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  1. This a good thing, bad thing kinda post. I was watching a the CBS Sunday Morning news/entertainment show today and was happily surprised to see a couple of my photos used in segment on science and religion and getting the Covid vaccine. It was mostly a narrative by Dr Francis Collins, the head of the National Institutes of Health. So they used a picture of Dr Collins that I shot and showed up in my sales on March 23rd....but the other photo, an aerial of the NIH campus, has not shown up as sold in the last year and it is exclusive to Alamy. I'll have to contact Alamy tomorrow. I was able t
  2. Unfortunately at the moment it is only a very small number of sale reports that include details about the user. This thread was started as a way of asking Alamy to provide this information more regularly when they are able to. As you suggest it may be more difficult in the case of distributor sales.
  3. Just a single click to get into Lightboxes from the Dashboard link and another click to create a new one (+ box top right of screen). It would help if there was an easier way of adding images though. I use mine to keep track of potential DACS-eligible images (on the rare occasions these days I make such as sale!) and to see if zooms have resulted in sales. It would be nice to have an 'add to lightbox' option on the Sales History and Zoom screens.
  4. Notice in the window of Manchester Metropolitan University's Cambridge Hall, Manchester, uk. On 25th September the media reported that Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester City Council, and Public Health England had instructed students at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Birley Hall and Cambridge Hall to self isolate for 14 days. This followed a surge of Covid 19 cases there. Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Image Size: Any size. Just $ but all sales welcome. Signs do sell.
  5. Hi! I noticed that some of my images have been published and used months before the actual sales. My first image was published in 2 Dec 2015 so I was hoping for a license renewal but I noticed that the licensing period is registered as "Start: 01 March 2016 End: 01 March 2021". It means that they've got 3 free months. Is this common? The possible renewal should happen from 2 Dec 2020 and now that we’re in April nothing has still happened. Another strange thing is that the purchase date is 20 April 2016. My second question is about license renewal. Does it usually happen automatically o
  6. 2 for $64. On the plus side, from the start of the year my views have been running at 40% higher than this period last year. But (and there's always a but) my zooms have been 30% less which is now beginning to eat into what has been a pretty stable and decent CTR - now 0.58, down from 0.73 at the start of the year.
  7. 3 sales for $158 (all exclusive). One $$$ among them. In Q1 of 2021 I reached and slightly exceeded the revenue of the whole 2020. Also my best month ever as for revenue.
  8. Worse year ever to date...7 sales, max $21 and min $3....no reason at all to be positive!
  9. Lousy month, 3 licences for $114. But lots of zooms. CTR 1.27
  10. Four sales for me, which might be a record number of sales in a single month for my small portfolio. So I wouldn't say that I am laughing all the way to the bank. But not complaining, and getting ready for some leaner months ahead.
  11. I got one of the newspaper sales the same as Gen (first post in this thread). Smallish $$. First licence of this image. Country: AustraliaUsage: NewspaperEditorial print and digital use. Any size.Any Placement.One time use only.Industry sector: Media, design & publishingStart: 01 April 2021End: 01 April 2022
  12. I can't believe it. Another 2 sales dropped in, making it a total of 9 for the 1st April! This is my daily record. There probably won't be any for weeks now. Magazine to EU for mid-$$ Also a multiple seller. Presentation to the US - Low $
  13. Almost idential to December, January and February. However, sales volume is up, but revenue has virtually stayed the same. Only one $$$ sale.
  14. Could have been worse. No $$$ sales this month. 4 sales for $55, 2 for newsletters/presentations, 1 newspaper and 1 magazine use.
  15. Bad month 3 sales, two being distribution, and one refund from decent sale prior month meaning a total Net gain of $3 worse CTR in months also.
  16. Definitely a WOW month for me - 5 for $364. 2 sales were low $$$ and 2 mid $$. Best month on Alamy so far.
  17. Poor month with 15 sales for $415 gross. Just one $$$ sale.
  18. Average month with 30 licenses (including 1 refund/resale) for $532 gross / $249 nett. Highest value $47 with most high $ to low $$ so a fairly low average $17.75 gross. Zooms and CTR healthy with 101 zooms and a CTR of 1.16.
  19. A stellar month for me - 2 for $25. But only given that the previous 3 months combined were 1 for $11 ;o( I know it has been mooted on here over the years that if you do not upload any images, your rating will fall and there will be less exposure. I only uploaded one set last year given the circumstances, so not sure if that has any bearing on it. Zooms are looking better, but 3 in four months is pretty depressing when I averaged one a week between 2017 and March last year.
  20. Disappointing 3 licences for less than $$$ gross and one refund. Views and zooms both up by around 30% so maybe not all that bad. Jim 😏
  21. 42 licences, but a gross income of $851, with only one $$$ sale ($100). The good news was that views were highest since Jan 2020, and zooms highest since March 2020, so there maybe some improvement in the next few months Great to hear that some contributors have had a very good month! Kumar
  22. https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2021/apr/01/coronavirus-live-news-france-to-enter-month-long-covid-19-lockdown-batch-of-johnson-and-johnson-vaccine-fails-quality-control?page=with:block-6063ee618f0867d27365a0f2#liveblog-navigation Koror Photograph https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/apr/01/next-boosts-profit-forecast-as-covid-crisis-fuels-online-sales-surge Iain Masterton https://www.theguardian.com/money/2021/apr/01/complaints-mount-over-utility-points-delayed-repayments True Images https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2021/apr/01/
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