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  1. A couple this morning in the sales basket for this month $$ and $. Alan
  2. I had 6 sales in January.. highest volume in a month for me...quite pleased by it.
  3. I remember many years ago when Alamy started the occasional micro priced image concept - At first, I thought, "Why get 50 cents or a dollar for an occasional sale here when you can get thousands elsewhere that add up?" but quickly realized that wasn't a helpful analogy when Alamy licensed 2 images from the same studio shoot - one for a dollar and one for $250 - obviously the $250 made up for a lack of hundreds of piddly sales. Ultimately, I realized that the $1 sale, while distressing, did not take away from the $250 sale. It's a shame that micro prices are putting so much downwa
  4. All methods work. Dragging and dropping can be done from a variety of places. There is a preview function in the box where you put your post in, or your edit. It's the small magnifying glass button between the Size and GIF buttons. Set it to phone tab to check for the most extreme squishing. How to cure squishing: go to edit your post > double click on your image > tick the box Keep original aspect ratio > click Update. When the image falls outside of the allowed size, the offending box will now turn red and tell you what to do. However it's not always the
  5. If I had a sale here for 0.25 cents I would dropped Alamy immediately. I was encouraged by others on this forum to upload with a good key-wording and not expect sales in the first year. On this forum I often see 'Alamy is different than micro stock' and 25 cents would be a prove that it is not. Luckily my first sales here started well, good few mid sales $$ Fingers crossed for encouraging sales for every new starter here
  6. Hello mates, My name is Miguel Moya Moreno and I have been a collaborator of the agency for a few years. I am writing to you because I have seen one of my photographs published in an internet publisher and with the caption naming Alamy but it does not appear on my sales list. I'd like to know if the same thing has ever happened to anyone. I look forward to your response. Thank you.
  7. Hello there! No sales, what I'm doing is wrong. Should I continue uploading photos? https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?pl=1&plno=426084 Thank you for your answers
  8. I've made 8 sales now including this shot of my snakey stick for a second time and for better money. Well, assuming I ever see the money. I now have $301 in sales with a massive $34 'cleared' with the biggest sale of $170 in July 2020 obviously still not paid. I don't remember contracting Alamy to borrow money from me - do they ever ask 'clients' to pay? https://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid=CC1E5768-4321-4A74-A0BD-3F180BD0F19C
  9. as i often created different ratio i now have the 3000*2000 equivalent for my most prevalent ratios. (i have rounded up for ease since 3000 was already that way) Ration Longest side 3:2 3000 (x2000) 7:5 2900 (x2071) 5:4 2750 (x2200) 1;1 2450 (x2450) 16:9 3300 (X1856) 4:3 2850 (x2137) so yes 3000 is actually a good rule of thump for all ratio "squarer" than 3:2
  10. Before I pop a champagne cork at 2 sales ( $164 and $206) of the same image at royalty free, does this seem like an error or mistake ?
  11. I noticed a couple of threads on mirrorless and it was interesting to see the responses, some not too sure yet, others no way, etc. By chance I bumped into this guy https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2016/feb/18/world-press-photo-of-the-year-goes-to-image-of-child-crossing-border-fence we got talking, I was amazed he was carrying a couple of Fuji x pro2s, he had been offered all sorts of latest equipment from Nikon and Canon but refused because they weren’t compact, lightweight and tough enough for the type of photography he does. I agree, at the time I was carrying a second ha
  12. Very slow start to the year for me with only six sales for $306 gross. A couple of bright spots, though -- one $$$ license in the batch plus zooms and CTR up somewhat (but still below average). Can't help feeling that a bumpy road lies ahead in 2021. Best of luck everyone!
  13. 5 licences all in first half of month, low $$ averages. Was fooled by the early movement in thinking thing would be higher i guess.... Continuing with no known unreported sales, so can't even count on that. CTR back around 1, lowish views. A few zooms on low count searches. on with February...
  14. 48 sales for a gross of $1164; just one low $$$ sale, 151 zooms from 23243 views; CTR 0.65. All figures continue to be about 50-60% of pre-COVID levels; no sign of any change yet! Stay well everybody - good to hear some people getting their first jabs. BW, Kumar
  15. 4159 views. 23 zooms. Average CTR 0.55. 7 sales for a total of $275. Highest $149.90. Lowest $8.95. Average $39.28.
  16. 13 sales and a small US DACS type payment for $380 gross / $177 nett, No $$$ - but it's rare for me to get one of those. CTR 0.93 from 63 zooms. Below average but still a reasonable month.
  17. Quiet month here. Just 3 sales for $90 gross. Views, zooms, and CTR have all maintained a consistent level. 😐
  18. 8 sales, all low $$ or $ for just on $100. Zooms are down, CTR low.
  19. Zooms have been sporadic for a long time now and that's hardly surprising considering my views have dropped to about a third of what they were a few years ago. I'd add that my sales have dropped too probably due to the increased number of images on Alamy uploaded by other agencies which I just can't compete with. So far this year I have no sales but know of one or two that haven't been reported yet. However it's not a good start and with a fairly ordinary portfolio I can't see things improving. Last year was bad, I don't expect any improvement this year. Zooms used to be a source of hope but t
  20. Something ive not come across before and just wondering if anyone has had the same... Just did a search in one of my pseudo summaries for the last month, and i have a number of searches that show as : your views 1, sessions 1, zooms 0, total views 0, ctr% Nan! so although mine was viewed, it wasnt actually? its the YOUR VIEWS 1 and TOTAL VIEWS 0, thats confusing! happens on a number of searches over the last month. any thoughts welcome JH
  21. Uwe, Upday is an online news app. Sales just started to be noticed to them so a package deal must have been done as prices are low.
  22. Yes it is certainly much more encouraging when you get the $$$ sales, and in the past $$$$ sales. We just have to take the penny sales 'on the chin'.
  23. I don't understand your reasoning. Alamy is in the same market as all its competitors. Unlike micro stock the vast majority of Alamy sales are not at 25 cents. Now that you have some good sales why would you stop contributing over one or two 25 cent sales?
  24. As a refugee from that other agency I understand the disappointment with $0.10 net sales here. I did stop contributing and closed my account with them when the announcement was made. I was getting regular sales with less than 500 images at the time but couldn't see the point of spending the time it took to submit for so little reward. I have averaged $5 net per image here but with only 5 sales to date. I have no expectation to make my fortune doing this. It has been a good distraction for me during the pandemic and helped keep me sane. Of course, the regulars on here should question
  25. Anyone else's sales fallen off a cliff this month? Mine have been quite buoyant this year, despite Covid. Until September. Suddenly nothing at all. Nada. Zilch. Is it just me, or have others had the same experience?
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