the one which I had used up to then - sending a screengrab, file image from my archive, and the offending URL to their license compliance e-mail address - I usually get a reply with the likelihood of success within a few days. On the bright side they have jus
  8. They have also targeted one of my Barcelona images - Trouble at Mill re a certain Gaudi or associated copyright perhaps? Mine was not on purchase path and they are just informing me that the licence type will be changed to RM - something that I requested when this first blew up. I believe that it is Alamy practice to remove an image from sale if it has been sold and then the type of licence changed. Presumably they don't want the situation where the image could be sold as both RF and RM. As Mark says, I presume that you will get your cash for sales not yet fully concluded, but
  9. Nice one. I know two have sold a long time ago so will look forward to seeing a few more sales soon, hopefully!
  10. That's understood....but from a stock sales perspective I'm not sure it makes a difference as the size of the image doesn't matter. If size is a concern, then why not shoot the images as a panorama, correct them, then stitch them together?
  11. Thanks again Bryan for the two more 'newspaper online' sales, excellent work on your part ! peter t
  12. A sale earlier this month increases my dislike for the licensing policy/policies: Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - Print only Print run: up to 100,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 03 October 2013 End: 03 November 2013 Print, print and digital version, or standalone digital plus archive. UK, Worldwide and in Foreign Languages. Images can be sublicensed to international publishers and re-edited into bookazine format in the context of the original article use only. This is an extension of the syndication fiasco which allows newspapers to commercial
  13. Had a $9000 (net) many years ago. Not from Alamy though. A few hundred $ is my biggest ever from Alamy, I don't expect that to change, my Alamy portfolio = few sales for low prices, better than nothing I suppose.
  14. Paul, I had a quick look over a few pages of your images. On my 27" iMac, calibrated with Spyder Elite 4, a good amount of them look dark/underexposed, which makes them look drab/no punch. Perhaps that could be one reason for no sales yet? Maybe check your exposure settings before the shot, if your editing isn't giving you bad results? Believe I saw on another thread that you are buying an iMac. I would suggest either calibrating it or finding the proper brightness level and always use that level when editing your images; never varying from it. For instance perhaps the 5 or 6th bar on the
  15. Keep in the mind that the prices quoted by the Alamy price calculator are nothing like the ones that you would actually see if you made any sales. Huge discounts are the norm.
  16. Photographer Ron Chapple http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-10-24/hamptons-sales-surge-fuels-high-end-home-tear-downs.html
  17. You've finished? really? DEM22G -Statue of historic king at the center of Prague, Czech Republic which king? DEM22M Big cathedral with many people standing around it in the center of Prague, Czech Republic which cathedral? basic info missing and that's just from the first 6 of your images slow down, do it better, do it once.. km The cathedral certainly is St Vitus. And the 'historic king' is actually St Paul, in the outer courtyard of the castle, not really the centre. DEM21X is the Schwarzenberg Palace / Schwarzenbergski palac, again up by the castle. I l
  18. Increasing quantity decreases individual sales, nothing surer. Quality is a little more open and depends on how it's measured. My understanding that QC here is technical quality only and, on that basis (excluding the eye behind the camera), better hardware and software inevitably results in "better" pictures. Personally, I feel the eye is more important than the camera but I'm not running a stock agency.
  19. Happens in all lines of work David. My PC repair business went pear shaped the second people could search Google for the answer. Then Microsoft made it super simple to install Windows. Repair your boot sector? Yeah, do that from the CD in two secs. IT guy? who spent £2000 on Microsoft training and has a fancy MCSA card to prove it? Nah you don't need him anymore. Surprised to read this Paul, have been working in IT myself for 16 odd years and know a lot of people doing very well doing mobile PC repairs. Though a lot of them have transitioned to supporting small businesses and essentially
  20. Staggering indeed. I think I'd fall off my chair if that popped up on my sales. I'd need to give myself a stab
  21. Hi everyone, Do clipping paths help to increase sales for product photos? Thank you.
  22. I would add some Polish keywords, too. I have had more than a few sales searched for in the native language of the scenes in question, in one case by a non-native.
  23. I have had sales posted in net revenue from 6am in the morning to as late as 18.15 in the evening. Regards Craig
  24. I have just been chasing up a shot that the Daily Mail published in July and hasn't been reported in my sales yet. MS said some of the papers only report the shots they have used every 3 months so you may have a little wait. Dave
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