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  1. I don't have many images here yet, but I have already made 2 sales, which was probably more due to luck than anything! As expected, since then I have not made any further sales as of yet. My question is: do sales get affected by how active your account is? In other words, do you have to keep adding images to get more exposure or are search results not affected by your account activity? Theoretically, if you uploaded "the best" image of a particular subject, would it continue selling or would it get relegated to the bottom of search results as time goes by? T
  2. Hi, For medical reasons I haven't shot any new stock for a couple of months nor submitted anything to Alamy. Over this period my zooms have been in freefall. I don't know if that is a coincidence or not. How is everyone else's rolling zooms total for the month? Are they going strong or are you seeing a significant drop also? I may be wrong but I suspect Alamy may have implemented something that aggressively pushes you back in the search order if you slow or stop submissions. My zooms peaked in October 2017 at about 95 for the month (at the time I had b
  3. OK, a little (very) sarcastic title, but I've just received two sales for my lowest gross ever for a direct sale. I'm most certainly not going to mention the price, but I may have to start nicking sachets of ketchup and sugar if this goes on.
  4. I can't seem to get any sales, how can I start to get sales?
  5. To better understand RM vs RF battle i'd like to share my 2018 sales: - $$$ RM sales: 35% of total year revenues - $$ RM sales: 60% - $ RM sales: 5% I just started to sell RF on Alamy so i dont't have any sales at the moment . What's yours?
  6. Greetings, first post in about 7 years or more, but interested to see reaction re' the following in regards to Alamy sales report for DACS. Apparently I cannot claim for books as there is no ISBN data on the report Alamy send on my behalf. Last year's Alamy report was accepted without ISBNs, but they seem to be hard-nosed now about the ISBN data. Looking at My Alamy, indeed no ISBN data for sales. Also, would Worldwide Sales or Worldwide Usage include the UK (as per DACS requriements for Payback) - it would have to, yes. Last time I che
  7. Hi Everyone Can anyone please take a look at my portfolio and just give me some idea where im going wrong. Ive been submitting now for 2 months and not had one single sale. I sell to other microstock sites and do ok, why I am not getting sales here. Is my portfolio just not good enough or is what I photograph more related to microstock and shall I stop wasting my time submitting here Thank you in advance - Steve
  8. I shoot in 3:2 aspect ratio for all of my images and if I crop it's also to 3:2 . Just wondering what other members do. 16:9 would work well for some shots but are they likely to be saleable?
  9. A mouseover zoom now has a red Download button as well as the caption. No way to add to a lightbox until you actually zoom. I discovered it while checking to see if zooms are working for me with Safari since now I can't log in to my dashboard in Safari. Paulette
  10. Wondering is the general consensus to opt in or out of distributor sales. Andy
  11. Is anyone else finding that trying to zoom an image from a search result just isn't working? The zoomed image just doesn't load. It means I can't edit the images that way at all and this has been going on all day. Pearl
  12. This might sound crazy but how do I find out how many views and zooms I've had and how can I find my ranking....sorry if its obvious but I cant find this from My Dashboard....am I not looking in the right place?
  13. Morning all I had some images back in the Sun this January which showed up on my account at the end of February. Anyone know how quick they usually settle their invoices??? 60 days or wishful thinking???
  14. i got a sale on the 5th, very happy with it. licence dates are: Start: 05 April 2018 End: 05 April 2023 but then today for the same usage the dates are: Start: 09 April 2018 End: 09 April 2028 Duration is life of the edition but for a lower amount (a good 40% difference). - still a nice number though. any ideas if this will result in a refund? how common are they? it seems to me that they are getting a better deal for a lower price, given its longer and has the extra note about duration on. both still showing as
  15. Out of curiosity what's the quickest anybody has had a live news upload sold from the time it was uploaded.
  16. I am going to the Alamy Sales Seminar on Saturday is anyone on here going as well?
  17. From your personal experience on Alamy can you say what is the relationship of sales to zooms. To date I have 1 sale but it was never zoomed and many zooms that never made a sale. What do zooms actually tell us. Thankx
  18. Hi, I'm wondering if there's anywhere on the site where we can see how well other contributors' photos sell. It would be interesting to see how well subject matter and composition similar to my own are selling. Is it possible to see information such as this?
  19. I received an email from alamy yesterday morning at 5:00 am congratulating me for a large sale of $315 it reads: Great Work, you've made a sale of $315. We think its brilliant for a collection of 2016 images and worth celebrating. .... blah blah blah Then it has links for me to tweet about my great sale. I was so super happy but now a day and a half later and this sale still doesn't appear in my dashboard lol. can someone explain whats happening? thanks! Lisa
  20. Good afternoon everybody. Flipping through the pages of this forum, (I'm following you even if I'm not very talkative) I noticed that some of you mentioned alamy sales mails. I wanted to ask you if, when a photo is sold, alamy sends an email notification. I did not find any options on this. Thanks in advance for your intervention lorenza
  21. This is probably a massively basic question (but I checked the FAQ etc and couldn't see it) but could someone tell me if the sales numbers shown in My Alamy are the amounts that I will receive, or the amounts that the pictures sold for, of which I would receive only a percentage? Many thanks.
  22. I don’t know why i never noticed before but I spotted today that my two cameras are set up differently. One is 3:2 the other 3:4. I’ve sold pictures in both formats but just wondering is one better for stock than the other. Any views?
  23. Good morning to you all Reading the forum and the various topics I read unstated sales, sales that do not appear in the contributor profile. How is it possible to understand when I made a sale and was not declared to me?
  24. When I select " all of alamy " and count up the number of sales for the last business week it comes to 516. That does not seem very much. If average sale value is about 40US$ then total earnings are about 20600 US$ . That is 10,300 to Alamy about £7300. Has anybody else followed these sales figures? Am I doing something wrong?
  25. I'm just wondering about the frequency of sales during the day. I can't ever remember getting a sale come through in the morning and then again in the afternoon. Is it a once a day addition or can sales get reported as and when they arrive at Alamy? The thought just crossed my mind that's all.
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