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  1. I just had two refunds for similar Brazil sales as mentioned above, from June 2012, anyone else?
  2. zone3

    Bank Fees

    Hi I asked this question to Alamy and they suggested I post it here too just to see if anyone else thinks it worth while. I hate bank fees and when you don't have large sales each month it would be better for both sides I think to be able to hold off on payment until your account balance is large(er) or until you the artist wish to be paid. That could easily be a simple (month to be paid) button. It would allow to the artist to reduce bank fee and I assume less paperwork for alamy I see many use paypal too ..I don't have an account so i would to hear how they work if hat is an option to
  3. 3 in the last few days for $73 gross. 2 of them under $10. My prediction for the year now looks like more sales and higher revenue but a lower average price per image.
  4. It looks like July 2015 isn't my worst month this year after all in terms of sales and revenue.
  5. Well, I have just topped 2000 images on sale. Although I joined in December 2013, in reality, I have only really been able to upload consistently since around September last year. Starting to see some reasonably regular sales trickle through. Given most of these are reported 6-8 weeks later, I am hoping that there are some more lurking in the background which will appear soon!
  6. Not an odd question at all. If you have the same or similar images bidding against each other in the same market they are clearly competitors. Not only are they dragging the price down but you get a lower cut of the sale price for your trouble. That is why I opted out of the distributor schemes years ago. I suppose there might be some loyalty issues which affect some markets and some for some agencies perhaps local knowledge or accurate translation becomes a factor. For that reason I had until recently despite my images not being exclusive, limited my pix to a single agency so that they do not
  7. Two sales a month of approx 750 images is good going. I've just looked at your portfolio and you have some really nice images. Michael Thanks so much Michael! Looks like you have a strong editorial portfolio. Nice work! I was gung-ho uploaded 21 images in two batches earlier this week. Those with shallow DOF passed but the second batch landed me in the sin bin for the first time in two years. Bummed because I have a large number of images that I was ready to upload. They rejected one that I licensed directly to a very large calendar company which the company is using cropped and
  8. The number is cumulative so once a licence is sold it counts in all subsequent years. Alamy isn't reporting your sales-what makes you think so? It will only do so if you ask Alamy to make your submission and take its 50% commission. It's your choice.
  9. It was nice to see a bit of additional sales revenue described as "Infringement; web use XXXXXXX" on my account this month . Well done Alamy for spotting this and following it up.
  10. Iv been credited for one web use and I have had 3 images flagged up by them as infringements. Il happily sit back and check my account each morning for the (what I consider) sales.
  11. Mmmm... possibility of some confusion here. Although that may be true of the behaviour of the Alamy search engine, what about the live page keywords which Google uses for searches? These definitely aren't working like this. Looking at my image C45 HAF I have essential keywords of metal engraved sundial "sun dial" Melton Mowbray I have comprehensive keywords of rotary club sunlit metal engraved sundial "sun dial" gazebo park garden But on the Alamy "live" page the keywords are shown as blue, club, day, engraved, gazebo park garden, melton mowbray, metal, metal engra
  12. I have 1000+ images here and sales have been in a constant tailspin for three years. It's no longer a viable place for me. Having said that, years ago it was clear this is was a source mostly for editorial, which my work is not. Still, the drop off is insane....at least for me.
  13. I've taken a quick look. I can't see any overall problem that would prevent sales, but there are one or two points of detail that you might address. There is some evidence of needless repetition,e.g. shots of the peleton of cyclists, two photos of a sign. Then a few images could do with cheering up a tad, e.g. one of St Michael's Mt. that appears quite dark, another where the sky is very murky e.g. EXM26F etc. You appear to be including more people in your more recent shots which should help, and there are some nice compositions, but in others, for example a view of four at a harbo
  14. Sultanpepa 4 or 5 images a month and I am happy I have similar amount of images as you. So far 2 sales this month
  15. Jill Morgan

    Bank Fees

    Alamy is a UK Company, but sales are in US dollars. If converting, its a good time for buying CDN dollars. I got $111 Cdn for my $90 US. We sure don't want the dollar to drop farther. If the Canadian dollar goes up, you will get less for your US dollars. Jill
  16. Not too bad so far - not many sales but a much better than usual average, no tiny amounts and four in three figures.
  17. Had 2 sales so far this month including my largest sale ever on Alamy - $400.
  18. I almost gave up, then had my first 2 sales on June after 2 years being on alamy, so not too bad for me One for $119 another for $15
  19. Two sales a month of approx 750 images is good going. I've just looked at your portfolio and you have some really nice images. Michael
  20. p.s. - I disagree with fotoDogue's comments relating to using resale exemption certificates to buy photo equipment and supplies...and so does the State of New York when it comes to stock photography in the sense of how we deal through Alamy http://www.tax.ny.gov/pdf/advisory_opinions/sales/a09_56s.pdf
  21. To me you have to take the bad with the good. And look at the image that sold. I had one of those crappy sales last month, $7 gross, but it was of an image of which there are thousands on micro alone, so surprised there was a sale at all. One of my earlier uploads which I figured would probably never sell. Jill
  22. As long as distributor sales continue to be the sort of thing that I wouldn't get in a month of Sundays direct I'll stay in. A statue in Toulouse published in an italian popular science book; a Greek antiquity from Treviso in a regional Italian newspaper; a posh dessert from Helmsley in a Mexican magazine, that sort of thing.
  23. I also had a sale exactly the same as Stokie's yesterday! I am also staying on the distribution scheme as some of my best sales were made on it, especially in Asia.
  24. I got two of these sales drop in from the Italian distributor. I will get a total of $1.30 for the two uses! The only winner here is the buyer. How many thousands of images were included in the "bulk" sale to be worthwhile to the distributor?
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