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  1. John, So far no one has admitted to having licenced any images for fine art prints! I tried searching "Fine Art Images" and got 5557 RM and 430 RF. While there were many pictures of artists, there were also many images meant to be "Fine Art", so there are contributors who aim to sell that way. One of the top landscape photographers from where I live is Joe Cornish. He has an excellent gallery where I often go for a coffee and a look around. The gallery offers beautiful prints of his own work, but also that of other photographers and indeed of painters and sculptors. Joe has
  2. 16 sales, roughly $2,2k total. Not bad, not great...
  3. 16 sales last month for roughly $2,2k total. 8 so far this month for $900 total. Sales are certainly happening and like others have pointed out already it wouldn't hurt your chances at regular sales if you boosted the number of images you have with Alamy by a couple of thousand...
  4. Back in October 2012, I did not rush out to cover Sandy. A lot of people did, but I have a feeling they're a lot younger than I am. I did my share of young and foolish things back when I was such. Betty, your question reminds me that I stopped covering the Vietnam War partly because it was May and the monsoon season had started in the south. War is twice as much fun in a driving rain that turns the earth into muddy slime. Clouds used to be a big seller in stock; clients would use them as background for products. I have no idea if anyone still does this, and they mostly weren't storm cloud
  5. I find that in UK there is an odd one now and again added during the day, but the great majority arrive overnight. Always worth checking "2 months Sales" on the first of the month in case one (or even some) slipped in overnight.
  6. As far as I can see there are two types of creatives pictures, some are hand picked by alamy, others are derived from zooms/sales history. I have some that appear when you add an "s" to a word, but when that word is singular, I have different pictures in creative.
  7. I've had a 3 or 4 iQ sales with the "Repeat use within a single issue." text, though I've been unaware of any actual repeated use (doesn't mean it hasn't happened though - can be very difficult to trace). Perhaps clarify with MS what "Repeat use within a single issue" actually means in practice.
  8. IQ sales seem to be RM/RF hybrids. I've given up trying to figure them out. The license does say "within a single issue," though, whatever that means.
  9. Say You had an image which is marked as RM on Alamy and it appears in a Magazine in December with a licence as below. Then let’s say you spot the same image in the same magazine in the March edition does that count as a separate sale or is this covered by the original “IQ sale”? Does anyone have any experience of this? This has just happened to me and meber services are saying that the second usage is covered by the December licence! Country: United Kingdom Usage: iQ sale: Magazine, Editorial print and digital use. cover and inside.Repeat use within a single issue. Industry sector
  10. Yes, in the UK I found that sales were added overnight. But 2 days ago one appeared some time in the afternoon. None today though
  11. I haven't been fed yet this month, but sales always seem to show up in the morning (for me, anyway) here on the Pacific Coast.
  12. With 10k images on file this month I have had 58 zooms and 12.5k views. If you extrapolate these numbers to your own you will realise that there is no need to lose heart. Have had a quick look at your key wording and can see no obvious shortfalls - in fact great pics and a fair bit of variety for such a small collection Good luck. dov
  13. I wish I had noticed something - my sales seem to have dried up for the moment. dov
  14. Normally I get sales updates at 9pm (Eastern Time on the east coast of the USA) but lately I don't see new sales until I get up in the morning, so they are coming in some time overnight. Has there been a shift in posting sales in the U.K. as well?
  15. Hello! I have been a member for about a month and I am slowly uploading images on Alamy. I only have 59 on sale and a few others waiting to be keyworded, but the ones which are already on the website don't seem to be visible. I have 20 views and no zooms. I know this is quite early to ask, but am I doing something wrong? Should I choose other keywords for my images or it simply takes more time to have views and then sales?
  16. Fiona, hello and welcome. Dyn Llun's success and figures quoted do not relate to stock work, either here at Alamy or elsewhere. They are from sales of prints at galleries, which he has pursued over many years. I would say that his secret is many years of perseverance and hard work!
  17. Had my first sale of the month today and while it appears under Summary of Items Sold, it has yet to appear in the graph, or the column on the right with thumbnails of recent sales. All I can imagine is that not all information on the graph is updated at the same time. I got my first sae this month too. In my case it appeared in all 3 places, the sales box at left, the mini thumbnails at top right and on the monthly sales graph.
  18. Never been scammed with Ebay, I have had a few of those attempted scam emails in the past. They are easy to spot as they aren't replicated in the Ebay system. I've had no issues at all with items, bought or sold. I do have fairly strict criteria on who can bid on items - I think that's important and also check out the history of anyone whom I am buying from. Most power sellers will have the occasional problem but I always check out how they deal with the problem via feedback. I've bought a scanner for over £2k and no issues at all, 'met' some really nice people on Ebay - one seller sen
  19. Had my first sale of the month today and while it appears under Summary of Items Sold, it has yet to appear in the graph, or the column on the right with thumbnails of recent sales. All I can imagine is that not all information on the graph is updated at the same time.
  20. My last purchase on eBay was for a Vivitar 285 at $35 (plus $10 shipping). When I received it, it didn't have the battery carrier. I gave the seller a mediocre review instead of the 5 stars. He got upset and asked why - I told him because he sold an incomplete product and didn't disclose it had missing parts. He threatened me because I refused to pay another $10 to ship it back to him for the $35 refund. My last sale attempt on eBay was for an extra battery for a Canon 1Ds MK II. I clearly stated in the description that I would only ship the item - my time is valuable and I don't want t
  21. Ebay takes 10% commission from camera equipment plus Paypal takes 2.9% I have a business account as well. The fee calculator is here: http://www.fees.ebay.com/feeweb/feecalculator I also have an APP on my iphone and iPad for this that shows the price I'd pay for commission for fixed price sales vs auctions L
  22. I quite like the new handy dashboard view. As it lays everything out nice and neat, The downside is I get an instant view of my sales every time I log on to add more images and I am still flat lining. When is some kind soul going to hit me with the defibrillator to keep my old carcass going . Just a little spike would be a great tonic about now .
  23. I won't sell overseas for a few reasons. Shipping overseas is expensive! Not only that,once the package is out of US hands,tracking becomes difficult and if it's lost you could get screwed. I have "USA BIDDERS ONLY" in my description as well as my ebay preferences. BTW-When shipping cameras with Lithium batteries,the Post Office at least here won't accept them so I ship UPS. Insured and packaged well it's sooooo expensive. I just spent appx $60 to ship my Canon 6D. Pre-internet I use to sell my gear by sending a list to the photo colleges and putting an ad in the local weekly free paper. If I
  24. Not much experience here with eBay, but I have sold locally here on Craigslist. You do get some looneys answering ads, but I can weed them out pretty quickly. I've sold some expensive lenses. I will not mail anything, all sales have to be direct with cash in my hand. Met one guy in the WalMart lobby while my husband lurked 15 feet away. We've sold a smoker, expensive tools like band saws and similar, bedding, furniture and jewelry making tools and beads. And a computer. All have been good, with honest people understanding the cash only requirement. Anything where someone has t
  25. Alamy

    Alamy ranking

    There is no way to 'game' the system. You get a good rank by submitting pictures that generate sales and zooms. Good keywording is important because without that, your images don't get seen. So, the only thing you can do is submit your best work and keyword it well.
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