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  1. Hi John , June has been slow for me too so far, but I am hopeful that some sales might turn up soon!
  2. I usually have a few sales by this time of the month, but I've had none at all so far in June. Is anyone else noticing a downturn?
  3. Maybe check your net rev; HuffPost just coming in. (4x so far) wim I thought we had lost the Huffpost contract. Do I have this wrong or is this old sales coming in? I have never seen sales older than 1 month been reported from HP. They are very accurate. Unlike most British newspapers, which "forget" to report quite a bit. Maybe there's a question for the CEO here. So I'm guessing the HP's are from last month or the current month. I'm unable to find any. (BD38E3 or AM5KNA or BCXCPE or CTJ4JM - if you want to have a go.) wim
  4. Maybe check your net rev; HuffPost just coming in. (4x so far) wim I thought we had lost the Huffpost contract. Do I have this wrong or is this old sales coming in?
  5. While keywording and metadata can always be improved upon, I wouldn't take this personally. I've had CTR's of almost zero and screens full of sales. Indeed, my zooms and sales are almost completely unrelated. I suggest you keep your nose to the grindstone and let the ups and downs work themselves out.
  6. My zooms are way down this month. Most of my work is around California and I think its down to the loss of the Huffington post. Anyone else in the same boat?
  7. I'm quite worried too. So far this month just 1 zoom. I suppose the stats. are working OK? The trouble is, as I said in another thread, the average contributor would be getting about 5 zooms for every thousand images using the current "all of alamy" CTR. So, for those of us with smaller collections, the stats would be expected to fluctuate a bit. I tuned my keywording fairly carefully to keep my CTR high (before the new layout it averaged well above the Alamy average). I have three sales so far this month so I'm still selling but since nearly all my sales come from zoomed images I'm quite co
  8. Yes, I live in France but I am not going to limit myself to the country. I like to get around if I can. I'm aware of how well photographed the Lakes are. I had a similar comment when I mentioned I was off to Provence. Didn't stop someone paying a couple of hundred dollars for an image I did during that trip. In my head, I was thinking somewhere in Italy for a change. Keep the ideas coming though!!! To echo incamerastock, it's not how well photographed a place is, it's 'can I make any profit from a shoot there'. I shot some stock in Rome a few years ago, had fairly good sales i
  9. Try searching All of Alamy. Click on the header "Sales" and it will list images in order of most sales. You can use the search terms for these best sellers to get hints about how to keyword your own images, as well as get ideas of subjects to shoot. Alamy is based in the UK. Always be sure to keyword images with UK spellings as well as North American, and search for terms other than North American for things like truck - lorry, potato chips - crisps. Also, put singular and plural versions of nouns if more than one is in image: car - cars Good keywording is the key to sales. Dave
  10. @Essexps: re "Has it been worthwhile - 100 Sales in just over 5 years?" Though perhaps I should say that it depends on the commission you earned, plus the satisfaction you received from capturing and taking those images, compared to what you could have been doing instead of pursuing stock image career.... ....I'll hazard guess that it WAS worth it. Enjoyed visiting your portfolio, and appreciate how your thumbnails tend to pop, thanks to composition (plus inclusion of blues to balance the browns). Congrats on 100th sale - Ann
  11. Having yesterday received advice of my 100th Sale since joining Alamy, I thought I'd post a few thought on the subject of Stock with Alamy (never submitted to another agency) This post isn't intended to be an 'Aren't I good' or 'Stock is a waste of time' post, just a brief record of how I got here. I'm sure that many contributors will have much more impressive sales records, so this is mainly aimed at non-professionals just starting out in Stock or thinking about starting and wondering what to expect and is it worth it. I joined Alamy in February 2008 - my initial submission failed
  12. Hi Semmick Photo First of all, if you are making a sale a month with just about 400 images you are doing well - congratulations! Secondly, sales do not contribute to the CTR as explained, and I suspect the reason your zooms have gone up but your CTR has gone down is that your views have gone up even more, due to the default 120 images per search that clients now see. However, if your zooms are going up your sales should also go up, and your ranking will hopefully improve as sales do count towards that. Good luck with it Kumar Sriskandan
  13. My CTR and zooms are at record high levels. My sales are meanwhile at record low levels. I'll monitor the situation but not worth uploading anything further at the moment.
  14. But do they sell? Anybody here that has had a cover (and sales)? Anybody knows of someone who had a cover and had sales? wim
  15. If it's any consolation, my CTR has increased in the past three months while my sales have almost disappeared. I'm not sure there's much connection.
  16. Thank you for all the tips! I've been busy with stock photography around 2006-2007, and made quite good sales on Acclaim and Photographers Direct (one of them needed you to use "stock photo of" as a caption). I uploaded a bunch to Alamy around that time, without putting too much effort into it. Then came wedding photography, and being so busy I wasn't able to do anything for my stock photography anymore. Now, due to health issues, we're leaving wedding photography more or less behind, and can focus on stock again. So, let's start capturing, captioning, and keywording!
  17. We have a Symbiostock site, and have had a couple of RF sales already. We plan to upload a few hundred of our RM files, and link them through to Alamy. The reason for this is that we are finding our Symbiostock files ranking high in Google at the moment, whereas Alamy do not seem to be there at all. Does anyone know why Alamy don't rank in Google? Why not sell RM direct? Because we have tried that through Photoshelter, unsuccesfully. The people who did contact us had no idea what to do, although it was, to us, clearly obvious from the site. We don't know how many left without contacting us.
  18. Alamy invites to reach "Find a contributor" scheme every contributor who made at least 10 sales. Till a couple of years ago, single clients could surf a Google map reported on page of Alamy website and spot the single participant photographers (name, website, emails reported) in the geographical area required. Then, that page has been removed.
  19. I do understand the legal need for releases or indication that none is available. What I'm concerned about again is from the buyer's point of view. If they do a search specifying e.g. 2 people, they are surely expecting the two people to be pretty prominent in the image. They don't expect to see a photo which apparently has no people, but we had to indicate had two people because they are little pixel blurs somewhere in the background. That must be extremely annoying, not to mention adverserly affecting out CTR. Can anyone from Alamy inform me as a statistical fact whether I'll lose more
  20. I think you just have to accept this will happen. I'd say about half of my views throw up images that are not quite the subject matter that the researcher wants. Some of it is due to vague searches but often It's unavoidable. Try keywording an "owl butterfly" or a "tiger tomato" so that you don't get lots of false hits. Of course if Alamy activated the quotes in keywording it might help. At the moment I'd just like to see some zooms again.
  21. This is key. It's all very well having a wonderfully interlinked network of independent traders but what's driving the traffic to the sites? This is why Alamy/Getty/Corbis are all fighting for market share. He who controls the client base makes the sales. No traffic = no sales, no matter how cheap or pretty the pictures. Plus, this appears to be microstock only?? From the symbiostock front page: "Symbiostock, as its name implies, creates a symbiotic relationship among microstock professionals" J
  22. ...and remain untroubled by the inconvenience of making sales. Maybe send smaller batches, while you get a feel for what QC want. Then, once you're confident about every image you upload, batches can be 50, 100, whatever...
  23. I notice you've been a member since 2007 so you have more than one month's stats. Given the, now, erratic nature of measures you could probably deduce rather more from considering the whole year's data. The average contributer with 1000 views per month is currently only getting 4 or 5 zooms within that time period so you can't read anything into such a small data collection.
  24. I think things have changed so much at Alamy in the last few months that it is difficult to interpret the stats. anymore. If you'd had thee or four more zooms over the same period you'd have average CTR so with that number of images it is only small fluctuations that make the difference betwen good and bad. I used to tick along with a CTR of about twice average. This month so far I have had 3 sales (presumably dating back to searches from months back) and no zooms at all. I don't find these stats. at all reasuring in terms of the future.
  25. I have a question on understanding the AlamyMeasures 2.1: My Images. I currently have 853 images online according to AlamyMeasures, from 12-May-2013 to 10-Jun-2013, I've had 0 sales, 948 views, and 1 zoom, giving a CTR of 0,11% Now, my questions: What can I deduct from these numbers? 1. That I have waaaay too little images online (working on that one) 2. That my images are badly keyworded? and don't appear in searches too often? 3. That my images are well keyworded, but that they don't appeal to buyers? 4. Whatever more info you can give me ;-) Thanks in advance!
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