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  1. Hi, can you tell me why it appears to take so long for an image sale to appear on my Contributor Dashboard? Twice in the past year I have had instances where I have spotted my image use (online, in print and on TV) days before I have had notification of it's sale. The instance where it happened on TV was particularly worrying, as it just suddenly appeared on a prime-time TV programme on the BBC without any warning, and actually felt quite creepy. Is there no way that users can be forewarned of image use, or at least kept up-to-date with image sales as they happen? This weekend an image of
  2. 15 sales for $297 gross $99 net. Slightly above average monthly sales and gross for me, but net is down due to distributor sales and commission cut. Luckily only one sale was a $0.15 gross, $0.04 net. HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL Mark
  3. Total sales in 2021 = 59 with about 1,500 images available for sale (last photo added to my portfolio was in 2016) 2012 = 1 2013 = 16 2014 = 57 2015 = 63 2016 = 57 2017 = 64 2018 = 50 2019 = 39 2020 = 27 2021 = 59 Total sales = 433 An additional 117 sales on Alamy’s iPhone App with about 1,000 images available for sale
  4. A photo of mine (see above) has been used on a cat calendar. It is credited to me and Alamy, but looking at my Alamy sales history, this does not appear anywhere. Has this happened to you, and if so, did Alamy sort everything out to your satisfaction? I have contacted Alamy about this, but I would like to hear from you if you've had a similar experience.
  5. Tied with 2020 for second best year for total sales (153), but gross income was down 20% from 2020 and 34% from 2019. 🙁 All things considered, 2021 was my worst year ever for income since I started making regular sales. I made $1400 gross more (and I kept 60%) in 2009 with only 55 sales and probably less than 2000 images. Can't see myself devoting a lot of time to stock photography in 2022. I'm not Rocky and don't want to be. 🥊
  6. Off to a poor start on the 2nd when I had a sale of $1.67 gross. The lowest value licence I have ever had, followed by two more at the same price! Total for the month was 7 sales for $60 gross. Looking on the bright side my total number of sales 139, best year ever, In 2020 I had 127 sales. Total gross revenue this was 34% higher than for 2020. Reckon I will keep on doing this. . . . Peter
  7. I too was thinking this could be a creative outlet, for having a bit of fun, rather than sticking to the same style of images that I produce normally for Alamy. Do your sales seem to align with the customer score you received?
  8. Sales volume at Alamy had been holding steady for me, but this year showed a substantial uptick, with 283 sales. Revenue continues on a downward trend, with $2279 net. Better than some (AS $1623 or SS $1195). I won't be leaving Alamy because of 0.04 cent sales yet.
  9. Two unusual Saturday sales, presentation uses, both of actress Hermione Corfield.
  10. Best year for sales (100 - one more than 2019) Third worst year (not counting my first part-year, 2009) for gross $$ at $1597. Only last year was worse for net, due to a big dip in sales in 2020. So the only positive is that this year has netted me more than last year. But I was still on 50% for much of this year, so next year ... 😞 My 'other place' (also with reducing sales values) with 11% fewer files has netted me almost twice as much, with December still to be reported.
  11. Saw an increase in sales but a reduction in income (at 100% sales value). When I recalculate the sales number to get me the 40 percent income value I am left with the impression that in my particular genre of photography its really not worth me bothering anymore. Its the end of the road for me as I don't see things improving to a point to inspire me to use my time this way anymore. A sad reflection but an honest one for my personal situation. I won't give up photography but will give up stock.
  12. On the last 2 days of December 121 Chinese sales, nearly doubling my number of sales total (253) A shame the total (gross) sales did not amount to much, 18,15 in total. 🤪 (Another 4,000 dollar would be welcome....)
  13. 12 sales for $805, including 3 $$$. Sorry, those 11 penny sales do NOT count. For the year, sales and gross total are both slight uptick from a lousy 2020.
  14. 23 sales for $319. 1 $$$ refund. CTR .53 ish. Total sales for 2021 = 299. Happy with sales, disappointed with revenue. Happy New Year everyone - hope it is a better one! Onwards and upwards. 🙂
  15. A bit above average number of sales with 29 sales (7 of those were .15 Cents today) for a gross of $752. I too am below the $30 average, especially with those tiny Chinese sales.
  16. This is VERY discouraging. My first sale of the year had a somewhat decent price but it has been refunded and resold at the same terms for $30 less. I have two new polar bear sales but the prices are tiny and one is distribution in Estonia. Really wretched. Polar Bear Cub in the Svalbard Archipelago. Paulette
  17. Second best month of 2021 for sales with 23, and best month of the year for revenue with $469, giving an average of $20. Luckily no $0.15 sales but I did have 2 at $0.17. Highest $85, but it was a distributor sale. John.
  18. Go to Your Dashboard "Additional Revenue Options" box under the results graph "Distribution" In or Out if OUT that's it If IN, click on Distribution to check specific territory which you are technically in (note last item seems to have issues, since people reported Out for "China" still had December 30 sales)
  19. 1.) My last 6 sales have sold for $0.15 - has Alamy gone into microstock mode ? Is it still worth contributing ? 2.) Can someone please tell me how to respond on this forum to anyone kind enough to repsond to my questions ? Thanks in anticiptaion.
  20. Hello. im looking for some advice on my work. I am 100% self taught. I have never taken a class on photography nor do i know shot types. I have always been interested in photography but never took it seriously… until I was bored on vacation and bought a drone because I always liked drone shots. Bought a cheap one at first then a DJI. Now I love it. I’ve been at this for 3 months now. I’ve had sales so that’s a good sign. But i don’t know any expert photographers to ask for help. I’d like to buy a hand held camera one day so I can get ground shot’s more often.
  21. I had 3 sales when I had less that 500 photos all licensed in 2021. I have about 800 in my port now but no new sales. I have licensed a flower close up picture here with no latin name but have since gone though my port and added the latin flower names as much as I can by googling the common names.
  22. 6 for $150, ranging from 15 cents to $80. Average gross $25. The 15 cent one was an RF to China as was a full page print RM editorial for a Chinese magazine for $8.82 (under 10K print run - tiny for China). I get a whopping 4 cents/$2.11 for those. I've seen lots of <$1 sales via G to China, so not surprising. I agree that if you count the pretty rare $$$ licenses you need to count the piddly <$ licenses into your average too. Otherwise it really is skewed. If 83 out of 150 sales for some people are 0.15 then they are more the rule than the exception. Still
  23. I normally have regular sales throughout the month but have had nothing for a couple of weeks. Am I being paranoid but I do wonder if I might suddenly get a load just after the new contract on 24th.
  24. James @Alamy would you also consider giving us an update on, and advise us of future plans for the database and associated systems as per the issues that are highlighted here and elsewhere at times. Last weekend's freeze could potentially have lost Alamy a large number of sales.
  25. Hi. Your pictures will appear at a certain level (e.g. first page, 10th page... etc.) in searches by clients, depending on various factors. CTR and Sales are the only factors we know about for sure in the secret formula Alamy uses to set our search ranking. Your CTR rank (on your Dashboard) is a function of the number of times a client zooms (clicks on) one of your images versus the number of times your images appear in a client search, but are not zoomed. CTR=Zooms/Views * 100 This is basically a long way of me saying, don't spam keywords. E.g. don't put s
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