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  1. Ah yes that's a good price. Go ahead, I'm not going to get it. Though part of me does somehow still remembers the crave 😂. How does Brexit affect the sales? With slapping on some import duty I presume. It's not a ham sandwich, so they will not confiscate it. (I'm not proud of that btw - I think it's a disgrace. But yes they did ask for it. And they got it. So we all have to live with the consequences. No use crying over spilled ham sandwiches. Google Stoicism. However the Stoics believed it was essential to distinguish truth from fallacy through reason.) /rant mode o
  2. I think you may have shared a link to that site before, it's extraordinary. I'm particularly in awe of the 'stacking' technique (as in lenses rather than focus). Pssst. Don't tell anyone but there are both types of the 75mm Apo-Rodagon on UK ebay at the moment, each for a very good price. I don't know how Brexit affects sales to the EU though.
  3. Nice to see sales keep going, another two today mid and low mid $$
  4. To help the people more expert than I, you may have to clarify your definition of 'very low sales'
  5. I kindly ask for an analysis of my portfolio, upload many photos but very low sales. What is the problem? Can you help me? https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?pseudoid={5B2B9A58-218E-4A1A-9EEA-E3B6F85A3BB8}&name=Luca%2bPonti&st=11&mode=0&comp=1
  6. Your premise is wrong. You have $764 sales if the images are exclusive to Alamy you get 50% of the sale price. If they are not exclusive you get 40% of the sale price. If you allow distributor sales you'll get 30% of the sale price. When a sale is recorded you have to wait for the customer to pay Alamy then you will get paid. It is paid when it is cleared. If you have a sale that has not been cleared and its more than 6 months old, email Alamy to chase it up. Read the contributor resources they explain most things https://www.al
  7. Captions and keywords are far and away the most important route to sales success. You need to highlight all your "super keywords", and have as many relevant others too - but just to repeat, no irrelevant ones. There is no need to "optimise" the image - very few contributors manage even 20% of their ports "optimised". (Mine under 5%...) In the end it's preferable to have fewer keywords than just keep bunging them in until you max out. Images appear at the top of searches based on the contributor's ranking, which you'll gain by working at it - back to the captions and keywords etc. If you can
  8. As Paulette says, you don't need a release for anyone or anything as long as you say you don't have one. The images will still be able to be sold for editorial use. I do not have a single release. All my sales are editorial.
  9. My tests have shown that caption has most weight, then supertags, then tags. Caption plus supertag gives the best results. I do think the sales record of an individual image makes a difference. Paulette
  10. The "extra time" taken to caption and keyword every image accurately is what makes the difference between making regular sales... and seeing your pix fall to the bottom of the barrel...
  11. You asked how you can improve sales from your images – little point then in ignoring the advice you’ve been given. Using blanket captions will reduce your saleability, furthermore, if you’re not prepared to put in the time to properly caption and keyword, how can you possibly expect to increase your sales? No, unrelated keywording doesn’t offer “a little extra to clients”, however it will lower your ranking here on Alamy. The lower your rank, the further down the search results you will be. How often when you were on picture desks did you scan much beyond th
  12. Nowadays, because the majority (perhaps vast majority) of sales are for web usage, there is much less of a need for large images and upscaling would be pointless given that the uncropped images are already large enough. I have never heard that about lowMP cameras. Not saying it is wrong, just that I have never heard it. Back in those days of minimum 48MB images, there was no sharpening at all permitted so I think maybe Alamy QC took that into account. Images did not necessarily have to look pin sharp - they just had to look like they could be properly sharpened. As
  13. My average for the 661 sales in 2020 was $28. (and that included one sale for $2200 !!) Kumar
  14. Actually, I have twelve sales if you count the three picked up by The Sun that I still haven't been paid for and that still have not appeared on my sales report.
  15. Got one! I was noticing my Mexico City pictures were getting regular zooms, and other people were selling photos from there (same places I visited), so I just recently started going back and uploading more. I have a lot but have been confused about which I can upload without copyright and releases as a lot of them are from museums and historical sites. This is the first one I've sold and my ninth sale over all. I will get my portfolio over 500 this week. Been a bit preoccupied but this inspires me to get to work. $50 direct sale so I get $25 Country: World English Language U
  16. It varies all over but some sales are under a couple of dollars gross (as bad as that is) and some are in three figures and a very few these days are in four figures (apparently more common in the past).
  17. SFL I am new to Alamy, do you see a lot of $1 sales ? I don't have thousands of images up yet, I am still uploading, but the one sale I got was $25. Is this the average price? One sale I got from another Stock House was actually 25 cents ! Any comment would be appreciated
  18. Not to mention the loss of a long term friend of those on alamy, Keith. I miss his helpful posts and I’m glad to see that he still has regular sales on here, which will be a help to his family. RIP.
  19. Yes, I find I have to be noticeably more careful with my A77ii (APS-C) than with my A99 (FF) despite the A77ii being a couple of years newer. I'm looking forward to when my budget allows for the upgrade to the A99ii which I believe has the same focussing system as the A77ii (which is bloody good). Paired with a 150-600 or similar it will probably finally negate my need for APS-C for the long lens stuff. But that's quite a good few sales away yet...
  20. i noticed that as i was posting it. interestingly it's not specifically in the Sales Report Country: WorldwideUsage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale.Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home useStart: 08 January 2021End: 08 January 2026
  21. Don't shoot the messenger: section 15 of the contributors agreement Advertising and promotion You agree that the Images may be used worldwide at Alamy's option without charge and without prior consent or approval from you in Promotional/Marketing Material or in any other manner at the sole discretion of Alamy designed to promote sales of Images and/or to enhance awareness of the Alamy name/brand or that of the individual Contributor, subject to the following: If Images have been used in Promotional/Marketing Material prior to account termination and
  22. Good! I assume he paid? For my last three sales, one was PU and the other was presentation. Both at the "full" price. Regardless of the fact that some of the uses seem suspect, I am not complaining since the most recent sale, editorial for a magazine, was only half the above price (gross - in more way than one). I know that some people as well as disallowing PU also opt out of distribution. Looking at my sales, if I routinely disabled PU and opted out of distro, I'd lose about 1/5 of my sales. Bump that up a smidge more if presentation could be removed as well.
  23. second step, go through the sections of the forums, especially the wonderful input provided by experienced contributor in the Portfolio Critic and Ask the Forum section. I owe many of my early sales to things i picked up from them. one thing to remember, you will only sell if you provide what Alamy customers are looking for.
  24. Hi all, Hope you had a decent and healthy start to the new year - and 2021 will be huge improvement over the one just gone! I have been with Alamy since around 15 years, and despite a constant fall in commission, have so far stayed with them. In the last ten years on teh 1300 images I have up here, I made a average sale of just under 5 a year. Obviously nothing to make a living of. Most of my images are from China and editiorial. I have been a live news contributor. After working on the picture desk of the Asia hub of one for the four major news wires I have changed the way I keyword, f
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