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  1. 7 sales so far this month: two newspapers, two websites, one magazine and two textbooks.
  2. One of these days I'm going to post a new thread about statistics. In the meantime, here's a graph that contradicts the annual "summer holidays slowdown" we hear about every year. I've been gathering the data from All of Alamy, choosing one sample week from each month (for some reason, there's no "export to Excel" option when I view a full month's worth of data, and I don't have the time or inclination to compile four separate weeks for each month). Note that the chart starts at May 2012 and runs only through July 2013. This is because licenses take so long to report that I don't consider the
  3. My CTR is through the roof (total CTR > 1, highest pseudo >4!!!), yet I only have two lousy sales in July, one distributor. So my conclusion, the clients are not on vacation, Alamy sales team are .
  4. After spending two months locked in the sin bin earlier this year, I'm probably one of the most paranoid kids on the block. However, July is shaping up to be an exceptionally good month for me with 20 sales so far. Just goes goes to show that there is no predicting what the roller coaster will do next -- dip, climb, or derail.
  5. It is said that holidays maybe the reason for lack of sales, but me and my images do not want to be on holidays, if it is holidays causing lack of sales it must only be Alamy clients, elsewhere is per normal, only 1 sale reported this month on Alamy. Paul.
  6. I am hoping it is just the holiday season as my sales are 75% down on where I would hope to be at this stage in the month. But there is still a lot of searching going on so I'm not convinced. Pearl
  7. Sales and zooms - no activities last nearly two weeks. A sudden drop.... Had three sales in the beginning of July... Holiday season.
  8. A tad depressing, only one reported licence so far this month. Suspect that there may be a group of tuppeny newspaper scheme sales on the last day.
  9. Actually, anything that now looks sub-par to you, put up for deletion. You will be guaranteed to make a few sales from that lot, then email MS and put them back in your collection again.
  10. But that also depends on the sensor size (and aspect ratio selected). I agree angle of view is easier to understand (as a simple concept when taking pictures) than focal length. If camera bodies had to be marked with a crop factor (versus a full frame 24 x 36mm format) and lenses had angle of view when used on a full frame sensor marked on them, then with some simple maths, you'd always know your angle of view (unless you changed the aspect ratio). But then who carries a protractor around? Also the angle of view quoted is corner to corner, (rather than horizontal or vertical), making it slight
  11. I too have been thinking about this subject. My move into submitting to FAA a couple of months ago had me delving into old images - I seem to have taken more scenic pictures back in 2005-6 before I learnt the kind of images that make stock sales. I found quite a few where the technical quality seemed to me to be poor compared with what I produce now. Then in the last month I have had two sales from images shot in 2005 on an Olympus E1 5MP DSLR albeit with very high quality lenses. These were upsized to meet the 48MB requirement. I took another close look at these two images and both
  12. True but then we are not obliged to have to photograph events that Alamy offer us accreditation for which we feel are not going to make sales.... I turn down plenty of offers for accreditation from agencies where either the time commitment doesn't make financial sense, and/or the prospect of sales are low. But as Alamy give you the double hit of news and then stock I evaluate every possible job for short term and long term sales. Almost every job I have shot under Alamy accreditation has driven medium term (< 1 year) stock sales even if they haven't sold immediately as "news".
  13. Started with Alamy Blue. With sales lacking feels like Blue. Allan
  14. I have been lucky in most sales with Alamy, my fees have not been too low, however nothing to get over excited about, i have better and much worse elsewhere, it is 3rd party distribution that kills our end fees. Years ago i said that we are similar to farmers offering a product that others profit from more than we do! We have all seen farmers with small stands on the roadside selling there produce, often cheaper and fresher than in a supermarket, and getting more for their products, i guess we photographers try doing the same with direct online marketing, witch i think is harder tha
  15. When I started with Alamy, it was with a D70 6.3 mp. Some of those images are great, and some aren't. The ones that aren't is due to my early learning curve of how to expose them properly, and the fact that the software used then doesn't hold a candle to what we have now, considering noise reduction. I started a process of deleting many of those sub-par images, because frankly, I was ashamed to call them mine. A few hundred in, I made a couple of sales of those waiting for the 90 days to be up. I quit deleting, asked MS to restore them. Of course, the earlier ones had expired, so I di
  16. I've noticed a significant drop in distributor sales over the past year -- only about 14% of my 2014 sales have been distributor ones. I would of course rather get 50%, so I'm not complaining. Still, I wonder why there has been a decline in sales through distributors. Has anyone else experienced this?
  17. In 2006, when Alamy insisted on upscaling DSLR images when were then (almost) all below 17 megapixels up to 17 megapixel size, I filed a 2004 shot taken on a camera which was permitted then but now is not - Sigma SD9 or 10. I had a good number of sales and the 5000 pixel+ images looked just a touch softer than 6 megapixel DSLR shots on Bayer sensors treated the same way. Yesterday I made a $400 travel brochure cover sale from one of these and decided to look at the image, as I was curious to see if I remembered the origin of it correctly - and I had considered, last year, trying to locate
  18. I been waiting 4 months for news item to show as sales on my account had 8 sales though only one showed as sold and that one is now paid. How long do I need to wait Cheers Paul
  19. Not quite related to the original post, I am afraid I'd have to largely agree with the above point. Alamy is, of course, trying to do its best given the way it is set up, the material it has and the external market forces. However, numbers are numbers. I've been submitting to a certain, new to me, library for the past several months. It uses many distributors, including Alamy. Here's the count of images sold (and reported) so far by three selected distributors: Getty: 20 Corbis: 10 Alamy: 0 GI It's like comparing apples and oranges. You would have to be comparing the sam
  20. Nice one John! Good to see that decent sales can still be made!
  21. That is a very encouraging rights sales, John. Encouraging to us all. Thanks for letting us know..
  22. I agree with Ian. Looking back on my sales I find that nearly half of them were via distributors, and some good ones there running into three figures. I don't see the point of opting out of distributor sales, after all, the work has been done! PS. Some of my best sales were in Japan & Germany!
  23. I'd be very careful before you dismiss distributor sales as not being worthwhile, as they do seem to be forming an increasingly important part of overall income. For example, for this month so far, 23 of my 90 licenses have been through distributors, at an average gross of just under $100. Direct sales average out at just less than $60. Consequently, I'm making almost exactly the same net figure from both. That doesn't mean I think that the comission split is fair - I don't. However, the distributors do seem to get better prices than Alamy, particularly in Japan and Germany. Ian D
  24. Unfortunately, yes, it is correct - Alamy raised their commission on all sales about one and a half year ago by 10%. This was especially hard to accept for the distributor sales, as only 30% was left to the photographer. Nearly not worthwhile to enter the distributor sales any longer. I am still in it, but consider to leave. It is so frustrating to see the few dimes that are left.
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