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  1. You make a business plan, crunch the numbers... and get a bank loan... its called being professional km Honestly Keith as much as I respect you as a person and a successful photographer, you can't half come across as being high and mighty. Doesn't sound high and mighty to me, just sound advice to doing business in a serious way. Although if you were just crunching Alamy stock sales numbers alone, without other revenue streams, the bank would probably just close the door on your business plan. Regards Craig
  2. Sales for me have been dire since a good annual start with an above average April. May through to Sept was very poor but 4 good sales have dropped in over the last week including a rare $180 so perhaps looking up. I appreciate this thread is about Sept sales but I though it might be worth mentioning an overall trend over the last few months. Andy.
  3. That's very true, Michael, but the OP was asking specifically about his problems with photographing strangers for stock. My own main sales subject seems to be food: produce, cooked food and restaurants. I've made a mental note to go out some days and shoot only people.
  4. There is a lot of good advice above, about how to learn to deal with the issues of photographing people in these (paranoid) times, but I would point out that are a great many successful stock pictures in which there are no people, or the people are far away and not affected by what you are doing. Over the last eight years, I have made 327 sales. There are many repeats and the actual number of different images sold is 208. A quick review of my images sold showed that 150 of the 208 (72%) had either no people, or the people were distant and inconspicuous. There is much you can do in
  5. Martin, I did something similar and sent some new tax disc pics to news last night and like you was told it was stock. A little frustrating because all the other news feeds - AP, Getty etc had news pics of tax discs, can't help thinking Alamy are missing out on sales. Mine weren't tax discs but screen screen shots of the web site messages (I was trying to retax a car) - I thought if they were in the news feed they might trigger a story and get used. Instead they went into stock, I am not convinced they would have been more visible as I was told..One paper used a different screen shot
  6. Not sure if I have noticed a reduction in views - maybe too early to tell; but certainly zooms down on average. Would be nice to hear from Alamy (Please) Kumar
  7. Totally agree, Pearl. If there's a change in the number of zooms then it will affect all contributors equally - although with fewer zooms, sales will probably become even more important for ranking than previously (meaning lower ranked contributors will have a harder time climbing the greasy pole!). The more worrying aspect is the reduction in searches and views, which points to a more malign problem. Wim's point about Google makes sense but, as I recall, individual images were coming up in Google searches even before the new layout? Ian D
  8. Once again thanks for your continued feedback. I'm intrigued by the DVLA/Tax Disk stories. I'd have thought those images real "news" and I know a number of both broadsheets and tabloids used such images from a variety of agencies. Similarly I had an image of the "panceltic flag" (all the Celtic races including Brittany) rejected as "News" even though it was the day of the Scottish referendum. My reasoning was that editors might be looking for something to illustrate the likely clamour for independence from the other regions of the UK following the Scottish vote. But my reasoning was appare
  9. The change was probably made for Google. When I used Alamy for searches, I would swipe the pop-up windows to my right hand monitor and view them side by side. With a little care I could have 12 images open as a bigger lightbox. The only thing missing was an instruction how to (or better a button to) allow pop-ups for Alamy. That may even have been there of course, I am not a client. Now there is no possibility any more to easily view images side by side. II wish there was a lightbox column or bar to the right side of the window. Where a client could swipe an image to. It would work o
  10. Views and zooms both down for me since the change. The former is actually the most worrying as it may mean buyers are going elsewhere. I can't believe Alamy has made this change as it is very inconvenient all round. Pearl
  11. I used to shoot sport full time and have always continued to do so part time. Last year I was trackside at the British Superbikes Shootout championship decider at Brands Hatch. I came to the conclusion that market for such pics (indeed pro sports in general) is well defined and well covered by existing specialist agencies. I picked up the odd sale to the non specialist press but could not see how a freelance would justify the travel let alone the equipment costs (I already had enough, most of what I needed). The main motorcycle racing magazine also commissions freelancers but demands copyright
  12. Congratulations, David. I'm only just dipping my toes in the stock photography water, but I'm hoping I can have the same sales figures as you over time.
  13. My sales and CTR wouldn't impress anyone (actually they more or less depress me) but I sold the same store sign twice in 2014, once for $521 and once for $177. Both sales cleared long ago so little worry that they'll ask for a refund. Along those lines, I noticed in the "images sold" thread that several images where things like Home Base, Walmart, Tesco, ...
  14. The Guardian 2 OCT 2014 BDEFT1 Photograph: Hugh Threlfall/Alamy. Music consumption in the UK has had the knock-on effect of driving technology sales to the tune of £11bn over a five-year ... Music consumption helps drive UK technology sales by £11bn
  15. I would be impressed if I get at least one download within the next year is here anybody else who has just startet this year on Alamy and has built up a smaller but nice portfolio with at least a handful of sales? Would be interesting for me to hear something from other newbies!
  16. Just to add my observations, my zooms have all but vanished - just a couple in the last two months or so. Now views are on a dramatic decline and are around 25 per cent of what I would normally expect. Not good. Jim.
  17. Someone who didn't sign in for NU nor distribution sales, will have a higher average $/image rate than someone who did. Cheers, Philippe True, I came out of distribution last month, sales were reasonable but once everyone had had their cut there was little left. That irked me. I have never been in NU as that also seemed like a race to the bottom.
  18. Hi Woody, no I'm talking about someone with maybe five sales for $750 or 11 sales for $1500, that kind of thing. Yes I know it could be down to one image but just the same those kind of figures impress me. John, yes building a collection which isn't full of similars ain't easy and doesn't get any easier
  19. Sales down, zooms up. I've taken the hint from Alamy that I'm not cut out to be a stock shooter so haven't uploaded anything for months. Any licenses from now on will be a bonus. On the upside my sales elsewhere are up but that's mostly news related.
  20. Further to my earlier analysis, I noticed that not only were my zooms down again yesterday but views and the number of searches were also substantially less than normal. I looked at All of Alamy for 1st October and the same thing was reflected there. To see how big the problem was, I took 2 Wednesdays prior to the new layout (10th September and 17th September) and compared them to yesterday. The results were quite conclusive. Number of Searches (UCOs) were down 27% and 32% respectively, Views were down 30% and 37% and Zooms were down 45% over both days. I think there might be something to
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