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  1. Hello everyone, I recently had a large royalty free sale refunded to the buyer, 7 days after it was downloaded. I was not informed by of the refund and only noticed it by chance. This has never happened before to me and was wondering if this is common among other contributors. Any info would be appreciated
  2. Any thoughts on what aspect ratio is preferred by customers? Obviously 2:3 and 3:4 are the most popular OOC aspect ratios, but is there any preference for one of them? And what about more extreme ratios like 16:10 or 16:9? Doing landscapes, 16:10 is my (artistic) favorite, but does it sell? For a combined front and back book cover, some even more extreme aspect ratios are needed. What about wide-screen banners? billboards (I'm still dreaming of a 10k$ billboard sale)? There's many uses for extreme aspect ratios, but does the customer expect us to offer images with such aspect ratio
  3. hello Forum I don't know how accurate it is but I was reading that portrait alignment is more suited to commercial photography than landscape. Is it worth shooting a subject in both alignments even if the subject doesn't necessarily demand it? Also does any other aspect ratio do particularly well in regards to stock sell-ability? Cheeers
  4. Hi, everyone I am Alamy contributor and I have question about difference in current cleared balance which is less than 50% of amount of sales to date. As I understand the commission is 50/50 and there is no taxes according to my tax form, so I don`t find any other information which will explain this difference. So please give me a link on this info or just explain me. Unfortunately I can not contact contributors@alamy.com because "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender - Action: failed" Thank You for Your attention and answers in advance
  5. My last distributor sale was in June. Anyone else noticing a decline? Trend or just a blip of some kind? P.S. I usually have 2-4 distrib sales per month on average.
  6. Is there a way to download a sales report as a PDF or Excel file? I'm only able to download a CSV file and DACS asks for PDF or Excel.
  7. I am very fresh here and, even though I know CTR, views and Zooms are just a glimpse of what will really make my sales, it is the tool Alamy give us to steer the wheel. I just wonder what would be good figures. I currently have 610 views and 6 zooms, so a CTR of 0.98 Last month average in Alamy is 0.59, so I seem to be doing way better than the average, but I am not sure its a good figure. My main concern is that I think only 6 zooms will mean it will take a long time to have a sale. If you wouldnt mind sharing some of your experience, I would love to hear it.
  8. I had a sale for a stitched panorama image drop in last night. I only uploaded it as I had processed it anyway. I wasn't thinking it would ever sell but there you have it. Have you had any luck with sales of panoramics?
  9. hello. I am curious if anyone can explain to me what it means when you have a certain amount in sales but it says you are owed a smaller amount? why is that number so different? Thank you.
  10. Maybe it's just my natural pessimism, but I seem to be seeing fewer instances of an exclusive zoom, often there are 6 or more of us jostling for a customer's attention. There is now 115 million images available, I feel that the rate of growth of the collection is outstripping my ability to grow my own port. Whereas once it would be possible to make a decent income from around 3000 shots, unless your collection is outstanding in some way, this is no longer the case. This year, for the first time since I have had a reasonably sized port, and despite many additional shots, I predict t
  11. Just had a look at my year-to-date figure for sales v zooms. No convoluted scientific reasoning behind it, just curious and was wondering how others compare. Since January 1, I'm getting roughly one sale for every four zooms (total zooms divided by total sales). Anyone else getting anything similar? (Don't know whether one in four is particularly good or bad by the way).
  12. Just wondering if members would be willing to share what their % sales are "Personal Use" compared to, what might be termed "normal sales". For example sales for editorial, books, etc. I opted out of PU in the early days so have no way of checking this from my own sales figures. Thanks in advance for any information. Allan
  13. To better understand RM vs RF battle i'd like to share my 2018 sales: - $$$ RM sales: 35% of total year revenues - $$ RM sales: 60% - $ RM sales: 5% I just started to sell RF on Alamy so i dont't have any sales at the moment . What's yours?
  14. Greetings, first post in about 7 years or more, but interested to see reaction re' the following in regards to Alamy sales report for DACS. Apparently I cannot claim for books as there is no ISBN data on the report Alamy send on my behalf. Last year's Alamy report was accepted without ISBNs, but they seem to be hard-nosed now about the ISBN data. Looking at My Alamy, indeed no ISBN data for sales. Also, would Worldwide Sales or Worldwide Usage include the UK (as per DACS requriements for Payback) - it would have to, yes. Last time I che
  15. With the introduction of the optional 'editorial only' box I went for it across all images earlier this year. Since then I have seen a measurable reduction in sales. I suspect that images were previously sold for commercial purposes despite me showning no releases for people or property. Basically I do not want any problems with my images being sold for commercial purposes in case anyone objects and a court case or other claims are launched. I actually do not care what they are used for as long as I don't get into trouble as a result thereof. Although I am behind first the user and then Alamy
  16. I can't seem to get any sales, how can I start to get sales?
  17. I don't have many images here yet, but I have already made 2 sales, which was probably more due to luck than anything! As expected, since then I have not made any further sales as of yet. My question is: do sales get affected by how active your account is? In other words, do you have to keep adding images to get more exposure or are search results not affected by your account activity? Theoretically, if you uploaded "the best" image of a particular subject, would it continue selling or would it get relegated to the bottom of search results as time goes by? T
  18. Both sales and zooms haven't been updated since Feb 16 in my page account. Anyone else experiencing the same problem?
  19. Looking at All of Alamy sales in ‘measures’ there are 11 sales for the search ‘alamytestimage’. Puzzled as to why anyone would search/buy using that search term?
  20. Hi Everyone Can anyone please take a look at my portfolio and just give me some idea where im going wrong. Ive been submitting now for 2 months and not had one single sale. I sell to other microstock sites and do ok, why I am not getting sales here. Is my portfolio just not good enough or is what I photograph more related to microstock and shall I stop wasting my time submitting here Thank you in advance - Steve
  21. OK, a little (very) sarcastic title, but I've just received two sales for my lowest gross ever for a direct sale. I'm most certainly not going to mention the price, but I may have to start nicking sachets of ketchup and sugar if this goes on.
  22. Hi all, Just found this during a search - is http://l7.alamy.com/zooms/3b24dbec2cd74d31896429c725ef4eb1/tower-block-high-rise-living-pinter-house-rhodesia-road-lambeth-london-ddjmde.jpg legit? I haven't noticed a URL with 17,alamy.com before.
  23. Wondering is the general consensus to opt in or out of distributor sales. Andy
  24. i got a sale on the 5th, very happy with it. licence dates are: Start: 05 April 2018 End: 05 April 2023 but then today for the same usage the dates are: Start: 09 April 2018 End: 09 April 2028 Duration is life of the edition but for a lower amount (a good 40% difference). - still a nice number though. any ideas if this will result in a refund? how common are they? it seems to me that they are getting a better deal for a lower price, given its longer and has the extra note about duration on. both still showing as
  25. Hi! I've been on Alamy for only three months with about 60 approved images. No sales yet and I'm wondering if I'm missing a step or doing something wrong. Is there any way to generate more sales? Or is it sheer volume and I just need to upload a lot more images? I'd appreciate any suggestions for selling some stuff! Thanks!
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