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  1. Best month in 12 years on Alamy for me! Broad mix of travel guides, newspapers and corporate sales, with the odd website only usage.
  2. I've just been looking over my FAA sales, John, and they are about 50/50 digital and medium format film. I never sharpened the scans, and the digital were just taken with whatever default sharpening is in the camera. Fortunately I've haven't had a return on them.
  3. Interesting. Thanks for telling us about this. So I guess that "Your images should be ready for printing" means that they shouldn't be sharpened. Personally, I think that content is much more important than super-sharpness to most people buying prints. Your making the sale seems to support that. Digital images don't require sharpening usually, although I do a little when I print myself to allow for dot gain. Scanned film images, especially 35 mm, do require it and, after my experience, I now do it as a matter of course on FAA submissions. True, scans are generally not nearly as sharp as digital images. Interestingly enough, though, almost all my FAA sales so far have been unsharpened scans of 35mm slides. Also, my only image to have sold twice on FAA (20'' prints both times) is one that would never have passed Alamy's QC.
  4. Ed,so you think you know that nobody will search for this guy, right? And you are using the most valuable keyword space for just that info? It is probably very useful info for a client, after he/she has found the image and is thinking about using it. Just for that one person looking for Dotan (his mom?) it would suffice to put his and his dog's name in Comprehensive. If there were a 100 images of this quite famous busker, then it would be appropriate to use the valuable Esskeys real estate for that. Somehow I can't believe you did that ;-) What would a client be looking for? What is the story you would love to see illustrated with this guy's picture? Little Italy street life, maybe. So that goes in Esskeys. Busker with dog or pet, maybe. Waitaminit, what's that sign at the bottom of the piano? Facebook! A busker using Facebook! So is he a musician that used to play stadiums and is now playing the streets? Or is it the other way around? I would do something with that in both the description and in Main. Facebook should even go in Esskeys I think, and in Caption: with Facebook sign. Although in that case I would crop the image to an exact square, so that the dog; the pianist and the sign form a triangle. Your thumbnail, thus the Facebook sign is 50% bigger that way. Maybe just try that as a test, to see if there's any interest in the guy after all. (Not just from his mom.) I just checked AoA for searches on Facebook and it won't be easy to fit this image in any of the 600+ searches. Facebook marketing; Facebook sign; advertising maybe. It is a man using Facebook, but the client looking for an image of a man using Facebook, means a guy with an iPad. On facebook comes pretty close. Following, maybe or just social media and public space. But you are right who would ever look for an image, no: who would ever write about that, other then facebook while driving? ;-) You're probably right: maybe just busker Little Italy after all ;-) Maybe with dog or pet. Famous busker, maybe. And street, music, playing, because there are not a lot of searches for buskers. There have been searches for musical street performers in new york; street musician; street piano, even. Oh and 10,000 searches for with. wim Wim, my response to the OP's somewhat oddly worded "How do you obtain your keywords" was to create a mini-drama of me doing key wording. I could have said that I look at the image, I think, enter keywords, and I move on. Getting a third party to "obtain" keywords is like getting a third party to do scanning---a bad idea. Stock is a labor-intensive business. I did make two changes based on your input: moved "busker" to the first-word position and (reluctantly) added Facebook sign. In fact I don't recall if he was busking, a very British term. I don't see any hat or can in evidence. "a person who entertains in a public place for donations," says Webs. With regard to my saying the image won't sell, who knows what's going to sell? But if I were the buyer, and I have been a buyer, I would look for a picture of this guy surrounded by people listening to the music with happy expressions. My own CTR and sales and position were pretty good in the last year . . . since I decided on the less-is-more approach to keywording. But my guess is that every contributor on Alamy would do keywording in a somewhat different way. Oh, and I did not list all my keywords in my last post.
  5. I have a pro account which I believe will remain at the same price with similar facilities. The site has not generated any sales, although there have been enquiries, and I had been considering not renewing the subscription until these changes. The new "homepage" is not impressive but views can come from Google searches so long as images are key worded. I only upload small low res files and generally watermark them.
  6. So have I and I deleted The Czech republic April 2012 if not a year before that. Still sales for peanuts crop up.
  7. It may well be scrapped soon, but I got 6 NU sales this week - so it's still alive for the moment.
  8. You can get regular sales from far fewer images than is being suggested above. I get 2 -3 per month on average from around 1000 images (although this month is a little worrying so far ). There are many people who are doing far better than that. You need the right images. Compare your Ark Royal or Milennium bridge/wheel pictures with the competition. Ask yourself which you would pick? That is the best way to judge how you are doing. ... yes I know I don't follow my own advice.
  9. I was very active on it for a while but lost interest when I started submitting regularly to Alamy. I have had a fair number of images stolen, some of which ended up to be quite lucrative in damages, and started to watermark about 15 months ago, which largely stopped it. I have made a couple of sales through it but nothing for a few years. The Getty link seems to be a dead duck, for me at least. The new changes mean that everyone gets 1Tb (my 1100 images take up about 35% of this) and I revoked my pro account and am expecting a pro rata refund in the next few days. I only renewed it a month ago after they gave me 3 free months at the turn of the year. Not sure why they bothered now knowing what was about to happen. Looks like all I have lost by cashing Pro in is the ability to see how many hits I have been getting, but they also say that you can pay something like $45p.a. to go "ad free", but I have yet to see any ads on it. I'll leave my existing stuff on there, but put very little on these days. There are only so many "wow - great image" comments you can take before wanting to bite the carpet.
  10. I put a watermark of my name right across the centre of the images so it is for viewing only. I have had a couple of requests for print sales but otherwise people just want them for nothing or a credit in which case I send them a link to the image on Alamy. Pearl
  11. Many thanks for all the interesting replies. This post came about because of a discussion on another thread. I tend to keyword by what I see in an image, and do not add in lots of what might be construed to be "inappropriate" words. Rarely do I utilse fully the 350 character space allowed in the Esskey and Main keyword boxes. I don't really know why the Comprehensive keyword box is there. Could only see it being used if there were masses of detail/interest within an image, but then it would be difficult to see as a thumbnail. However, from your replies, it may appear that I need to try harder with finding more keywords to "grow" my views. But would not like this to be detrimental to my CTR by including "inappropriate" words. Today my "views" stand at 47% of 1430 images. CTR is 0.43 with AoA @ 0.53. Zooms 3. Sales 0. Do not get me wrong, I have made sales in the past. COULD/MUST DO BETTER? Allan
  12. Dear Southpole Thank you for asking for comments - Firstly, most people dont make any sales till they have many hundred images available - I am afraid you need to increase numbers! Secondly although you have 142 images you have a lot of similars - eg. 33 images of statues in salisbury cathedral grounds and many images of big cats which further reduces your chances of sales You have however, got an average CTR on Alamy (0.53) so people are seeing your images, and within your collection you have some very nice ones I think - the one of the New Forest pony suckling its foal, and the pony sitting down outside the pub are interesting, colourful and in nice light However you also have quite a few images with grey skies and whilst they can sell on Alamy, images with blue skies tend to do better! Keywording is also important - No image however good will sell, if it cant be found - your image of the horse sitting down which I referred to above (D5J9GF) has horses mis-spelled in the essential keywords, and the image of the cholesterol tablets has an unrecognisable word (colestrial) in the essential field, and only half the drug name. In summary; you need to continue uploading images; less similars, and improve keywording! Hope you feel this is positive good luck Kumar sriskandan
  13. You have a lot of wildlife images so are up against some very tough competition. There are also quite a few similars but in all honesty, 142 images is nothing. You need to get into the 1000s with a lot more variety before you can expect regular sales. Sorry if that sounds rather negative but stock is tough and getting tougher. Just upload more variety and keep an eye on what others are selling. Pearl
  14. Interesting topic Allan - have gone over my my pseudos and find following averages per month over a sample of last 12 months. Have not adjusted for uploads during this period so figures understated. Main pseudo RM 117% sales 0.10 CTR 0.50 Main pseudo RF 174% sales 0.14 CTR 0.49 Secondary pseudo 166% sales 0.12 CTR 0.46 Rubbish pseudo 62% sales 0.05 CTR 0.40 I tend to keyword a lot where I think it would be helpful. dov
  15. Hi I am relatively new to Alamy I have 142 images 139 views 1 zoom and a CTR 0.53 and no sales. Could i be doing something wrong ? my home page is below i would appreciate any comments and help. http://www.alamy.com/stock-photography/20159DAE-C0A0-496B-8633-67A32D478325/1/Paul%20Chambers.html
  16. +1 I have never seen the point. 'Travel' could apply to any picture taken of any place, because unless you live there, you have to travel to see it. I use it for pictures of transport, people who are clearly traveling, but wonder if there's any point with over 5 million images using the same keyword. Having said that, I've just checked 'customer search activity' and it does get used, in conjunction with other words. (9 searches for just 'travel' got 39,240 views and 56 zooms!) I occasionally use 'tourism' for images including obvious tourists (groups with cameras, getting out of a coach, excursion ticket kiosks etc) but not for general travel images.
  17. I do the same small amount of sharpening. I have made occasional sales with both FAA and ARTFLAKES. The people who answer the mail are not techies, and the techies do not answer mail. Glad to hear you're making some print sales, Ed. I've made a few this year thru FAA. Never had any luck at all with ARTFLAKES. You would think that the non-techies at FAA could ask the techies to put together some decent submission guidelines that the non-techies could then share with the rest of us. This never seems to happen though. I guess the non-techies like to keep not-answering the same questions over and over again. It probably helps them justify their paychecks.
  18. I do the same small amount of sharpening. I have made occasional sales with both FAA and ARTFLAKES. The people who answer the mail are not techies, and the techies do not answer mail.
  19. On a monthly basis, my views/image ratio has varied recently from 44% to 115%. It's important to note that there are a lot of variables that contribute to this statistic besides keywording, though, making it difficult to find meaningful comparisons across different contributors. One variable is the popularity of the subjects you shoot: If your collection consists entirely of hundreds of photos of a single species of parasitic wasp, you probably won't see nearly the same activity as someone shooting much more popular subjects. Alamy rank also plays a role: The higher your rank, the more views you get. The amount of traffic Alamy gets is another variable: My 44% month was this past December, and I've noticed drops in views every December since I started keeping track (2009). In spite of all these variables, I've found this to be a useful statistic for measuring the amount of interest in my own collection over time. Back in 2009, I was more consistently over 100%, even hitting 150% one month (with a collection of 300 to 400 images). In April of 2010, my views/image/month crashed (along with zooms and, heartbreakingly, sales). My Alamy Rank was very consistent over this time (at least as measured by BHZ), I didn't change my keywording practices, and All of Alamy certainly didn't see a corresponding drop in activity at that time, so I'm left with a sudden drop in interest in the particular subjects I shoot as the only explanation. As I see it, these are the perils of having a small and not very diverse collection: My best explanation for the drop is that one or two customers were accounting for a significant portion of all the activity I was seeing, and they retired, moved to other jobs, or otherwise stopped searching for my subjects around that time. I've never entirely returned to my pre-2010 views/image levels, though I've seen a boost (as most of us apparently have) with the switch to 120 images/page as the default view for buyers. More photos on the first page = more views (even if many buyers never scroll down to view some of those photos). If you are most interested in the effectiveness of your keywording, a better approach is probably to check the keywords that result in views daily to get a feel for what proportion of them are appropriate and what proportion are the inevitable irrelevant hits Mark Dunn mentioned earlier. I have some panther chameleon photos shot on a black background, but I long ago eliminated "black background" from the keywords for those photos because I was seeing too many hits for "black panther." Some of these things are unavoidable with certain subjects, and it's probably not possible to say what the ideal balance is, but if you're not getting any hits that look irrelevant, perhaps you're not keywording heavily enough.
  20. Huffington Post - US Edition May 21, 2013 Coffee Health Benefits slide show http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/20/primary-sclerosing-cholangitis-coffee-liver-disease-risk_n_3308893.html?utm_hp_ref=healthy-living B7K3XD, Elena Elisseeva - Royalty Free Office worker reviewing generic presentation charts and reports AKJRYB, Big Cheese Photo LLC - Royalty Free Depressed woman in pajamas on couch B2TP5B, latham & holmes - Royalty Free model of a human brain C576T0, Dave & Les Jacobs/Cultura Creative - Royalty Free Doctor talking to older man AYKWFE, Cn Boon - Royalty Free close up of mole BFHGB9, moodboard - Royalty Free Woman taking diabetes test, close-up of hands C501DA, Sebastian Kaulitzki - Royalty Free human brain ----- How Does Exercise Reduce Stress? slide show http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/21/exercise-reduces-stress-levels-anxiety-cortisol_n_3307325.html?ref=topbar#slide=1602305 A4KYH4, Frederic Cirou /PhotoAlto sas - Royalty Free Woman looking at nails on bed (cropped) C4WJHY, Yuri Arcurs - Royalty Free Weighloss- Low section of a young on a weighing scale CWJK2M, Sam Edwards/OJO Images Ltd - Royalty Free Woman drinking from water bottle ADD87G, Guy Bell - Rights Managed A Russian Ballet school in Clapham London 10 June 2006 (cropped) B147A5, Chris Rout - Rights Managed Blonde girl receiving massage Cannot find - Young woman looking in refrigerator at night B6WXKJ, Julian Love/John Warburton-Lee Photography - Rights Managed A runner stretches after exercise B8BNY4, Ian Watts/Design Pics Inc. - Rights Managed FL4076, Ian Watts; Caveman Chasing Wild Animal Club, Painting BG7RHE, Sam Edwards/OJO Images Ltd - Royalty Free Crate of organic carrots A482T2, Barry Lewis - Rights Managed Close up of young girl's hazel eye CNET4T, Piotr Marcinski - Royalty Free Young teenage woman with pimple on her face B8KGCT, Katharine Andriotis Photography, LLC / Editorial - Rights Managed A man reading a nutrition guide while food shopping. AYE623, Bob Pardue - Fitness - Rights Managed Caucasian Female Jogger with Fruit USA Cannot find - Group stretching in gym AJ134K, PETER HUGGINS - Rights Managed MOODY RED WINE GLASS ON A TABLE AGAINST A WINDOW C4W762, Radius Images - Royalty Free Cake Crumbs on Plate B304PP, Radius Images - Royalty Free Man with Water Bottle after Exercising ----- Healthy Food Habits For Optimum Brain Health slide show http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/21/mediterranean-diet-brain-power-study_n_3312691.html?utm_hp_ref=healthy-living&ir=Healthy%20Living#slide=693783 AC3DYN, Denkou Friends - Royalty Free People grabbing pizza ----- 10 Best Yoga Poses For Anxiety slideshow http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/19/yoga-for-anxiety-10-poses_n_3281986.html?utm_hp_ref=mostpopular#slide=2456106 C09JC9, Uniquely India 18/PhotosIndia.com LLC - Royalty Free Woman doing Savasana (Corpse Pose) D2AF7B, David J. Green - Rights Managed yoga pose - half moon AJXRPM, acestock/ACE STOCK LIMITED - Rights Managed Yoga Class Gym Gymnasium Keep Fit Shoulder Stand BXKKJ8, Venki Talath/Illustration Works - Rights Managed Legs up the wall yoga pose. CXB9DM, Montgomery Martin - Royalty Free Full length of a young woman doing Standing Forward Bend in gym C5TYM8, Toriga/Westend61 GmbH - Royalty Free Mid adult woman doing fish pose against white background ----- Stress Relief Tips: 6 Ways to Unwind In 10 Minutes Or Less http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/21/easy-stress-relief-10-way_n_3084173.html?ref=topbar#slide=2337650 A03GM9, Tony Rusecki - Royalty Free Close up of young female doing yoga 8 Easy Ways To De-Stress In 10 Minutes slide show D58GH0, Gina Kelly - Rights Managed A happy, smiling woman in her fifties with hand on heart. CCC3KG, Igor Maltsev - Royalty Free Woman in yoga posture called Downward-Facing Dog Pose, isolated with clipping pat Cannot find - Close up of hands of person writing in journal ----- Companies That Haven't Signed Bangladesh Safety Accord slide show http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/21/gap-bangladesh-safety-accord_n_3314711.html?utm_hp_ref=business#slide=2468152 D7XFX7, Rob Crandall - Rights Managed WASHINGTON, DC, USA - The North Face store sign and logo in Georgetown A81PCR, Neil Setchfield - Rights Managed American Eagle Outfitters Shop Union Square New York City C66DDA, Sam Dao - Rights Managed Large sales poster outside The Children's Place in Vaughan Mills Mall in Toronto BEDY1J, Maurice Savage - Rights Managed A branch of the Foot Locker store in St Anns Road, Harrow, UK. August 2009 ----- Mealbreakers slide show http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/21/singer-sues-mcdonalds-jacqueline-simpson_n_3312463.html?utm_hp_ref=mostpopular#slide=882338 B5NTD1, Danny Smythe - Royalty Free Yogurt Spoon Isolated Cannot find - Close up of woman pulling lower lip with finger ----- The Biggest Food Safety Disasters Of 2012 slide show http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/21/fda-food-safety_n_3314205.html?utm_hp_ref=@food123#slide=1555314 B648FR, ASP Food - Royalty Free Raw Minced Meat BT45BG, Ivan Kmit - Royalty Free spinach isolated on white background B3D83J, Yaacov Shein - Rights Managed Gourmet Stand CN2ECX, Novo Images/Glasshouse Images - Royalty Free Ground Beef, Close-Up BN3KD2, Scott Camazine - Rights Managed Gram-negative Escherichia coli bacterium at a magnification by scanning electro BTE1NY, Kevin Britland - Rights Managed a kentucky fried chicken shop sign AN060H, Payless Images, Inc. - Royalty Free Tuna roll BDEY0M, JanzigGeneral - Rights Managed Taco Bell Restaurant Sign, Orange County, CA 081017_7175 CECPXR, ICP/incamerastock - Rights Managed Chicken and salad sandwich on white background CPPY55, Crisferra - Royalty Free Stew tempeh with carrots, leeks and soy sauce in a bowl CAW4J0, ZUMA Press - Rights Managed Oct. 19, 2010 - Minnesota, U.S. - GLEN STUBBE ¥ gstubbe@startribune. com -- Tuesday, Oct ----- The Art of Vandalism slide show http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/21/picasso-vandalism-uriel-landeros-pleads-guilty-to-graffiti-charge_n_3315169.html?utm_hp_ref=arts CRP3KN, Peter Horree - Rights Managed Composition in White Black and Red 1936 Piet Mondrian Dutch Netherlands BNXH2H, Pictures Colour Library/Travel Pictures - Rights Managed A Close Up View Of Pablo Picasso's Guernica In Reina Sofia National Art Museum ----- Most Popular Baby Names State By State slide show http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/21/most-popular-baby-names-by-state_n_3314011.html CPA1D2, Steven Frame - Royalty Free Alabama State Capitol building and grounds in Montgomery, Alabama, USA against a blue AKB4NR, Walter Bibikow/Jon Arnold Images Ltd - Royalty Free USA, Alaska, ANCHORAGE, Anchorage Skyline / Daytme from Point Woronzoff BB7NNN, David R. Frazier Photolibrary, Inc. - Royalty Free South Rim view of the Grand Canyon Arizona USA BNX81R, Beth Hall - Royalty Free A sign for the Arkansas Grand Canyon located on Hwy 7 in Newton County. C3JG63, Gary Weathers/Tetra Images - Royalty Free USA, California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Hollywood sign on hill Cannot find - Colorado Rockies mountainscape Cannot find - Connecticut welcome sign C4DMK7, Frank Tozier - Royalty Free Historic State House, Dover Delaware Cannot find - Washington DC skyline Cannot find - Florida, beach scene BDW633, Pegaz - Royalty Free State Capitol Atlanta Georgia, USA AY9R43, Yanik Chauvin - Royalty Free Hawaii B1P06A, Henryk Sadura - Royalty Free Welcome to Idaho sign BXC743, Keith Levit - Royalty Free Chicago, Illinois, USA AKJ3GF, Images-USA - Royalty Free The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum, Indiana IN C7WTRN, Marvin Dembinsky Photo Associates - Royalty Free Corn Crop rural Iowa USA AEAWHD, Frank Tozier - Royalty Free Kansas state capitol, Topeka, Kansas, USA - evening CP00YH, Ilene MacDonald - Royalty Free Welcome center Kentucky Interstate 75 near Corben Kentucky Cannot find - St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans Louisiana BY5JJ3, Fresh Picked - Royalty Free Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Maine Coast Bristol, Maine CC3X9C, Walter Bibikow/Jon Arnold Images Ltd - Royalty Free USA Maryland, Eastern Shore Chesapeake Bay, St Michaels, Chesapeake Bay Maritime AGJ05Y, Christopher Penler - Royalty Free Boston. Cannot find - Michigan, crowd outside of sports stadium D3ERTW, Dennis MacDonald - Rights Managed Downtown Minneapolis Minnesota park Cannot find - Mississippi state capitol building Cannot find - St. Louis Gateway arch at night Cannot find - Mt. Gould and Swiftcurrent Lake, Montana AMHGBN, Ilene MacDonald - Royalty Free The State Capitol Building Lincoln Nebraska NE BXY9H0, trekandshoot - Royalty Free "Downtown Las Vegas" welcome sign. Different variation then the "Las Vegas" strip welc B5PPMD, Jaco Le Roux - Royalty Free Mount Washington Resort, Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, USA, color colour seas A6C49M, Luc Novovitch - Royalty Free Welcome sign at the border between New Mexico and Texas south of Carlsbad A335J4, Marmaduke St. John - Royalty Free Seen from Weehawken New Jersey across the Hudson River the sun sets behind the west BX6YP5, Henryk Sadura - Royalty Free Welcome to North Carolina road sign BA0KG9, Kevin Ebi - Rights Managed Several mushroom pedestal rock formations dot the landscape in Theodore Roos AN9WXJ, Frank Tozier - Royalty Free Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Ohio, USA Cannot find - Oklahoma sign B9138F, Brian Jannsen - Royalty Free Mt Hood from Lost Lake, Oregon USA A1BMHC, M. Timothy O'Keefe - Royalty Free Philadelphia liberty bell crack iconic american symbol Cannot find - Rhode Island State House B5YKTP, Planetpix - Royalty Free A dock in a saltwater marsh along the coast of South Carolina near Charleston BCJNX1, Jon Arnold Images Ltd - Royalty Free Mount Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota, USA Cannot find - Nashville Broadway A91N3P, Karl Kost - Royalty Free The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas, U.S. A. Cannot find - Bryce Canyon, Utah B17EBD, Bilderbuch/Design Pics Inc. - Royalty Free Cows in pasture, Vermont, USA Cannot find - Virginia State Capitol building Cannot find - Seattle skyline BMK0X5, Tim Mainiero - Royalty Free New River Gorge Bridge BC7BYC, David R. Frazier Photolibrary, Inc. - Royalty Free Wisconsin State Capitol building in Madison Wisconsin USA Cannot find - Yellowstone National Park geyser -----
  21. John, I've sent a Report to Alamy regarding someone giving your post a red negative. It's time that Alamy stopped this nonsense! Sheila Thanks, Sheila. Yes, it's nonsense. But look how popular I am... Guardian Online, May 18, woman looking depressed (maybe somone's pressed the red button), CC2EA9, Adam G. Gregor /Alamy I am only concerned how popular I am in the real world - not on here, unless it were in increase sales
  22. https://plus.google.com/photos/+TravelzooUK/albums/5849615683624774961?sort=5 After searching my previous zooms with Google. I found one of my images on Travelzoo, link above. Has anyone else found their images used on this site and were they legitimately licensed? Regards Craig
  23. Just counted all my Alamy sales images and then counted the images that involved sunshine and blue skies. Less than 25% involve sunny days.
  24. Frankly I don't see the deduction of any of this since the numbers are changing all the time. I think I have doubled my collection in the past six months or so. I get views and zooms and sales. I use the minimalist approach to key wording.
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