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  1. Has anyone yet tracked down one of these new-fangled iQ sales in print or online? Though I do wonder why a magazine needs a 2-year licence. Country: United Kingdom Usage: iQ sale: Magazine, Editorial print and digital use. Up to DPS, inside.One time use only Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Start: 18 June 2013 End: 18 June 2015
  2. In my opinion Paulette I think you've got it spot on. I actually quite like the higher than average payment threshold (as highlighted by Jools) - for contributors who sell lots they most likely pass this threshold most months anyway so it becomes irrelevant, but for occasional sellers like myself it doesn't really matter if I get $50 every 6 months or $175 every 18 months - in fact I prefer the latter as it's a nicer reward which I don't just fritter away. But I do agree that the option should be available to withdraw funds if no new sales have occured in a particular timeframe, say 12 mo
  3. Indeed, having a 150€ treshold or whatever isn't a big deal if the average sale brings you 150€, but with 5€ a deal... that hurts... and if you then even have several months between two sales... Well, then you're giving big presents to Alamy... Or no, no big presents, but many many small ones!
  4. OK I was wrong about the editions. There are international editions. I thought they just translated and localized the US content, but there actually is Italian; French and Japanese content. Written by local newspapers, who are the partners of HP: like Asahi Shimbun, Le Monde, L'espresso. How do you search for date reverse on the HP-US site? On the UK site, you can, (well not date reverse, but last 24h; last week etc.) and there are precious little Alamy results: 57 in 12 months n the French site: 5 x Alamy in all. Italian: 1x Japan: 0 (but it has been in operation for only 5 weeks yet)
  5. I noticed a bit of a drought during May but then I had four HuffPo sales reported about two days ago.
  6. There appears to be a scrabble going on for HP in which HP will be the winner - one lot offers lower, one offers almost unlimited use over a ten year period for the single fee - as usual without a cartel in the agency/library camp this madness has no end. I'm sure that the enthusiasm over the quantity of sales made with HP over the last few months on this forum will not have gone un-noticed by one of our 'Guests' (with a big 'G') ! A little commercial confidentiality might be advisable perhaps......
  7. There has been some speculation about that in a couple of other threads. However there have been some reports about sales this month. I had four, three of which were of definite US subject matter. Three or four has been my average for HP over time. There has been some speculation also that there are different editions of HP: UK and US, and that the current sales are for the UK version. However some have reported the fee for the UK version was $2 lower than the US version, and as far as I can see, the fees reported this month were the higher fees. While there have been different fees over time,
  8. I used to have a lot of sales with the Huffington Post (U.S), but have noticed in the last couple of weeks that they're hardly using any Alamy images at all. Did we lose that account? Just curious if anyone knows anything. Thanks!
  9. Ed, from my experience on using the alamy measures functionality, as well from another agency that relates keywords to sales, I think that almost all buyers use two or three keywords max, and in the simplest form possible. I don't know why this happens, but maybe poor keywording from the vast majority of contributors (using English as second language many time poorly, spam, etc.) led buyers not to overcomplicate the search terms with the danger of missing good images. For example, some photographers may only use the saint word, others only the st and others both. In this case I bet buyers
  10. Would the person who rated my previous comment with a negative note, care to comment what was so bad about it? What did you disagree with it? Or have I said a lie, was rude to anyone? Anything?... I'd really like to know as I provided a possible answer to the original poster, among possible others, on why his photos haven't sold, with solid facts. The competition is just too strong in numbers and price to have a sale guaranteed on this subject. Or is it just a personal vengeance for mentioning a reality some people don't like to be reminded of? That there thousands of cheaper or even f
  11. Its not a news pictures, so it'll be a regular stock sales to a newspaper somewhere between $30 and $80 I suspect, what I'm more interested in, is, if the article gets legitimately "reused" elsewhere, will I receive an additional payment?
  12. I've had images direct from the News-eed used in the sun. Appropriate news feed sales (3 figures) - sale as other news feed sales..
  13. None of those things are a problem. I'm wondering if anyone has sales of St. Peter's?
  14. Most of my Alamy HuffPo sales have been Vancouver images, so I guess they are still buying (?) images for the Canadian edition.
  15. That has to rank with my most unlikely stock sales of all time...since The Telegraph are the main sponsor of the Hay Festival and i was stood next to their own photographer covering this talk..... km
  16. As another Getty contributor I can also atest to this. Since the beginning of the year I have been working hard on getting stuff into the RM side of Getty and been suceeding. I've seen consistent sales every month from what I do. Hoping that this month is similar or better to the last ones. I was starting to get sales here on Alamy but that has dipped. Am I worried? Nope as I am taking on one of the things Jeff Greenberg said a while ago..."get out there and shoot something new as much as you" or words to that effect.
  17. Congratulations, A rare event nowadays as I understand it. Care to share what type of sales they were? Not asking for the images mind you, just interested in the type of use that attracts four figure sales. And I totally understand if you wish to keep even that information to yourself. We can but live in hope. Ken Ken Thanks. Outdoor Display – Billboard/Transit Ad Full Area UK
  18. Congratulations, A rare event nowadays as I understand it. Care to share what type of sales they were? Not asking for the images mind you, just interested in the type of use that attracts four figure sales. And I totally understand if you wish to keep even that information to yourself. We can but live in hope. Ken
  19. Experiencing a 'downturn' not only in June but since the introduction of the three buttons. However, today two 4-figure $ sales were reported. Record breaking $ sales for me.
  20. Just a few more thoughts about Symbiostock and Alamy RM:- 1) Leo Blanchette, whose brainchild this is, is offering to set up a site for you:- http://www.microstockgroup.com/symbiostock-technical-support/symbiostock-site-setup-services-get-up-and-running-fast/msg323259/ 2) By setting up a Symbiostock site, you could bring lots of new buyers into Alamy. We have actually set up two Symbiostock sites, one linked and one not. The linked site is placing much higher in Google than the unlinked site, so it seems that linking is a good idea. 3) At present, it seems that Sym is ranking h
  21. Worst month for years for me, just 3 sold so far. I have had a few shots zoomed by their Alamy Ref so hopefully they may turn into sales. No Huffingtons either, usually I get 4-5 of them. Col
  22. Does anyone notice patterns throughout the month? NU sales usually appear around the second week; I notice sales to Japan tend to be at the end of the month. Any others you've noticed?
  23. Me, too. But I've had three reasonably good sales - one 3-figure sale.
  24. As always, when people say how good a month is, I'm having a bad time and when they complain about lack of sales, I seem to have a good month. First half of June is pretty good with a few 40-60s and three 3-figure sales. Can we have more threads complaining about bad sales please?
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