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  1. Is it me or can everyone else access their sales data? I am getting a "500 Internal Server Error". Maybe by the morning it will be up and running again.
  2. Studio is certainly more productive for me than 'travel' (ie - going out the front door). It's cheaper - apart from buying things to photograph - and sales per image / views per image / zooms per image are much higher. When photography was just a hobby I used to travel as a tax dodge - the standard of hotels I stayed in depending on how much I had to 'invest' to avoid a tax bill.
  3. In the U.S., it appears that the majority of images associated with news sites are attributed to Shutterstock or iStock (aside from AP and Reuters). What specifically is Alamy doing to market and increase sales in the United States?
  4. Hello, May I suggest the possibility of having this great option called "My Alamy Homepage" (contributor's own website) published on the net in other languages, not only in English. For example, my case. I live in Spain. If I publish "My Alamy Homepage" in English, the possible buyer will be soon discouraged from buying as he goes through the purchase process, especially in the "Image Use" dropdown menu option. Not very many Spanish speaking people understand or read English at this level. Having "My Alamy Homepage" in Spanish would surely help to boost sales. I know that translating a w
  5. Ed Rooney: "I did drop out of the Novel Scheme when they sold one image (large on a prestigious site) for $1.00 " That's interesting. I have always rationalised my use of the NU scheme with the assertion by Alamy that the sales were to markets that would not undermine their other business. I would be very interested to hear where this NU image was used!
  6. Two minutes research Ed and we find that the most searched subjects for NYC during the last year were: - Skyline Taxis Subway bus I guess that you need to compare the searches with the number of views or available shots to optimise your quest. Coming from the gloom of the NE of the UK I have zero sympathy with shooters based in NYC Was there only a couple of days. On one it rained. Uploaded 25 shots and licensed 2 to date. Wish the rest of my collection would perform anything like as well! My two best sales in the past year are taxi related. Let's see, I have some S
  7. In summary: It costs £75 for a limited period. You must me a member of a professional body (or ARPS minimum). Hold a least £2,000,000 public liability insurance. You can market the images yourself but not via any other agency other than NT. You must send edited and keyworded images direct to NT. You will get 50% commission of certain sales. You must be a paid up member of NT before applying. You must make a prior appointment with the property for each shoot. It's just an agency run by the NT that charges you a fee to use photographs of subjects that arguably we already own. If you
  8. Photographer Richard Levine http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/shortcuts/2013/sep/16/tomato-ketchup-heinz-sales-falling
  9. The agency giving me like 6 cents a shot is (was) not a microstock agency. It is a well known agency i will leave unnamed. Their explanation as to what the sales are for has been sketchy to say the least. Like very short use maybe 30 seconds by Microsoft????
  10. I'd like to ask James why Alamy has lost the Huffington Post contract, which produced a great deal of editorial volume sales over the last year but which are now obviously absent from sales reports.
  11. Perhaps the poll question and options are not phrased as tightly as they could be but the idea still comes across. Maybe it would have been better to ask: "Do you think it is better to sell an image regardless of the amount obtained? Yes anything is better than nothing. No all my images are worth at least (pick a number say $20) and I don't want to sell for less than that. It depends on the image. I voted option 3. It's surprising to me how few people have voted for the third option as the difficulty in creating an image should surely be a factor here which is presumably what is meant
  12. Gross was what I had in mind. Although $50 still leaves only $15-$25 for the photographer (thru Alamy or a distributor). As someone else mentioned, the real problems arise when really low prices are coupled with low volume. Making ten $25 sales on the same day is a lot easier to swallow than having only one $25 license per month.
  13. The reality of the web has pros and cons, always depending on where you are standing. From my ebay days when I used to take 2 full mailbags a day to the post offce, to where I know do about a 1 bag a week (from webstie sales) to adjusting (we must always adjust, these days more often than in the past). When an even playing field is created for all, it increases some people's benefits and decreases others. Think how thrilled some people are that before they could never make extra money, but are now making some from their photos. Expense limited most people from even thinking of trying to
  14. He's back. It's the second installment of our "Ask James" feature, where you get the chance to ask the big boss at Alamy anything you like. If your question hasn't been asked before and isn't about the meaning of life then chances are it will get answered. James West will be answering your questions via a video recording direct from Alamy HQ. We'll be recording it week commencing 23rd September which means you've got 7 days to get your questions over to us. Be sure to check the previous installment to make sure your question hasn't already been asked and then fire away in this thread bel
  15. I'm fairly new to the stock photography market. I'm pushing retirement age and decided to get back into photography after an absence of about 20 years. Had my own darkroom, developed my own film etc. Never sold anything, it was a hobby and I did the odd commercial shoot for some company parties, and that was about it. My son started college last year and is a film student. He had to buy a decent camera so he got himself a Canon t4i. I was very jealous. I had only bothered with the digital point and shoots for family stuff as money had been tight and couldn't justify the expense. Well t
  16. Alamy has to swim in the same ocean as all the other agencies, and my philosophy in the past had been to give them their head as middlemen in their part of the stock business. But earlier this year I did drop out of the Novel Scheme when they sold one image (large on a prestigious site) for $1.00 gross and another for .83 cents gross. With those ludicrous "sales" they caused me to op out of schemes. I had a good sale over the weekend, so that does still happen. I don't plan to leave Alamy; I'll go down with the ship. But lower and lower prices do not motivate me to shoot. My time would be
  17. Skin, as always intact Duncan - no offense taken ...... Neither of the two pricing models that you mention gives me any inspiration whatever - and neither is an indication of a possible longterm career in this game. At my age one does look back to the years when my annual income always topped six figures (and in today's exchange you can double that) - and worry that I now get excited at a hundred dollar Alamy sale. With your costs for equipment and travel you have to turn over a vast number of sales to break even - looking backwards again - I really don't envy you. Onwards and upwards !
  18. I checked Yes. My personal philosophy is, when it gets to the point where it is not worth the effort for me, then I will depart Alamy. Just that simple, right now it is still worth the effort. I would rather not have photos sold for peanuts but I am still seeing decent value sales too, so I will take the bad with the good...for now.
  19. With respect Duncan my head is still above ground level - albeit sometimes only just ! I would however implore you to have a look at what your micros have to offer - you may not supply them with your excellent mountain landscapes (and I did just have a look) but thousands of others will and are in fact already doing so. This surely damages your potential sales. Mr Managing Editor ain't going to allow his picture researchers to buy a reasonably priced shot of Mt Blanc when there are hundreds available in a micro library for a micro price - and believe me - that is the way it works - the res
  20. "The best response to the state of the stock market is to look at it straight, without all those negative feelings, and to start from there." That's really the only way to do it. Complaining about prices isn't going to change them. And unless you are huge major player in the market with thousands of unique images in your portfolio, pulling out of a market will have no effect, even if anyone notices. If enough people (i.e. a very large percentage of contributors) put the same restrictions on their images, it might have an effect, but most likely the effect would be Alamy losing customers.
  21. It's a big cake. There are more pictures published, year by year. But there are vast numbers of people wanting their slice. So a lot of them just get crumbs. If our only response is to restrict the sales of our pix, then we might as well give up. I take the rough with the smooth. It could be worse. Trying talking to ostlers, coal-miners, typesetters, etc...
  22. I refer you to the conversation with the Managing Editor of the biggest UK newspaper group when in a 'dealing/negotiating' mode with picture libraries/agencies - he said at the time that the suppliers were so willing to cut each other's throats that he would soon be getting his pictures for a penny a time..... Spoke to his successor recently and he assured me that things were still well on track - why pay a negotiated fee when the image is there for the taking in the micro agencies - they might not be the absolute best, but when reproduced at 150dpi (or 72 for online) what did it matter -
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