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  1. Brian, I think my eyes maybe playing up....I cannot believe that your sales are only $33k...are you sure there's not another digit missing???
  2. I could not agree more, quite inspiring. Having just signed up it goes to show that there is no particular style or direction that you have to take, other than not being too deep in the everyone does it, generic category... I can see that I am probably never going to be a good stock photographer but then I'm not relying on Alamy for income. Maybe one day I'll make enough on here to buy a colour camera... or there may be a cart and horse situation that I'm ignoring? Thank you to everyone. I would buy that colour camera right now. My monochrome collection is about as big/small a
  3. Hello , I am new to Alamy and have just started to load images onto the system after passing QC. My question is - how long does it take for any activity to show under Alamy Measures? I only have a minimal number of images at present however have zoomed in myself on these to check them and I know they have been viewed by a family member. I would have expected these zooms to show up however they are still at zero.
  4. Zooms down rock bottom but sales so far are at a level of an average full month. I can live with low zooms if this sales rate continues! dov
  5. You mean this one Edd? My spike is the other way around: a single huge sale. You seems to have a huge amount of sales at a low fee in 2010. wim
  6. First sale of the month showed up today, and it was a decent one ($175, textbook) of an older image that has leased several times. So I'm trusting that the mini September dry spell is over. Couple of new zooms of more recent shots as well. Positivity reigns once more...
  7. This oldie needs a jumpstart - I have been with Alamy for 12.5 years but in last couple of years my sales have collapsed after several years of neglect and I should say thoughtless work. So I have started afresh - I put all my old images in one pseudonym and created a new one for my new stuff. I have paid attention to the advice of those who are successful here, Keith Morris (RedSnapper), David Kilpatrick and others. I also look at the pictures that have been used. My aim is not to copy them but to try and understand why they were taken and why they have been used; then to use that underst
  8. Hello Kelley I would echo what the others say in that as a starter for ten you have a good variety. Many of the previous posters have picked up on things such as keywording and descriptions. However, on closer inspection I would be very careful that before you upload images to make sure that if there is an obvious horizon that it is level. Now, I know that in some cases us photographers do have some kind of creative freedom but with the following image I would suggest that it's more a case of an unleveled horizon. I can't personally comment too much on sales here on Alamy
  9. Under no circumstances would I want Alamy to compete with me for print sales. As others pointed out, they would likely undercut my prices since some images are posted both here and on my POD site..
  10. I am the one mentioned above who licensed an image taken inside of a WalMart, 2-page spread for a textbook. $180.00. A lot of us who have been shooting stock of a few years, have nice cameras, but some of us are also buying something small. If your camera is fairly big, you will go out on shoots with it, but not carry it everywhere you go. The picture taken in WalMart was shot with a Sony RX100. Tiny. Fit in a pocket or a purse, so easy to have with you. It shoots in both JPEG and Raw, and mine is always set to Raw. It does great. Because of the small size, people seldom pay attention whe
  11. "...get two more zeros behind the number of images uploaded. It's more of a numbers game..." MV OR "Content is king in this business, shoot content that is needed and you'll have sales with small numbers. If images are easy to get, every stockshooter and their dog will be getting them" GK The former is received opinion, whereas the latter is a truth for those who actively seek it.
  12. All of it is great advice. Except maybe to wait until you have 3000 images on Alamy. If you caption and keyword like this you will have sunk to the bottom by then. So let's take your last image: E6H6MT, captioned The many bicycles of Amsterdam. I would name the canal Leidsegracht, maybe even corner of Leidsegracht and Lijnbaansgracht, that it's a bridge, and that it's autumn. Try to describe what you see. Maybe elaborate on that in the description field. Try not to tell something we do not see. Like that it is a sunny day. because it doesn't look all that sunny. Your image comes up on ro
  13. 7 sales so far this month, I'm not complaining. After a record July and August I was not expecting September to carry on the same way anyway ... chins up everyone and good luck to all.
  14. Kelley, you have some very nice pictures, a lot of them I wish I'd taken, or at least had the opportunity to have taken. Add another 5000 and you are well on the way. The advice you have been given here is sound and from people who know the industry well, some of them far better than me. However, in my experience, don't be put off submitting pictures to categories that appear "over subscribed". I don't give a hoot in hell how many other pictures are in my field, or how many photographers are submitting to it. If I get a picture that I think is worth submitting I put it in, and I've had sal
  15. Thanks Gervais, I've been thinking including people is not necessarily a good thing as you don't typically pick up model releases from passer-byers. Does that not scare people away from purchasing an image with people in it? Your problem, no matter how good the images are, is that you are shooting images in one of the most oversupplied areas of stock - every holiday now has become a stock shoot, there's now a stock shooter living in every destination thanks to the web. You will need much greater numbers to make a dent in that genre. Content is king in this business, shoot content t
  16. Hi Kelley, A fairly unique feature of Alamy amongst stock agencies is that it is an unedited collection; as long as your photos meet the technical requirements they will be accepted. This means that your images may be competing against many similar ones from people who have a higher ctr and therefore their images will be seen first and they are more likely to get the sale. Secondly an unedited collection results in images which other agencies may refuse for "having no commercial value" being accepted; this doesn't mean they won't sell (some of my best microstock sales come from images refu
  17. In September 4 zooms and 3 sales but none of the zooms were the sales and 2 of the sales were identical so one refund is coming up. Oh well
  18. Two more zooms materialized overnight. So positivity is in the air...
  19. Couple of things to keep in mind. Only one of my sales (not that I have many) was a result of a zoom. It seems the alamy staff searching do not produce zooms. My zoom rate is around 1% Only one of my sales have been a good scenic shot. The rest of the sales have been plant and animal specific (illustrating a specific plant or animal for a guide). Dig through the forum one of the big contributors just posted they sold a grab shot in a walmart (from a walk around camera) for be a two page spread in a text book (should have been a good dollar sale). Like Ed said you images are already we
  20. The old saying on here was get up to 3000 images and you will see things start to take off. Don't know if it still applies as Alamy stock level has risen greatly since that time. I am at 2223 images and sales are still slow. Allan PS Welcome and hope you are very successful with alamy.
  21. For reasons I'm not too sure about, I don't seem to get zooms (or sales) on pix until they have been on sale for at least three months. 45 pix and you're in a rut??
  22. Slightly less bleakness this evening, as two sales have appeared, but QC situation looking distinctly dodgy over submissions dating back to the 6th. Mind you these 24 hr turnarounds never seem to apply to me.
  23. For sales in $, €, Aus$, Can$ etc those of us in UK, including Scotland, will get a tiny bit more £ (well pence probably). Until the dust on the independence debate settles, the Eurozone or Ukraine flares up again and then it will be back to normal. Swings and roundabouts ... No point getting stressed by it; there is little individuals can do, short of emigrating and that only chamges the challenges.,.
  24. Hey everyone, I'm new to Alamy and have about 45 images available for sale as of today. I joined alamy about 4 weeks ago but have not had any zooms much less sales. Most of my photos are related to travel. I'm stuck in a rut and need some advice from the vets here at Alamy. Any advice on quality of photos, marketability, etc. are greatly appreciated. Stock photography by Kelley Stanley at Alamy Thanks! Kelley Stanley
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