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  1. Just as examples, I have three sales showing so far this month: AXAHFF Aerial St Lawrence Seaway circa 1985 BBAHA2 Excel centre London circa 2010 AMY0UP Dover Castle circa 1990 the two older ones are scans from slides The aerial might well put you in hot water these days as we were just doing a sightseeing flight over an international border and above an installation which should be fairly high up any security list these days. note these are A & B prefixes so they've been on Alamy some time.
  2. Cheers Iain ! Sunday Times online 15th World Danita Delimont Traffic zooms by at the intersection of Stark and Burnside in the pearl District of downtown Portland, Oregon, USA. - Image ID: E72MDH Roberto Nencini Bunce Island, Sierra Leone - June 02, 2013: West Africa, unknown person at the old slave prisons, Bunce Island was a British slave trading post in the - Image ID: MNEE6E The Picture Art Collection N/A. Image of Bunce Island, Sierra Leone from 1805 . 1805. From an original watercolor by Joseph Corry, 1805 249 Bunce Island 1805 - Image I
  3. My small port is probably not indicative but I have had abnormally high zooms in July, September, and October. Like one every couple of days which is really unusual for me and I wasn't uploading a lot. Most of them have been on Black Lives Matter murals, five zooms on one George Floyd mural alone and a few on the woman with Vote mask holding an American flag.
  4. CTR is 0.5 average this year which is pretty much normal. Number of licences this year so far are same as for all of last year. Value of licences this year so far are double last years total. Allan No record of zooms.
  5. CTR seems to be as stable as ever, IOW zigzagging around 0.5, I don't know about zooms as I don't keep a record, but sales will probably be down 20% in volume and 30% or more in revenue, and I didn't overtake 2013, when my average was 2.5 times higher, until this month. But then I was down a third last year, and don't expect to reach half my best year.
  6. I have had five sales this year, two more than what had been my average, but no sales since the end of June and only one zoom. Finally got the count up to over a thousand in my portfolio, and one early sale makes me not care too much about trying to figure out what someone may pay $19.99 to license (see below, taken on my block). And out of fourteen licenses, I only have one with a person doing something and he was looking at the camera. Fish, flowers, plants, rifle, landscapes -- shrug.
  7. I'm on Alamy more than year and over 1700 p photos, but have only 1 sale. What I'm doing wrong? My porfolio: https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?pl=1&plno=673186
  8. Searching by keywords within AIM not working for me. Two Saturday sales though 😁
  9. Views have halved and so far zero sales this year, compared to three last year. I've had totally dry years before, but this is probably the end of the road.
  10. A strange year, views and zooms down about 20 % but sales ( numbers and value ) are my best year ever. I am also seeing a small improvement in average selling prices overall
  11. Against expectations, my sales are up. Should pass last year's total sometime next week, and beat my best year by Xmas. Revenue? Well, that's a different story. 🙁
  12. Just to be clear, they did respond to my inquiry about three hours after I emailed them from a different email address. So I got in. They asked how many photos I would submit. I said about ten, and ended up submitting eighteen. I felt sort of bad about taking advantage but I didn't feel I had time to make decisions. And then some I would have eliminated turned up much higher than the others in the search engine. If anyone wants to comment on that or give me feedback on these, feel free. Here is my feed. Too many photos? Mediocre quality? Any suggestions on how to get even better shots? Placeme
  13. That's a good point. Perhaps it's a technical thing -- i.e. some zooms just aren't showing up. The site is super slow for me tonight (7:30 pm PST). However, everyone's experience is different. I did say it was a crackpot theory... 🤪
  14. Oddly, my Zooms and CTR are at the highest point since January....but sales have been sluggish so far this month. Hopefully sales will pick up in the second half of November.
  15. My current crackpot theory is that mainly well-established Alamy customers tend to be licensing images here these days. New ones might be going elsewhere for economic reasons. Hence the drop in zooms but not so much in sales (in my case, anyway).
  16. Just emailed sales at Alamy as they are still on duty. They tell me they are on to it and should be sorted in the next half hour. I'd say it's Friday the 13th, but I'm avowedly non-superstitious.
  17. As with many here, my portfolio is primarily travel oriented. I had a migraine for most of my only vacation in January, so I had just one day to shoot. Since then I've been healthy but with Covid all I've managed are a handful of new landscape images, which don't generally have much sales potential. Fortunately a lot of my images are fairly timeless so hopefully when travel is safe again the lack of new images in 2020 won't put me at a disadvantage, as I'm certainly not alone in being unable to shoot much that is new. I've tried to add other types of images to my portfolio but my
  18. This has been my worst year ever, Covid has really taken its toll. In the spring and early summer, views were way down and although my CTR was holding steady, sales were gone. Starting late in the summer, when Covid was down, views crept back closer to normal, and some images zoomed back then sold in August, September and two this month. Ironically, while sales improved, at the same time my CTR dropped and is now average for my primary pseudo (which is more usually .80 to over 1.0) and well below average for the others. This month, my views are down a little from the s
  19. Oddly, my zooms are not lower than normal. Although it is once again taking AGES to open an image for editing. The Alamy glitch continues. But I must say sales are truly remarkable. After two weeks, I finally got my first sale today for this month: two sales of the same image for 35 cents each. That's right. Net, but still.... Two other places are showing $53 and $61 for me so far this month. Hard to see how Alamy will catch up given recent prices.
  20. Views, Zooms and sales all down by a similar proportion, to about 66% normal. CTR therefore approximating to normal; - but mainly a travel-biased portfolio. Kumar
  21. Same here - my zooms and CTR are lowest ever (especially in the last two months), but the sales are on the usual level
  22. I've been seeing a drastic drop in zooms during the past few months -- only eight so far this month. CTR has been creeping downward as well. Strangely enough, sales have been holding up well. Most months have been average or better for number of licenses. Anyone else noticing this odd pattern? If so, any explanations or theories (crackpot or otherwise)?
  23. In a search for Owston, my freshly uploaded image appears at the following positions out of 155 images returned when doing a search with "relevant" set. Owston in Caption and as Supertag - 5 Owston as Supertag only - 7 Owston in Caption and as Tag - 8 Owston in Caption only - 17 Owston as Tag only - 27 So, in the case of this image and search, the weighting priority currently looks like Supertag > Caption > Tag, with Caption + Supertag being better still. Ideally I should have picked a subject with more images returned to give
  24. I joined in 2009 and every year I have sales from all previous years. The only exception is this year- I haven't yet had a sale from 2010. All were uploaded in the year they were taken, though, but I can't see how that would disqualify travel images. They go out of date eventually, but then they may become archive! If you count archive, this year I also have sales from 1992 and 1994, and in previous years, back to 1979.
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