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  1. Views, Zooms and sales all down by a similar proportion, to about 66% normal. CTR therefore approximating to normal; - but mainly a travel-biased portfolio. Kumar
  2. Same here - my zooms and CTR are lowest ever (especially in the last two months), but the sales are on the usual level
  3. I've been seeing a drastic drop in zooms during the past few months -- only eight so far this month. CTR has been creeping downward as well. Strangely enough, sales have been holding up well. Most months have been average or better for number of licenses. Anyone else noticing this odd pattern? If so, any explanations or theories (crackpot or otherwise)?
  4. In a search for Owston, my freshly uploaded image appears at the following positions out of 155 images returned when doing a search with "relevant" set. Owston in Caption and as Supertag - 5 Owston as Supertag only - 7 Owston in Caption and as Tag - 8 Owston in Caption only - 17 Owston as Tag only - 27 So, in the case of this image and search, the weighting priority currently looks like Supertag > Caption > Tag, with Caption + Supertag being better still. Ideally I should have picked a subject with more images returned to give
  5. I joined in 2009 and every year I have sales from all previous years. The only exception is this year- I haven't yet had a sale from 2010. All were uploaded in the year they were taken, though, but I can't see how that would disqualify travel images. They go out of date eventually, but then they may become archive! If you count archive, this year I also have sales from 1992 and 1994, and in previous years, back to 1979.
  6. You would probably not expect to see sales for some months, even with a large and diverse editorial collection, and you don't have one of those. Not many will disagree with Michael- this is an editorial agency.
  7. I just checked my Measures. So far this month, I am the only zoom for 14 zoom instances out of 34. Also quite a few 1 out of 2 only. Now bring on the sales please! Here's hoping.
  8. This year my oldest image licence was for one which was taken on 18th November 2010. Not long after I joined Alamy. Have to admit that I do licence a mix of old and intermediate as well as newer images. The latest one to licence was taken on 20th August this year. Generally I shoot for stock. Others who shoot live news will get sales the following day if not the same day. Allan
  9. I've had four reported sales this month, three of them are over two years old. It'll help you get your numbers up too, because you'll need that to have a chance of sales.
  10. 4 year old photos are not old photos. Of course there is a market for the most recent shots but 95% of my portfolio is much older and trundle along producing sales
  11. I agree with Michael. Very creative and I won’t knock that, but Alamy caters to buyers who mostly want images to illustrate a story. You want to think, when having a shoot, or even taking one photograph, “What story would this image (these images) fit?” It could be a landscape of a popular tourist draw. A person gardening, especially an elderly person a family picnic a herd of cattle a shop, school, factory, etc. mother/father with a child hobbies (painting, cycling, woodworking, whatever) objects like food, (cooked or in the can or bottle or package,) di
  12. I'm opted in; but still, this post further erodes my trust in Alamy. When I was opted out, all that happened was that I got fewer sales. It has been said many times that UKNS buyers just didn't see opted out files. How can that be a "more complex and confusing search experience"? How stupid do you think these customers are? How stupid do you think we are when you feed us this guff? If I'm buying anything online and filter my options by price, I get options which are within my budget, and I don't need to see more expensive (or, indeed, cheaper) options. That's a sma
  13. Something like this for stock, in order of demand: 1. business 2. lifestyle 3. concepts ... 10. travel 11. documentary If you choose to do #11 aka walk around and document stock-worthy scenes in front of the lens, you'd get the corresponding and disappointing sales. Speaking from personal experience. GI
  14. Thanks. No sales. It's interesting to see what they offer to the library though, when I look at the other pictures from that night in various searches. I was wary they were unusable or that I uploaded too many, but the blur really expresses the energy of the night, and they all have very high placement.
  15. I'm guessing you mean Live News? Again, I'm not in the UK so I was speaking from a US perspective but you make a good point. If Live News goes for $$$ and $$, then having Alamy market your photos to several outlets certainly makes sense. So, I stand corrected. Good point. And good to know. When it's safe to travel again I'll make a point of uploading those lovely British photos of the day and maybe even find something newsworthy when I travel. I really wish that there was a way to market our lovely American sunrises and sunsets as photos of the day. I always enjoy scrolling through them.
  16. @geogphotos We are sadly in one of the few professions where prices are going down instead of up. The drop in 16 years is really astounding. Yes, more photos are used today, and it is easier to shoot and upload online than it was to shoot and send transparencies or whatever was done back in 2004 (before I got into photography professionally so not sure if you had to then scan the transparencies/negatives and send via CD) but the growth in the use of photos and the fact that it is somewhat easier to take and process them should not have resulted in such a stark drop in prices. You
  17. There is some creative work in there. As said, your captioning needs to be more literal and accurate. Alamy is a stock site, and I do wonder if your more creative shots will sell here. Any creative images I have uploaded have been ignored, while more prosaic stuff sells. As said, it's a numbers game. So get your portfolio up to a few thousand before you start wondering about sales. I like the impressionist effect. Is that done in camera or post?
  18. My conclusion is that this was never an Alamy 'rule' before, was never documented in the QC manual (pdf), was never a reason for failure before, and has never been applied to all instances of multi-photo jpgs before (e.g. panoramas and montages). This suggests to me that this type of 'QC' (Quantity & Content - as opposed to Quality Control) restriction has just been made up recently, and is not being applied consistently. Maybe Alamy.com are struggling for IT capacity (e.g. cancellation of their video sales project). As I understand it, most 'photos' (aka jpg upload f
  19. I did a bit better than that, but not much. During the past year, I've had but two UK newspaper sales -- for $7.62 and $21.45. The second one is the highest I've seen since signing up for the "scheme". During the same time period (rolling year), I had a couple of other newspaper licenses to Germany at slightly better prices plus a $$$ newspaper sale to the US, which is pretty rare. Newspapers everywhere have always been notoriously cheap. I know that from my past experience as a freelance writer. This is a bit off topic, but I never liked the use of the word "scheme" to describe sa
  20. Many thanks. Sorry to be cheeky but if you have the magazine with you any chance that you could add the ISSN/barcode number for DACS claims. I just looked online but it says that this issue hasn't been published yet. It would be great if sales spotters could add this if possible though I am pushing it I know and am in awe of how wonderful you all are.🙂
  21. At this point, in this business, you will need 100 times what you have, with a good variety and well tagged images, to see regular sales. Not being pessimistic, just realistic.
  22. I also used to be one of the “1000” because of the $3 -$4 newspaper sales. If you select “Don’t sell for editorial” I think it excludes all book and magazine sales which have always had higher returns ($$). I had an image of a wooden mural sold for about $30 which was published in a book about the same mural and the person that had created it. One of the National newspapers ran an article about the book and wanted the same image, but as I was not in the Newspaper Scheme they had to pay more than the usual “token” payment. They took over a year to pay for the image. I us
  23. How can it be confusing for the newspaper customers when searching ? If they are not logged in , then they won't see the pictures of those who've opted out ? I had an editorial website sale last month, for $18.69. It was used by the Guardian online. That's quite a difference from the newspaper scheme pricing I expect ($5 or so?). If now those of us who'd opted out will now be in the scheme, and the newspapers use the same number of images, then surely those of you who were already in the scheme will now see your sales number drop ? ...after all, there will now be more
  24. This Alamy statement at the top seems very clear to me: Only around 1000 of our 160 000 contributors are currently opted out of this scheme, but it is causing a more complex and confusing search experience for the customer. Given that there is now little to no difference in pricing and that this group of contributors are missing out on sales potential, we will be retiring the option to opt out. Everybody will be offering their images to newspapers on 'scheme rates' like it or not.
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