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  1. Number of sales: 57 (best month ever) Revenue: second best month ever Sounds like a good month all round! Kumar
  2. Best month for a long time, lets hope its an ongoing trend! Matched last years sales with two months to go, will be nice to see the graph going up again!
  3. September wasn't good, with 2 licenses. October I've had 8. Interestingly, I had a UK newspaper licence that was an Alamy IQ Sale, double the price of the usual typical UK newspaper print sales (not a Live News picture).
  4. I've been with PhotoShelter for seven years but I'm considering moving to LightRocket. Like John MItchell, I've made some good sales but they went south maybe a year ago, just around the time I switched to their new Beam template. I think the Beam templates are geared more towards showcasing portfolios rather than highlighting stock. PhotoShelter does seem particularly good for wedding and event photographers who want to offer prints, at least in the US. Not so sure about other countries.
  5. Not sure if it's the new norm, but I've also had a few low sales (along with some decent ones, thankfully) this month, including a distributor sale that will net me the price of a small cup of coffee.
  6. I guess, when the CNN or UNISEF manager finds your picture, he contact you directly via e-mail (there is such an opportunity under each photo). And you can come to an agreement about the price. But how the process actually works, I do not understand. ) So I uploaded a number of photos but did not publish them. Do not know what to do. Asked the site team, still no answer, asked two photographers, still no answer. It is clear for me, that if you do not have your own clients, you MUST have the premium account $49 first year. In that case your galleries will be published on the front page of the s
  7. I wonder if LightRocket's SEO as good as PhotoShelter's. My PS galleries often come up on the first page of Google searches (not that it helps much sales-wise).
  8. Since I got my Fuji x100 camera (mirrorless) my Alamy sales have just gone up and up. It goes most places with me, whereas a Canon DSLR doesn't !
  9. Very true John, nearly all my Egypt sales have been for textbooks, not so much for travel pubs.
  10. There isn't a great deal of difference between RM and RF on Alamy. RF will often be sold as RM (for a specific usage - in fact that appears to be the default option) and some RM sales look suspiciously like RF. The top price of £220 is very low and very poor for commercial work (£579 at Getty for the collection I am in). In fact RF pricing appplied to agency work on Alamy is significantly higher. It seems to me that that the only reason anyone would have to opt for RF would be so that it could be sold on the micros - probably a sensible option for stock shots of pies, food on a plate et
  11. Christian, there are a few folks that do that - and they are also here. With relation to my original question, I wonder if they are licensing these images as RF so they can also license them via the micros (there are a couple of people who I will not name that disregard the contract that states we must sell RF as RF and RM as RM, but that is a different topic) or if they are licensing them as RF because that's what the customer wants? I think one financial disadvantage to licensing food as RF (or anything for that matter) is the inability to track the image usage which is a disadvantage f
  12. New office but old news for direct sales staff in Aus. 2011...... http://mediamanagersclub.org/alamy-expands-australia-and-middle-east
  13. Good points. There is no predicting whether or not an image might be used as a book cover or how it might be cropped. All my book cover sales have been surprises. I was thinking of pictures taken specifically with "book cover" in mind -- i.e. vertical, lots of room for text, symbolic, etc. Randomly putting "book cover" in keywords would obviously not be a good idea. Michael, you're probably correct. A search for "book cover" does bring up a lot of actual book covers. I didn't realize it was kosher to photograph and resell them as stock, even "classic" ones.
  14. I never ignore the landmarks. What's more, I make a point of getting the iconic view if the light is good, as well as the unusual or personal composition. While I lived in Paris I took lots of pictures of the Eiffel Tower, and they still sell regularly, although not as frequently as when they were new. So my experience is that there is an ongoing requirement for iconic views that are current (or seasonal) as long as the conditions are right (light, sky, background, no scaffolding etc). The images that clutter up my portfolio without sales are those of the landmarks taken in less than ideal
  15. I have had a few foody sales - it's not a subject I cover as much as I should. Mine have been RM studio shots, though mostly at very low prices for web use.
  16. I only started uploading this year and so far have just three sales but one is of an obvious London landmark that has over 60k images if searched for on Alamy. This made me think that so called 'done to death' landmark images are indeed still relevant.
  17. It could be moot because there is often a pretty thin line between RF and RM sales on Alamy. The handful (or mouthful) of food shots that I have in my collection are RM, but then I have very few RF images. However, I've been experimenting a bit more with RF lately for very generic subjects. Have yet to have an RF sale of any kind.
  18. I want to see the answers for this one, Ed. I just don't know. A third of my sales are of food: produce, cooked food closeups, and people at restaurants. When shooting in restaurants I too often don't have enough control, so I too want to do some shooting at home this winter. (I think I said that last fall, too.) Most of mine are RM.
  19. I have noticed the price difference for years. Can you not order from the U.S.? Or are there charges (shipping, import taxes) that negate the savings? And...would warranties work? Just curious, since I remember a time or two when a photographer from the U.K. vacationed here in the U.S. and picked up a top of the line camera or lens. If you buy something in the US while on holiday, you need to throw away the packaging and use the item id you want to get it past customs without stumping up hefty export / import taxes. An example of this is people buying golf clubs in the US, where th
  20. Which is why despite the hundreds and even thousands some peeople continue tto make frequent sales of iconic landmarks - they have found something a bit different that shines out amongst all the essentially thoughtless "me too" stuff (of which I know I have plenty but am working to address it with my new stuff)
  21. Very good! My nephew has the 5S and it was trashed by the update. He then ..ah-hem .. "Accidentally" got it wet and told his wife to order him a 6. I guess iOS 8 was bad. So Apple released 8.1, hoping it would be a fix, but it is buggy, too. My sister just got the iPhone 6 and she said the update is fine. But went on to say the app where you can charge sales through the phone didn't work. That's one of the things I read that is buggy, among others. Apparently, it messes with the iPad the worst.
  22. I first noticed this relatively new idea of using temporary store fronts, where they rent a space for selling or just promoting a produce, when a store here on Mulberry Street showed the singer Joni Mitchell's painting for a month. Goggle tells me they have these places in Canada, Australia and the UK. I'm just wondering if any of you have had stock sales on these temp subjects? Thank you
  23. I've photographed a few including a "pop-up cinema" - no sales [but I haven't had all that many anyway...] I still think they are an interesting subject so will continue
  24. I agree that dropping the Nokia brand could be a major own goal by Microsoft. Mergers or sales of mobile device companies don't seem to work: Ericsson and Motorola spring to mind both had popular, and at the time innovative and trendy, products but their purchasers have not been making much real impact on the market.It seems to be more about taking a competitor out of the market rather than merging (visible) strengths.
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