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  1. Most of my old stuff, done 7-8 years ago doesn't measure up to what I'm doing now. I did begin deleting some of them, then a couple of them sold before the final time was up. I probably got rid of 300 or more. I quit deleting. I realized that 5 years from now, what I'm doing now will also look bad in comparison. The software just keeps getting better and better, along with our skills and gear. What to us looks like a scab on a knee may be just the scab someone is looking for. My last three sales were taken 4-5 years ago. Somebody did dig deep. Betty
  2. Views and zooms are both noticeably lower. Hope sales won't follow the trend.
  3. I've been with PhotoShelter for a number of years, and I've made some very good sales thru my website, generating more than enough income to cover the annual subscription costs. However, things started to go south last year, and I've only managed a few print sales this year. Mind you, I depend on SEO (PS offers lots of tools in this department) and haven't been actively promoting my site. I'll probably keep my PS site, though, because it is useful for managing and storing images.
  4. Thanks Ed and everyone, I too know the other place, in fact I cut my news teeth there last year with modest success and considerable subsequent frustration. I think Alamy may do better on subsequent stock sales but perhaps not so well with the immediate news stuff. I am trying to refine my business plan and narrow down my target subjects, I can't cover everything. I am getting the message that you pays your money and takes your chance. I guess it will be an intelligent guess (hopefully I can manage that) and then work diligently on both coverage and putting it out there. Time will tell
  5. A nice picture - did it get used anywhere? That is the biggest challenge especially from outside the (non-Scottish) Premier League. I frequently use my Canon 70-200 f2.8 with 1.4x or 2x converters and have had the results published in major newspapers. You just need to be very critical when assessing the results so as not to undermine your growing reputation. You could always buy a second-hand 100-400m f4-5.6 - not fast but I used one for motorcycle racing succesfully in awful weather - I was at ISO1000-1250 (my 1Ds3 is pretty much totally unusable beyond that) and f5.6-8 at 1/180-1/400 (I
  6. Keith, thanks. That is kind of what I expected as I have seen that happening through another channel I have used. More particularly, do you find that you make more sales from later stock use than you do from initial 48hour news feed sales? MPW
  7. News sales can often be seen in the online versions of the papers within minutes, certainly within a few hours, of the pix being submitted km
  8. Martin, You can get a much more accurate picture of customer activity by downloading data for a couple of test periods from "All of Alamy" measures and analysing it in Excel. Having said that, on my own figures of around 80,000 views a month, I did notice a decline in both views and zooms for the month or so before the new "comp" page came in - and that's also with regularly adding new images. Ian D I noticed it while building my monitoring spreadsheets for my own activity now I have gone full time. The decline on views over last few weeks have been frighteningly rapid - I wil
  9. That was what I assumed but it is useful to know that News sales often appear within a day or two. I am rather banking on soft news pics selling as stock later on. Magazines and marketingclients sorted out their autumn colour pictures months ago and are probably working on New Year/Winter editions having pretty well finalised Christmas
  10. What many people don't realise is that images to the News section are processed in a different way. The news editors make conscious decisions on the viability of images and send those with potential out to picture desks - if you submit 40 near-similar images, they might just select a few - and sales made through this process are usually quick eg the following day. I've had this quite a few times. But I also find that news images sell well as stock later on. It probably also depends on the subject. If you submit pictures of the first snowdrops in winter, they might not sell for another year.
  11. 6 sales for $410. Only had $68 cleared so I will miss out on a payment for only the second time this year. Sales this year already better than last year, but views and zooms are a lot lower. John
  12. Martin, You can get a much more accurate picture of customer activity by downloading data for a couple of test periods from "All of Alamy" measures and analysing it in Excel. Having said that, on my own figures of around 80,000 views a month, I did notice a decline in both views and zooms for the month or so before the new "comp" page came in - and that's also with regularly adding new images. Ian D
  13. Back to original theme. I am analysing my stats for the last couple of months and I have seen my total views fall steadily by 20% in the same time that I have added 10% to my archive Very worrying. Have other people seen similar declines in views (my zoom and sales figures are not consistent enough to draw conclusions)?
  14. A question, especially for those of you who contribute News regularly. Do you see sales through the News channel or does it tend to come later when those news images have moved into the Stock collection? Anyone making consistent news sales? I appreciate that sales may take many weeks to report so it may be difficult to tell except by the licence date and even then it may be a sale from the News Feed as the client will have it on their system, especially newspapers. I realise that everyone is different but I am starting to conscientously monitor my activity to geta sense of what part of
  15. if it's going to increase sales, sure . . . but I can't see stirring up the bottom of the pool achieving anything other than . . . well, stirring up the bottom of the pool. Hidden gems there may be, but I'd wager there's exponentially more of the other, and it may not be a good look for a professional photo library to encourage their display. Of course, not being tutored in the arcane arts of licensing a multi-million image collection, I may be totally wrong and it might enhance Alamy's reputation having the bottom of the pool dragged to the top occasionally . . . though I doubt it. As Mar
  16. I like the new zooms but I find it awkward to move back to the thumbnails. Are you thinking about having a button for "More Images" or "Other Images"? It used to be so simple and intuitive to just click on the page of thumbnails. Paulette
  17. Since the vast majority of images here are non-exclusive, any advice from Alamy about sales history would not be conclusive. We were able on just one occasion to grant exclusive rights in a limited sector but that was because I could assure Alamy that the image had not been spread around. Searchers want to be presented with a page or two of attractive suitable images. An option to view the seldom seen images might present a truly awfull page! There are bound be a few gems hidden away but I think they are going to have to stay in limbo. There is already a somewhat randomised presentation fr
  18. I have to disagree. The Vancouver skyline - I would crop the left hand side which is showing classic Canon wide zooms softness but the rest of it I would be happy with - a little capture sharpening and it would sail past QC IME.
  19. You've taken some good images so far. Sales appear when they are reported to Alamy. Could be a week, could be a month, could be three months....or your images may not have been used. You can expect to get paid based on how the image was used. Web use is much less than if it hits the front page of a published paper. You can look for your images by going to Google and entering EXACTLY this phrase including the quotes: "SCW Lee/Alamy Live News"
  20. You should do exactly in your holidays what you won't regret later on. Should you take any safety risks into account? Your news images will be in the news section for 48 hours and then transferred to your normal Alamy stock photos. My news images (Denmark) have never sold during these 48 hours, but many have made good sales much later. Hong Kong will probably be more interesting to UK media. If you take many photos you could consider another outlet for some of them. Just my humble 10 p. Niels
  21. Been fortuitous last weekend being at the right place at the right time in Hong Kong, on holiday. I have another unplanned day this Sat night/ Sunday. Have to decide if I should spend it in the protest areas or not. Questions I need answer to. - How long does news sales appear on account? - How much can I expect? - Anyone found any of my images being used? Thanks, Simon.
  22. ann

    Zooming in an a Photo

    Unless something's changed, person clicks on thumbnail to zoom. I'm under impression that zooms by only Certain registered buyers count in CTR. - Ann
  23. Absolutely right. Professional attitude and professional kit come first, then hard work and reputation follows. After that you can possibly add jam to the bread and butter by other means. For many years I managed to obtain - by being utterly professional and with a sort of reputation building - lots of commercial sponsorship. (Plus I had a lot of cheek is asking). Kodak film, Polariod large format stuff, as much photographic paper as I needed. mounting materials, photo and studio equipment, a free car - yes! Free ferry crossings to Ireland for two years to undertake a project. Free travel
  24. Just to be different... I've had more zooms and sales in the last week than in the previous month. Alan
  25. We've made changes to the comp based on, how can we put this, ABSOLUTELY LOADS of testing and performance analysis. We use both internal and external testing resources and monitor a huge amount of data. We know what users click on, what they ignore and if anything confuses them. We can't list everything we do to inform our decisions because there is simply far too much of it. Any changes on the site are made based on solid evidence that it will have a positive effect on sales. If there was ever a change we made that had a negative effect we would be aware very quickly and we would
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