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  1. Sales down, zooms up. I've taken the hint from Alamy that I'm not cut out to be a stock shooter so haven't uploaded anything for months. Any licenses from now on will be a bonus. On the upside my sales elsewhere are up but that's mostly news related.
  2. Further to my earlier analysis, I noticed that not only were my zooms down again yesterday but views and the number of searches were also substantially less than normal. I looked at All of Alamy for 1st October and the same thing was reflected there. To see how big the problem was, I took 2 Wednesdays prior to the new layout (10th September and 17th September) and compared them to yesterday. The results were quite conclusive. Number of Searches (UCOs) were down 27% and 32% respectively, Views were down 30% and 37% and Zooms were down 45% over both days. I think there might be something to
  3. Just for the record - and to help Jules' keywording in case his spelling here is not just a typo - it's spelt Llanrwst. I have a cottage in Snowdonia - about 5 mins drive over that bridge, past the virginia creeper clad cafe and on a bit to the next village. The cottage, like my main home and studio, paid for from the proceeds of photography, exhibitions and print sales. Ain't photography wonderful!?
  4. German history: an A-Z guide for travellers http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/europe/germany/11133146/German-history-an-A-Z-guide-for-travellers.html Can't find (possibly not via Alamy?) A7RJTY (no longer for sale via Alamy) Credited to Alamy, but IPTC shows BARBARA SAX/AFP/Getty So perhaps none of these are actually Alamy sales...
  5. THE GUARDIAN Music consumption helps drive UK technology sales to £11bn The Guardian Photograph: Hugh Threlfall/Alamy. Music consumption in the UK has had the knock-on effect of driving technology sales to the tune of £11bn over a five-year ... Tribal courts' role in US justice grows murky after Montana ruling The Guardian Photograph: Zoonar GmbH/Alamy. Federal prosecutors can't always use past tribal court convictions as proof of a defendant's criminal history, a panel of the ... World's top universities 2014 according to Times Higher Education The Guardian (blog) Photograph: JTB Photo
  6. Almost all the action was in the first week of the month but it turned out to be a pretty decent month for me with 8 zooms and one sale for $387. Now if the balance would just clear.
  7. I only use a Sony RX100 MK1 for my stock images - if you look at my recent nine hundred or so images they are all taken with this camera. As far as I can remember they were all taken in the full auto setting as RAW images and processed in Elements 11. All in all a low cost system with very acceptable results and regular, although not spectacular sales. Unless you can guarantee high sales returns then spending more on a camera is not profitable. John
  8. Alamy doesn't tell me what to shoot or how to shoot it . . . and I don't tell them how to run their end of the operation with clients and sales. (Well, that's not the whole story. Sometimes I get a wee bit upset about things and tend to rant and rage.)
  9. I'm always impressed when I read the "How was your September" type thread and see photographers with relatively small portfolios and a healthy sales column and the other thing that impresses is when I see someone with over an average $100 per image total. This leaves me envious but suitably impressed. What impresses you on the Alamy forum? Big pat on the back to those folk mentioned.
  10. Few sales seem to be near the calculator price (IME), so it's moot.
  11. 8 sale for $572. Sales year to date are now running ahead of last year, but zooms dropping away after a healthy run so expecting a possible decline. Regards Craig
  12. Horrible. Worst month for zooms for ages and one tiny sale ! Roll on October...
  13. 4 sales; $42.50 net. My jump in zooms in August and particuarly July (3x Alamy's average) seems to have come to naught.
  14. 3 sales for gross of $82.61. From what I've read on the forum that's not too bad for someone who's only been on Alamy since January and only recently dragged the image total over 1000. No zooms at all in September which doesn't look that promising for the future but 1 of the sales came without a previous zoom so I'm not too worried. Yet.
  15. Just one sale of a previously zoomed image at 45$. No zooms this month.
  16. Odd month with big gaps between sales but best month since 2009! If every month was this good a be able to afford that diving holiday in Thailand.
  17. Two sales for a whopping gross of $66. Pretty disappointing. Maybe I should rejoin distrib sales and be thankful for a few more small amounts?
  18. After two "hot" months in July and August, things cooled down in September, and I ended up with six RM sales for $731 gross. Surprisingly, these numbers were still good enough to put me in the "Top 500" for the second time this year. I won't be buying that Bentley convertible (not that I want one) any time soon, though.
  19. One image licensed for $60 gross. Three usages found not reported yet that should be in my October sales report (I hope) I FINALLY cleared the $75 hurdle (after sitting at $75 for three months) so I am happy I am getting a payout. Probably in the bottom 500
  20. September ended up being my second best month of the year, so far, with 18 sales for $1346....closer to my average last year. In the 500 club still!
  21. 3 sales for four figures....but that includes the figures after the decimal point. The net value will buy me a CD in the UK. Not in the top 500 . In the top 35,000 .
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