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  1. Mirco, The reports in this thread a heavily skewed towards the UK because that's where most of the people reporting the sales live. We don't see many Polish newspapers or magazines over here! I used to get a few sales from Poland, mainly textbooks, before I opted out of the distribution scheme. Chris
  2. I have just had three distributor sales to Danish mags at low prices - and the -70% deducted commissions really hurt.
  3. John .... i think something went wrong during uploading from Alaskadude. I can not imagine this is in purpose...... i hope so. Alaskadude i would really follow Johns advice. This will be bad for sales but also Alamy will not be happy to see that i guess .
  4. This is off-topic, but you (alaskadude) might want to check out some of the forum discussions about the problems associated with uploading too many similars. It can lower your CTR and thereby have a negative effect on sales. Self-editing can really pay off. Happy trails. -John M
  5. I just checked my account balance and was surprised to see that I got paid yesterday for four sales/licenses (to same customer) made in early August. This is pretty unusual. It's normally three to four months before payments show up.
  6. My Canada (mainly Vancouver, where I live) photos do sell, but not nearly as well as my Latin America collection, which keeps me afloat on Alamy. I have very few sales/licenses in the UK or Canada. Most customers are in the USA or Europe (occasionally Poland for low fees), followed by Asia, Mexico, and South America. I think that one of the reasons why so many Alamy images are found in UK publications is that there are a number of very diligent UK photographers looking for them on a regular basis. Perhaps this comes from living on a relatively small island, or maybe we're just lazier abou
  7. Well, there's a thing Bryan, just got mine back from the accountant for approval - One interesting figure is that in spite of a large number of infringements which were impossible to collect on, the ones that were successfully settled amounted to more than the Alamy (NET) sales - and these were mostly for what Alamy euphemistically refers to as 'third party usage'. Had two of these third party things confirmed yesterday by MS - in which they tell me that they made two 'editorial' sales of the image (I count a large number of website uses of this image by these customers under the 'buy
  8. When I first started with Alamy and read many posts, I thought 'well might not have many sales here' with little B&W around compared to color. Though prolly would make more than I did on micro and refuse to sell my images for less than a quarter, so gave it a go. Still was a bit leery until I saw some of the images up on Alamy that are PP beyond the norm and at present one of the photogs is featured. Now I put up a mix of things; norm, creative, and B&W, which surprisingly enough are the ones that have been zoomed on/sold since what I've read here is B&W don't do well for others/se
  9. Just completed my tax return for 2012-2013. My Alamy figures make depressing reading; despite an increase in the number of sales by 70%, my net income had gone down very slightly from 2011-2012. I am talking relatively small numbers here, probably statistically irrelevant, given the number of variables. This year looks to be better to date, both in terms of number of sales and income, but very much a case of running hard to make only a moderate gain. Took this up to boost retirement income, and initially, it looked promising with 3 figure deals the norm. Now it does provide an
  10. Thanks for the work you put in and it is interesting although not precise due to all figures not being available to you. What I would get out of the trends is that Alamy is increasing it's page views and therefore probably it's sales but as individual photographers we are getting less (according to many of the forum posts). Like David I don't see the point of increasing my work rate to stay still. Think smarter rather than work harder
  11. Germany - even with the Alamy German office, I don't sell so many German subjects through Alamy as I do through local agencies. Just checked back on my records, as a percentage of my total sales for 2012 German subjects did quite poorly. 2013 so far is looking a bit better.
  12. Earlier I had some textbook sales (print and electronic) at very good prices - rare now and prices are much lower...
  13. Good morning everyone, I see that in the topics "Did you see any Alamy photographs ....." the majority is found in UK magazines. Since i am living in Poland and my biggest amount of images are Polish i was wondering if there are here Alamy photographers from other country then UK and US that uploads national images and also get regular sales? Mirco
  14. Great stuff. I've been working on a number of packages following trends with other agencies of late and due to move on to the zooms / views of Alamy. Interesting to see the steady increase in pages of search results each month, positive. I took a look at the data specifically to my account. My initial findings suggested that it would be tricky to tie zooms to sales. I'm going to sit down a draw up a list of things that could be tracked using the data they provide. I've found the data collected for other agencies really useful for targeting subject matter and best agencies etc. Will fo
  15. Let's get this out of the way first. There are three kinds of lies: Lies, damn lies, and statistics. Ha ha, it's funny because it's true. Also, yes, I am aware that the only statistic that really matters is the bottom line, the size of the check (cheque), the direct deposit, the number and size of the sales, what have you. Unfortunately, many of us don't get sales frequently enough to have them be statistically significant, and there's often such a long delay between anything that happens on the website (a view, a zoom, a change in rank, a change in the website) and the sales that may or
  16. Answers and I'd say pick yours. My Uncle Ed used to say "I'd rather sit for nothing than work for nothing." (If the pay doesn't cover expenses, we're not working for peanuts were working for the joy of making pretty pictures, at our personal expense. No Gain) OR My Father used to say: "10% of something is more than 100% of nothing." Making a sale for some income, offsetting expenses, is better than nothing? OR Mom was a believer in "If you have a horse apple in one hand and a wish in the other, which one has more?" Wishing for higher returns or a turn back into the past,
  17. After all the complaining about our name being searched, Alamy kindly disabled that, which means all my links to my photos, by pseudo no longer work. (I hate it!) So now, how do I make a link to my images by pseudonym, so only those will show. I like to send people so see my various collections, and I can't seem to figure it out? Did Alamy add some link mathod that I'm blind, and don't see? And I hope all you people who think CTR is the end of the world, are happy. I'd like to see people who track this, show me how disabling the artists name or pseudonym name search which made things e
  18. I was asked the same thing regarding some bird pictures - the artist was brilliant and very upfront - the amount of work put into her pastels makes the sales rate here at Alamy look really generous. I sent her some low res versions which she worked from on screen - told her no charge. Come Christmas and I received a beautiful framed original pastel of one of my dogs (that's her - Emma in the snow - on the left of this posting) - better than any tiny fee !!!!!
  19. The stock houses now have so many images that they can profit based on volume. These companies are focused on profit not how it affects us. The more they sell no matter what the price (remember their competitors- they have to compete) the more profit they make. One can say - well i'll shoot something rare; a hard to get shot and that will sell for more $. No that may not happen; these stock houses often don't know or realize that this is a rare shot that should be sold for more $. They just sell sell sell; they have sales people focused on selling as much as they can sell.
  20. Is it me or can everyone else access their sales data? I am getting a "500 Internal Server Error". Maybe by the morning it will be up and running again.
  21. Studio is certainly more productive for me than 'travel' (ie - going out the front door). It's cheaper - apart from buying things to photograph - and sales per image / views per image / zooms per image are much higher. When photography was just a hobby I used to travel as a tax dodge - the standard of hotels I stayed in depending on how much I had to 'invest' to avoid a tax bill.
  22. In the U.S., it appears that the majority of images associated with news sites are attributed to Shutterstock or iStock (aside from AP and Reuters). What specifically is Alamy doing to market and increase sales in the United States?
  23. Hello, May I suggest the possibility of having this great option called "My Alamy Homepage" (contributor's own website) published on the net in other languages, not only in English. For example, my case. I live in Spain. If I publish "My Alamy Homepage" in English, the possible buyer will be soon discouraged from buying as he goes through the purchase process, especially in the "Image Use" dropdown menu option. Not very many Spanish speaking people understand or read English at this level. Having "My Alamy Homepage" in Spanish would surely help to boost sales. I know that translating a w
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