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  1. I too was thinking this could be a creative outlet, for having a bit of fun, rather than sticking to the same style of images that I produce normally for Alamy. Do your sales seem to align with the customer score you received?
  2. 4921 views. 15 zooms. Average CTR 0.30. 8 sales for a gross total of $155,89. Highest $51.38. Lowest £4.78. Average $19.48. Very disappointing.
  3. Very disappointing month. My worst since July 2020. It started well with two licences by the 5th of the month and then dried up with very little activity following. The two sales realised just $49 gross and views, zooms, and CTR all down. Guess we'll have to see what happens in 2022!! Jim.
  4. Two unusual Saturday sales, presentation uses, both of actress Hermione Corfield.
  5. I got a clarification now. The part about "novel use" was a mistake (on the side of support), apparently you need to opt out of distributor sales to avoid these sales. Strange, though, that opting out of sales to China isn't enough.
  6. I received a reply from support; they say that to avoid these sales, you need to opt out of "novel use" (in April). Where do you see if a sale is "novel use" (I looked at the sales report and the sales history, but it doesn't say "novel use" anywhere), and are "novel use" all novel use prices this low?
  7. A customer buys an image licence for USD 100 through a distributor. Distributor's commission is 40% - minus USD 40. Left is USD 60. Alamy's commission is 60% - minus USD 36, Left is USD 24. JP Morgan Bank deducts USD 15 on each transfer to my bank in Europe. Left is USD 9. My bank takes USD 3 for each incoming transfer. Left is USD 6. The local tax office takes at least 30% - minus USD 2. Left is USD 4. This does not even cover the cost of Internet connection needed to transfer the images to Alamy.
  8. 1/10/2021 EWJ94E 15IDM3662 geogphotos RM 13.13 -7.88 5.25 1/10/2021 R538AA DunlopilloLatexMattress RKive RM 12.49 -7.49 5.00 One involved climbing a mountain. The other didn't. Though climbing the mountain did make an extra 25 cents.
  9. Are the dollar amounts listed in the righthand Amount column of Sales History the amount that a contributor is being paid by Alamy, or is it the amount that a customer is paying to Alamy?
  10. This is VERY discouraging. My first sale of the year had a somewhat decent price but it has been refunded and resold at the same terms for $30 less. I have two new polar bear sales but the prices are tiny and one is distribution in Estonia. Really wretched. Polar Bear Cub in the Svalbard Archipelago. Paulette
  11. Go to Your Dashboard "Additional Revenue Options" box under the results graph "Distribution" In or Out if OUT that's it If IN, click on Distribution to check specific territory which you are technically in (note last item seems to have issues, since people reported Out for "China" still had December 30 sales)
  12. 1.) My last 6 sales have sold for $0.15 - has Alamy gone into microstock mode ? Is it still worth contributing ? 2.) Can someone please tell me how to respond on this forum to anyone kind enough to repsond to my questions ? Thanks in anticiptaion.
  13. Hello. im looking for some advice on my work. I am 100% self taught. I have never taken a class on photography nor do i know shot types. I have always been interested in photography but never took it seriously… until I was bored on vacation and bought a drone because I always liked drone shots. Bought a cheap one at first then a DJI. Now I love it. I’ve been at this for 3 months now. I’ve had sales so that’s a good sign. But i don’t know any expert photographers to ask for help. I’d like to buy a hand held camera one day so I can get ground shot’s more often.
  14. why does Summary of Sales ALWAYS make me submit twice before returning time ranges "older than" or "longer than" the one-month default setting???! signed, cranky yankee its what I am
  15. 737 sales for a gross of $17,589. - Average of $24/image sold gross. - Best sale $375 gross. Opted out of all distribution except Japan and the USA in the Summer. 2021: Total sales 737, Total income (gross) $17,589 Average number of images on sale : 27,686 (c. 700 images added this year) 2020: 661 $18,514 26,900 2016 868 $ 27,798
  16. Had 3 sales come in over the last week, all < $3 looks like it's becoming a Trend 😞
  17. 117 Sales for the year, $2,864 gross, $1,159 net + $25 net for DACS TV usage (the rest of DACS was claimed direct). Best number of image sales and gross revenue by some margin, but net sales revenue was virtually same as it was in 2018. Not too bad considering I deleted about 15% of my portfolio just before the new contract came into force. But I suspect this and the lower commission will make it quite a challenge to do even better next year. HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL Mark
  18. 15 sales for $297 gross $99 net. Slightly above average monthly sales and gross for me, but net is down due to distributor sales and commission cut. Luckily only one sale was a $0.15 gross, $0.04 net. HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL Mark
  19. James @Alamy would you also consider giving us an update on, and advise us of future plans for the database and associated systems as per the issues that are highlighted here and elsewhere at times. Last weekend's freeze could potentially have lost Alamy a large number of sales.
  20. Total sales in 2021 = 59 with about 1,500 images available for sale (last photo added to my portfolio was in 2016) 2012 = 1 2013 = 16 2014 = 57 2015 = 63 2016 = 57 2017 = 64 2018 = 50 2019 = 39 2020 = 27 2021 = 59 Total sales = 433 An additional 117 sales on Alamy’s iPhone App with about 1,000 images available for sale
  21. I've been a contributor for 3 years now, but made only 4 sales so far, totalling $73. On the FAQ page, Alamy states that it takes 45 days to 3 months to clear a sale. Two of the sales were made last year, totalling $37.88. On my dashboard, it states that the current cleared balance is $20. Am I missing something here? Is the value shown on the dashboard the gross value for the sale, and not what we are going to be receiving?
  22. Yes and I was just being intentionally obtuse. I know they are technically licenses, because I still own all the rights. Correct = sales of licenses. 😇
  23. I have had 14 sales in January, so far, for a grand total of $38.59! So you can easily see the average price/image I'm currently getting. I do find it frustrating, even though I had a record year in 2021, both in terms of numbers sold and total earnings. But I do find this this downward price spiral, worrying!
  24. Accurate key wording and title descriptions are important on Almay. But, with so few images online, you will struggle for sales simply because of the sheer numbers of competing images from other photographers. Its a numbers game on Alamy. You really do need a reasonable size portfolio in order to compete or stand out from all the others.
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