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  1. Do I understand you correctly that you have only given it a month and you expect sales already? Even if any of your images have been used so soon it is unlikely that the sale would have been reported yet. You need more images and more patience. Sorry if I have misunderstood. Pearl
  2. "I've just started with Alamy and am wondering about the number of pics one should put up and the possible revenue stream for long time Alamy contributors." I don't think that questions like these are answerable any longer. When I started submitting to Alamy in 2007, I literally began making sales immediately. That was because I was lucky to have a lot of images that buyers were looking for. I got really busy scanning and uploading and started making a regular income at about 1000 images. However, the Alamy collection is now so large that if I were beginning today, I'm sure things would be
  3. Just had one from August clear this morning. They're account sales. They use images straight away and report later.
  4. I've got one sale from June 2012 and another from January 2013, both around $40 unpaid, and another of $6.33 waiting to be cleared for about 5 months. What I cannot understand is why sales with values equal or close to micro aren't immediately cleared. How can a company justify being unable to pay for $6 immediately? Or even 40$?
  5. $5/image/year? Those days are long gone. 200 images might get you 2 sales a year Put at least one zero on your number of images. Who on earth can put thousands up? I can, I keep at it. it's taken a few years.
  6. Griffin cottage http://www.griffincottage.com/#!location/c1ygo email address belongs to Mark Brandon. Make sure you can justify that fee on the basis of previous sales, your own licences or the various price calculators. Getty's is useful as the don't have the really low web rates that Alamy does. Capitalbay you may not be able to get at.
  7. David, I agree. I have had a lot of time for Alamy in my 13 years here and have been an advocate for it. However my modest sales have slumped just as I was ramping things up and working full time at my relaunched photography business. The return on effort is no longer viable, and even worse I am no longer enjoying Alamy oriented photography I, too, believe that the crowd sourced model is fatally flawed, certainly for professional photographers and ultimately I don't think it is sustainable for the libraries. I suspect they will go the way clip-art sellers went. As I am making a new
  8. I had the same email it also instructed me to boost my sales by uploading more images, I would but at the moment they have put me on the naughty boy step!!!
  9. I've always enjoyed making "abstract" images, but I'm not really sure what constitutes an abstract. For instance, how does "abstract" differ from "design"? Or is there really any difference most of the time? What exactly makes an image "abstract"? Looking at Alamy's featured abstract images, there is amazing variety (and number). I wonder how well these types of images do sales-wise.
  10. Couldn't agree more. The only statistic worth having is the number and value of sales.
  11. AoA is your friend: 21 pages of searches @100 for %abstract% for the rolling year. Only a small amount of sales are reported, so it's a subject you should not overlook. wim
  12. I don't feel qualified to give anyone advice these days, but I believe that Robert B. is correct. Most of us generalists are going to have to change our ways. Markets truly are saturated with the types of images that he describes -- i.e. ones that used to sell well as stock. I've been lucky on Alamy because I have a lot of older editorial "niche" images that continue to do well here. I realize, though, that moving forward, I'm going to have to reassess what I'm doing if I want to keep making sales.
  13. Hi Alan, In my opinion you have a good eye for composition and your work is quite artistic. There is nothing wrong, just keep producing more of the same quality. Stock photography is really a numbers game, so with only 80 images, you will not be very visible! Of course, producing a pleasing, well composed and artistic image is important, but in Stock, you need quite a large portfolio containing a large range of subjects, to stand a better chance of being seen and for selling your work. I don't think there is a problem with your key-wording either. But stock is really a long haul busines
  14. I think this is key to sales and interest in your collection. One ot two images of this and another of that seems to serve best. This is probably because picture editors eventually view your collection because of your style/subject area and might find the variety more appealing.
  15. I also got that email. I'm thinking it's because last week I had a spike in my CTR - for one day - when it was early in the month and I had a zoom and few views. Since then I've had lots of views and no zoom, and my CTR has dropped back down. Oh well, it was nice being trendy while it lasted Also agree with the rest, it's the sales that really matter.
  16. I got it too Unfortunately I don't have a single sale in 2015 yet, so it means nothing Only sales count, and they're few and far between for me
  17. Have you not been in business long? There are slow payers in every industry. I'm still waiting on one to clear from August and I know that's not an Alamy record. In fact most Alamy sales clear in 45 days, if Alamy itself has been paid, as per contract.
  18. 5 sales this month for $6.02 each. This is just stupid Alamy really should put a bottom line of about 15$ on everything.
  19. Guardian Online 10 March 2015 http://www.theguardian.com/education/2015/mar/10/cuts-sixth-form-part-time-education Adrian Sherratt http://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/mar/10/retail-sector-continues-hit-falling-uk-food-sales-brc Alex Segre http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/mar/10/florida-denies-official-ban-on-climate-change-and-global-warming Tom & Therisa Stack (cropped) Lynne
  20. It seems that I'm "trending" too. The last two months saw a dive in sales, so hopefully this is a good omen.
  21. Alamy Contract & Goodbye....I just can't sign it.... After discussing the Alamy contract and discussions on the epuk site in regard to this contract with those in the legal field I've been advised,at least for my business , to sign it for various reasons. One being chasing retro licenses,sales being made after termination. The other is the low rates here. I'm still determining my own licensing fees and sell for many many times more than the fees here. These low fees benefit the buyers and the owners of the agencies that are making the money in large bulk purchases. That doesn't benef
  22. I had exactly the same sale show up yesterday and have had others like it in the past. I interpreted the terms the same way you did. However, I'm not sure what "when material is branded as per original use" might mean. Not sure what a "web property" is either -- a fancy name for a "website" perhaps (?). Many Alamy sales are now hybrid RM/RF like this one, an inevitable development IMO. That said, granting the right to syndicate does seem to take things a step further. However, the terms do refer to the whole feature, not the images alone, which softens the blow somewhat.
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