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  1. Same here. Sales total so much better than last year but still haven't earned the same. Sept - Oct have been good on numbers but not on fees. Maybe I need to stop whimpering like a kid and just get used to it.
  2. I usually get better sales in first half of month and microstock pricing in second half... And in general the begining of this year was much more promising than it is now. It started so pretty...
  3. couple of good sales then a bunch at microstock prices... worst month ever
  4. Yes I've had 9 in the last three days. By the 26th I only had 2 sales. John.
  5. Hi, I'm Denise and I live in New Jersey. I uploaded my first photos in early June 2015. I currently have 50 photos on Alamy and another 18 via Stockimo. I'm still feeling my way around Alamy, but really enjoying it so far. Looking forward to leaving more from others. I do have one question...I just got my first "zoom" and I'm not really sure what that means other than being a good thing. I also know it will take a while to build a portfolio before experiencing actual sales, but I'm plugging away at it. Oh and I pretty much shoot whatever I see that I think will make a good photo.
  6. Distribution works best for medium sized companies, having well edited collections, vastly smaller than here (perhaps somewhere between 250k and 1m). Proper editing and, in some cases, art direction, means that you don’t get endless replication of unsalable material, photographers are given the space to specialise without finding that the agency is letting in a lot of work in that is very similar to theirs. In my case RM material is properly managed, and buyers can't just click around to find the best deal. RF is a different matter: but here pricing is more standardised. And the proof of th
  7. I nice $200 RF sale dropped in this morning. So my number of sales matched last year total, and total gross is only $250 short of last year total. Well done, Alamy!
  8. File size at minimum will not make a difference to most buyers. If file size does make a difference, the file size is on the Alamy buyer page for the image. You may lose those few sales based on too small file size. Billboards can be minimum file size because they are viewed from a long distance. In store, point of purchase images, have to be large file size because they are viewed from only a few feet away.
  9. Buyers are international. The internet is international. Why have distributors if you are a large well established international stock library? If a buyer can click around the world to different stock websites and see the same image on different distributer sites, how does a stock library convince the buyer that the main stock library has a unique collection of images? Distributors dilute the brand. If a collection is all over the web at different prices, terms, and conditions why wouldn’t the buyer click between distributor sites until they find the cheapest deal? Distributors compete wi
  10. Interesting to hear your story. I was with MyLoupe as well. I actually made some very good sales through them at the beginning. However, I seem to remember that when Myloupe folded, contributors had the option of either deleting their images or passing them along to UIG and Getty. I chose deletion. Sounds like I might have made the right decision for a change.
  11. I've just passed 6000! I also sold my 300th image yesterday!!!! 2 more sales today mean that i've passed last years totals for both volume and revenue too! Happy days, John.
  12. I agree with Bryan's comments. I'd add what I said in another thread about file size....that monitor resolutions are getting ever higher. The new 27" iMac is 5120*2880. Whilst most really large uses (billboards etc) are print based, potential buyers will still view on a screen first. Contributors regularly report sales of images from 8 years ago so perhaps the bigger file sizes are a way of future proofing your images a little?
  13. While I agree with what has been said above, customers can, and very occasionally do, search by minimum filesize. I've seen this a very few times in the analysis of customer data pertaining to my collection (FS). Clearly this search would not have appeared if my files were of an insufficient size, and consequently I am presumably missing some searches for which my images cannot compete. So a minority of potential sales do depend upon the megapixels. For editorial use this is normally of no consequence, while one of my best earning images was taken with an 8 megapixel camera, for calendar
  14. Hey, I need a bit of advice. I have recently put some effort into stock. In the recent re-rank my old pseudo has shot up the rankings to page 2. I think this is probs due to re-keywording. When I was young and naive I just put loads of keywords etc. My question is, due to the improvement in ranking, shall I pile In the images from my other, newer pseudo (around 1000). Would this improve my sales potential? Are there any reasons not to? Jonny
  15. No. I make my Canon files smaller so they're sharper. Most sales are for web or editorial. File sizes with 3600px length should be okay in most instances.
  16. Worse, Alamy used to take 15% on distribution sales....... third parties have been at 40% since I blew in, in 2006.
  17. The need for model releases is set by case law and can look confusing to us non-lawyers. (And even if you are a lawyer at other times of day, you're a photographer when you're on this board.) We as photographers have to do our best to follow the guidelines that were created by legal teams that have tried to understand the law in many different jurisdictions. Read up, try to keep your paperwork straight, and learn what the rest of us know; more releases equals more sales.
  18. I hear you, Dougie, but I'd lose about 20% of my sales if I opted out, which is significant, even with the low prices. It would, however, be instructive to know exactly why distributors deserve a bigger cut than both Alamy and the photographer. It is a bit tough to swallow. I suppose the 40% slice does attract new distributors into the network, still...
  19. Very much my experience. IME, it's all about distribution if you want to make serious money. The best aggregators not only get your work on the best agencies but also in top placements which is very important. As to what costs the distributors have...the same costs that any business has and those costs increase if they sell your imagery..... staff to process the sales, invoicing, accounting costs...... and those are only the start. I doubt most owrk out of spare bedrooms so office space to cover plus all those pesky costs which don't get subsidized by many photographers. Quite happy to
  20. I just uploaded to Alamy the prize winner photo I mentioned earlier and here it is: F547P5 The publicity, and the 'advertising' that accompanied it, subsequently brought in some pretty good sales too.
  21. . . . as are all contributors to this forum. So, iwould you all please follow the advice of those who advocate opting out of the distributor scheme and leave ALL distributor sales and their sometimes piddling fees to me . . . Much obliged . . . dd
  22. Wet outside and two sales dripped in this morning......one for $ 246.86, and the other for $ 72.65
  23. As an addendum to this topic I would also note that Alamy include all Stockimo images automatically in distributor sales - there is no opt-out as far as I can see on Stockimo App.
  24. Yes they can. We took the nonsense several years ago when Alamy took 17% from the photographer to supposedly finance an office in USA. Great new sales were promised from "opening up this market" . Hmmm. Not sure about anyone else but I've not seen a return on that enterprise. Opting out of distributor scheme is obviously a good idea - if everyone did it. I can understand the argument that "it's cutting off nose to spite face" but unfortunately many contributors to Alamy are happy enough with peanuts 'cause they have "day jobs" and are not working professional photographers.
  25. Thank you Southpole! I will look out for the Bath image in my sales figures....but I won't retire just yet! About $25 if in print. Otherwise about $8. Sorry.
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