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  1. If I could give a word of advice to those stock photographers thinking of uploading to sites such as FAA (and those who already have) - stop thinking "stock" and think abstract, minimalism and even black and white, all of which are probably not great sellers on stock libraries. Before I upload anything to FAA, I ask myself "who would want this on their wall" (and pay for the privilege). Also get Photoshopping!! Use the "flood" filter or any Nik software to change images to "art". Turn an image into a "watercolour" if you have some expertise in this area (and good software). And as Betty d
  2. I'm most assuredly not a computer expert, but I've been seeing no problems in either views or zooms. Good luck.
  3. I don't think that the BHZ game counts, no. I went up from page 16 (where I had been since I started playing the game a couple of year back) to page 8 on the last re-rank, yet my zooms dropped off markedly at around the same point, as did what had been increasing sales. My stats are so insignificantly small though... CTR. I think that counts, yes. I don't want to put a damper on things, but current sales often date back a while, so maybe your current low CTR (and mine) will only kick in a few months hence? Then again, your sales will probably counterbalance your CTR in calculating you
  4. Average sales and zooms on the right side of par, at last. Four sales so far this month at just over average prices. Hopefully things are on the up and up. dov
  5. I have a photo for sale on Alamy, that's not on any other stock sites. It's also been published on my blog, and is registered with the U.S. Copyright office. I recently found several cases of unauthorized use of the photo on several web sites recently, in addition to a presumably legitimate use where Alamy is credited. My questions: When images are licensed for use, are the buyers required to post credit to Alamy? My understanding is that sales can take weeks or months to show on our accounts--anyone know if Alamy can provide a more up to date record of sales on request? I've sent a mess
  6. 4 sales so far at $465.00 gross with no Distributor sales. Knock on wood.
  7. May I ask what CTR is good? And what do you guys mean by reasonable price? Is it $200 ot rather about 1k? Some 4 zooms in April and last sale in March. Nothing special is happening to me. Btw. as it's April I opted out of re-sellers. It won't change a lot as I usually have 50/50% sales. Maybe 3 sales was for 30% in my all history here.
  8. fotoDogue

    Stockimo query

    I've been running slightly better than a 60% acceptance rate but I still don't have a clue about what they're looking for. As for sales, I've seen a couple (not mine) but it's my understanding that the app doesn't show sales until they've cleared and Stockimo is ready to pay.
  9. Zooms nil. Views down. Sales three. Not complaining as I am down at page 24 on BHZ game. Allan Edit: My CTR = 0 Yes! That is ZERO but still getting sales. Does CTR and the BHZ game count? I don't think so, at least not in my case at present. Allan (again)
  10. Hi Ed With Alamy I find it takes about three months for me to start getting sales from a batch upload. I presume this it will be the same for Stockimo if not longer as its so much slower to upload images on a iphone. Its also new system so we might experience teething issues with sales being reported. I'm not expecting any regular until my collection is at least a couple of thousand which will take a very long time. I'm sure stockimo will make money as alamy runs a tight ship. its just a case of having lots of fingers in lots of pies!
  11. Worse month for sales so far, with only four low-ish ones, two of which were zoomed only a few days ago. But hey, the month is still young.
  12. Zooms down, sales zero. So no, not a better month to date! Thanks for providing an opportunity for a good moan, feel better for that
  13. Just had a sale drop in today (for a reasonable price) after a dead March and a pretty awful few months. Interest in the image dates back a few months - it was zoomed twice by ref # (Dec/Jan), but it does make me feel a little better all the same. Zooms are still very low though, giving me a pretty dreadful rolling CTR.
  14. KevinS

    Stockimo query

    Hi Ed, No sales for me yet, but very few images accepted; in keeping with what little time I've spent on this. Stockimo is still new at about 30K. Pricing structure is stated to be the same as for the rest of Alamy, so I expect similar sales once I get a good number of images up. My last Alamy sale was for calendar use at $150.
  15. Ed, my guess is the OPer plans to get back to those "unfinished" images. Odd, but there it is. But, Ed, why are you concerned with "descriptions" with regard to sales and zooms when descriptions are not searchable?
  16. Ed Rooney

    Stockimo query

    People seem to be talking mostly about acceptance from editors here (and tech stuff). What about sales? Are there any sales? And what about prices?
  17. There was a re-rank mid February or there about. Perhaps your rank has changed. If you are getting fewer views than before the re-rank it would suggest that your rank has gone down and would go some way to explain what you are experiencing with sales and zooms. Pearl
  18. Prior to the last few weeks I was getting regular zooms and sales (for about 3 years) but all of a sudden I'm hardly getting any zooms 1-2 per month and no sales. (5,600 pics) Has Alamy dramatically changed the way it ranks images in the last few weeks?
  19. After several disappointing months I have noticed three things in the first part of this month. 1 - More sales 2 - All at 50% so far, no distributors 3 - Much healthier average price I know my experience is statistically meaningless in the big Alamy pond, but it is very encouraging. Anyone else had a good start to the new financial year?
  20. Guest

    Stockimo query

    Another snapseed user here, I also tend to use 645pro for taking images as it gives me a TIFF filem - only app I've ever paid for.... tough decision that I tend to send iphone shots to a commercial collection, who I know have had sales, as opposed to stockimo. One image I had accepted on stockimo was rejected on reupload - different day, different result!! Moody HDR is what I tend to have accepted elsewhere but they are generally MR shots - gritty book cover type stuff.
  21. Ok, now I understand, thanks Paulette. Only one of my two sales have cleared, and it was the smaller one so I'm not at the payment threshold yet. The larger one is from a textbook publisher.
  22. If you go to Balance of Account on your My Alamy page you will see your situation. It is under Sales Information. Regrettably it can take a long time for sales to clear -- especially through distributors. Paulette
  23. Sales take at least 45 days to clear or, if you're me, longer. Dashed annoying to have to wait 6 weeks longer and counting for the Mail to cough up $6, especially with a cleared balance of $73.
  24. Assuming you have filled out the payment details, i.e. how you want to be paid (see link in your 'My Alamy'), you will automatically be paid when your cleared balance hits the magic number of $75. The payment will be at the start of the month providing the clearance is met. It's not like micro etc where you have to request payment. The process is explained in Section 12 of your contrib agreement - the sales/payment workflow etc.
  25. KevinS

    Stockimo query

    I get 30,830 results for Stockimo, not 17,000. My rejection rate is improving; now around 50% on a very small number of images. I plan to spend more time on this as I find it interesting to do and interesting to see what is accepted. The feedback I get from this, blunt as it is, helps me improve as a phototgrapher. If rejection becomes bothersome I'll just spend my time on the regular Alamy collection, where the technical factors are all that matters for acceptance. Having images accepted at Stockimo might just improve my sales, as salability is one of the criterea. Like Edd, I bought an iphon
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