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  1. I only contact Skrill on their secure account as I am always cautious about phishing posing as financial services companies. Skrill was nominated by Alamy for use for their sales funds transfers. The bottom line is that my account is blocked!! dov
  2. I've just done a search for 'Teresa May' and found a pic of Harriet Harman, incorrectly captioned. Part of me thinks this a good thing as my correctly captioned pics of Harriet Harman stand a (marginally) better chance of selling, but on the other hand it doesn't give a very good impression of Alamy's captions, which might damage its reputation and sales for all of us. Natural history subjects are an area of particular concern with so many wrongly-captioned images. If I were a buyer looking for insect pictures, I wouldn't start with Alamy. Would it be good to have a system of reporting such
  3. I pretty much took a sabbatical during 2015 while I decided what I wanted to do with my photography, and writing, so I had no goals. But I am 10% off my best ever year's sales numbers (almost all in last 7 months), unfortunately it is 50% down on my best for revenue. But that is still my best year since 2008! So for next year my hope will be to make it my best year from a revenue point of view of Alamy, that will hardly be earth shattering However, Alamy will not be the main thrust of my photography in 2016. I will be sharing my wider plans, and progress, on my web site as I take some dec
  4. Only thing I have ever been asked was if I could get to Heathrow for a news event. At the time it seemed like a wasted day (no Live News sales), but one of the images has since gone on to be a repeat seller.
  5. I'm after a little advice. I'm definitely a novice on Alamy, a member for a little under a year, 400+ photos on and 3 sales. I shoot with a 35mm, 23mm and 16mm APS prime (50mm-24mm in 35mm format I think) I'm off to Barcelona, Spain between Christmas and New Year. I'd like any suggestions of the image content that would add to a shot's success on Alamy stock. Matt.
  6. Starting a new thread cause I have a ton of questions, and I will keep them all here. A couple years ago I ventured in to the stock area. Put 10 images with one of the smaller RF agencies. A year ago I put 4 images with Alamy, 2 RM, 2 RF, then decided to wait and consider further options and build a PF. I am happy to say I made my first RM sale a month ago, and now am ready to upload more to Alamy. So many of the questions will pertain to that. The 10 images all RF at the competitor have had around 10 sales, netting me $13 and change in 2 years. 1 RM Alamy sale with only 4 images uploaded, net
  7. I would just list as RM and let users worry about categories. I don't know what 'arted up' might mean as I don't retouch but as long as you don't introduce artefacts all should be well. Unless you were just lucky that's an impressive rate of sales- you must have something buyers want and good luck to you.
  8. From Alamy about us. "Alamy WorldwideAnd while the Alamy collection has grown – so too has the organization itself. There are now Alamy offices in the US and India and sales teams in Germany and Australia. But the headquarters are still on the small business park near Oxford where it all started in 1999. And although Alamy is a true global brand, in every sense of the word, it still feels like a family run business – with strong values, a clear ethos and culture and a tangible sense of making a difference." Allan
  9. It is always about what is better for the buyer. Then sales are coming. But even under this thinking it is not that ovious that RF is always better for the buyer. Like i mentioned before there are plenty of buyers that needs or wants exclusivity. Choosing for RF is here a wrong option. Then there is the editorial world. RM has far more choice then RF. The point is putting editorial as RF gives just headache. To many rules gives to many restrictions on submitting editorial as RF. This leads to more rejections and also to less choice.
  10. With 300 images in a mixed collection with not too many similars you might expect a couple of sales a year.
  11. I am impressed with Alamy's fast growth in the numbers game and their confidence in claiming they have the largest online collection. It seems that many here with collections of a few thousand still make sales with Alamy including myself, (well done). How long will it be before the smaller collections be totally swallowed up and lost in the masses with Alamy's policy of take all images providing they are technically perfect. I like Alamy as a supplier of images, however i fear that the day may come when the smaller contributors will disappear because of not being seen, allowing
  12. I had three calendar sales drop in today. Two were for the low rate page a day inside at $5.86 x 25000 print run. Third was for inside at $46.86 x 20000 print run. Strange thing is all three licences are for the same image. Allan
  13. ... to have chosen my photo of Madrid as today's cover image! Now, please, drop more sales into my account. After all, it's Xmas time!
  14. I got two page-per-day sales in 2013 ($10 each). Wife found the calendar and bought it for me for Christmas. It cost her about the same to buy the calendar as I got paid for the images! How we laughed!
  15. Ouch. Calendars used to pay reasonably well. I too have a repeat (same price and terms) sale this month. It's RM, so I'm hoping that the buyer had two separate uses in mind. Usually, these double sales do eventually get refunded, though.
  16. Me too; had multiple sales yesterday. No refunds yet. Fingers crossed...
  17. I haven't used the Archival route yet, but I can see the possibilities for future use. I was granted access some years ago in connection with News upload. In fact, I don't think I applied for any of them, but I was granted access after my uploads of the COP15 images from Copenhagen, as far as I remember. Many things were easier in 2009-10. Even the sales.
  18. Only 24 recorded yesterday, my CTR and sales are OK. Anyone else seeing this, or am I doomed?
  19. Thanks Edo, despite struggling to get my head around the subway system and the fact that I'm not a city person, I have enjoyed my trips to NYC. Our elder son and his family currently live in Brooklyn, so we are condemned to a long distance commute for the foreseeable future. The place looks great in spring and autumn, but I suspect that it would be too hot for me in summer and way too cold in the depths of winter. Without doing the sums, my personal impression is that the photo market is more buoyant in the USA than Europe, with more sales per image and better prices. Despite the obvi
  20. So just to be clear, Archival isn't just for scans of your old negs and transparencies - but for Reportage too: Alamy's guidelines for Archival read: ".. an additional upload route for collections of archival or reportage images which might not meet our technical standards for regular stock imagery .. Images that are historically or culturally significant, examples include film stills, press archives and specialist collections." and "Photojournalistic images illustrating a story but captured under difficult circumstances and might not pass our standard QC checks. Examples inclu
  21. I'm thinking that much of this is comparative. Having travelled to Tanzania and Kenya travelling on local transport and also walking the streets of Manchester, UK or Havana, Cuba (felt remarkably safe there) or even the back streets of Ercolano near Naples, Italy (where I did genuinely worry, hiding my camera and rapidly walking in the opposite direction to the 40 or so people surrounding the one police car in a back alley!) I guess walking around Barcelona would feel relatively normal compared to someone who had only ever been to their local prosperous small town. I really appreciate the
  22. Thanks, Spacecadet! I found Alamy email, they say I should find the payout in my balance within December...do they specify "DACS" or is showing like the other sales?
  23. I believe that they have to represent a "body of work." For instance, I have a lot of old images taken in Latin America that I like to think are interesting as well as old. Archival images do sell. I've had several license, including one last month. As to whether or not the "archival" designation limits sales, it's difficult to say. I would imagine that it does in some cases. I guess it depends on how badly the buyer wants a particular image and how scarce it is.
  24. Perhaps somebody could explain the meaning of this to me I have sales from October listed as balance carried forward and yet my cleared balance from earlier is below the payment threshold. When does the balance carried forward become cleared balance and when can I expect payment?
  25. Just searched for "My Name/Alamy" at Google Books and see that I have a photo in a book about Mindstorms that will be published in January, 2016. Something to look forward to in my future sales. Edit: Added photo
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