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  1. My sales history seems to have disappeared - I had one refund today but I hope not all of my past sales have really gone. When I click on either of the links to it, the 'account name' field comes up blank. Anyone else?
  2. I've never been a fan of translating software, especially for individual words (eg keywords / tags) for the simple reason that it doesn't work. Now Alamy has a German website, software is used for this purpose and I have started noticing some effects it's been having on captions. Jacob Reese Mogg has become Jakob, for example, Theresa May is now Theresa kann. Former shadow education secretary has become Ed Kugeln (think about it) and 'Theresa May attends the Conservative Conference' becomes 'Theresa besucht Mai der konservativen Konferenz' ('Theresa visits May (the mo
  3. 5 low value distributor sales for the same amount and one direct for a more respectable amount. Not got any other details as yet. It's not a live news image, pretty nondescript in fact. Suspect an error on the part of the purchaser, with refunds due tomorrow, but wondering if anyone else has seen this?
  4. This has me baffled. I used to see my results sorted by "My zooms", with the highest number of zooms at the top and then in descending order. For some reason I am now receiving results sorted by "Total zooms". To see my own zooms I have first to click on "My zooms", at which point they are sorted in Ascending order, then click again to get the zoomed images at the top. Not a massive issue but frustrating. I have tried setting things as I want them and then leaving Alamy altogether but when I open it back up again the default returns to "Total zooms". Grrrrr. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. I like the new look of the sales-related pages BUT there is one infuriating and very unwelcome change. Previously hitting 'refresh' did just that: if you had selected only today's sales, that's what was updated. Now it is reset back to last month and you have to change all the dates again to get an update. This is annoying on a PC but on my cheap, unresponsive phone it is a real pain. PLEASE give us a 'refresh' option that does just that. If hitting 'GO' has that effect, then great, but it doesn't seem to do anything and until I get another sale, I won't know.
  6. Has anybody found a way to see for each photo the amount it sold for the percentage and amount taken by Alamy the percentage and amount taken by any partner/distributor where applicable and thus calculate net income from each sale ? This was easily found in the past, but all I can see now is balance brought forward, total sales, (total) commissions/charges etc. So it is necessary to calculate and keep a manual tally of what income is resulting. Or am I overlooking something basic?
  7. just some examples: extreme of negligence and people complain of ridiculously low sales in spite of competitive images on board!! these images are captioned as Air Show and keyworded for the same.
  8. Are there such things as sales ceilings or plateaus? For the past couple of years, I've been averaging 10 sales per month. I'm not a volume photographer, but I do upload on a regular basis, and my collection grows steadily (if slowly). However, my feeling now is that until I add thousands more images, my sales numbers will likely stay pretty much the same. I'm not complaining about this. In fact, as an older part-timer looking for extra income doing something enjoyable, I'm quite happy at the way things are going. Alamy has been and continues to be very good to me. I am curious, though, about
  9. Hi, will i know immediately if my live news image sold, or this depends on the buyer? What is the latest the Alamy may let me know about a live news sale? Other question, after 48hrs when a live news image goes back to the ordinary stock, do you re-caption it to suit more generic use, as opposed to a specific news on the day? Thanks. Pawel
  10. I have thousands of photos dating back years mainly of family life and times in Ireland. More recently I have focused on expanding my portfolio to try to appeal to an "Alamy Audience" as my sales are disappointing. Thanks to all your wonderful advice on here, I have spent lots of time on keywording and photoshop etc and changing between RF and RM etc but no improvement. Perhaps I should also try moving to another site ? Can anyone recommend a second Stock Site as I read regularly about many of you securing monthly sales with average to small size
  11. I notice some of my IQ sales have a clause Usage: iQ sale: Travel client. Marketing Package Use. Any size, Any placement, Excludes advertising. Repeat use within the terms of the license. Industry sector: Travel & tourism, This licence is for 10years That means they can reuse it as often as they wish with no extra payment? This is an RM image. A travel magazine / brochure only needs rights for 2 years max, This appears to just be giving away future revenue,
  12. Is the sales figure we see for sales we've made before Alamy's commission or is it nett after their commission?
  13. Is there somewhere that explains in more details the text in the 'Details' box for sold images? I have had my first sale and the text reads: Usage: iQ sale: Ad and design. Marketing Package Use. Internal and external marketing communications. Excludes advertising. Repeat use within the terms of the license In this example what does iQ stand for? I'm assuming there will be other initialisms for other types of sales (e.g. PU for Personal Use), so are they written somewhere? Thanks
  14. Dear fellow Alamy contributors! Please allow me to ask some basic questions regarding sales on Alamy. The questions stem from my experience on Alamy being quite limited. My search of this forum was not fruitful, hence my seeking enlightenment in a new post. 1. I have been fortunate enough to collect a few sales. More than half of them did not register as zooms. As was informed, not all sales are zoomed. Can someone please explain the mechanics of such sale? 2. How do I know who bought my photo? From some of the discussions I read on this forum I understood that some of you can t
  15. Dear Alamy, This may have been asked before but I cannot find reference to it on this forum therefore I will ask it now. Would it be possible, or is there any way, contributors would be able view the history of views and zooms per image in their portfolio on Alamy. If not would it be possible to introduce tools to enable contributors to view them. Allan
  16. I seem to be getting nearly as many sales as zooms, spread over different pseudonyms, so some have 3 sales and no zooms and 0 ctr. It seems many images are now sold without ever being zoomed. How will this effect an alamy ranking?
  17. Have you lost your Alamy virginity yet? One reason why I started this thread is that it's pretty discouraging to newbies to read the "sales ceiling" thread about veteran contributors talking about getting dozens of sales a months while many on here who perhaps have been around for a while are struggling to "get off the floor", let alone dream of reaching a ceiling. I'll be honest, I nearly gave up with Alamy, but glad I didn't.
  18. Oh no! Not another silly thread about zooms! Sorry, but I have to ask, is anyone else having a really bad month for zooms? So far, May is perhaps my worst ever for zooms (number too low to share). P.S. My Zooms have been falling since Feb. but now appear to be hitting rock bottom. Good news is that the only way is up at this point.
  19. Hi all, I haven't been with Alamy for very long, in fact at this stage only have 80 odd photos. My querry is I've had a lot of views but no zooms at all. My CTR is now 0.0. Is it because I have so few photos or composition needs work or are my keywords at fault. I've tried hard with them but having never keyworded before I'm not sure if I'm on the right track. In the beginning a lot of my photos were way to dark. I've now calibrated my monitor and worked on my lightroom processing. I think my later photos are better but please be honest as I really want to improve. Fee
  20. Hi everybody, my Alamy experience started badly with me having only 4 major sales in over one year and now 2 months from the last sale occurred in late May. It's my fault since i've uploaded in the beginning a lot of similars and may be bad keywordered files with the "cream" of having not properly post processed all my images. Most of you all veterans advised me about these things but it seems i'm a bad student My CTR is low but my views are up (few zooms actually) so it seems topics i covered are requested by customers and my CTR is not so bad. What do you suggest me
  21. Was trying to bring the thread back into its original purpose. Stop being a party-pooper, Alamy! Anybody have any constructive stress stories to share on making it in this game? Any moments they thought about giving up...what made you not give up? In my case I didn't give up because I could see my images were being viewed and zoomed so at least someone was showing interest. Sounds silly I know.
  22. Hello guys, I just wanted to ask those with RF only images who started on Alamy in the last 12 month if and when did they have a first sale? I started roughly 8 months ago and still no sale. I have 133 images with good or optimized discoverability and 1542 images with poor discoverability. All the images are fully keyworded. I was hoping for some sale to show me that it is not a work in vain to optimize the rest of my photos but it did not happen so I will probably not bother with the rest. Just wanted to ask around to see if this is not normal and that my images are probably not interest
  23. I made some 3D renderings of sci-fi things and thought putting them on Alamy. Does anyone has good experience with illustrations/3D renderings? Thanks in advance for your feedback...
  24. In these times of austerity, world havoc and pandemonium, I was thinking that a generous Alamy could raise their profile in the charity sector, and gain kudos from the general public, by asking contributors to identify a % of their photos where a proportion of the proceeds from any sale are donated (jointly by Alamy and the photographer) to a specified charity. It would be a good source of additional income to needy charities and would give Alamy a USP on the competition. e.g. I identify 100 pics in my portfolio that if sold would provide 15% of any proceeds to Save the Children, for example.
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