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  1. Your shots stand a reasonable chance but very unlikely as a set. The basic concept of stock sales is that they sell individual shots. On Alamy the search engine will deliberately spread your shots out among results. For a subject like brides or weddings the search result will find so many images, that a set would be very hard to spot.
  2. I made my first sale after one month with 53 images uploaded. I now have almost 1,000 images uploaded with 47 sales. So with only 16 images for sale, that is going to be hard for you to make a sale. I'd suggest yes, you should upload wedding photos, especially if you have model releases. I would imagine that wedding photos would be very popular. I say 'go for it'.
  3. I didn't make a sale until I had several hundred uploaded. Then it was slow, and steadily trended up until the past year. These days sales are hard to come by. I've been getting a couple or three a month only. And that's with over 2700 images.
  4. That is very encouraging and somewhat nostalgic, I've got so used to $8 sales.
  5. This one has sold: http://www.alamy.com/zooms/6/%7B17E36E34-42ED-49B2-B0D2-EAA7611F3DD1%7D/C41G7N.jpg?noiptc=true (can't seem to post photo from my idiotphone) -Jason I can see why it sold. Very dramatic composition. I don't even own an idiotphone. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Looking at recent payments for Kindle on line library (KOLL) borrowings I've earned $2.24 (US borrower) / £1.32 (UK borrower) per book borrowed. Retail price for the US borrowing is $2.99 so slightly over the normal 70% royalty rate for purchases. Much the same for the UK. Whether this ratio applies to more expensive Kindle books I don't know. Amazon will have to set returns on a subscription package to something about this level or lose authors and publishers.
  7. Agreed on the video clip side of things. I only started last year looking at this and have just a small number of clips with a competitor and have made a few sales. I would much rather place the clips with Alamy though. Haven't watched James video yet, is there a nice readable transcript anywhere?
  8. +1 Duncan but right now Alamy are lagging behind. This is a very important side of the stock business that is being woefully forgotten. As you quite rightly say, internet speeds are easily there for video uploads. I have some, not great, clips at some of the micros and have had some sales from there. Alamy, James, come on let's be 'avin you!!!
  9. Fiona it's highly unlikely that you will make any sales from 16 images- when there are nearly 50m here As for what sells - a lot does and it's very wide ranging As said above- worth concentrating on getting a few hundred tightly edited high quality images on alamy- and then assess your return
  10. Your alamy rank is determined by the ratio of zooms (when a potential customer clicks on one of your images to preview it), too the number of times your images are displayed in search results. Volume alone won't help your rank, its favors quality over quantity. What you need is a diverse collection that is tightly edited (not too many similars) to get a decent ranking. When I mentioned permission from the venues, I was referring to the wedding stuff, not the travel stuff (although if you can get permission for the travel stuff, it wouldn't hurt)
  11. Hello I'm new to Alamy and still trying to feel my way around. I'm wondering whether it's a good idea to submit a bridal styled shoot to Alamy. I don't really understand how the search ratings work; if I submit images and they don't sell, will that make it harder to sell my other images? The thing is, up till now I've submitted bridal shoots to blogs for free as a way to advertise my wedding business. But sadly these days they produce very little in the way of business and I feel like I'm just providing them with free images. Which is wrong on many levels! Do Alamy sell this kind
  12. This one has sold: http://www.alamy.com/zooms/6/%7B17E36E34-42ED-49B2-B0D2-EAA7611F3DD1%7D/C41G7N.jpg?noiptc=true (can't seem to post photo from my idiotphone) -Jason
  13. Nice shot, Phil. Did you de-saturate or convert to black and white? Things have changed -- except the sin bin, of course -- since upsizing days. This begs the next question -- Does this type of image sell on Alamy? No desaturation or anything converted. This is how it was! As I said not sold yet, but I live in hope Ah yes, hope. The only reason I asked is because all my sales on Alamy are of "regular" (i.e. conservative) images. But then, I don't have very much -- if anything -- that would be considered technically "creative."
  14. Thanks, all. Let's hope more sales like this come our way. It's almost like "the good old days" (if there really was such a thing).
  15. Went in to take a screen shot and it seems to have been fixed. Now states no zooms. A glitch of some kind? Anyway, not a big deal, just mystified me. Jill
  16. I'd query it with MS. If the stats show that the image was searched by image ref and there was 1 zoom, then I agree, it has to be your image that was zoomed (there's only 1 image with that ref). So it should appear as a row in your detailed stats as Search term = Alamy Ref, Your views = 1, Your zooms = 1, Your CTR = 100%, Total views = 1, Total Zooms = 1 I'd take a screen shot of the table and email MS.
  17. Not all zooms are recorded - only the zooms from certain accounts get recorded in your ranking (it's a mystery). I agree with Pearl.
  18. I have had lots of images searched by the ref number but not zoomed. They often come through as sales later. Sales are much more significant than zooms where ranking is concerned so I wouldn't worry about it. Pearl
  19. Many sales are zoom free, I suspect, but don't know, that sales are more important than zooms as far as your ranking is concerned.
  20. To make a living from photography is not easy and anyone who can do it deserves praise. I have managed it since I was 15 and I know that, like Keith, it takes graft, dedication and talent. Keith has also found the balance and variety of work that keeps him busy. Too many think of stock as an easy option or use it as a pocket money 'hobby'. Having said that, the fees for stock photography are pitiful nowadays. For many it has become the new camera club. (best advice I ever got when i was 15 was to never ever join a camera club)! I have said before that stock represents .05% of my output as
  21. That's the million dollar (or perhaps $20?!?) question! There have been a few in the images found threads. Hard to get a good idea if the collection as a whole is any more or less popular than the general collection. Judging simply by the small number of stockimo images that I have seen reported as licensed, I'd guess that most are pics that just happen to match a general search (not specifically requiring mobile/filtered images). That said there are a numer of specific stockimo searches that turn up in Alamy measures, some of which show related sales. -Jason
  22. Congrats John, I needed cheering up and encouraging with loads of travel snaps to process and sales thin on the ground. $400 + licence, touch of the Holy Grail....
  23. I think the 24-105 suffers the same fate as most Canon zooms. The aperture and USM ribbon cable snaps internally. Happened to my 17-85 and it cost me £169 to get fixed. Does it work ok at f/4? and only gives you the error when you stop down the aperture?
  24. Did you bite on the Sony A7? A friend of mine uses the A7R and loves it. I sold off the Fuji...In low light I was getting the watercolor effect. I also found myself carrying out every Fuji lens I owned which defeated the purposes of having a lighter system..Just back to my full frame Canon for now. We've rained almost every day in Chicago since winter ended so I don't think I'll have many outdoor shoots here this year! L Have decided against for now, sales are up and down and I really can't justify the spend on that basis. Currently processing around 1000 images from trip to Spain
  25. Excellent, another full-size posting of a QC Fail, very informative thanks! It does look noisy to me but the focus is bang on. I'd have been wary of submitting. It's almost certainly focused at infinity. I checked everywhere and found it to be sharp everywhere. Okay, it is a hazy day and the sky has noise . . . but it's a nice shot and a useful stock image. As with mine, it should not have failed QC. Thanks for the encouragement, Ed. But now that I look at this shot two years on -- I'm older and wiser (?) now -- I see that it has more problems than I had originally thought. P
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