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  1. My number of sales for March are above expectations . . . no $$$ though. I'm encouraged by the fact that half my sales are of locations other than NYC.
  2. I had a few very low $ sales in 2019 with Novel Use, so I opted out of the scheme last year. Which, I think April is the month to do that.
  3. To save some space, it works with tabs as well. Drag the image from the page to the tab of the forum and then go down to the input box. All the while holding your mouse button or pen button. The input box must already be activated beforehand like by clicking on it or quoting or typing something. I now always double click on the image to make sure the box Keep original aspect ratio is ticked. wim
  4. Hello mates, My name is Miguel Moya Moreno and I have been a collaborator of the agency for a few years. I am writing to you because I have seen one of my photographs published in an internet publisher and with the caption naming Alamy but it does not appear on my sales list. I'd like to know if the same thing has ever happened to anyone. I look forward to your response. Thank you.
  5. Sure - stick with the L lenses especially if you go for the R5. It looks like Canon are making a range of 24-70 L zooms and a 24-105 f4 for the R series. The 24-70 f2.8 is pricy whereas the 24-70 f4 not too bad. One thing to keep in mind with lenses for mirrorless is that a wide max aperture is not as important as with a DSLR shooting in low light as the EVF will adapt and brighten up. The AF might not be as good with a smaller aperture lens though and nor will it be as good as a wider aperture at getting out of focus backgrounds if that is important.
  6. Hello there! No sales, what I'm doing is wrong. Should I continue uploading photos? https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?pl=1&plno=426084 Thank you for your answers
  7. All else being equal that would not be an unreasonable assumption. In my case my zooms for Oct, Nov and Dec were lower than my average, resulting in a very low CTR. Considering my port grew steadily through most of last year that didn't seem quite right. However here's what'll really burn your bacon: I made more sales in each of those months than zooms, in fact, sales during those months saw an uptick. That trend appears to have broken off now, with zooms up this month and so far a single sale that doesn't show as a search or zoom. I will also say that despite having a
  8. Whatever the licence says syndication is happening: About Guardian Syndication Guardian Syndication is the sales function responsible for the commercial re-licensing of GNM content. Clients include UK and international media, websites, aggregators, educational bodies, book publishers, information service providers and MMO's.Our products incorporate the full range of GNM content and we offer a number of licensing options from ad hoc purchase to annual contract, with a number of exclusivity options available.Examples include - news and
  9. I meant more in the context mentioned further up the thread of someone finding prints being offered by someone who had purchased their image for web use. That question answers itself, follow your sales to see what's happening with them. The newspaper isn't UK, it's a famous publication from the largest country in Eurasia. I'd emailed Alamy prior to posting here as I'd been posting exclusively to Alamy but it must have been somehow unticked so was emailing them with regard to this when I noticed this thread and found the image which has my name credit/Alamy under it but no record of
  10. Getting good number of zooms, for me that is, but not converting to sales. Allan
  11. Something ive not come across before and just wondering if anyone has had the same... Just did a search in one of my pseudo summaries for the last month, and i have a number of searches that show as : your views 1, sessions 1, zooms 0, total views 0, ctr% Nan! so although mine was viewed, it wasnt actually? its the YOUR VIEWS 1 and TOTAL VIEWS 0, thats confusing! happens on a number of searches over the last month. any thoughts welcome JH
  12. Before I pop a champagne cork at 2 sales ( $164 and $206) of the same image at royalty free, does this seem like an error or mistake ?
  13. Noddy: Your images have poor discoverability, but not because of what Alamy engine automatically tells you based on # of keywords. Instead, captions/tags are very poor. There are 3 layers indexing engine (discoverability) puts weight on: 1) Title (caption): Most important 2) Meta tags (up to 10) 3) Rest of tags This is an example of terrific image from your port that is extremely poorly described: Your caption (most important part) reads: "Somewhere else in Liverpool". This is probably the most vague and overly inadequate caption I
  14. I was wondering if there's a (roughly) general zooms/sales ratio, or it varies a lot according to portfolio content? At present, mine is 4.75.
  15. This a good thing, bad thing kinda post. I was watching a the CBS Sunday Morning news/entertainment show today and was happily surprised to see a couple of my photos used in segment on science and religion and getting the Covid vaccine. It was mostly a narrative by Dr Francis Collins, the head of the National Institutes of Health. So they used a picture of Dr Collins that I shot and showed up in my sales on March 23rd....but the other photo, an aerial of the NIH campus, has not shown up as sold in the last year and it is exclusive to Alamy. I'll have to contact Alamy tomorrow. I was able t
  16. Unfortunately at the moment it is only a very small number of sale reports that include details about the user. This thread was started as a way of asking Alamy to provide this information more regularly when they are able to. As you suggest it may be more difficult in the case of distributor sales.
  17. Anyone else? No sales and one refund during the first two weeks, and then three modest sales on the 15th amounting to the value of the refund. Nothing since then - can't remember whether January is normally so quiet. Alex
  18. Zooms do have the date of the day they are zoomed. They are reported on Monday, but can have a Saturday or Sunday date. So maybe have a look through your history and see if any of the people interested in your (sort of) images are at all active. Most sales during the weekend are PU which are paid by credit card. Which are being reported right away. But if you search on this forum, there are reports of people getting a weekend sale. Usually saying something like: a very rare weekend sale. Now how do I check how many I have over the year? Other than by hand.
  19. I'm doing really well. Three sales and ten zooms since January 1st. They have almost all been from 1) Mexico City tourist sites 2) Black Lives Matter murals 3) protests, including the Indigenous Women protesters photo that has sold three times. So these are the topics that clearly sell over other kinds of shots, of which I have plenty. This George Floyd mural has been zoomed at least five or six times, under many different search terms and I think it's partly responsible for my high placement on Alamy search results overall. This then leads to other sales and zooms. So
  20. Image sales are picking up recently, for me. Today, I had 2 sales and one of them was for a very nice mid-$$$ figure that is the highest sale I've had for one image, since I started contributing, over 15 years ago. This was for a RM (editorial) image and prior to that, my biggest sale was for a RF image, that grossed $100 less. It was for a 2-page spread, world English language use in a magazine with a print run of up to 5 million. I know that other members have had regular three and even four-figure sales, but for me, sales are usually mid-to-low 2 figures. So, maybe things are picking
  21. Anyone else's sales fallen off a cliff this month? Mine have been quite buoyant this year, despite Covid. Until September. Suddenly nothing at all. Nada. Zilch. Is it just me, or have others had the same experience?
  22. All methods work. Dragging and dropping can be done from a variety of places. There is a preview function in the box where you put your post in, or your edit. It's the small magnifying glass button between the Size and GIF buttons. Set it to phone tab to check for the most extreme squishing. How to cure squishing: go to edit your post > double click on your image > tick the box Keep original aspect ratio > click Update. When the image falls outside of the allowed size, the offending box will now turn red and tell you what to do. However it's not always the
  23. Double-click on the image in the edit pane and tick "maintain aspect ratio" or something like that. Took me a while too- some bright spark on the forum told me what to do.
  24. I seem to be bucking the trend with a significant uptick in both Feb and March, 9 sales across those two months with a bit left to go. Fees however are another story, an almost continuous decline with my most recent being for the grand total of just over 2$ for a worldwide in perpetuity licence. As ever the kinds of images I am selling don't tend to involve people (apart from one of a certain character who appears at protests which is a repeat seller), proving that you need to have a port full of people doing things to make sales is a myth.
  25. 5 sales, but one was PU that was then refunded, giving a final total of $42.68 Gross, $20.29 net. A below average month My zooms have taken a real hit since the start of the year too. However March has started well with 2 sales for $92 gross already. Mark
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