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  1. Good morning to you all Reading the forum and the various topics I read unstated sales, sales that do not appear in the contributor profile. How is it possible to understand when I made a sale and was not declared to me?
  2. I'm just wondering about the frequency of sales during the day. I can't ever remember getting a sale come through in the morning and then again in the afternoon. Is it a once a day addition or can sales get reported as and when they arrive at Alamy? The thought just crossed my mind that's all.
  3. I get what I consider a fairly large, steady stream of zooms. I had a bunch drop in today. Sometimes these zooms turn into sales, but mostly they do not. I'm just wondering what you all think is the significance of Alamy zooms? Thanks, Edo
  4. When I select " all of alamy " and count up the number of sales for the last business week it comes to 516. That does not seem very much. If average sale value is about 40US$ then total earnings are about 20600 US$ . That is 10,300 to Alamy about £7300. Has anybody else followed these sales figures? Am I doing something wrong?
  5. I am going to the Alamy Sales Seminar on Saturday is anyone on here going as well?
  6. Morning all I had some images back in the Sun this January which showed up on my account at the end of February. Anyone know how quick they usually settle their invoices??? 60 days or wishful thinking???
  7. This is probably a massively basic question (but I checked the FAQ etc and couldn't see it) but could someone tell me if the sales numbers shown in My Alamy are the amounts that I will receive, or the amounts that the pictures sold for, of which I would receive only a percentage? Many thanks.
  8. Out of curiosity what's the quickest anybody has had a live news upload sold from the time it was uploaded.
  9. Hi, Newbie question: I was looking at Alamy Measures, All of Alamy info to get an idea of what types of images are heavily searched. For the last month or so, "dog," "london," and "black panther" are at the top of their list (this is the list for ALL ALAMY, not just mine, as I have not even uploaded any photos yet.) But the Sales column for each of these shows as 0. And all the other keywords have (what seems to me) ridiculously low sales given the apparently vibrant ecosystem that is Alamy. What am I missing here? Thanks.
  10. Hi, I'm wondering if there's anywhere on the site where we can see how well other contributors' photos sell. It would be interesting to see how well subject matter and composition similar to my own are selling. Is it possible to see information such as this?
  11. Hi all, Had my first sale last month so I'm curious about the commission structure. I noticed there was: - 30% alamy commission - 40% distributor commission Is this right? I seem to remember 50% commission but its been a while since I read the fees structure. Thanks Hai
  12. Hi forum - looking for some advice improving image sales on Alamy. It's not something I've kept up with but wanting to get back into and hoping to make a few more sales. My portfolio last Summer was mostly events I attended with an interest in photojournalism, although now I'd prefer to look into architecture and conceptual stuff. Does anyone have advice on getting started, and where to improve on my current portfolio? 2 sales so far but my CTR is a little low for my liking. Thanks!
  13. I recently sold a couple of images, one used by The Guardian newspaper (7th Feb), and The Times newspaper (9th Feb), and the other image used by The Guardian on 8th Feb, but none of these sales are showing up in my sales history. I have noted that other photographers appear to have their sales history updated immediately, so I'm wondering why nothing has showed up on mine. Anyone have any idea what is going on?
  14. I received an email from alamy yesterday morning at 5:00 am congratulating me for a large sale of $315 it reads: Great Work, you've made a sale of $315. We think its brilliant for a collection of 2016 images and worth celebrating. .... blah blah blah Then it has links for me to tweet about my great sale. I was so super happy but now a day and a half later and this sale still doesn't appear in my dashboard lol. can someone explain whats happening? thanks! Lisa
  15. It's only been a year since I've worked with Alamy and some things are not clear to me. Can you help me to understand better? Is the date when an image is downloaded and then sold communicated? Is it true that more months can pass from the sale to the payment to the contributor? I can not understand why, at the current date I have only 9 zoom, how much do they count, according to your experience? thank you!!!
  16. Hi people I know my request isnt new and I've read similar topics and I understand a lot of patience is required. It would really be helpful if I can get some feedback. I've been with Alamy for six months, and have over 100 imagse (I know it isnt much). I know now not to expect a quick sale - but I thought I'd get at least a zoom? I'm not sure where I am going wrong on Alamy. One of the things I'm also struggling at is the "discoverability." When I opt for little but very specific keywords, my discoverability remains poor.But if I populate the keywords using as much relevant information as
  17. Hello all, This is going to be one of them questions that we have all seen 1000 times now, and i think i may know the answer. I currently have almost 1000 images, a mixed bag of aerial and ground shots, on alamy i have had 850ish views with 4 zooms- 0 sales. I upload all of my content to a micro site beginning with an 'S' and ive had 20 odd sales on there. I know people hate these micro sites, and i feel that potential alamy sales have been driven there if they have shopped around for a cheaper download. The alamy upload process is my favorite, nice and clear and easy
  18. Do you think a zoom or two or maybe a few will move a specific image up in rank?
  19. I should know this but would like confirmation. What is the suggested ratio for a portrait image for magazine cover use? (In PSE I have crop ratio options like 6x4 / 7x5 etc They are not shown as 1:33 etc ) Thanks in advance John
  20. Hi Guys A little problem here... My Alamy measures shows "total zooms" of 52, before I was able to see which images were zoomed under "My Images" (Pseudonym Summary) ... Now it does not show. I know I have to wait a little for servers to update, and I did (4 days now). Still nothing Any Ideas?
  21. Hi Guys I have a little problem When I look at Alamy Measres under Total zooms it shows me 52 Before, when I clicked on "My Images" below the graph to look at "Pseudonym Summary" it showed me which images were zoomed. But not this time. I know I have to wait for servers to update, and I did (4 days now). Still nothing. Any ideas?
  22. Hello All, I was wondering if anyone here who sells on "Fine Art" sites runs into any type of conflicts on Alamy as far as licensing is concerned. Would an image sold on both Alamy and any Fine Art site have to be a royalty free image on Alamy? Or rights managed? Or does it even matter? P.S. I don't know what to call these "Fine Art" sites, I'm sure there's some blanket description for them, like stock, libraries, etc... but I think everyone knows what I mean - thanks everyone.
  23. i have re-worked some keywords, and indeed got round to some more uploading that was on my to-do list. i've got some good zooms, recently going up from nearly nothing. with some (albeit generic) searches having healthy numbers. is a Zoom a good indication of that i may have some sales coming from them?? also i have some searches for specific "Alamy image refs" eg the 5/6 digit code that ID's my images. again, is this a good indication a buyer is wanting my stock? thanks in advance, Dan
  24. Since there has been a recent discussion about oversaturated subjects, I thought it might be instructive to share some examples -- e.g. Empire State Building, CN Tower, Buckingham Palace, Taj Mahal, etc., etc. -- of oversaturated subjects that have sold despite there being thousands (even millions) of others to choose from. Please also give the reason or reasons why you think your image was chosen. Here's one of mine shot and sold earlier this year. There are zillions of images of the Vancouver skyline available here and elsewhere, taken from every angle imaginable and in all kinds
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