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  1. Thanks Linda, that is sort of where my thinking is going although I don't have the people issue to the same extent; I do with my pro sport stuff of course. My few direct sales (not enough marketing) are as a result of email or phone contact even though I have ecommerce provided by PhotoShelter (which I plan to give up).
  2. I have about 80+ images but still trying finding my way as to what works (ie accepted). I upload mobile images to a couple of other agencies as well, sometimes through their mobile application but also through general processes.. After being sceptical of iphone photography, i have become hooked. I love it precisely for its "in the moment" aesthetics. And of course the old adage applies: the best camera is the one with you. And a lot of the time i don't want to go about daily routine with a canon around my neck. Although no sales on Alamy/Stockimo (yet), mobile images definitely do sel
  3. I'm ordering the Fuji XT-1 today and if I love it will sell off some of my Canon gear.Too heavy for me after my fall last year and by looking at all my sales from every source,full frame and the 1.2 lenses have not made me more money than other cameras anyway. :-) Holding onto the Canon 6D and a couple of lenses until the end of the year or when it feels comfortable with another system to let them go. Had Sony had a lens selection I would have opted for the A7/A7R but I do not like manual focusing and having an adapter and using regular lenses defeats the purposes of having a small camera.
  4. With three sales in so far for the month as of May 9th, my average price this month is around $55, but year-to-date is $89. Also, someone was complaining about IQ sales and wanting to opt out. This one just popped in today for $66. Sometimes it is a roller coaster ride, so hold your seat and fasten your seatbelt. Hope your sales pick up soon.
  5. It's no concern. It exists to stop former employees replicating Amazon's standard studio if they want to set up a rival warehouse/online sales system. It is so specific you would have to be a very bad photographer, or still using Fuji S5 cameras, to copy it by mistake.
  6. I have actually tried searching for countless articles but I can't find a direct comparison between both lenses and there are both sides saying that there is marginal difference between the two. I think the main reason why I am hesitating is that the 24 1.8 does not feature OSS. Would you have any thoughts on this and how it relates to real world shooting? Thank you so much! I'm a big fan of OSS. It can make a significant difference IME. I'm currently using the Sony 18-55 on my NEX-6 as a general walk-around lens. It's fine for Alamy. However, if I had the cash, I'd probably run o
  7. Thank you OP and responders to this topic. I thought it was just me. Have only 1167 images up and today's view numbers were 1024, no zooms. Search term, 'Manchester Wheel', referring to Manchester's version of the London Eye, I assume. The images returned were of aircraft on landing approach with gear down. Another quick one, 'Bull running' returns images of Staffordshire bull terrier running. Not what a client is looking for but the descriptions of the unwanted images are correct. I try to keep my descriptions of images as sparse as possible to try and filter out these occurren
  8. Probably a matter of hours. My first impressions are that they have quite frequent server updates, but it may take a few hours. You can contact them from the main homepage at the bottom: http://fineartamerica.com/contactus.html?tab=contactus I have been looking into the social media promoting thing and I am probably not the type who would like to bombard my few contacts with these frequent art promotions. You cannot set up a fan page without including posting on your personal Facebook account. Tried the StumpleUpon - gives instantly about 20 hits mostly from the US. In fact, I don'
  9. DAILY FINANCE 8 MAY 2014 BNWX20 Pennies in a cracked egg shell Photographer
 Tetra Images http://www.dailyfinance.com/2014/05/08/how-to-avoid-common-retirement-planning-pitfalls/ BKKG0N Magnifying glass highlighting stock quotes in business section of newspaper. Photographer
 Brownstock > Dwayne Brown http://www.dailyfinance.com/2014/05/08/expense-ratio-mutual-fund-statistic-you-cant-afford-ignore/
  10. I had a nice string of textbook sales ($150 - $180) earlier this year, which I guess put me in the "Top 500" (which was encouraging to see). But lots of low ones since then. It seems that $40 is the new $80. My 2013 Alamy net earnings for 2013 were down about 33% from 2012 despite having a similar number of sales in each year.
  11. It's very early days for me yet but the 16-50 looks good so far when compared with the Canon 24-105. It doesn't quite cover the same range at the upper end but it's not a long way off. Although my 24-105 has done sterling service and has passed QC many times and generated numerous sales, I do find I have to discard rather more shots than I would like for lack of sharpness, and I'm now wondering if this is because of the problems outlined by David above. When we next get a sunny day I will pop out and take the same shot on both lenses and post the results. Alan
  12. I have had fewer and larger sales I was told I was in the top 500 that must have jinxed me as sales were bloody awful after that !!!
  13. @CandyAppleRed: Only 5%! I'm very impressed. I should point out that I'm not actually all that concerned about my 32% bad hits. My photos show up early in the searches that count (those that might conceivably result in sales), and a high CTR means customers apparently like what they see on those searches. Perhaps the person who searched for "goldenrod" will need goldenrod galls sometime down the road, in which case he or she will now know where to look. All of which leads me to support Bryan's view: Best to stay in the market (though I'd add, so long as staying in the market doesn't hurt m
  14. Thanks guys for your replies. Looks like it's just a bad and poor (long) time for me and as Kumar says, it'll be fine soon Great to know you have good sales still. Good luck and keep it going!
  15. My highest this year is about $40. It does seem to me that the bigger sales have gone,
  16. Omg, what is wrong with earnings this year? I see huge differences in prices. Last year I had pretty nice sales (net) for 50, 100, 200$, ... One by one, almost no distributor com. This year I get sales for few $: 4, 6, 8, 10 max... What's wrong with Alamy? I sell RF and RM and the prices are the same. This is really discouraging Is it microstock now? Or is it just my bad luck, bad year?
  17. I think I had about 500 or 600 images online before I saw my first Alamy sale. Right now I have 55 Stockimo images online. Sales may come eventually but I don't expect it to happen anytime soon. So far I've seen two Stockimo photos online. One of which I believe was credited to Alamy.
  18. It appears that there is a strong link to the search terms used. Under some searches some of my images appear under creative, but using different search terms they do not - indeed there might be no creative images in that instance. If I look at my total Alamy collection none appear as creative, but some do appear as creative under certain search conditions. Searching for images that are used in the papers, it rarely helps to press the Creative tab. You may be right about "who" rather than "what" Pearl, but I think that number of sales ( rather than total $) is a factor. It's a
  19. Not a stock photograph but one of my early B&W landscapes has sold - in original selenium toned gelatin print form - over 50 times through various galleries worldwide over the years. Difficult to total the sales in £££'s as the price has increased considerably over the years but I have all the documentation and buyers information filed. In the 80's they were selling through a gallery for £350 or so, now, they are very considerably more.
  20. I am still trying to figure out why some of my images are in creative whilst others are not. Last year I licensed an image of a cup of tea for over £1000 net but it is not considered good enough for creative. Hundreds of other cups of tea are in there (not mine) and I just wonder what it takes to get included. Those images of mine that are in Creative tend to be older ones that have some sort of history but not necessarily sales history. It makes it difficult to get motivated to produce new creative images when you know there is little chance of selection. Sadly I suspect "who you are" is
  21. I had six IQ sales last month (one I notice has just been refunded for reasons unknown). The low fees are disconcerting to say the least given the usage rights granted. However, I'm not sure I would want to opt out of any sales opportunities in this super competitive market. On the plus side, one of the IQ sales was for $100, which means it passed my personal PQC (Price Quality Control).
  22. In the meantime the image in question has finally disappeared from Alamy. Before that I had already contacted Alamy's support, whether these facts are related or not. On the microstock market there is no RM, I believe. If something does not fit RF - it usually can be offered as "Editorial". Prices for buyers and author's revenues are the same, but obviously, possibilities of usage of an editorial image by the buyer are quite limited by its nature. Sales of editorial cityscapes on the microstock market are quite rare: if buyers there want cityscapes at all - they want RF cityscapes. In
  23. Found one of mine..... Scottish Herald - http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/home-news/hundreds-of-walkers-complain-as-estate-restricts-access-to-munros.24114302 Sale reported today and I found it with Google images - credited to me but not Alamy, but I assume it's the sale. Not bad - published yesterday, sale reported today, and a reasonable fee - $65.87. Why can't all newspaper sales be like that?
  24. Sales don't show up until the client actually pays. To display a photo: Navigate to the image then right click on it and select 'Copy Image Address'. Now inside a post, look at the top for a colored square box icon. This is the 'Image Properties' that pops up and you can paste the url there. Click okay, and it should appear. Some people are just literally dragging the image into the post. If you need more help just send me a private message. I hope a dove didn't drop anything on you while you were taking this photo! Hi Lisa, Thanks for explaining! I had the same t
  25. Shouldn't we be given the choice to opt out of these type of peanuts fee sales? As I try to market images directly to clients, I can only see these sales damaging my chances of making a decent fee in the long run. How long before we're paying them to publish our images. Country: United Kingdom Usage: iQ sale: Magazine, Editorial print and digital use. cover and inside.Repeat use within a single issue. Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Start: 30 April 2014 End: 30 April 2019 $34.19
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