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  1. 14 sales, averageish! 2 x $$$ which were distributor so I only get 24%, not good 😬 1 x $$$ direct 6 x mixture of direct and distributor low ball $$ 5 x low $ and distributor, 24% of too low fees 😬 And to cap it off 8 x "Other Fees", affiliate commission which I reckon Alamy should be responsible for or give us the option to opt out of it. Phil
  2. Same problem. I had 29 sales to China 0.15 net each. What's happen Alamy? Waiting for answer. 4 MB 1005 x 1506 pixels 122KB compressed China $ 0.15 6 MB 1728 x 1152 pixels 140KB compressed China $ 0.15
  3. Sales numbers were great, even not counting the 38 practically given to an entity in China. Sadly my return per download was only 93 cents. Alamy and distributors had to split $1.83 or so.
  4. came back from the weekend to see that I got more of these, 38 total to be exact, for which I might make a whole $1.52. You only need 1334 of these sales to get out of the 20% basement when it comes. Can I just opt out of China distributor sales? and will Alamy actually honor this before I die?
  5. 117 Sales for the year, $2,864 gross, $1,159 net + $25 net for DACS TV usage (the rest of DACS was claimed direct). Best number of image sales and gross revenue by some margin, but net sales revenue was virtually same as it was in 2018. Not too bad considering I deleted about 15% of my portfolio just before the new contract came into force. But I suspect this and the lower commission will make it quite a challenge to do even better next year. HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL Mark
  6. 15 sales for $297 gross $99 net. Slightly above average monthly sales and gross for me, but net is down due to distributor sales and commission cut. Luckily only one sale was a $0.15 gross, $0.04 net. HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL Mark
  7. Best year ever in terms of sales volume (mostly steady upwards trend since I joined in 2007), with 275 sales. Disappointing year in terms of revenues and lowest income since 2013. The trend is clearly lower and lower prices per image. The only saving grace for me may be that the travel sector was hit badly in 2020-2021 and may come back after COVID.
  8. The per-use licensing is a very interesting point indeed! I've found many of my images used repeatedly by the same news site and I was wondering myself whether or not it was worth looking into. Maybe it is. I'll see if I can get any of these tracked to those where I had a small number of sales, to make it easier to validate with the agency. Thanks @Sally As for the Google alert, what I found interesting was that Pixsy hasn't picked up any of the uses that I have found on Google myself, either manually or through an alert. I thought that was odd! Has that also your been your experience or
  9. Total sales in 2021 = 59 with about 1,500 images available for sale (last photo added to my portfolio was in 2016) 2012 = 1 2013 = 16 2014 = 57 2015 = 63 2016 = 57 2017 = 64 2018 = 50 2019 = 39 2020 = 27 2021 = 59 Total sales = 433 An additional 117 sales on Alamy’s iPhone App with about 1,000 images available for sale
  10. Alamy did respond to a similar issue in another thread: Alamy response: "I’ve had a look and this particular customer has an image pack with us where they pay a set fee and can licence a set number of images for that. The fee is then split between the contributors. The stock industry has become very competitive and in order to keep customers we have to consider our pricing and offer image packs in order to keep customers. Our sales teams work extremely hard to negotiate on deals with all forms of customers and always try to get the best market value possible fo
  11. One short of my total licence sales for 2020, but revenue for 2021 more that doubled that achieved last year because prices better overall. I too am optimistic for the year ahead. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.
  12. Increased my images from 3,088 to 3,728 Licenses up by 49% over the previous year. Revenue up by 109% over the previous year (and also easily beats my previous best year 2018) So, apart from the commission cut.... actually feeling pretty good about things. Best year ever for sales and revenue. So feeling optimistic for 2022 and hoping Covid dies away largely too 🤞 Here's to a great year for everyone 🍾🎉
  13. 4921 views. 15 zooms. Average CTR 0.30. 8 sales for a gross total of $155,89. Highest $51.38. Lowest £4.78. Average $19.48. Very disappointing.
  14. On my side 6 of those ridiculous China sales until now.
  15. Very disappointing month. My worst since July 2020. It started well with two licences by the 5th of the month and then dried up with very little activity following. The two sales realised just $49 gross and views, zooms, and CTR all down. Guess we'll have to see what happens in 2022!! Jim.
  16. Sales up 35% and gross revenue up 70% from 2000 making 2021 my best year ever on both counts from the previous 2018 figures.
  17. Sales numbers up 14%, Gross Revenue down 14%, Net revenue obviously worse due to the cut in our share. Sales numbers have gradually increased in 5 out of the last 6 years, but revenue reduced every year for the last 7 years except one when I had an exceptional $$$$ sale. I haven't submitted any images since the change in commission and still debating whether to do so - but the ridiculously low fees I'm now receiving (even though I'm opted out of novel use) isn't exactly encouraging me to restart submitting more work ....
  18. Excellent advice above from Panthera. There have been exceptions but in general I avoid pursuing media users - the whole syndication system, also the ecosystem of scraper sites, is too complex. Having said that a UK magazine recently paid me a good fee. They downloaded the image and 'forgot' to pay. All mine are RM and I keep spreadsheets of all sales through Alamy and elsewhere. The Alamy team have been incredibly helpful as have my contacts at my other agency. But even with careful due diligence mistakes are inevitable. As we know uses don't get reported, people make mistakes. I
  19. In 2021 I have doubled the 2020 sales (+ another 5%, to be more precise) while increasing the gross income with 10% only...
  20. 2021 sales up by 12, income down by $159. Average sale price a bit over the Alamy "average" at $36.49. In 2020, my average was $46.43. So a substantial average reduction for me.
  21. I am just a beginner with Pixsy (8 months) but I did use copy track about 3 years ago as well. It's difficult I will not paint around that fact. Some small agencies I used in the past have been incredibly helpful digging through their databases to provide me with complete records. Some of the bigger ones have been quite unhelpful and even don't reply to requests. I know we all complain about Alamy not showing the buyers name but their details of RM sales provide you a lot of info to narrow down uses, their records they share are quite good comparatively. 99% of my stuff is RM so th
  22. Relative comparison to 2020. Def more sales in terms of volume but the revenue is not keeping up. 2020 2021 % Up Total Images on Sale 3339 4704 41 Number of Sale 24 80 233 Gross 778.41 1180.88 52 Net 370.07 521.98 41
  23. If your photo is licenced as RF then any purchaser can use it multiple times in many different projects. No agency or copyright owner can contemplate keeping track of the ways a RF image is used after it has been licenced, unless it is a single unique sale. Further, ff the image is available through multiple agencies it multiplies the problem, making tracking legitimate and illegitimate use pretty well impossible. The only realistic way image uses can be tracked is if they are licenced as RM, ideally through a single agency so it can be definitively determined whether an appropriate licence ha
  24. What I was hoping for was that these services provided some sort of a license checking mechanism. As a contributor, I don't get the details of where a specific photo sold by, say, Shutterstock or Adobe Stock is approved to be used. While I do track my sales and know how many times each image has been sold and for how much, I don't have a way of cross referencing that with the destination those sales went to. The best I've been able to do is mark the matches on the legitimate stock agencies I'm contributing to directly as Approved. But that's about all I'm finding I'm able to do...
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