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  1. Interesting. A few up, a few the same, one or two down, but definitely more mixed-up than the used to be, and probably, because I don't follow them, quite a few more first- and second-pagers than there used to be. No discernible effect on sales yet but the odd possible extra zoom.
  2. So Wim, are you saying that people who used to sell well are now likely to do badly and vice versa? That certainly seems to be my experience. Pearl Not per se, but it is clear that in some searches my better selling pseudo comes in behind the lesser selling pseudo, with the same keywords. Or even behind a pseudo that has not been selling at all for a long time. So there are some factors in the current algorithm that work against my previously best ranked pseudo. Which is still higher ranked on the BHZ scale. (If you listen close enough you will be able to hear someone in Oxfords
  3. My head hurts. I had no idea what a bellwether (I looked it up) was or indeed that I needed one. Now that I know I should have one I've no idea what good it gonna do to have it. Here's me thinking that all I needed to do was submit nice relevant images and Alamy would take care of the rest. No! Now it seems there's a secret algorithm change which results in me seeing less sales which in my book is OK if someone else is making the sale. But are they? If images are being sourced from the depths to sit at the top will that satisfy the needs of buyers? I dunno, it's becoming double double dutch (
  4. I have had 4 Stockimo sales so far, from 250 images. Most were added within the first 3-4 months of the Stockimo game so they have been online for a bit... Overall RPI is more or less on par with the rest of my Alamy collection... Average NET is only around $15.00 though, which is less than half of my avg NET from the general collection. -Jason
  5. Well done Betty! I've had a repeat sale too this month from my most popular image, it's good to get some regular sales that you can rely on. John.
  6. Without going back through the years and checking, I believe I'm having my best month ever as far as number of sales. Two more dropped in today and I have two more coming tomorrow. What's neat is one image has sold 3 times this month. At first I thought there would be refunds, but no, each sale is different than the others. $100 each. I'll take it.
  7. Similar to Kumar - 210 images and no sales. However, I suspect it's like any kind of stock photography in that you have to be in it for the long game.
  8. Recent or older sales being refunded (if you don't mind my asking)?
  9. One of the problems that materialises with curation is the idea that someone knows exactly what the customer is looking for. It could be that the perfect image for the customer is thrown out with the bath water, so to speak. Then you have to factor in keeping the stock up-to-date and relevant which in itself is a massive not to mention costly task in terms of staff needed. Do you really want to see your % cut further? Leave it as it is in my humble opinion. Sorry but I disagree. All you have to do is a search on a particular subject and you are bombarded with 1000s of images. Do buyers w
  10. Slow here too, but had a nice one pop up this morning. I have found that the first week of the month has been quiet for a while now - still ten days left for all those American textbook sales to come flooding in.
  11. Unusual sales in term of pictures and uses. I sold a picture a while back of stock cars/banger racing, which was used to illustrate fertility/sperm crashing into each other!
  12. Just passed more than half of last year's total revenue on fewer than a third of last year's total sales - not sure what conclusions to draw from that
  13. Similar here, April BME, May i've had 4 sales one of which was for £1174!! Over the last 7 years i've been with Alamy May has been the worst month for me so I wasn't expecting great things. John.
  14. You're up early Paul!!! Hows's Salisbury? surprisingly, I've had 3 sales this month at Alamy. Can't believe it And just had a statement from elsewhere showing a very nice sale of just under $2K gross
  15. 1) Leading togs (by sales) you represent in each genre - i.e. your top 5 wildlife togs, top 5 food togs, etc, etc 2) New trends 3) what Lisa said above 4) Strange customer requirements you have been able to satisfy from the collection 5) a breakdown of the collection into specific areas (i.e. wildlife, food, lifestyle natural, garden, etc, etc) showing were you are strongly inventoried and were you would like to boost inventory
  16. Mediocre month so far, could be worse, but need to make some more sales in the last 10 days to get an average return.. I wonder if the UK election coverage has had anything to do with it ? Good to hear that high value deals (JMo) are still to be done, it's living in hope that keeps me going.......
  17. 10 best sales of the previous month with some background information / history how they came about perhaps?
  18. Better than 0, barely. Two sales so far this month. One is a nice panorama I spent hours worked on, licensed to Russian Federation for a paltry $14.51. On the other hand, they are at least PAYING for something. They could just send in "volunteer" paratroopers and take it... Like anything I can do to stop them
  19. I'm curious if anyone knows how Stockimo sales are going? I haven't seen anything about it in a while. I had one sale early on (out of 343 images I've uploaded so far), but nothing since.
  20. It's all here: http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/3043-post-your-stockimo-sales-here/?p=48200
  21. Im uploading as I think it will do better in a few years. I think the demand will increase for these kinds of pictures. I have 370 images online and a grand total of zero sales
  22. I've had 13 searches by the Alamy reference since the beginning of the year. Some have been previously zoomed, most haven't - though a couple have been zoomed subsequently. 6 have turned into sales (some not reported yet) so far - and I'm hoping for more based on the activity round a further couple of images. So about a 50% chance of a sale from my (limited) figures. Like Ann I assume they are coming from lightboxes or picture researchers.
  23. Good on you Betty, I too have been adding a few images but no sales to speak of this month so far. The inconsistency drives me bananas. lol I'll quit boring you now and try to wipe the grimace off my face.
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