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  1. i wonder if Alamy will update us on the Zoom reduction project..... as for slow, same here. one tiny distro, and 3 zooms (though all 3 of them on specific searches where i was the only zoom, so fingers crossed)
  2. It's actually slow LOW start for me. Only seen the $1.56 gross RM licenses. Zooms are average in my case.
  3. I don't mean this to be one of those tedious whining threads, but 2022 has gotten off to a very slow start for me with only one small sale showing up yesterday and just two zooms so far. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  4. These days, most Alamy licenses are RM/RF hybrids. You can have RM sales that look like RF, and RF sales that look like RM. Consequently, it doesn't seem to matter whether you choose to make your images RM or RF. This has been my experience anyway.
  5. Hello to all, I am not really new to Alamy. I already have some images online for sale. But until now I have always neglected Alamy a bit. However, after I had six sales in 2021 and at an amount where I would have to sell hundreds of images at other agencies, I thought I'd try it more closely with Alamy. I would be happy if one or the other would take a look at my portfolio to tell me what I could do better. At the moment I have over 3200 pictures with a green bar and about 700 pictures with a yellow one. How important are the bars actually and are they conducive to educate a sale?
  6. A couple of years ago, a wildlife magazine I subscribe to published a wrongly-ascribed photo of an obscure and very localised tropical insect. A surprising number of readers wrote in, though I have to say that the differences between the two insects are miniscule IMO. I didn't take note of which agency the original image came from, but they had definitely used Alamy as well as other agencies in the past. The next issue of the mag published an apology and said it would only be sourcing from specialist agencies in future. So that person, who may well have made a genuine mistake, diverted sales a
  7. actually, these being Distributor sales, when this year's batch goes through on December 30-ish (as speculated 😉), it will be 88% commission that Contributors will be paying.
  8. First sales of the year for me... Low $$ PU for this one: Country: Worldwide Usage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale. Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use Start: 10 January 2022 Duration: In perpetuity March of the Highlanders at the Lonach Gathering in Scotland Mid $$ for this one: Country: Worldwide Usage: Commercial electronic, Use in a single website, app, social media or blog (excludes advertising), world
  9. These images should be marked as 'Public Domain'. Without captions and specific keywords/tags nobody can find the image that they want. Presumably it has taken quite a few years to build this vast huge collection. Has the OP any sales to report? I find it all a bit puzzling.
  10. With less than 500 images I'm going to presume you'll be paying at least 80% commission in July/Aug as per the new contract. It'll be down to how much your gross sales add up to though.
  11. The discontent has been consistent since the contract change this past summer, but Geophotos pointed out that free photos and web content tend to be what we expect, and in the past, readers were paying for print content, including photographs, and newspapers had more advertisers. Some people have had better years than others, and I've noticed that most of those have had five figure collections, as you do. Unless photographers organize something like Science Fiction Writers of America and get all professionally published photographers to join and fund a grievance committee (SFWA got Disney t
  12. Three sales for $6. Sigh. (They weren't great photos but sold for eternal web site usage. On my own stock website I charge $25 for web site usage.)
  13. to be honest the Dashboard being updated now should be viewed in a negative angle, as it makes no sense that of all the things experiencing issues, this was the one to focus energy on. Next we will be told the have finished the work on Zooms before working on making sure images are for sale in a timely matter.
  14. and note the 45 days is just when all your images will be removed from searches, sales can still happen after, especially with rumoured (unconfirmed, not denied) practice of yearly reporting from some distributors.
  15. There is a long discussion of this very issue, which first cropped up between Christmas and New Year, and which has impacted quite a number of contributors in this thread. Alamy have locked that thread. I don't know of any place where Alamy has provided any explanation of these low value sales.
  16. I have got 8 of this 15-Cent-sales on December 30. and 31. All delivered to China. Looks quite microstocky.
  17. The dashboard is a useful source of information but is of little consequence. The database is still way behind and will be impacting many contributor's sales, and taking Alamy as a whole will be causing much loss of money.
  18. Yes, 60% is the current Alamy scrape-off for all images, exclusive or not, unless you are one of the few who gross $25K per Alamy year in which case you will get 50% of exclusive sales fees. Unless they are sold via distributors, of course, in which case you get even less. There was a huge thread about this when the contract changed last Summer. You should have been sent at least two emails about the contract change. Also see:
  19. Nice to have four sales drop in this morning, ranging from $ to mid $$, all travel related photos. This is one taken at the Udvar Hazy Air and Space Museum in Virginia. I think two of these are Culture Trip sales.
  20. Three sales popped in just now. One low $ but the other two $$ and one of these a high one.
  21. Best ever year for sales with 198 and 5th best year for revenue at $3,663 - $18.5 average sale price. 2020 sales 119 for $3,100 - $26 average. 2021 sales 198 for $3,663 - $18.5 average. 2021 sales up 66% revenue up 18% over 2020. I added 1449 images in 2021. John.
  22. Hello - I've only just noticed that as of August last year I've been charged 60% commission on all sales; material supplied is exclusive to Alamy. Any ideas please ?
  23. my dashboard says "My Alamy, 10 Jan 2022 – Last updated on 07 Jan 2022" I have had sales since then that are on the sales history and account balance page, but they don't appear on the dashboard page.
  24. Probably it's a system update issue. I've never experienced this before like sales not to appear on the dashboard on the next day, no matter if it's on a weekday or on the weekend. I don't do live news on a regular basis, so I don't know about it. What I can see on my dashboard is "last updated on 7 Jan 2022" ...
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