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  1. My slightly different take, more for the benefit of new contributors... Average age of a sold picture is just over 3 years. Oldest picture had been for sale 11 years. Q1 2020 vs Q1 2021, almost the same sales and values but average licence fee up $1 Stay safe and stuff. 🦔
  2. A reasonable month for me 12 sales for $296 gross, $129 net Also pleased to get very fast responses from Alamy CR to "Unauthorized Use" forms I've submitted. THANKS ALAMY Mark
  3. 23 sales for $621 gross, a reasonable average for me Alex
  4. Not a bad month. 14 sales (second highest in last 12 months) for $355 (also second highest in last 12 months). Lowest $0.25 (lowest ever!), highest $130. 1st March; 15 sales; 6920 views; 48 zooms; CTR 0.69 31st March; 15 sales; 9291 views; 63 zooms; CTR 0.68 Maybe hope for the future. John.
  5. I had 17 for $384.75 gross. Happy with the number of sales but average price quite low. Highest was $72 this month.
  6. 10 sales for $278 - best month in 2021 so far.
  7. a very strange month -15 sales ( nothing special) - only $265 partly because 5 were for $0.25 each !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but best views and zooms for 15 months so maybe things are improving for next month
  8. Can't get any worse, absolutely nothing in March making it my second dry month in a row. Zooms and views are up so I guess I need to wait a little longer to see if any come good. Some do, many don't. Wishing everyone a successful April.
  9. March was my best month for some time 19 sales fpr $940. I only reached 19 sales once previously, that was in March 2014, but then the total was $1024. . .
  10. 9 sales for $138 gross. Best month in 2021 so far, but the bar was set pretty low from Jan/Feb!
  11. I am chuffed!! 7 sales dropped in on the 1st for an Australian newspaper. $$ All bar 1 are from Arnhem Land, a vast remote and rugged Aboriginal wilderness in Northern Territory, notoriously difficult to get permits to visit and camp. One usually has to book for months in advance. Then it's hundred of kms of very rough roads with heavy corrugation, not all vehicles can make it. Thing is, we were there during the first Covid lockdown when State borders were closed. Northern Territory is not the most touristic place at the best of time, but there were next to zero tourist
  12. 8 sales for $396 gross net $158 Nothing more than the usual
  13. My wow is best month since last March which was the best ever for $$$... 14 sales, 5 tiddlers, 6x $$ and 3x $$$😁 Hopefully a sign of things to come! Phil
  14. Cheers Elizabeth ! Times online 1st World Canberra, Australia, 31 March, 2021. The Roulettes are the Royal Australian Air Force's aerobatic display team. They performed in Canberra as part of the Air Force 100 – Centenary of Air Force celebrations. Darren Weinert/Alamy Live News. - Image ID: 2F6BA4M Business jeremy sutton-hibbert Sanjeev Gupta, CEO of Liberty House Group, at Liberty Steel Dalzell steelworks in Motherwell, Scotland, on 28 September 2016. H2PGM7 Keith J Smith Cazoo car sales show rooms on the with cars in a public
  15. Happy enough with the month - 47 sales for $919 gross. I only had one $$$, which is disappointing, but 14 mid $$. Onwards!
  16. Thank you for all your responses (and good wishes). It's been no great surprise that many have a similar pattern of first ten/last ten sales value, the greater differences being for those who go back a long way (submitting on CD and a six week wait for QC sends a shudder down my spine). I've been encouraged though that some have mentioned recent decent sales. I'll mayby rouse myself, dust off the camera bag and make sure the lens is clean and the battery charged....
  17. 10 sales for $200 gross. Unpleasantly high proportion of presentation sales, I'll be keeping an eye out for those ones using reverse google image search.
  18. My wow is that I got no low $ sales in March (either). I got no sales at all...
  19. A poor month with only 3 sales. $75 gross. On the upside, my best ever month for zooms, so maybe I'll have a good summer! 🙂
  20. March was a very slow-starter, but I ended up with 18 sales (above average) for $592 gross. Six PU sales in the mix, which I think is a new record for me. No $$$ licenses to report.
  21. March was a little above average. 24 sales for $979 gross. 3 sales $100+
  22. I'm not convinced the ES2 is all that good for slides: The combination FH-5 plus ES-2 only allows to hold slide mounts with a thickness of 2mm or less. That is a terrible design flaw! (here) And here someone even says it's 1.7mm 1.7mm is the thickness of the Kodak paper mounts. Most normal mounts are 2.3mm or even thicker for glass mounts. Maybe people have 3d printed better solutions by now for the ES-2. Or made one out of cardboard. Otherwise it's just one of those slide copy attachments that's marketed a bit better. The holder for filmstrips looks good. Mi
  23. First ten - $1925.59. 10 Oct 2003 to 20 Dec 2005. 26 months. Last ten - $214.24. All last month (March). However, if I look at the same time period of 26 months in recent years - 10 Oct 2018 to 20 Dec 2020 - I get 486 sales = $12067.17 Edit - one thing I don't miss about 'the good old days' is having to send the images on a CD/DVD then having to wait up to 6 weeks to find out if they've passed QC.
  24. I mean wow in not a good way. I haven't had a month like this since I started. Eight sales for $24 net. How about you?
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