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  1. always swing and roundabouts I think having the best January that ive had for a long time - 17 sales so far and a number of $$$ sales
  2. to be honest the Dashboard being updated now should be viewed in a negative angle, as it makes no sense that of all the things experiencing issues, this was the one to focus energy on. Next we will be told the have finished the work on Zooms before working on making sure images are for sale in a timely matter.
  3. I have noticed, in the last couple of months, that I am seeing fewer and fewer U.S. sales coming into my account. Just to be clear, I am talking about U.S. based buyers not U.S. content. I scour though about a dozen U.S. publications each month, looking for Alamy image uses and I am finding fewer and fewer uses. Not sure of the reason why, could it be the competitive pricing from the micros or maybe buyers trying other sources? U.S. buyers tend to pay more than buyers based in other countries so I am seeing fewer higher value sales. I hope the new Alamy/PA marketing can help change this tr
  4. No sales yet but CTR is above 1.00 so potential for various sales from various locations. Trying to start the year with a positive outlook. Grant funds landed in my account today from a business incubator program i completed in December, so that is a nice way to start the year, but there's much work to be done to meet the goals I've set for 2022.
  5. I've also had a couple today at that price - the first time I've had sales below a dollar gross. This month is very slow for me so far 🙁.
  6. Yes. Thirteen small sales so far, which may seem OK, but I generally average at least two sales per day over any given month and would expect at least a couple of higher value licences by now.
  7. I'm opted out of novelty use, and I am also opted out of China in the distributor regions, but still had several of those lucrative $0.15 gross sales. So presumably, the deal is not just novelty use, but includes direct, non-distributor, non novelty-use sales to China. Mine were all RF (I have since switched all my RF to RM as there is no longer any point, frankly, in RF on Alamy), but others have said that some RM were also purchased for that $0.15 deal. Can anyone confirm the latter? Ps. Sorry, Michael, looks like I typed whilst you also responded with similar. So I g
  8. Just had two sales this morning for UK national newspaper use full resolution for $0.17 each. Is this what Alamy has become?
  9. Thank you for adding more value to my post. This a bulk upload gone wrong and I WILL FIX IT. FYI: I am well aware of Copyright and Public Domains. My fixes will be: 1. Mark PD images as PD (I was doing it. just the bad batch will be fixed) 2. The bad batch captions will be fixed with the tool below https://www.marspremedia.com/software/photoshop/filename-to-description This is a photoshop ad-on and it is fast and working. For the rest of IPTC metadata I use Adobe Bridge. So yes, before uploading to Alamy, I do work on them, enhance
  10. No tiny Chinese sales for me, but still seriously underperfoming vis-a-vis the $30 'average', at $8.79 gross average. 7 sales, $24.63 net. Zooms very poor.
  11. These days, most Alamy licenses are RM/RF hybrids. You can have RM sales that look like RF, and RF sales that look like RM. Consequently, it doesn't seem to matter whether you choose to make your images RM or RF. This has been my experience anyway.
  12. We are not sure about this yet. It may even be a very good way to get lots of brownie points if they now count toward regular sales. Novel Use didn't. wim
  13. What I don't understand is why accepting silly (and damaging) sales like these is a "requirement" for Alamy. They don't really benefit anyone, neither contributors nor Alamy. Surely the most productive thing to do from a business POV would be to stop working with this particular distributor. They aren't likely to change their ways.
  14. Being in Texas with no portfolio UK content I don't get the lucrative UK newspaper sales 😂 - and so far none of the "penny stock" China sales. Contributor reported image pack sale incomes are pathetic. These appear to be one focus of Alamy sales efforts in a bid to shore up corporate revenues to the detriment of contributors. All this has sapped motivation. Still contribute some randomly as I feel like it. But my efforts in recent months have been and will be going forward on increasing my stock video footage knowledge and portfolio.
  15. While doing some research I discovered that when I click on on image in Safari and the same image in Firefox, the sales pages are different. A bit disappointing that for Rights Managed in Safari, the customer can`t make up their own mind about the terms of a license, but has to contact Alamy through a supplied phone number or email in a drop down window labelled Build a License to get an instant quote about volume pricing deals... No wonder sales are slow.
  16. If you click on the image while in the edit box, you can set your own dimensions. Try clicking update first. That may have the desired effect already. Leave the Keep original aspect ratio ticked. wim edit: changed your image to 600px wide
  17. At this point: Most sales ever in terms of numbers since 2006 (Yippee!! Let the fireworks go off") Lowest revenue. Ever (Oops, can't afford the fireworks) I have a now 4 moths outstanding one that appeared in Conde Nast still to come it - which may scrape me over the lowest. To date I've kept most of my images on Alamy, but this may not last if the situation remains as it is re pricing and the reward to effort ratio..
  18. I asked Alamy how IO had had two personal use sales but the images had not been zoomed. There answer FYI was: Hi Bill Alamy measures doesn’t register every action on the site. Views and zooms are only registered from customers who are logged in and who have spent a certain amount of money on Alamy. Thanks, Shelley Alamy Contributor Relations
  19. Since mid 2020, I am only credited with sales on the last few days of the month. This seems odd. Sales are for various uses and entities, from websites, texts, kid's books, editorial and museums. Has this happened to anyone else?
  20. Nice to have four sales drop in this morning, ranging from $ to mid $$, all travel related photos. This is one taken at the Udvar Hazy Air and Space Museum in Virginia. I think two of these are Culture Trip sales.
  21. I finished the year with 266 licences for $5789 gross, which was my best year so far. I uploaded about 2350 images. Sales volume up 87%: 266 sales in 2021 compared with 142 in 2020 (my previous best year) Gross revenue up 42%: $5789 in 2021 compared with $4066 in 2020 Net revenue up 31%: $2512 in 2021 compared with $1916 in 2020 It's clearly going to be difficult to continue maintaining or increasing net revenue with the recent low prices and commission change though.
  22. I'll be paying close attention to the sales over the next month or so with the view of pulling my port here. Once you work out the net inc here, it's tiny compared to the rest so I've no problem in shutting it down to protect other sales elsewhere from the mass $0.04 China sales.
  23. Well January has started well Had 5 $$$ sales drop in yesterday- just run of the mill images - ie typical stock stuff None were distributor sales
  24. my dashboard says "My Alamy, 10 Jan 2022 – Last updated on 07 Jan 2022" I have had sales since then that are on the sales history and account balance page, but they don't appear on the dashboard page.
  25. I too was thinking this could be a creative outlet, for having a bit of fun, rather than sticking to the same style of images that I produce normally for Alamy. Do your sales seem to align with the customer score you received?
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