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  1. Following on from my best year ever in 2019 it's a bit like after the Lord Mayor's show this time:- Sales down 6% Views down 7% Zooms down 7% CTR up 6% And horror above horrors, Revenue was down 47% Grit your teeth and carry on! Jim 😏
  2. 19 sales for $309. Lots of tiddlers. Highest $74. Zooms down by 1/3. CTR down to .53
  3. Actually, I have twelve sales if you count the three picked up by The Sun that I still haven't been paid for and that still have not appeared on my sales report.
  4. You've got some great stuff there and you obviously know how to make the most of documenting your part of the world. One thing to bear in mind is that while it's good to have a speciality, it will be a niche interest for buyers too. So if your 100,000 images of the rest of the world are as good as these then you should start submitting as fast as you can. Get as much variety into your portfolio as possible and you will make sales without a doubt. But to sell regularly you need several thousand at least, so get cracking! Alan
  5. Since you asked/demanded this information. Look at the STRATEGIC REPORT then right near the start REVIEW OF BUSINESS '.........coupled with a stronger performance in secondary rights income'. 'Profit for the financial year was......., driven by a change in the commission model in addition to reduced....costs relating to the Videoloft loan.' More positively the increase in headline revenue was 'attributable to a significant improvement in commerce sales'. More of that please!
  6. Cheers Steve, the same image used again today ! Times online 14th Law Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK. 1st September, 2020. A lady looks at properties for sale in an Estate Agents window in Maidenhead as her dog looks less than impressed. Maureen McLean/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2CEG81E � HM Courts & Tribunals Service Court Bailiff serving eviction Warrant notice in evicting tenant from home flat house. UK - Image ID: EJGDW0 Iain Masterton Police arrest - can't find it Business Mark Fagelson Honda Factory Swindon UK Honda
  7. Happy new year, everyone! Congratulations to the ones with sales. And good luck to all rest of us who are yet to make one this month. 😃
  8. Let's get the inevitable ball rolling. My stats for 2020 compared to 2019: Sales volume: +16.67% (best year ever) Gross revenue: + 1.96% (5th best year) Net revenue: -4.18% (5th best year) Average image price: 25 # images uploaded: 1,361
  9. Even if it costs you 50% of your DACs royalties? I keep a rolling year on year spreadsheet of found books/magazines and add new ones as I find find them. That way it only takes an hour or two to update the DACs claim. You should also bear in mind that image sales from other agencies can't be claimed for by Alamy so if you do sell images elsewhere i.e. other agencies/commisioned work Alamy can't claim for those so you lose out.
  10. I used to do backgrounds/textures when I first started to be honest the only place they ever sold was on the microstock outfits I never sold a single one on Alamy. There's too much competition for background/textures as everyone does it. To be honest I'd saythat Alamy is not the kind of agency where that kind of thing really sells. Most of my sales here have been a mix of editorial and none editorial around a 50/50 split
  11. A flurry of sales stating in November got my sales volume up from last year, but revenue was sadly way down (2nd worst revenue after my first year, 2008, when I had a very tiny port). Of most concern, average price took a serious nosedive - $26. Despite a few exclusives, there were also some distributor sales, so I earned an average of $11 per sale. In most bars & restaurants in my neighborhood (not that I've been to one in a vey very long while), that won't even buy you a single cocktail. Discouraging. Net income from Alamy dropped by about 100% - that's right, I earned less than half of
  12. Just as a side note, my sales Month to Date are the same as Jan 2020 month to date, but the value is a lot higher. Hope the future keeps going like this.
  13. True but tons of microstockers refugees have joined Alamy with this kind of content and I've never seen any reported sale. Perhaps it's too soon for them to have sales. But why would anyone buy backgrounds from Alamy when it's well known that they can be bought for pennies on microstock?
  14. Still no sales at all but at least I got some zooms this year. Got more uploaded and worked on keywords quite a bit.
  15. Exactly. My CTR (which I understand is a zooms to views ratio) is not bad which means my photos or keywords are not that bad. People are finding my images. What is bad is my sales to zooms ratio. Why are people zooming and not buying? Of course, it could be because those images are for sale at other agencies. I don't know. I don't think is a good idea to be exclusive to any agency.
  16. Low sales here too. I haven't seen any communications from Alamy but bear in mind that we've gone into lockdown again so it's possible that's having a staffing effect.
  17. Mixed! 7 sales for $200 gross with one high $$ (textbook) and a couple of low $$ but the rest all low single $ personal and web use. Views and zooms well down but then the last 2 weeks of December can be written of in UK.
  18. OK, I'll call it! 😉😆 3 for 19. The best (ironically) being a non-exclusive presentation! Aside from actually having sales, things are trending ever-lower. Trying to laugh. 😅 On the plus side (I think?!), views, zooms and CTR have risen quite a bit. Not sure if this is to do with the retirement of the UKNS as was, or that my images are now being sought by lots of up-market book publishers, advertisers & TV producers who are dying to get their hands on my work. Probably the latter, eh? 🤣 I know that quite a few contributors are mentioning increased sales a
  19. Sorry to hear that. I'm still in the same leaky boat re CTR. It ended the month at 0.24 (only 10 zooms for the entire month), the lowest numbers that I can remember. Somehow, though, I managed a decent number of sales. Let's hope that there is reset of some kind in January.
  20. Two little editorial website sales... one of the leaping bear and this one of a favorite place... Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya Paulette
  21. Typically, I get (at least) twice as many sales in the second half of each month than I get in the first half. And while I can guess why this is so, I really don 't know. 😎
  22. All things considered, 2020 was better than expected. I didn't license as many images as in 2019, but 2020 was my second best year for total number of sales. Income is another story, though -- down 20% from last year and down 30% from my best years. Two disturbing trends for me in 2020 were declining zooms and a scary drop in CTR during the last quarter of the year (what goes down must go up, I'm hoping). Best of luck in 2021, everyone.
  23. The OP wanted a trick to do a batch edit on a report of views or zooms or sales in the Pseudonym Summary. For sales it would be easy: go to Net revenue sales report and either click download or just copy paste a column holding Ctrl/Cmnd. For your Pseudonym Summary that's a lot less straight forward, but it can be very useful, like for creating a lightbox of all your zooms for the previous year. Something I tend to do between Christmas and Epiphany. (When I have to take down my Christmas lights. 😂) Now I'm sure that with some scripting this task would be easier. And becau
  24. Below average with 23 sales for $361 gross / $179 nett. 55 zooms for CTR of 1.05. Decent payout of $407 to end the year, Overall, not too bad.
  25. 14 sales, which was the second highest of the year, for $157, which was the second lowest of the year. Views way down and zooms low too. CTR is 0.83. Payment on the last day doubled the amount I will get this month. Onwards and upwards for 2021!! John.
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