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  1. I'm getting a basically blank page if I check my Sales History. The image I sold is still appearing on the right. Another blank page for Account Balance. Paulette
  2. Hope your wish comes true. Being "parsimonious" by nature, I spend as little as possible on gear. My sales remain surprisingly good (touch wood). However, I do get nostalgic about higher monthly payouts. Mine are still large enough to help cover a few bills, but lower image prices have meant that the amount I get every month has been declining. I'm especially noticing it this year, even though sales volume has been fairly consistent for some time.
  3. I mean wow in not a good way. I haven't had a month like this since I started. Eight sales for $24 net. How about you?
  4. I agree with Chuck, sales for me were through the roof (six) but the royalties are low enough that my cut won't be enough for a payout this month, in fact it will only net me about half of what I need. Four were $, one barely $$ and the other mid $$ it's nice to be paid for a hobby, but god help those who rely on it for income, particularly with the value of currency ever declining.
  5. I too get nostalgic over those very nice textbook sales. They were my mainstay back in the day. The landscape has changed so much over the past decade that I hardly recognize it now. However, I try to take the long view. It makes me feel better. I started uploading in mid 2007 and made 30 sales in 2008 with only several hundred images on sale. I'm now just shy of $90K gross, which is more than I had expected to make at what has been for me an enjoyable part-time pursuit.
  6. Is your current cleared balance under $50? If so, you won't get paid until it is $50 or above. If you have made sales, the customers might not have paid Alamy and they have to pay them before we get our share. John.
  7. I'm on Alamy more than year and over 1700 p photos, but have only 1 sale. What I'm doing wrong? My porfolio: https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?pl=1&plno=673186
  8. lots of terrific images in your portfolio, you clearly know your way around a camera and a computer. Don't fret too much about the green/orange discoverability bars, I'm not at all sure they really have much effect on zooms and sales. But time and effort spent on keywording (tagging) will reward you. Stock platforms like Alamy better reward thoughtful content than artistic photography. More's the pity!
  9. I'm pleased to be able to help. Though tread carefully on starting a Claim against anybody - make absolutely as sure as you can that is 100% - because otherwise you can be held liable for Pixsy's costs. I started around 50 Pixsy cases without realising the possible implications and then had to back peddle rapidly! Most of them are close to 100% but I can't be entirely sure and so there is a risk. The trouble is that with the way sales reporting goes across the stock industry it is actually quite difficult to be 100% sure that the possible infringer doesn't have a lice
  10. There is much to be gained by studying the forums at length, in particular threads on the Introductions forum where the kind of questions you are asking come up quite frequently. Many new contributors, with some exceptions, do not make sales until they have maybe 1000 photos in their portfolio spanning a wide range of subjects. Alamy is not microstock and sales patterns differ. Study the monthly images sold and images found in use threads to see what sells, both in subject and in how the images have been processed. Look also how they are captioned and keyworded. Specifically takin
  11. Hello everybody! I've been on Alamy since March 2018 and I have made 6-7 decent sales a year in the first two years, so these were my expectations about the potential of my portfolio. The problem is that this year my latest sale dates back to the beginning of April and then I've not seen a single sale in more than 7 months! The numbers of zooms hasn't changed significantly over the last year (just a very slight decrease). So I'm beginning to think that there might be some kind of issue, because this complete lack of sales over so long a period seems too strange to me. What do you s
  12. No sales, but a few zooms on both Saturday and Sunday. Encouraging, as it keeps the CTR high, if nothing else.
  13. I just had a photo sell for .25 which is so small compared to other sales. Is this normal or the new normal?
  14. Because Alamy wants clients to download images in the hope that they will then use them and pay for them. The long delays tend to be with distributor sales and that is an opt-in sales channel. Other agencies such as Getty only report once they have been paid and the payment has cleared. Alamy lets us know about sales as soon as they are reported. Yes, the Alamy tracking system can be improved but insisting that all downloads are paid for would drive clients away.
  15. Reading this thread with interest as I was unsure if sales got updated on Mondays like the zooms etc, went onto my account - and - a Saturday Sale! 😊 Only £ presentation, but it is the second sale of one of my old archive images from the 90's I've been scanning during this lockdown, so it's a good sign
  16. I had a few very low $ sales in 2019 with Novel Use, so I opted out of the scheme last year. Which, I think April is the month to do that.
  17. Hi everyone, I have recently been making a few sales as personal use since removing all restrictions. I can be happy for the increase in sales although no more than $10 or less per sale, My question and concerns is how the material is being used and if these personal use buyers have a contract with Alamy stating the material cannot be used outside of personal use. Any experiences or views on this, would be appreciated. Thanks everybody, Paul.
  18. Just under 400 sales listed for 2020 and only two give USA as the country of sale. I haven't yet checked the download data files. Given that Alamy gets more than 50% of its revenue from USA I am not doing very well. My non-ex images with XXX Images sell in USA, Alamy has a sales office in New York so what is going on? Any thoughts, experiences or possible explanations?
  19. Hello guys! I just started at Alamy, and I`d like to have some idea on sales and earnings. Now, I know it`s really hard to say as it depends on number and quality of photos and many other things, but if you can give me an idea what to expect and what is the dynamic here on Alamy, especially comparing to other agencies ( I presume names of other agencies are not allowed and that`s fine), but generally, how would you rate your experience on Alamy in regards to sales and earnings, comparing to other agencies. I`m interested because I really like the platform and simplicity of Alamy, although I`m
  20. Hi all I started to add to my folio earlier this year so I only have 96 images online. I realise now some of my earlier images were probably unsellable so I've gradually been changing the content of my submissions but I currently have `0` sales! Anybody have advice please on how you get that elusive first sale? Thank you.
  21. Someone is looking for square shots of the Shenandoah National Park, assume that must be for calendar use. I do have a few scans from film that are square, so added SQ and square format to the tags since the metadata won't have this for scans, I don't think. No zooms, no licenses for March. I did have two in January and two in February, all object photographed inside my houses (one in the second house, three in this one).
  22. I've flat lined! Not one sale yet this month. Zooms are well down, and CTR. I'm still doing regular uploads. Hope theres a last minute flurry this week. On a positive note, I do know of one book sale I'm waiting to see reported.
  23. My number of sales for March are above expectations . . . no $$$ though. I'm encouraged by the fact that half my sales are of locations other than NYC.
  24. This a good thing, bad thing kinda post. I was watching a the CBS Sunday Morning news/entertainment show today and was happily surprised to see a couple of my photos used in segment on science and religion and getting the Covid vaccine. It was mostly a narrative by Dr Francis Collins, the head of the National Institutes of Health. So they used a picture of Dr Collins that I shot and showed up in my sales on March 23rd....but the other photo, an aerial of the NIH campus, has not shown up as sold in the last year and it is exclusive to Alamy. I'll have to contact Alamy tomorrow. I was able t
  25. Whatever the licence says syndication is happening: About Guardian Syndication Guardian Syndication is the sales function responsible for the commercial re-licensing of GNM content. Clients include UK and international media, websites, aggregators, educational bodies, book publishers, information service providers and MMO's.Our products incorporate the full range of GNM content and we offer a number of licensing options from ad hoc purchase to annual contract, with a number of exclusivity options available.Examples include - news and
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