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  1. I used to do backgrounds/textures when I first started to be honest the only place they ever sold was on the microstock outfits I never sold a single one on Alamy. There's too much competition for background/textures as everyone does it. To be honest I'd saythat Alamy is not the kind of agency where that kind of thing really sells. Most of my sales here have been a mix of editorial and none editorial around a 50/50 split
  2. Hi Photographers, I have joined Alamy in September 2019 and made 2 sales within December while having only 4 images in portfolio with average optimization. After a dormant 8 months I started uploading more images from August 2020 and have tried to optimize each including the old 4. But I don't see any sales happening. Are my expectations too early or the optimizations have gone overboard? It will be great if you can visit https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/soumyajitphotography and share your valuable feedback. Thanks, Soumyajit
  3. Just as a side note, my sales Month to Date are the same as Jan 2020 month to date, but the value is a lot higher. Hope the future keeps going like this.
  4. True but tons of microstockers refugees have joined Alamy with this kind of content and I've never seen any reported sale. Perhaps it's too soon for them to have sales. But why would anyone buy backgrounds from Alamy when it's well known that they can be bought for pennies on microstock?
  5. Seem to have slipped a bit since 2019 but I am no longer doing Live News (a lot of work and little $ reward, not to mention getting on the approved list) 2020 - 301 sales for $6680 gross 2019 - 337 sales for $8036 gross 2018 - 318 sales for $7897 gross CTR .5 on average ATB, John
  6. Low sales here too. I haven't seen any communications from Alamy but bear in mind that we've gone into lockdown again so it's possible that's having a staffing effect.
  7. My high price ever was a pair of cichlids for $192.84. One of the arms collection I photographed licensed for over $80, the deaf kid signing in Nicaraguan Sign Language licensed for around $140. My sample size may be far too small to draw generalizations, but I prefer photographing fish and arms collections, and interiors where people are working, where I have an interest in what people are doing. It's possible that the people who looked several times over the several years for Nicaraguan Sign Language photos were not typical Alamy customers, though they'd bought before to ha
  8. I had over 100 views for "Westchester County" (where I live) in one search, no zooms so bad CTR but 2 sales in one day that were quite obviously a direct result of that search. Views have been down this year, so I'm reluctant to remove any relevant keywords simply because they might negatively affect my CTR since it rarely correlates to sales for me.
  9. Two little editorial website sales... one of the leaping bear and this one of a favorite place... Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya Paulette
  10. 5 licences for $369 (all in the first half of the year though) which given the size of my port I can live with. The second half has seen both views and zooms drop significantly although at least my CTR is holding up
  11. Typically, I get (at least) twice as many sales in the second half of each month than I get in the first half. And while I can guess why this is so, I really don 't know. 😎
  12. My first sales of 2021 came in today, and both presentations. Each would need releases to sell on a site such as FAA, which I don't have, so I'm happy to have made the sales especially as one is to the US at full price.
  13. A good year for me considering I only started making regular upload and sales from mid 2018. Massive push up in Gross and Net in 2020 with two just above $$$ sales although no sales from 2nd Oct till end of Dec. Year Sale Gross Net 2019 15 306.55 116.9 2020 24 778.41 370.07 Variance% 60 153.93 216.57 A big thanks to Alamy and this community from which I learn a
  14. Best year so far, with a total of 142 sales for $4066 gross. Sales volume up 15% on last year (my previous best) Gross revenue up 68% on last year Average gross price: $28 Happy to get a few $$$ sales this year, and to receive a pay cheque every month for the first time. Thanks Alamy.
  15. You are not the only one - various threads about this. https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/13691-personal-use-sales/#comment-266256 Some will argue that other sales sometimes are even lower priced - The truth is probably that stock will never return to the number of sales and prices seen just a few years ago - the $$$ sales are getting rarer.
  16. Sales volume was on par with recent years, but income far lower. Worst income since 2013. Seems to me that average license sales prices have plummeted.
  17. Horrible month. 2 licences for $123.20. CTR lousy too. Just 2 zooms for the month. Worst month in a very long time.
  18. For starters, click on "Sales history" on your dashboard, and then pick a time period. If nothing shows up, then you haven't sold any images. However, with only 26 images in your collection, you will probably need to upload a lot more before you start seeing sales. Best of luck.
  19. I found my RM sales completely stucked after agency acquisition. I don't have a sale since that period when Alamy has been bought by PM-something.... I guess RM files are not pushed in the same manner as before.... Should i switch my files to RF? Any other experience that way?
  20. Enlarge image, drag and drop from a separate window (I use my second monitor- if you dont have one just make the second window as big as you can) then double-click on the image and tick "keep original aspect ratio". You seem to have done it anyway.
  21. If you go to Account Balance on your dashboard you will be able to see the commissions that are being taken. If it is a direct sale by Alamy it will be either 50% or 60% depending on whether the image is exclusive to Alamy. If it is a distributor sale the distributor gets 40% snd Alamy gets 30%. There are also affiliate sales and I don't know those exact figures. You will be able to see which sales have cleared (been paid by the buyer). We don't get any money until the sale has cleared. Paulette
  22. The question is a little disjointed, but are you saying you had a payment of $122 or showing as $122 due to you against the gross sales of $764? If the former then it may be that the other sales haven't cleared as paid by the customer yet. If the latter then I wouldn't like to guess.
  23. I was wondering if there's a (roughly) general zooms/sales ratio, or it varies a lot according to portfolio content? At present, mine is 4.75.
  24. Ah yes that's a good price. Go ahead, I'm not going to get it. Though part of me does somehow still remembers the crave 😂. How does Brexit affect the sales? With slapping on some import duty I presume. It's not a ham sandwich, so they will not confiscate it. (I'm not proud of that btw - I think it's a disgrace. But yes they did ask for it. And they got it. So we all have to live with the consequences. No use crying over spilled ham sandwiches. Google Stoicism. However the Stoics believed it was essential to distinguish truth from fallacy through reason.) /rant mode o
  25. I think you may have shared a link to that site before, it's extraordinary. I'm particularly in awe of the 'stacking' technique (as in lenses rather than focus). Pssst. Don't tell anyone but there are both types of the 75mm Apo-Rodagon on UK ebay at the moment, each for a very good price. I don't know how Brexit affects sales to the EU though.
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