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  1. Stock sales are so poor now and so many people in it that I'm going to sell all my dslr gear and just carry around a compact in a pouch on my belt. I am looking at the sony rx100 km 3. Would this be an accepted camera by alamy? If not what can I buy. I want a belt case camera. Tired of carrying anything over shoulder or in hand. Thanks
  2. Off topic a tad. The UK tabloids make a great deal of use of aircraft photos on their websites, but there are thousands of images available. When trying to identify shots for the "Have You found any Alamy images" thread I generally ignore these, as there are so many of them and, to my untrained eye, they all look very similar. While the particular type of plane should certainly be key worded if possible (maybe the class is involved in a series of incidents), these buyers are generally only interested in the airline company and/or location, e.g. Virgin Atlantic Heathrow etc. Edit - probabl
  3. Hi Guesty, I've been a member and uploading for 13 months. My first sale took six months and 1600 images. I knew I needed to make some changes so I've been lurking on the forums, listening to advice by the old hands and changing up what I shoot. My zooms are finally starting to come more regularly but sales are still few and far between. This month (July) I've consistently equaled or beat Alamy's Average CTR every day and even made another sale. I'm still hopeful that sales will pick up in the coming months.
  4. Mark, what a wonderful review. I would love it if you went over to the Fuji X forum and posted this review. A lot of Xers would enjoy it. I'm loving my X-T1, with 10-24, 18-55, 56mm. The 18-135 is shipping to me today. Betty Betty Hi Betty I have just received the £250 voucher today for the 18-135 lens so I'm off to my friendly local camera shop tomorrow to se if they have it in. I have to go to town tomorrow anyway so will call in and have a natter rather than phone. Allan Me too, Allan. I am really torn as I know I will want the fast and super zooms in due
  5. I was well over 1,000 before my 1st sale, a lot depends on subjects, i think also where you are located, i have noticed in the how was your sales for the past month topic, many of the success stories come from the U.K. and the U.S., also don't forget near on 50 million images here, in 2 words ( strong competition). Paul.
  6. As you will see from my profile details, I have a paltry 134 images currently on sale, but managed 6 sales before I reached the 100 figure. Having said that, I haven't had a sale in over a year... I don't think there's a formula, but one thing is certain: the folk who are making serious money with Alamy have THOUSANDS of images on sale and probably upload dozens of new ones every week.
  7. thanks guys. i have had someone it would seem find my "more" images from a search (all relevant to the search terms, just different generations of a car model), and got 7 zooms, after reading a topic about zoom to sale ratio, hopefully these will result in a sale!
  8. We have several threads on Stockimo now, and so far I have to agree with John Mitchell that so far Stockimo is more like Tuesday nights at the camera club than a professional stock activity. I would care about the Twitter rating if it were a path to sales. Is it? I don't see that . . . not so far anyway. I found out one very useful thing on this thread: we can use a backdoor to submit images to Stockimo. That is we can shoot with an Android phone, download the Stockimo app onto an iPad, and submit images from there. And . . . we can shoot with the iPad itself and submit those images to St
  9. Some more fun numbers: For the current year (July 2013 - now), Stockimo is in 12th place Alamy in 4th ;-) keyword UCO sales 01 car 357 3 02 dog 326 2 03 cat 187 12 04 alamy 184 0 05 london 170 7 06 ipad 159 8 07 family 150 1 08 Paris 149 9 09 apple 143 5 10 iphone 141 13 11 christmas 137 5 12 stockimo 127 0 13 beach 126 2 14 woman 122 2 15 facebook 122 18 16 London s
  10. I'm another that will probably join in when the Android version comes along. There have been a few reported sales of Stockimo images but I haven't seen the prices they are making yet..
  11. Was that $700 sale a Stockimo one, Betty? Given the recent forum conversations about RM and RF, I wonder if it makes much difference which licensing model you choose for food shots since sales will quite likely end up being RM/RF hybrids.
  12. I do get tired of the word "iphoneography". Should it not be phoneography as iphones are not the one and only, and right now android sells a ratio of 2:1 over iphone (used to be 4:1). Personally, won't buy Apple products because of the closed ecosystem and overpriced products because Steve Jobs had to have the inside as pretty as the outside. But mostly its the closed ecosystem. I have my trusted BlackBerry Z10, which runs both BlackBerry and Android, so will wait patiently till the Android version for Stockimo shows up. Won't hold my breath for BlackBerry. Jill
  13. And what about waiting for the iPhone 6, Linda? Or the 7 next year or the year after? Do we want better quality for our Stockimo images? I'm asking questions here, not giving answers. I wonder where Alamy's Stockimo shooters are with the hands-on answers about sales and tech matters?
  14. The agencies providing, IME, by far the highest returns in stock are also the ones who have the widest distribution and often you are getting a fraction of the original sales price. Content providers are surely only interested in returns, commission rates are only talked about when returns are poor.
  15. Tony Stone IIRC offered RM at one price for any size in a magazine many decades ago. There have always been various offers for RM and now RF. RM will be 'killed' by the overwhelming of blandness which turns off buyers. So, RM images are by nature blander than RF? Don't follow your reasoning. Why would you need various offers for RF? Isn't traditional RF already open to a variety of uses? I thought that was the main idea behind it. Not blander but nowadays the expectation for clients to pay out significant monies for RM which may be bland is perhaps what may cause proble
  16. Tony Stone IIRC offered RM at one price for any size in a magazine many decades ago. There have always been various offers for RM and now RF. RM will be 'killed' by the overwhelming of blandness which turns off buyers. So, RM images are by nature blander than RF? Don't follow your reasoning. Why would you need various offers for RF? Isn't traditional RF already open to a variety of uses? I thought that was the main idea behind it. Not blander but nowadays the expectation for clients to pay out significant monies for RM which may be bland is perhaps what may cause proble
  17. Alamy started offering RF/RM same price/usage in schemes four years ago by my sales. I have side by side sales for RM and then RF same price, the RM being listed as a newspaper. First hybrid actually listed is a bit later 15 December 2011 Royalty-free Usage: Magazine, editorial print and digital use, repeat use within a single issue So nothing new and hardly the death of RF.
  18. This July to date only one sale and 30 zooms with 5890 images. Last month 14 sales 36 zooms, month before that 4 sales and 30 zooms. Like Peter I often see sales come in on the last day of the month, presumably an accountancy thing. Usually low cost newspaper scheme deals. Like John, many of my sales are repeats, it is useful to find a niche which provides a steady if unexceptional demand. You need to be realistic. I don't get out of bed before dawn to capture the sunrise for live news, I don't go to obscure and/or possibly dangerous places, I don't do any photo journalism. Often
  19. I don't have a "proper iPhone" anymore, John. If I actually do this, I'll need to buy one. Should I wait for the iPhone 6 series like Linda suggested? Well . . . aren't I then moving back toward better quality images? Where will Stockimo be heading in the next few year? We are forced to continually guess what's coming next . . . and the only thing that's sure is we will be spending more money. What do I buy to make my sales better? (A rhetorical question.) I've moved this Stockimo question into my blog and aimed it at non photographers.
  20. Well, maybe I am not doing too badly. In July 2013 I started the month with 6460 images on offer. I had 30 Zooms and 9 sales $175 total gross. This month, I started the month with 7856 images on offer. So far, I have had 16 Zooms and 5 sales $322 total gross. I very often get sales right at the month end, so there could be more next week. The last time I had a month with zero sales was December 2009, when I had 2605 on sale.
  21. You are rite there Russell, the photographer is the main player when it comes to good photography, we look back to some of the greats with their vintage camera's and find some imagery that is hard to beat! I guess my problem is the thought of a image being taken by such a cheap device as a Iphone and sales being made, then maybe one has to be an excellent photographer to have success with a phone.
  22. Why are we as photographers especially the Pro guys and girls lowering our standards to snap shooting with a Iphones, i supply a distributor in Germany, they refuse to take images from anything less than a DSLR, and yes they are making many good sales without going down the road of low budget snap shooting. I remain to be a photographer shooting with quality gear. Stockimo and similar are not for me! Sorry if i am off the topic, i just get uptight when i see our industry going down the slap happy nobody seems to care path! and making everything cheap just to make a quick $ .
  23. This morning one of my RF images was sold. I don't have many RF images but those are the ones that I put as RF at the beginning of my Alamy history. My first sale ever many years ago was in fact a RF (39MB) which was sold for $295.00. Over the years, I sold a few RFs in the range from $87.31 (1MB) to just under $300 but again the price was declining. I looked up my sales history and last year a RF(69MB) was sold for $134.07. This morning I was rather bemused to see the sale of this RF (69MB) for $29.00 because the following details were attached to this sale. Is this a RF or a RM s
  24. 19 zooms and 0 sales in two months, actually...thanks, guys for tips and suggestions.... I think I offer a pretty diversified port, though. From macro, to architectural details, to landmarks, crowds etcetera.... Blue skies and grey skies are both present and my last sales were actually photo taken in gloomy Toronto Winter days. I used to be very happy with the 2-3 monthly sales on Alamy, until a year ago, then the struggle started! Now I also have huge problems uploading pics, the last batch was rejected after 3 weeks and still shows "awaiting QC". I got to know about the rejection comtacting
  25. Actually I was having a senior moment. What I really meant was that my sales were about 75% of what they should have been at that stage in the month. A few sales yesterday has brought the numbers up but not the $$$$. Pearl
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