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  1. Thank you Jason, what I dont understand is that I have 12 sales in my first year (July 12-July 13) on my portfolio, with less images. Ever since July this year, it all stopped, even with adding 200 more images. Thats why I am thinking a rerank in July may have caused the drought and I cant seem to recover from it.
  2. As long as you realise that AGE Fotostock images are also placed, by them, on Alamy. So you will be competing with yourself in this instance (so your commission will be split three ways instead of two - and if you are still in the distributor scheme, distributor sales will be split three ways instead of four!). Chris As far as I know AGE images aren't placed on Alamy as I only chose to submit to agencies that aren't on Alamy too. John.
  3. As long as you realise that AGE Fotostock images are also placed, by them, on Alamy. So you will be competing with yourself in this instance (so your commission will be split three ways instead of two - and if you are still in the distributor scheme, distributor sales will be split four ways instead of three!). I'm also with AgeFotostock (not a micro) and it's interesting to see which images they take as it's an edited agency. Chris
  4. I can add from my experience... I think it depends what you shoot indeed. I was first for many years at microstock and for me somehow my kind of images work far better there. But on the other hand there are many photographers here that makes lots of revenue. When you will start submit to shutterstock you will notice sales on the same day that they are accepted. It will be small revenues like 0,33 cents up to 56 dollars(could be few per month). But this forum is about Alamy. Choice can be also affected by if you shoot editorial. When you shoot editorial and want to have the same ima
  5. Personally I shoot in RAW and then adjust in PS or LR. As far as saturated, vivid etc I go with what is right for me. If you think that one presentation sells better than another why not submit the same (or different) images in two pseudos and see if there is a difference in sales performance? I have not noticed a difference personally. dov
  6. Hi, I Just had a sale pop-up today and I was wondering if anybody had experienced a similar type sales term for rights managed images (see below). Rights granted include usage in all formats (including electronic format) of Travel Guides, in whole or in part, and right to sublicense such rights to third parties worldwide provided this falls within the agreed print run. Duration 10 editions (provided the content change is less than 25% from the original edition). Re-use. I accept re-use as fairly common now-a-days on rights managed images for book publications, however, i'm concerned ab
  7. Welcome back folks - the restore button is in full working order !!!! Now, what about those sublicensing, group sales and syndication issues......
  8. I have submitted several times to the news feed, with no sign of any sales and no way to see the amount of views. So, I am thinking that regular stock images bring a higher price than news/archival images, so I have begun to submit my editorial images as stock only. Does anyone know how the prices for stock and news compare? Do you think it makes more sense to submit these images as regular stock? Thanks for your thoughts on this topic.
  9. I just got an email from DACS saying that they can't complete my claim until I send them a copy of my Alamy sales report that covers the works used in the publications for which I am claiming. How do you guys send them that? Is this just for this year or everything? Thanks
  10. Yes. A few of my Live News sales have been reported in my account. Pleasantly surprised with prices. Joe
  11. Use your time & effort more wisely. Your editorial photos sell, though for peanuts, on a microstock site, and lesson it seems to teach you is that 10,000 images (of similar quality, content) would make significant revenue. Typically, a contributor's TOP images - ones that get repeat sales - bring in most of overall earnings (especially on microstock), and you will not have much in the way of top, most-successful images if you continue to focus mainly on volume. As I & others have said before: 10 images of very useful subjects that are visually interesting & strongly keywo
  12. I disagree on many points here. I don't have any images from UK and I have very little of US and Europe. I have 20 photos from Poland and I sold 1 of them. I am making sales. My images are from all over the place. I will repeat what everyone said already. It's the quality of your images, your keywords and your content. You have plenty of images that are non-Poland specific so I don't believe that has anything to do with the fact that people are not looking for pictures from Poland. I agree with Philippe. It feels like you go out, snap as many photos as possible, rush back home, do n
  13. Thanks Philippe, I feel guilty that you help so much. I will follow for sure many of you advices otherwise i will have to make 200.000 gray images to get 3 sales per month . I think the best moment for colorful people is waiting till the gay parade ends in for example Amsterdam and stand guard in front of a building until some of them pass . But jokes beside it makes of course much sensewhat you are writing. When i look back you where in many points right that i am to hasty....i will try to look at your adivces and take them in practice. Whatever it is here on Alamy or other agenci
  14. Last year was the first year I claimed and I was on the minimum level for both books and magazines, and wasn't asked to submit an Alamy sales report, although I was able to provide one ISBN number. This year I have moved into the next category up for both books and mags, and was asked for the report. Maybe it is just linked to how many you are claiming for?
  15. Yes this is true.... the examples of your images look really inviting. I like them a lot and was directly curious to know more about this place. So i get the message. It is just that i also like to shoot some events like a recently Tasting Food event in Poznan. This is very difficult to sell here i guess. I have some of that images on Dreamstime for example and it sells. Off course for peanuts like 2 dollars in average for editorial. But if i would have 10.000 images of that kind online i could make some significan revenue. But Dreamstime has like 6,5 million costumers so it is very big c
  16. Thanks you all again for honoust sensefull replies. I am looking at my images and it is true they could need some improvements to say it softly.....this i can change. But i still think that the main reason is that there is a lacks of need of Polish subjects comparing to UK or US. 2 reasons: 1. When i put on the search field : Polish food market or Polish people or Poznan old square for example my images appear on the first page. So potential clients could see them 2. When i check on alamy measures on All Alamy for Polish search terms then i dont see many results in one year. I
  17. Mirco, it has taken me six years to upload fewer images than you have in three months. Don't stop now, you could very well be the next Jeff Greenberg! (sorry, Jeff, just kidding). P.S. If I were you, I think that I would take a well-deserved rest from shooting during the next couple of months and work on your captions and keywords, making them more detailed and specific as others have suggested. That might greatly improve your chances of making more sales. Quantity isn't everything IMO. Dobre szczęście.
  18. Hi Pearl I also got the email even though I have claimed before ?? sent them an email of sales report and they said that was OK they have never asked before why now? other agencies give even less info than Alamy so how do they get on with that info. I think you need a form to tell you how to fill out the DACS form. Regards Jon
  19. Would it be dreadful for us to be notified ( after the event) of where sales appeared - must be a reason but I'm a simple Norfolk lad ..... ?
  20. I showed 147 Alamy image sales to my local camera club, in sequence. I think they must have been wondering what on earth these pictures were ever taken for - this was not 'photography' by their definition. More like being a stamp collector trying to fill a book with every different colour and value. I could only explain to them that every image had a message or made a point, even the couple of shots which just showed 'Fasten Seat Belt' (who on earth would take that picture?). But I didn't have anything like the path outside some offices, because I can't tell you what the story is. I do hav
  21. Hi Mirco If you have uploaded 4,800 in three months this averages 2,400 images on sale for this period. This is early days for the gestation time for editorial images to reach sales status. You do not say how long you have Microstock but I would hazard that it is longer. There are many useful tips given by other contributors so I would just reiterate that having good, precise and relevant keywording takes time but brings its own rewards. I must say that I am impressed by your 224 posts in three months. This may well be a record. dov
  22. I also think this clause should cease. As I understand it this image may now be sub-licensed and I will see no additional licensing fee, if so, thats crazy. The image in question is a regular seller and should / would of continued to earn revenue for years to come, though I now suspect sales will nose-dive for worldwide book publications. I will contact Alamy for additional clarification on this clause, I'd rather sacrifice this sale than agree to a sublicense clause.
  23. tarsierspectral in My Alamy, go to Sales Information then Net Revenue. thanks
  24. tarsierspectral in My Alamy, go to Sales Information then Net Revenue.
  25. Tarsierspectral, I went to Sales Information and accessed Summary of Items Sold and printed it off. I then scanned the pages for 2012 and filed them and then attach the files to email for DACS. This may appear rather long winded but its my way round it. I'm afraid my expertise is not as great as some with PC work!! Jim.
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