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  1. Over half way into January, I am surprised no "Positive result 2021" thread yet. So I'll get it going. Two sales from the same subject at $135 each for post card. Happy New Year!
  2. I would not like to lose my PU sales. In the last year, most of my PU sales were for the full $19.99 and none were below $10. The PU sales were 20% of all my sales. My attitude is probably different from many other contributors in two ways. 1. I don't care what a buyer uses my image for. And 2. I spend zero time and energy tracking sales.
  3. I'm getting a basically blank page if I check my Sales History. The image I sold is still appearing on the right. Another blank page for Account Balance. Paulette
  4. I'm on Alamy more than year and over 1700 p photos, but have only 1 sale. What I'm doing wrong? My porfolio: https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?pl=1&plno=673186
  5. I'm a little while at Alam and I see looking at other microstocks what caught my attention in the photos of Alamy are the photos of city streets, places like stores, supermarkets, I found it very interesting, but from the point of view of sales, for those who can sell these types of photos? Books? Advertising in any way? I found it interesting .. if anyone can write about it, because here in Brazil there are many interesting places excluding Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Thanks
  6. First image I clicked on Image ID: 2C6WYPW had incorrect keywords such as "garden spider," " wasp" and "honey bee" and many other gratuitous spammy keywords when in fact it is a Graphosoma lineatum as you correctly state - but you left out the obvious keyword "shield bug." You also describe it as being on a flower when it is actually on the stem. Many of your images, while creative, seem more akin to what is likely to sell as microstock, which is why I focused on one that seemed like it had potential. Sloppy and inaccurate keywords will hurt you, as 5 zooms in 3 years on 800 images
  7. immortality; space; philosophy; philosophical; choice; afterlife: I'd certainly upload it. If I stopped uploading all the pictures that I thought probably won't sell, I'd lose a third of my sales.
  8. All else being equal that would not be an unreasonable assumption. In my case my zooms for Oct, Nov and Dec were lower than my average, resulting in a very low CTR. Considering my port grew steadily through most of last year that didn't seem quite right. However here's what'll really burn your bacon: I made more sales in each of those months than zooms, in fact, sales during those months saw an uptick. That trend appears to have broken off now, with zooms up this month and so far a single sale that doesn't show as a search or zoom. I will also say that despite having a
  9. Coincidentally, I was thinking about this question when I saw your post. The following sale came through a couple of days ago: Country: Worldwide Usage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale. Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use Start: 23 February 2021 End: 23 February 2026 $ 15.99 23 February 2021 alamy Commission 2E2RP88 43.50% 6.96 23 February 2021 Affiliate Commission 2E2RP88 13% 2.08 ...which leaves 6.95 for me, as opposed to eight bucks if there were no affiliate. I
  10. Hello everybody! I've been on Alamy since March 2018 and I have made 6-7 decent sales a year in the first two years, so these were my expectations about the potential of my portfolio. The problem is that this year my latest sale dates back to the beginning of April and then I've not seen a single sale in more than 7 months! The numbers of zooms hasn't changed significantly over the last year (just a very slight decrease). So I'm beginning to think that there might be some kind of issue, because this complete lack of sales over so long a period seems too strange to me. What do you s
  11. Presentation use. Took this thru the window of a helicopter. Slowly recouping the hire cost of the chopper from picture sales ! View of Chew Valley Lake, a large reservoir in Somerset, that provides the Bristol area with much of its drinking water. Somerset, UK.
  12. Went back through my "Made in Jinotega" photos and found more for the coffee and cacao growers coop. I'll be going back there sometime next week for the exterior shots (also of my neighbor's workshops). This was the roaster for the in-house coffee shop and for local retail sales. They either ship green beans or beans roasted in larger roasters off site. The Probat is gas-fired and generally used for things like coffee shops and retail stores that sell freshly roasted beans or for sampling at wholesale roasters.
  13. Hi everyone, I have recently been making a few sales as personal use since removing all restrictions. I can be happy for the increase in sales although no more than $10 or less per sale, My question and concerns is how the material is being used and if these personal use buyers have a contract with Alamy stating the material cannot be used outside of personal use. Any experiences or views on this, would be appreciated. Thanks everybody, Paul.
  14. Just under 400 sales listed for 2020 and only two give USA as the country of sale. I haven't yet checked the download data files. Given that Alamy gets more than 50% of its revenue from USA I am not doing very well. My non-ex images with XXX Images sell in USA, Alamy has a sales office in New York so what is going on? Any thoughts, experiences or possible explanations?
  15. Hi all I started to add to my folio earlier this year so I only have 96 images online. I realise now some of my earlier images were probably unsellable so I've gradually been changing the content of my submissions but I currently have `0` sales! Anybody have advice please on how you get that elusive first sale? Thank you.
  16. Hello guys! I just started at Alamy, and I`d like to have some idea on sales and earnings. Now, I know it`s really hard to say as it depends on number and quality of photos and many other things, but if you can give me an idea what to expect and what is the dynamic here on Alamy, especially comparing to other agencies ( I presume names of other agencies are not allowed and that`s fine), but generally, how would you rate your experience on Alamy in regards to sales and earnings, comparing to other agencies. I`m interested because I really like the platform and simplicity of Alamy, although I`m
  17. Mine were generic navigation images. Others I know who got these sales were of worldwide subjects. Would be interesting to know where they all end up.
  18. Alamy got less from the sale via the affiliate scheme.. notice from the figures that Ian posted that Alamy took 43.5% of the sale price rather than 50%. The affiliate scheme is nothing new.. it's been around for a good few years now and if you scroll to the bottom of your contributor dashboard or Alamy's main landing page, you will see a link labeled 'Become an affiliate' which links here https://www.alamy.com/customer/help/affiliate-program.aspx This XXXXX company is just one company that has decided to take advantage of this. What Alamy presumably get is increased traffic to
  19. I think you're correct John. It seems likely that these are professional buyers using the PU loophole. The only time I've traced a "zoomer" was when a nephew of mine searched for images (of him on a charity ride). He's an image buyer for a TV magazine so his zooms appeared in my Measures. No sale resulted of course they were for a charitable use - and I'm a generous uncle!
  20. Hi Pawel, On 'Alamy measures' click on 'Your images'. Then click on the blue number under 'Your Zooms' in the table. If you want to see details of a customer's search, click on your pseudonym instead. Steve
  21. The little Fuji X-E1 (EVF only) is quite well thought out for manual lenses, they call it focus-peaking and half depressing the shutter button clears the screen of everything for final composition before you take the picture. Depressing the rear command dial zooms in on the focus point, holding it down for a couple of seconds toggles between focus-peaking and no focus-peaking. The X-T2 is similar but adds a choice of colours and a 'split-prism' effect which I haven't found to be useful. If I'm using the clear optical viewfinder on the X-Pro1 then depressing the rear command dial instantly brin
  22. Things holding up ok here, zooms significantly better than late last year with CTR at a level I am more comfortable with now, one sale in the bag and hopefully a few more from some of this months/last month's zooms. Up until this month sales through Oct, Nov and Dec were higher than the amount of zooms I was getting. Views currently high as lots of searches going on for subjects I've covered heavily in the run up to the new year - covid-19/anti lockdown protests. To get an "average" month I'll need one or two more sales before Jan ends so fingers crossed. Interestingly
  23. Choosing for the studio can also be the choice for a lifestyle. (Or the other way around.) To me the studio is just a dedicated space where all aspects of photography can be controlled. There still are beautiful daylight studios all over the world. Just google daylight photo studio and eat your heart out. Usually indeed equipped with all sorts of gizmos. However the studio is just that space where everything can be controlled. So simple tungsten or led light or curtains for daylight; maybe sheer or translucent plastic or paper to control the quality and direction of light, that's all plen
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