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  1. Hi Photographers, I have joined Alamy in September 2019 and made 2 sales within December while having only 4 images in portfolio with average optimization. After a dormant 8 months I started uploading more images from August 2020 and have tried to optimize each including the old 4. But I don't see any sales happening. Are my expectations too early or the optimizations have gone overboard? It will be great if you can visit https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/soumyajitphotography and share your valuable feedback. Thanks, Soumyajit
  2. I am a. News shooter and get a lot of sales from the scheme. I agree that online sales do attract a low price, there are occasional high value sales. On this scheme it is about volume. It must be said that newspaper sales have dropped a little during the pandemic my revenue has remained steady.
  3. The dashboard is very frustrating at the moment. Downloading the sales report takes forever, and in a (UK) morning Alamy Measures updates and then seemingly un-updates - one minute I can see what zooms I've had, and then I can't. Eventually the zooms/measures do settle down, but the slowness is constant
  4. A person who seems to have experience as a buyer suggested on the forum that there is a hierarchy of searches: 1) Look for anything free 2) Try the micros and Getty ( basically the same thing for most sales these days, except Getty is often cheaper) 3) Have a look at Alamy 4) Try small specialist agencies and individual photographers 5) Commission a photographer Given the huge supply of images it becomes less and less often that the buyer has to work through the list to the end
  5. How to understand these values. What is the actual profit? Gracias!!! Account name : MARCELO DE LA TORRE Balance brought forward: $47.31 Total sales: $5.04 Commission / charges: $-3.02 Total payments to you: $0.00 Balance carried forward: $49.33 Cleared balance: $47.31 Next payment date: Not due
  6. We can't tell you your profit because we don't know your business expenses, but if you mean when will you get a payment, it's at the end of the month in which your cleared balance exceeds $50. Since your balance carried forward is only $49, it will depend on future sales.
  7. Wow, fantastic to have your photos so highly ranked. I'm often in a similar position with zooms, but no sales of zoomed pictures. I would encourage you to increase your portfolio size, although if you're really concentrating on high quality shots you think will be in demand, you can be more discerning with what you upload. I try to be pragmatic with sales - more sales probably helps my ranking and the occasional larger sale keeps the overall average up.... Thanks, I learned something today - Sysiphus!! Steve p.s. it is harder work than a lot of people r
  8. I have had five sales this year, two more than what had been my average, but no sales since the end of June and only one zoom. Finally got the count up to over a thousand in my portfolio, and one early sale makes me not care too much about trying to figure out what someone may pay $19.99 to license (see below, taken on my block). And out of fourteen licenses, I only have one with a person doing something and he was looking at the camera. Fish, flowers, plants, rifle, landscapes -- shrug.
  9. Thanks, that makes a lot more sense now. I just never thought to click on the pseudo itself and check things that way. Yes, indeed, you can infer quite a bit of info from this especially zooms that translated into sales.
  10. Interesting. I don't have such a variety of countries this year as my distributors' sales have almost dried up, presumably because I disabled PU. No regrets there. Main subject to US is wildlife, followed by beaches, landscapes, international news. Just got one today actually. UK 64 ROW (usually Oz) 61 US 13 Europe 11 Australia 10
  11. Even stranger for me because I live in the USA and have some iconic American images in my Alamy collection. Out of my past 100 sales, one was American - a photo of a farmer's market in Ohio - and two were in the UK. The country that showed the most interest in my work was Turkey with the Russian Federation coming in second. In both of these cases, the images licenced were cooking images that could have been shot anywhere in Europe or North America. Wim, don't you love it that Pennsylvania and New Jersey are listed as nations?
  12. I also used to be one of the “1000” because of the $3 -$4 newspaper sales. If you select “Don’t sell for editorial” I think it excludes all book and magazine sales which have always had higher returns ($$). I had an image of a wooden mural sold for about $30 which was published in a book about the same mural and the person that had created it. One of the National newspapers ran an article about the book and wanted the same image, but as I was not in the Newspaper Scheme they had to pay more than the usual “token” payment. They took over a year to pay for the image. I us
  13. I don't see a lot of UK sales if that's any consolation. The US and the EU predominate. I'd say it's all about content. For instance, my Latin America and Canada-related images do well in the USA. I actually don't have a lot of US content in my collection. I had a decent book sale of a Vancouver image (a totem pole) to Taiwan show up yesterday, which was encouraging to see.
  14. Just looked at my sales for the last 12 months, pitiful as they are. One sale to North America. None to US. 3 or 4 to UK. One to Australia, one to Germany, the rest are world wide, which are the bulk of them.
  15. I had a $$$ magazine sale to the US reported yesterday, the twenty-fifth to that zone out of nearly three hundred for 2020. That includes around ten PUs - at the full price that most US sales thankfully return.
  16. Don't you looove pumpkin squash soup? 😂 I do! However: Go back to your post; click edit; double click on an image; tick the box Keep original aspect ratio. Do this for every image. Done. wim
  17. Hi everyone, We have just sent an email to everyone who is opted out of the Newspaper Scheme as we are making some changes around this option. Please note, the scheme is separate to Live News and the changes does not apply to images sold via the Live News feed. The scheme was originally introduced in 2009, with many newspapers requiring their suppliers to move onto pre-negotiated flat rates for image usages within their online and offline publications. These rates were often lower in value than standard stock licences, but this was in many cases offset against a higher
  18. As with many here, my portfolio is primarily travel oriented. I had a migraine for most of my only vacation in January, so I had just one day to shoot. Since then I've been healthy but with Covid all I've managed are a handful of new landscape images, which don't generally have much sales potential. Fortunately a lot of my images are fairly timeless so hopefully when travel is safe again the lack of new images in 2020 won't put me at a disadvantage, as I'm certainly not alone in being unable to shoot much that is new. I've tried to add other types of images to my portfolio but my
  19. This has been my worst year ever, Covid has really taken its toll. In the spring and early summer, views were way down and although my CTR was holding steady, sales were gone. Starting late in the summer, when Covid was down, views crept back closer to normal, and some images zoomed back then sold in August, September and two this month. Ironically, while sales improved, at the same time my CTR dropped and is now average for my primary pseudo (which is more usually .80 to over 1.0) and well below average for the others. This month, my views are down a little from the s
  20. After my best month of the year last month for sales, this month is the worst! 16 sales in September and a paltry 6 sales in October for $140. Highest $55.99, lowest $3.11. Unless I get another 43(!) sales in November and December, average sales this year 9.5 per month, I will not reach the amount of sales for 2019. I did get a good £276 payout from DACS (claimed direct) and a $28 DACS TV payout via Alamy. John.
  21. I joined in 2009 and every year I have sales from all previous years. The only exception is this year- I haven't yet had a sale from 2010. All were uploaded in the year they were taken, though, but I can't see how that would disqualify travel images. They go out of date eventually, but then they may become archive! If you count archive, this year I also have sales from 1992 and 1994, and in previous years, back to 1979.
  22. Somewhat premature, but it's a safe bet I won't get any sales today. 11 sales for $71, first ever refund and $26 in DACs which was a welcome addition. Other good news, I sold 51 photos in 2018 and in 2019 - I'm now on 58 so far for the year. Less good news, I've added a lot of pictures to get more sales this year, but then the Alamy collection has increased a lot this year too. Reminds me of the red queen running to stay in the same spot in Alice in Wonderland. Hope you all had a good month.
  23. 6 sales in October which is (for me) a good month for sales numbers. Sales over the year are now looking good too although the revenue remains well down for now.
  24. I've had four reported sales this month, three of them are over two years old. It'll help you get your numbers up too, because you'll need that to have a chance of sales.
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