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  1. It hasn't been too bad for me given it always takes a few days after new year to get going. 6 sales mostly mid $$ looks like an ok start for 2022
  2. 1 teeny sale and a few zooms so far. I was also wondering if the zooms/measures behind the scenes upgrades had been completed. It was supposed to start Sept 30 and last 3 months, wasn't it?
  3. One sale and one zoom here so far this month. My sale a couple of days ago was the first since 5th Dec last and I normally get one per week on average at the minimum. Zooms seem to be almost non-existant. Very disappointing. Jim.
  4. Just summed my gross sales column, well in to retain 40% during last year. So far gross sales varied from $1.67 to $99. Hopefully sales will remain a viable mix of high and low value, though would prefer not to have the low ones, but can't see that changing. So far January is slow.
  5. Thank you for adding more value to my post. This a bulk upload gone wrong and I WILL FIX IT. FYI: I am well aware of Copyright and Public Domains. My fixes will be: 1. Mark PD images as PD (I was doing it. just the bad batch will be fixed) 2. The bad batch captions will be fixed with the tool below https://www.marspremedia.com/software/photoshop/filename-to-description This is a photoshop ad-on and it is fast and working. For the rest of IPTC metadata I use Adobe Bridge. So yes, before uploading to Alamy, I do work on them, enhance
  6. I stand corrected. The substantive point about slow sales so far this year is valid though, for me at least.
  7. Yes I know the difference and it's technically correct and necessary for the language police. On the other hand, can you sell a license? LOL 😁 Or are they only issued? If someone pays for something to be issued, isn't that a sale? But since I was a kid once, I know that having a drivers license is a privilege, not a right, and I still pay for my license to drive, but they must only be granting me the right, not charging for a license that I buy? (I think I've lost myself in that twisted logic) Yes Chuck, you're correct. Here's what Alamy says on my dashboard
  8. It's $250 gross from last 1 July to this 30th June, Alamy's Revenue Year, clause 12 in our contract. Meanwhile, I have two sales this year: total net: $2.49.
  9. Slow start means some sort of movement, in my case nothing, zip, diddly sales or zooms however its early days 11.5 months to go. 🙄
  10. Nada, here. Zooms pitiful also. I guess most buyers spent their photo allotment by the end of the year and are taking a breath.
  11. January has been pretty good so far with 11 sales and two of those are +$$$. On the assignment front, however, I am off to a slow start. Looking at past Januarys, I was much busier. I do have a new assistant working with me and she has been great so far, lots of energy and eager to learn photography! She even went to my old high school...of course only the name and location are the same. They rebuilt the school and I am very certain she had no teachers that I had.
  12. Yes, having a realistic warning of what may be ahead for you is better than being unhappily surprised. I know there are cynics out there but I doubt your doctors would recommend doing this operation if they didn't feel it would be very beneficial for you, in the long run. I am like you in that I hate taking pain meds any more than really needed. When I broke my arm badly a few years ago, what ever they shot me up with really took the edge off and was welcoming, but once in the cast, I was done with pain meds. I hope you are rewarded with lots of nice sales while recovering!!
  13. I was thinking the same for the first week, but then had 3 decent sales yesterday and another small one today Alex
  14. i wonder if Alamy will update us on the Zoom reduction project..... as for slow, same here. one tiny distro, and 3 zooms (though all 3 of them on specific searches where i was the only zoom, so fingers crossed)
  15. It's actually slow LOW start for me. Only seen the $1.56 gross RM licenses. Zooms are average in my case.
  16. I don't mean this to be one of those tedious whining threads, but 2022 has gotten off to a very slow start for me with only one small sale showing up yesterday and just two zooms so far. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  17. These days, most Alamy licenses are RM/RF hybrids. You can have RM sales that look like RF, and RF sales that look like RM. Consequently, it doesn't seem to matter whether you choose to make your images RM or RF. This has been my experience anyway.
  18. Hello to all, I am not really new to Alamy. I already have some images online for sale. But until now I have always neglected Alamy a bit. However, after I had six sales in 2021 and at an amount where I would have to sell hundreds of images at other agencies, I thought I'd try it more closely with Alamy. I would be happy if one or the other would take a look at my portfolio to tell me what I could do better. At the moment I have over 3200 pictures with a green bar and about 700 pictures with a yellow one. How important are the bars actually and are they conducive to educate a sale?
  19. A couple of years ago, a wildlife magazine I subscribe to published a wrongly-ascribed photo of an obscure and very localised tropical insect. A surprising number of readers wrote in, though I have to say that the differences between the two insects are miniscule IMO. I didn't take note of which agency the original image came from, but they had definitely used Alamy as well as other agencies in the past. The next issue of the mag published an apology and said it would only be sourcing from specialist agencies in future. So that person, who may well have made a genuine mistake, diverted sales a
  20. actually, these being Distributor sales, when this year's batch goes through on December 30-ish (as speculated 😉), it will be 88% commission that Contributors will be paying.
  21. First sales of the year for me... Low $$ PU for this one: Country: Worldwide Usage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale. Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use Start: 10 January 2022 Duration: In perpetuity March of the Highlanders at the Lonach Gathering in Scotland Mid $$ for this one: Country: Worldwide Usage: Commercial electronic, Use in a single website, app, social media or blog (excludes advertising), world
  22. These images should be marked as 'Public Domain'. Without captions and specific keywords/tags nobody can find the image that they want. Presumably it has taken quite a few years to build this vast huge collection. Has the OP any sales to report? I find it all a bit puzzling.
  23. With less than 500 images I'm going to presume you'll be paying at least 80% commission in July/Aug as per the new contract. It'll be down to how much your gross sales add up to though.
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