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  1. I think being in the Top 500 (for the second time) boosts sales, zooms, morale. Thanks Alamy! Kathy deWitt/Alamy: http://tinyurl.com/n9djvmr
  2. 1 sale grossing $49, 7 zooms at a CTR of 0.35%. Could be worse (and has been). but would like it to be better.
  3. March came in at my new average. 16 sales for $992 gross. Highest $180 and lowest $13.53 for an average sale price of $62. I do miss the days when the average sale price was north of $100.
  4. I find it worthwhile. But then I take photographs and add textures, painting effects and such to my work. I made more on FFA last year than I did on Alamy. I think for it to work best, one needs to be artistic. I used to paint in watercolor, so the artistic bent is there. Most of my sales have been of these "artistically rendered" images. I have made a few sales of straight photographs, but very few. This, a straight photograph, has sold repeatedly. http://fineartamerica.com/featured/spring-is-coming-betty-larue.html It was also featured in Darrell Young's book, "Mastering the D70
  5. Ed, and CandyAppleRed, Thanks for the comments. As I do not, as yet, have any web presence (no Website, no Blog, no Flickr, no Facebook, no Twitter) it seemed like a possible way to get a website/blog and maybe add another revenue stream from my images. Certainly I understand they would need to be pictures that people would want to hang on a wall. After 8 years with Alamy my pictures are more likely to be hung in a newspaper or magazine, but I can probably muster 30 or 40 that might do. If that worked out, I could always try to shoot something appropriate. That would be a
  6. Peter, I'm under the impression that people who do pretty landscapes and pretty animals can do well on FAA. The main target is regular folks who want to put something on a hallway wall. I've made some sales there, but my stuff is not what most people would hang on a wall, even my best stuff. http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/ed-rooney.html Also, they have a very odd ritual that goes on there where contributors compliment your images and you in turn must compliment theirs. Too strange for me. Good luck if you do submit. Artflakes in Berlin is another similar operation.
  7. I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find an additional sale (after checking before going to bed last night). That makes 3 images licensed for the month at $130 gross. That's not the best in value, but last year at this time I was about 3 months into a no sales drought that continued to last through most of the summer here at Alamy. That makes me pleased given the alternative.
  8. 19 sales this month. Some images had been on Alamy for 10 years and not sold or been zoomed so very surprised at these. Must be due to the top 500! Kathy Kathy deWitt/Alamy: http://tinyurl.com/n9djvmr
  9. Poor for me. Low sales - 15 instead of an average of 20 - and prices down - total of $720 instead of $1200 - for the second month in a row. How are other big volume sellers - Keith, Jeff - finding average prices? Are they holding steady for you? I hope so and I am just having a couple of low months. Col
  10. Poor few months for me... (sales wise - ct.'s up, rankings up - well I'm guessing rankings up but I don't play the BHZ age but both views and ctr is up... just fewer sales!!! ) Got the last 500 email... not got this one.... ho hum....
  11. Not bad at $699 total, 7 sales, several more over the last month or two not yet reported including the usual newspaper uses which don't turn up for a quarter.
  12. 21 sales total with the highest sale grossing $450. Best month since September 2011! I'm off to the Ferrari showroom.................. (I wish!)
  13. I too have sold nothing through them, but it is free hosting, and given that I only made two small sales on Clikpic in four years, at least I am not shelling out for nothing. It does not have the look and flexibility of Clikpic, but then again it is not £55 per year! There is a bit of a Flickr culture of adding to groups, liking and commenting, which I do not go in for. It is no real effort to set it all up, but I cannot see me adding much to it in the future.
  14. Personally I have not sold anything through FAA. If no sales by time of renewal I may finish with them. Allan
  15. I am running out of excuses not to buy an X-T1 Mind you my March sales don't help the justification (along with oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb... ) I am kind of hoping once it is a stock item there will be some sort of deals on offer.
  16. Not so great. Four mediocre to low-priced sales - including newspaper pool and distributor sales. You cannot live on zooms..
  17. 3 sales $205. Still an under-performer... could do better. The rest of the class had a good month.
  18. Finally a good sale, after 3 months!! By magic, my CTR was way up since the beginning of March. More zooms but only one sale...let's hope is not only a mirage... Is the CTR still important on Alamy?
  19. 2 sales, 4 zooms and blah blah. So far had a sale a couple of sales per month in 2014. Average sale price is $31 over the 11 I've had in my short time here.
  20. Only a couple of sales, but a decent gross of over $350. Zooms at the end of Q1 are double last year, so something is going in the right direction.
  21. POO r 5 sales for $279. Bryan "Disappointed at a $25 fee for a printed image used in two editions of a national paper" I had the same disappointment as Bryan Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Newspaper - national Print run: up to 750,000 Placement: Inside and online Image Size: 1/4 page Start: 01 January 2014 End: 02 January 2014 Regards Craig
  22. In short, lousy. No sales and very low zooms. Longer: following the re-rank, I saw my rank clearly increase. Despite my scepticism surrounding BHZ, I went up 8 pages in the game (page 16 to 8), and this coincided with an increase in my page views and seemingly higher placings on pages. Even so, while my views went up (the majority relevant), the zooms dropped markedly and the sales...stopped. I couldn't believe this morning- thought there must be an error in Alamy Measures at first and very nearly started a thread about it - not one view for yesterday! Seriously beginning to wonde
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