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  1. The way I see it is that I'm already earning a living which involves taking the photographs I take, though only a small percentage are used for my work. Because of what we shoot - avoiding people shots which date, but taking people shots which are less likely to date and countless people-free images which will never date - I believe that our keyworded work will sell as long as there are outlets able to use it, which right now means as long as Alamy exists. If I look at the sales made now, and the pattern of use of older images, I do not believe that our entire collection will fall off a d
  2. I have 57 images on Artflakes, the print agency in Berlin. They have made a few sales for me. Does anyone know if they are connected with Pinterest and what that connection might mean? Thank you, Ed
  3. it's amazing the number of troglodytes who still don't get it -- 20 years ago they were wailing about DIGITAL images destroying their profitable stock sales -- now they can't understand the fact hat COOPERATING with other artists can help everyone! in the 70's we didn't get $200 an image because the images were worth that - we got it because of the enormous overhead involved in shipping physical slides to prospective buyers. some people still thought their images were worth those high prices and blamed new technology for eroding their sales. alamy and microstock have their place, and
  4. 2 or 3 minutes normally ( unless like others have said I need to research some details). Maybe I should take longer? More sales? Who knows!
  5. One to five minutes seems about right for me, although I've not timed myself. All my sales, all the images that have sold on Alamy, have rather simple keywording. When I review them, for time to time, I'd be more likely to delete a keyword than add one. Over-thinking the process is not helpful. Mostly I do the obvious. The order of our keywords is important. When I submit images to Alamy, I write a quick caption. After they pass QC, usual the next morning, I write a fuller caption, then fill out everything else. More often than not my keywords don't spill over from Essential. I always ope
  6. I think some contributors who have experienced lower sales have given up and moved elsewhere, which may be why the poll result is skewed.
  7. January - June 2012 29 sales for $1664.07 (Gross) January - June 2013 33 sales for $1422.46 (Gross) Number of images added during the 12 months 1038. Increase in number of images on sale 16% Increase in number of sales 14% Increase in gross earnings -14% I am not unhappy because now and again, I get one good sale and that makes a big positive difference. It did not happen in either of these periods. I do not do the Lottery and I cashed in my Premium bonds, Alamy "Summary of items sold" is an excellent substitute for these...
  8. Any news? Any sales? Any.... ? Just have had a sale to Germany but through distributor . Just wonder why not direct?
  9. Go into "All of Alamy." Clicking on the Zooms heading will list data on images by numbers of Zooms; Sales by number of sales. Mind you the info is only for buyers who actually keyword search the Alamy collection themselves. I don't believe zooms/sales info from buyers who contact Alamy's own research staff for images is listed. Dave
  10. +1 - a 'print out and keep' post! It's easier than ever with modern cameras and software to make good vibrant images yet often those we see complaining of low sales (and blaming the agencies and distributors for not selling them!) tend to have dull lifeless imagery that anyone could take. Photographers are the worst critics & the worst editors. Best thing that ever happened to me personally was being edited hard, and I mean *really* hard by one agency a few years ago. It made me mad at the time, that I had to redo work until it was absolutely perfect but it made me sit up and take
  11. I lodge my work with another agency - both are RM - called fotoLibra. I do this so as to not have all my eggs in one basket. I currently have almost 9,500 pics with fotoLibra but I do have to say that I have found sales to be very disappointing. That said my current level of sales with Alamy are even worse than that so I have no real answer that leads me upwards and onwards! I have never seen stock as my main income stream but would really love to increase my earnings anyway! nj
  12. Not looking forward to making all my locations searchable again, one by one, because "Location" that I already added manually, has been disabled. Did anyone ever say WHY it was eliminated, as it was used for an example in one of the sales videos, how people found images for a sale, by searching locations? Reminds me of Description which I used for specifics and some people added a page from the encyclopedia. So Alamy disabled it and I had to move all that data, one by one, over to Comprehensive. (which was hidden at the time.) Oops, now Main is hidden and Comprehensive is shown.
  13. I have gone for the Fuji X system. At the moment I have an XE-1 and the 18-55. I bought it to evaluate the system, more as a primary than a second camera; I am increasingly finding my Canon 1Ds3 outfit just too heavy and bulky which gets in the way of making pictures. I have been delighted after using the XE-1 for just 3 weeks on holiday in France.I got the sense of something special about the results with the first very ordinary pictures I shot in very flat light; I don't know what it is but suspect it may be increased micro-detail due to lack of anti-alias filter. I will be extending my
  14. We have a Symbiostock site, and on that site we have placed both micro and higher priced images. Alamy sell files at a very wide variety of prices, as do the micros, and as does G, so why shouldn't Symbiostock? Remember, Sym was launched through MSG, so for now almost everyone on the network is a micro shooter. The only way to change that is for non-micro shooters to get involved. Photoshelter isn't the same at all, as it doesn't involve linked sites. The site search on Photoshelter is almost useless for stock, as it all gets buried under event photography. Photoshelter costs $30 per month
  15. More sales for less return on more images online, the usual story.
  16. Number of sales are about the same. Gross down ~10%, net down... never mind, don't want to know.
  17. Seven sales so an improvement on that score, though two netted me less than $3 each. Unfortunately for me, a 50% refund on one of my better value sales last year (last August!) pulled my monthly net down to <$82.
  18. What do you have to lose? Do you think the people that generated your sales on Alamy don't know that there are microstock agencies out there where someone could buy image licenses for less? The market is what it is. With SY you can demand the prices you think your images are worth. You don't have to fight the cheapest contributors. If you don't mind, I'll send you a link to my own SY site by PM. Maybe you can see the potential.
  19. June brought us 130 sales for not bad $$ (average seems to be creeping up) from 14,500 images. First 6 months $net revenue up on 2012 despite the cut in direct & distributor commission rates (so technically greater than +20%). In the Newspaper Scheme but not in NU. J
  20. I have a small slowly growing Alamy portfolio of both RF and RM images. I've had numerous RF & RM sales in recent years many in the $$$. dollar range. Even with the price reductions in the most recent years I've only had one sale slightly under $25. So yes - almost all of my Alamy sales have been for much more than the $25 which seems to be a typical amount for large or X-large SY images. Don't get me wrong. I think the Symbiostock concept is terrific. I intend to continue watching it evolve keeping open the possibility of implementing my own if it seems I could get pricing simi
  21. Aren't the extra creative images (those that don't show up under a name search) just generated from customer activity (sales and zooms)? I'm not sure a comprehensive list would tell us any more than we already know from our stats. ...or perhaps there's something Alamy aren't telling us.
  22. Unreasonable month from over 10k of images. 3 sales for $240-Better prices though which is encouraging just need a good few more. Still have 4 newspapers sales falling into the unreported category. Regards Craig
  23. Reasonable month with 15 sales Mixed prices lowest at $8 and highest of $440 Alamy Live producing a few sales as well
  24. For June 2013, 6 licences for $311.38 gross - about average. Looking longer term, January - June 2012 29 sales for $1664.07 January - June 2013 33 sales for $1422.46 Number of images added during the 12 months 1038.
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