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  1. Yes and I was just being intentionally obtuse. I know they are technically licenses, because I still own all the rights. Correct = sales of licenses. 😇
  2. I have had 14 sales in January, so far, for a grand total of $38.59! So you can easily see the average price/image I'm currently getting. I do find it frustrating, even though I had a record year in 2021, both in terms of numbers sold and total earnings. But I do find this this downward price spiral, worrying!
  3. Accurate key wording and title descriptions are important on Almay. But, with so few images online, you will struggle for sales simply because of the sheer numbers of competing images from other photographers. Its a numbers game on Alamy. You really do need a reasonable size portfolio in order to compete or stand out from all the others.
  4. I do have a small portfolio of images on Stockimo, now totaling 855 and have made 51 sales totaling about $400. But I do struggle to take images in the "style" they seem to require!
  5. A couple of points in reply to those raised: There are very many websites that do not give any credits at all. I have two of my pics out of 104 so assume they have used the work of many Alamy contributors I do not want to go into the specifics of this example as it would be unfair on the client I just used it as an example, one of many, to demonstrate a typical use nowadays to help us understand the frustration of very low fees If the fees were higher they would use far fewer images - and then instead of complaining about low fees we would be moaning about the
  6. I had 19 sales, 16 of which were to China for $0.15. But one of the others was my best sale ever - another distributor sale, this time to Germany for over $300. So even at 25% of the fee it was a good amount to me and one I wouldn’t have liked to have missed. I will opt out of distributor sales to some countries when I can. It’s hard to know which though.
  7. Sales were up 27% over 2020. Price per image was way down. Average gross price per image was down over $30 each! OUCH! Average gross per sale was about $45, U.S. Gross income was down 27% over 2020. I won't be taking the time to figure out net percentages, but it isn't good. Obviously I was happy with the number of sales going up. Not too happy about the gross or net sale prices. But it could be worse. Rick
  8. Encouraging to finally see some sales activity -- 2nd sale of the year, mid $$, Canadian distributor, book use, five years (true RM)
  9. Thanks for the link Alan - this is perplexing. I see your picture 2HD4MDM on the live news feed ok for 03 Jan (Monday) and of course the journal.ie had it on-line that same day Immediate reaction is; this is a news image so in theory a decent return but 1) the live news website rates are very poor now for editorial websites - single digits 2) the journal.ie would, being in Ireland, not be in the UK newspaper scheme (it is not as far as I know a subsidiary of a UK outfit and has an IE company number) I have not had a "live news" licence outside the UK
  10. A couple of Personal Use sales today, both for the full $$. This one was taken on the island of St. Lucia (film scan).
  11. What strikes me is the fact those sales only happened on Dec 30 and Dec 31st- or did anyone have 4 cent China sales on other dates? This is really odd.
  12. I have no idea John. It is Alamy's former Spanish distributor. I left the one you mention with my own suspicions about similar practices given the massive and sudden collapse in sales reporting and not full trusting the set up, But I don't think Alamay has ever had them as a distributor have they?
  13. No, I'm just trying to understand how this works, and why deselecting China doesn't prevent such sales, but opting out of distributor sales altogether does.
  14. So this means that deselecting China under Distribution will not prevent distributor sales to China, only sales through Chinese distributors?
  15. Don't know about Spain, but I have two sales (03/2021) through a German distributor that remain unpaid.
  16. Yes, and again I agree and understand. There are alternatives though not necessarily ones that are obvious, easy, or which suit everybody. The number of images continues to grow because Alamy is actively taking images from whether it can find them. Quantity is King. Newbies continue to arrive, no doubt at a faster rate than Oldies leave. Other agencies/organisation are invited to sign up. All that is, as you say, a matter for Alamy and nothing to do with us. I have no idea about the relative overall quality that Newbies bring ( and where they bring them from) compared to the impact of losing t
  17. Hi, A picture of mine appears on a hungarian web article published almost two months ago with Alamy credit. Yet I can't see the sale on my Alamy contributor dashboard. I know that there is a delay between sale and payment, but I wasn't aware that a sale might post month later. How long does that usually take? The credit line shows Alamy / Profimedia, so maybe it takes longer because it is a sublicense? And by the way: found two more pictures that don't appear in my sales history - this time the publishing dates four months back. Chris
  18. A great start to 2022 with 17 sales so far grossing high $$$
  19. Part of the way Alamy search works is to space a each photographers images at specific intervals in any given search, to avoid clusters, as Sally remarks above. In those cases where a particular photographer has a high proportion of the total number of images which match the search term, the algorithm runs out of other photographer's images to enable this spacing to take place and so all the remaining images end up in a cluster at the end. I suspect this is the case in what is described by the OP. There is no way way can influence which of our images appear first in any given sea
  20. I've been so busy with my day job for the past year that I didn't upload a single pic in 2021, so I was happy to still get several sales last month, and then this one dropped in today. Now I just need to get some time to get uploading again... Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Book, print and/or e-bookPrint run: UnlimitedPlacement: InsideImage Size: 1 pageStart: 12 January 2022End: 12 January 2032 $$$
  21. Hi everyone, So after the whole new contract ordeal I've reviewed and re-labelled my portfolio, but noticed that I'm getting an increased number of Personal Use sales, is anyone else experiencing this?
  22. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/jan/13/marks-spencer-and-tesco-enjoy-strong-christmas Islandstock https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/jan/12/ovo-expected-to-make-a-quarter-of-staff-redundant-due-to-energy-crisis M4OS https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2022/jan/13/her-lust-for-adventure-was-honey-for-me-readers-favourite-travel-books Brian Jackson https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2022/jan/13/foraged-feasts-and-bfg-footprints-my-car-free-break-in-the-chilterns Silvester David Reed Greg Balfour Evans (X2) Rog
  23. two smallish sales this morning lowish ££ Waikanae beach New Zealand mid $ Whitby Abbey
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