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  1. Peter just to clarify. Does Dacs need the sales report showing each individual licence. and by sending them this report they won't need any ISBN numbers at all. Regards Craig
  2. Hi - this is new to me as well. The "create a sales report" does not show the territory - do you just manually filter it for UK and worldwide yourself? And it looks like you go back as far as you can for "Date Cleared"? Is that correct? Thanks Chi-pa
  3. Richard, The number of images copied or used is unknown and not needed for a DACS application. DACS normally requires ISBN numbers for some of your sales. This is not available from Alamy. Instead DACS accept a copy of the Alamy Sales report. You can make this from the sales report button on the front page of My Alamy. You do not include any pricing info. You need image details for "cleared" with dates up to end December 2013. Only Books and Magazines should be included. And only for UK, Worldwide or World English Language. Hope this helps...
  4. Nothing at all and it's been a very poor year for sales for me. A load of zooms popped in at the end of the month though so maybe it'll pick up...
  5. Hmm interesting - I put a few hundred shots I took in Aus on Alamy back in Jan and things were pretty quiet on them for a while, but recently zooms and views are picking up considerably and I am starting to get sales. And just as I read your post, an explicit view by Alamy number popped up this morning.
  6. 9 sales for $765- happy with that Also email from alamy advising of strong demand for australian images
  7. Just about to say 4 sales for July, then I checked my account and I missed 1 that popped in at the last minute for $180 - despite me checking all day yesterday!!! So 5 sales for $415. My income so far this year is better than last years total, I've sold 47 so far this year compared to 41 last year and that 47 is the most I've ever sold for a total year (45 was the record) so i'm happy so far! Zooms static, some images searched by number and views up. All in all, quite happy! John.
  8. 8 for $393 no distributor sales. Average for the year to date is 8.6 per month for $352, so I guess this was an average month...
  9. July wasn't a good month for me. Second worst month of the year (Jan was my worst) and about half my average. 8 sales for $713. About the only good news is that I haven't had a refund in a few months! Knock on wood.
  10. Lots of zooms, in fact my 'AverageCTR' for the month was over 4x Alamy's. One file searched by number three times. But only two sales for $20.44 total net, so still no incentive to spend any time or money making images to upload.
  11. I had a bunch of zooms and even a sale earlier in the month but the last ten days have been quiet. Over all, a good month for me.
  12. Best month in over a year. 6 sales for $764 gross. No distributor sales.
  13. Four sales: two via distributors, one not-for-profit - and one iQ today. So-so as far as gross is concerned, but net's a bit of a let-down (my first distributor sales, so not used to the hefty commission). Four sales to get the same return as my first two sales a year ago. Zooms are picking up again though, after a few slow months - along with a couple of ref # zooms, so bouncing back, I feel.
  14. Only one poor sale and few zooms, not enought for the world wide trip... But. It's over half year and I already sold almost the same number of images as in whole 2013... Not bad!
  15. Another good month, not as good as last month which was excellent but still good gross $'s. Sadly, the majority were distributor so it meant my Net was about average. Zooms up as well so the future is looking good.
  16. Not good, 4 sales grossing $117. Zooms holding steady however.
  17. Three sales for a gross of $20. Whoop-i-di-doo! Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but not much.
  18. It's been a cliff hanger of a month for me. I ended last month with a balance of $75 in the account. Alamy won't pay until your balance is OVER $75. Early in the month, I received a cleared balance from a distributor which rounded out to an $80 balance so I was happy I would at least be getting a payout. Didn't mark any images licensed until the 30th when I had one come in. Then, on the 31st, I had three more images reported as being licensed....as well as a refund for the cleared balance from the distributor so I'm once again stuck with a $75 balance for the second month LOL.... So w
  19. Could have been worse,6 sales for $330. Regards Craig
  20. I almost feel guilty saying this, but July turned out to be an exceptionally good month for me with 22 RM sales for $1560 gross. No distributor sales in the bunch either, which seems to be a trend. Also encouraging is the fact that my gross revenue for the first seven months of 2014 is roughly the same as that of all of 2013. Not sure why the gods are smiling on me (touch wood), but I ain't complaining. Merci beaucoup, Alamy.
  21. July was a remarkable month for me. Slowest sales and amount in memory (5 sales, $276). Yikes! I really hope August makes up for this.
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