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  1. Omg, what is wrong with earnings this year? I see huge differences in prices. Last year I had pretty nice sales (net) for 50, 100, 200$, ... One by one, almost no distributor com. This year I get sales for few $: 4, 6, 8, 10 max... What's wrong with Alamy? I sell RF and RM and the prices are the same. This is really discouraging Is it microstock now? Or is it just my bad luck, bad year?
  2. I think I had about 500 or 600 images online before I saw my first Alamy sale. Right now I have 55 Stockimo images online. Sales may come eventually but I don't expect it to happen anytime soon. So far I've seen two Stockimo photos online. One of which I believe was credited to Alamy.
  3. It appears that there is a strong link to the search terms used. Under some searches some of my images appear under creative, but using different search terms they do not - indeed there might be no creative images in that instance. If I look at my total Alamy collection none appear as creative, but some do appear as creative under certain search conditions. Searching for images that are used in the papers, it rarely helps to press the Creative tab. You may be right about "who" rather than "what" Pearl, but I think that number of sales ( rather than total $) is a factor. It's a
  4. Not a stock photograph but one of my early B&W landscapes has sold - in original selenium toned gelatin print form - over 50 times through various galleries worldwide over the years. Difficult to total the sales in £££'s as the price has increased considerably over the years but I have all the documentation and buyers information filed. In the 80's they were selling through a gallery for £350 or so, now, they are very considerably more.
  5. I am still trying to figure out why some of my images are in creative whilst others are not. Last year I licensed an image of a cup of tea for over £1000 net but it is not considered good enough for creative. Hundreds of other cups of tea are in there (not mine) and I just wonder what it takes to get included. Those images of mine that are in Creative tend to be older ones that have some sort of history but not necessarily sales history. It makes it difficult to get motivated to produce new creative images when you know there is little chance of selection. Sadly I suspect "who you are" is
  6. I had six IQ sales last month (one I notice has just been refunded for reasons unknown). The low fees are disconcerting to say the least given the usage rights granted. However, I'm not sure I would want to opt out of any sales opportunities in this super competitive market. On the plus side, one of the IQ sales was for $100, which means it passed my personal PQC (Price Quality Control).
  7. In the meantime the image in question has finally disappeared from Alamy. Before that I had already contacted Alamy's support, whether these facts are related or not. On the microstock market there is no RM, I believe. If something does not fit RF - it usually can be offered as "Editorial". Prices for buyers and author's revenues are the same, but obviously, possibilities of usage of an editorial image by the buyer are quite limited by its nature. Sales of editorial cityscapes on the microstock market are quite rare: if buyers there want cityscapes at all - they want RF cityscapes. In
  8. Found one of mine..... Scottish Herald - http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/home-news/hundreds-of-walkers-complain-as-estate-restricts-access-to-munros.24114302 Sale reported today and I found it with Google images - credited to me but not Alamy, but I assume it's the sale. Not bad - published yesterday, sale reported today, and a reasonable fee - $65.87. Why can't all newspaper sales be like that?
  9. Sales don't show up until the client actually pays. To display a photo: Navigate to the image then right click on it and select 'Copy Image Address'. Now inside a post, look at the top for a colored square box icon. This is the 'Image Properties' that pops up and you can paste the url there. Click okay, and it should appear. Some people are just literally dragging the image into the post. If you need more help just send me a private message. I hope a dove didn't drop anything on you while you were taking this photo! Hi Lisa, Thanks for explaining! I had the same t
  10. Shouldn't we be given the choice to opt out of these type of peanuts fee sales? As I try to market images directly to clients, I can only see these sales damaging my chances of making a decent fee in the long run. How long before we're paying them to publish our images. Country: United Kingdom Usage: iQ sale: Magazine, Editorial print and digital use. cover and inside.Repeat use within a single issue. Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Start: 30 April 2014 End: 30 April 2019 $34.19
  11. Doesn't this create another problem, relating to the etiquette of not making the same image available as RF and RM at the same time ? Yes, it would indeed if you left them both on sale. What I meant was, do not waste time altering it, just offer it as an un-released RM. I am not sure about the benefits of offering RF rather than RM, as I decided very early on to make all of mine RM. I do know that I have had a good number of repeat sales which I would never have seen if they were RF. Unless of course the cutomers were sufficiently disorganised to repeat a purchase having
  12. Sales don't show up until the client actually pays. To display a photo: Navigate to the image then right click on it and select 'Copy Image Address'. Now inside a post, look at the top for a colored square box icon. This is the 'Image Properties' that pops up and you can paste the url there. Click okay, and it should appear. Some people are just literally dragging the image into the post. If you need more help just send me a private message. I hope a dove didn't drop anything on you while you were taking this photo!
  13. This is the 'what's your highest Stockimo score' conversation. I report the Stockimo sales in the 'Have you found any Alamy photographs' thread.
  14. I think Fuji does a great job and I think they are *almost* to the point where I feel I could get rid of my DSLR gear. I'm hoping for faster long zooms and a quick recycling flash able to do long range like the Canon 600RT or Nikon SB810 I'd love to have just ONE camera system in one format.For me life is so much easier when I don't have to think about or babysit 3 different camera bags. That was a good article;thanks for the link. I am probably going to hold off any new purchases until next year. L
  15. $115,700 for more than 60 uses.This includes collection fees for infringers. I usually don't do my sales by images but for the event.But the above is for one photo. L
  16. I agree. I've never been in favour of it. I have never been one of those people who expects the whole world to speak English, but in this case sticking to the English language would, I think, loose fewer sales than the mayhem caused by machine mistranslation. I also include foreign place names in keywords - Venezia, Praha, Milano - and I know they have been used in searches. I think it's impractical to do it for all potential search terms. People who contributed to the short-lived Photoshelter library will remember the time-consuming and arduous process of keywording which included, for e
  17. The 55 uses mentioned by John at the start of the thread are the paid for sales, I also have all the illegal infringements which I am about to start chasing up. A google search on the image produces 15 pages of usage. Lynne
  18. Five sales, three via Alamy, one via Getty and one from an infringer. The infringer accounts for half the total revenue!
  19. if a nice slice of my collection sold four times each, I would be more than happy! But in reality, it's a pretty limited number with half a dozen or so repeat sales. I suspect it's often a case of a client getting in the habit of using a particular image. My other half used to work for a big publisher who would send her off on the hunt for a new photograph of a familiar subject only to be told after a considerable effort, "get that one we used for project X in again" If it worked once, it'll work again. Did the buying public notice? You would have thought so, but who knows?
  20. I have 78 images on Stockimo, started submitting in March and haven't had any sale yet. My highest rated image is 4: Followed by 3.7: All other images have lower ratings, including a lot of 2.3 For those of you who have had sales: are sales reported as soon as customer downloads the file or later when customer pays Alamy? Edited: Can't embbed the images ... Edited 2: Now I can, thanks Lisa!
  21. Maybe your re-keywording efforts of a little while back paying dividends? One can hope, the sales were all of several year old images. That said I did not do very much keyword revision but I did restructure my pseudonyms as well. I am also taking a more diligent approach and uploading more often. Let's see what May brings... Started well, I already have a sale! Long may it continue.
  22. 16 sales of Volcano Osorno, Chile - all on Alamy and all for travel brochures. I'd show you a pic but can't get the widget to work!
  23. We've deleted the thread titled "Alamy hiding sales?" Alamy, of course, do not hide sales in any way whatsoever. If any contributors have any concerns about image usages not yet showing in their sales report then they should contact MS directly and we will investigate it directly. We will also communicate with you on a one to one basis, never posting details publicly as this could potentially have larger implications on the business as some of these cases have legal implications. The thread contained a number of completely incorrect accusations that Alamy's business practice was
  24. recent couple of sales took one of my rather ageing pix to a total of 12. It seems to work for some people but it's nothing jaw-dropping. But 55 for one image is pretty spectacular! Must have really nailed the subject.
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