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  1. Nine months and 700? You can see how many images I have and I didn't get one for nine years. True, there were only 3 stars until about 2018, but even so, I think you can reasonably expect to wait longer. I don't think it depends on sales.
  2. The truth is, nobody really knows. I think sales may have something to do with it. If a high percentage of a contributor's images do sell it makes sense to want to put their submissions up quickly. Just a guess, really. Probably lots of people will say this isn't their experience. Paulette
  3. Hear, hear! I have, at times, thought about a posting list of businesses which are known to use Alamy images, but didn't want to risk the ire of the moderators or potentially upset any clients. I have found a bunch of, perhaps lesser-known, places in the past when searching for sales to post in the 'Have you found...' threads. More specifically relates to websites, but frequently these places have their own monthly magazines, etc. Tricky.
  4. No worries Edo, as I always say, there is always a silver lining to everything. My situation, which, depending on how I look at it, I could have posted in either thread, good or bad thing that happened to me: Vehicle still broken down - bad (or is it?) Had the diagnostic today, faulty injector - good re. having a diagnostic, bad re. the fault Injector will have to be flown from somewhere and will take 4 days - good I needed plenty of time to catch up on my editing for Alamy Cost - very bad (in addition to towing costs) Will have to make looootttss of Alamy sales to pay for it. Won't happen in my lifetime. So it all depends how you look at things. It could be much much worse.
  5. David, the system has changed to give more weight to uses that are matched with actual records from CLA licence holders. The details are on the DACs site somewhere. . So it is quite possible that if your older uses are not being photocopied as much in libraries, schools etc that you aren't getting the same share as you did under the previous system which was purely cumulative. This is why they are telling you that it is 'due to a change using Copyright Licensing Agency data'. Adding new titles/sales won't make much difference to a claim unless they are matched with records from CLA users. Exactly how this works is not clear but I should think that if a use appears multiple times in the records kept by different CLA licence users there would be a multiplier effect. If on the other hand you have older titles which are not being copied much then you will not get the same sort of rewards as you would have under the previous system. So, for example, pics used in a current textbook which records show has been copied in schools around the country will provide lots of matches, having a pic in a 20 year old magazine might get no recorded matches at all.
  6. Very odd news from me. I claim for myself and my late wife Shirley. Both claims were repeats of past years, and included new titles/sales added. My total uses are over 18,000 (there was a period when I illustrated step by step books using 400 images at a time and some of these were republished as new ISBNs repurposing the same photographs). In 2019 I received £2294.75 inc VAT (2017, £2404 including Shirley's - 2018, £1903) but for 2020 this fell to £425 which has come at the worst time. Shirley's claims were worth £274 (2018) then £364 (2019) and now £325 which seems balanced. DACS don't seem to be willing to explain why my claim has fallen and simply say it's due to a change using Copyright Licensing Agency data, then when queries again, saying it's because I also had a claim via Alamy (that makes no sense as the Alamy claim is for a very small number of uses). Seems to be nothing I can do about this, or to find out how others could avoid it happening. - David
  7. I file my own DACS claim (except TV), and my DACS payment remains pretty much the same from year to year. This is no doubt because I make very few UK region sales and manage to unearth only a couple of eligible ISBNs every year. That said, how DACS calculates payments is a total mystery to me. It certainly doesn't seem to be an exact science. I wasn't aware that you could "double dip". Isn't it an either/or kind of thing -- either you claim yourself or let Alamy do it for you?
  8. I suspect so. But this is a photography forum not a politics debate and the thread is about sales for goodness sake. I'll take photos of politicians of whatever hue, shade or orientation whatever I think of them.
  9. I know previous sales roll over, I wasn't sure ISBNs did - thanks for that. In that case my claim should have gone up this year with the same number of ISBNs but more Alamy sales? I'll have to try harder to find more ISBNs next claim. John.
  10. Cheers Iain ! Times online 7th World Washington, United States. 05th Oct, 2020. President Donald J. Trump salutes as he returns to the White House Photo by Ken Cedeno/UPI Credit: UPI/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2D1G2WD Register Zoonar/Oleg Kruglov Head of predatory river fish - burbot - Image ID: E8YHTJ Business London, UK. 06th Oct, 2020. Most stations warn that an 'on the spot' fine of £100 will be charged to people not wearing masks. There are signs warning people to wear masks, wash there hands and to maintain social distancing. . Credit: Guy Bell/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2D249FW Simon Dack Exclusive Watches of Switzerland shop in North Street Brighton - Image ID: 2AKFCGJ Ed Rooney A Gardaworld armored security van in NYC - Image ID: F0KP11 Kristoffer Tripplaar Various loose cigarettes. Marlboro, Pall Mall, Winston, Camel, Parliament, Newport, American Spirit. - Image ID: D771JA Guy Bell Shareholders queue outside the Festival hall for the Marks & Spencer AGM on a cold summers day. - Image ID: C5FHKX Sheerness, Kent, UK. 5th October, 2020. New car sales have plummeted to their lowest September level for this century. Pictured: vast car storage compounds at the Port of Sheerness in Kent. Credit: James Bell/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2D1696H Ireland laboratory pills in a bottle - Image ID: DXBJMC Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 4 June 2020. As Covid-19 lockdown relaxation continues in Scotland very few shops and businesses are open. Pictured; Anna Christopherson, owner of Joseph Pearce bar on Elm Row is offering takeaway drinks. Iain Masterton/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2BX25K1 Mathew Monteith Blair Castle on Atholl Estates With the Blair Atholl Jamborette It brings together over 1000 scouts from many countries. - Image ID: CTN4HK Scott Masterton UK, Scotland, Fife, Cowdenbeath, Mossmorran Flare, Mossmorran Natural Gas fractionation plant - Image ID: PG6B2H Nick Fox Finnich Glen, also known as Devil's Pulpit near Loch Lomond, Scotland, United Kingdom. Hdr processed. - Image ID: F5EAND News people nottingham market square - can't find it SPUTNIK Russian President Vladimir Putin and Oleg Deripaska Board Chairman of aluminium giant OAO RUSAL left to right attend session - Image ID: B99NJD RAQUET PHOTOGRAPHY (THREE PENNY TRIDENT) BN - 2A TRILANDER MK III-2 G-XTOR - Image ID: AJ66AY July 9 2012 Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall meet victims of June's floods, members of the emergency services and other workers at the offices of Ceredigion County Council in Aberystwyth photo© keith morris - Image ID: CMB7TT Colin Underhill Berkswell Windmill, Balsall Common, West Midlands, England, UK - Image ID: G0XK1F
  11. A much better month for sales than the last one so far. A $$ sale for this one just reported.
  12. 13 + 500 total images, though few would be more than one image per publication. Eight publications for 2019 + perhaps 400-450 publications historically. These are direct sales only as I let Alamy claim for sales licensed through them. I don't feel confident that I could find even 50% of those sales.
  13. I'm OK now with Sales History showing my sales. Paulette
  14. My dashboard has all the information but is narrow. My problem is I get no content in Sales History. Paulette
  15. Yes. In reality a FAQ page shouldn't be needed as much of the confusion could be reduced if Alamy made some tweaks to their existing help pages and popup messages. But, frustratingly, the confusion over the 17MB limit has gone on for years (just try a Goggle search for 17MB Alamy). Alamy forum moderators must have noticed the numerous threads on this, and although they've made small tweaks over the years, the core problem (the use of uncompressed MB in thier description) hasn't changed. The same comment applies to some of the other items I suggested for the FAQ (e.g. sRGB/AdobeRGB and Discoverability). Alamy have made very helpful forum posts in some of the issues, but these then sink into the "forum archive". It would be more effective if the help pages were updated. But at the moment (with Covid), I think we need to be grateful that the Alamy's systems are continuing to work as well as they are, and that sales keep coming. Hence my idea of a separate FAQ page, setup and curated by knowledgeable contributors. Mark
  16. 150lpi, or lines per inch, is the standard for sheet-fed lithographic printing. The pixels/dots per inch of a photograph should be twice the lines per inch on the press, hence 300dpi. Prepress technicians will often use a higher resolution for raster images of typography, but the 2-1 ratio holds for photos.
  17. I changed my strategy at the beginning of this year to only offering through Alamy UK (no distribution et al), exclusive on a 97% RM collection. I have about 100 RF images/illustrations as well. I have past my 2019 income by 20% already on a reduced sales volume of 30%. I am very happy with the RM prices Alamy has gotten me this year.
  18. Here's how I see it. If you have the same images on both Alamy and microstock agencies, it will not negatively affect your sales on the latter, in fact it might even improve them as many Alamy customers will see you images here and then go looking for them at the micros. However, the opposite scenario holds true for your sales on Alamy. It seems inevitable that some of them will be lost after photo-buyers find your work on the micros. This appears obvious to me.
  19. Something else to consider is that if you have these same images available on microstock sites, it could be negatively affecting your sales possibilities here. I hesitate to mention this because some people disagree, but it seems obvious to me. You have an attractive portfolio. Best of luck.
  20. Kay, sorry to bother you like this - and apologies to everyone else for diverting the thread - but did you ever get a sales report for the images I mentioned in this post? I have received nothing as yet...🤨 Times 21st August Washington Imaging Lord Armstrong's house at Cragside, reflected in Debdon burn, with the iron bridge, Rothbury, Northumberland, England, UK - Image ID: 2C86BAJ Sale reported 28th September for not a lot of pennies.....
  21. Last month I also had 175 non-Alamy sales with my non-exclusive images. So you need to add that to my 39 Alamy sales to take the monthly total well over 225 sales. And because these are all RM I can boost my DACS claim each year for all UK book and magazine uses. I really don't mind what you do but perhaps you ought to stop using this forum to promote microstock to Alamy contributors? By the way RPI is more than anything a measure of how tightly a person edits - I edit loosely and provide choice. It makes much more sense to compare the balance sheet of actual expenses incurred versus income received. The amount per image is irrelevant. What matters is being able to find a way to survive in this very difficult marketplace. A marketplace that has been made enormously more difficult by exploitative business models and those who support them. You stay with microstock and I'll stay with RM.
  22. You'd be surprised Then you'd be surprised again... But also, sometimes you can with right click Save As... depending on how the image is hosted. Yes, if those dimensions are specified in pixels. But absolutley not if they are in mm or inches which will just add a further layer of confusion. I wonder if it would be worth putting together an Alamy FAQ webpage that we can simpy refer newbies too? 4 pages of discussion on File submission size is extraordinary, and hardly a concise reference for newbies. Topics (and short answers) that spring to mind straight away are; Discoverability - Ignore it sRGB or AdobeRGB - You can submit either but be aware Alamy convert AdobeRGB to sRGB What size images does Alamy accept - Over 5,941,931 pixels (e.g. 2,000 x 3,000) What's a Supertag - A tag given a higher rating than an ordinary tag by Alamy's search engine What's CTR? - Click through rate = Views/Zooms expressed as a percentage Why haven't my images gone on sale - Add caption, and tags and wait 24hrs for database update Obviously I've "paraphrased" the answers, the actual webpage would add more detail. Mark
  23. COVID-19 has pretty much seen the end of passenger carrying 747s - the Queen of the Skies - bringing forward retirements which would otherwise have seen them in use for another four or five years. Virgin Atlantic and British Airways each had a pair in storage at Heathrow due to go either for cargo conversion or scrapping, with the penultimate Virgin departure planned for Saturday just gone. Three changes of runway meant for a great deal of hiking around the perimeter, in the wind and rain, with a last minute rush to catch its lifting off on the first leg of its journey to Arizona, and a whittling down of 'spotters' to just myself to get the shot (perseverance/madness?). I haven't seen any Alamy uses but hopefully direct magazine sales will be fruitful.
  24. Tariq, if you hang in there you will make sales. but . . . I see you have done this in your captions sometimes: "Eiffel tower ,pairs France Pakistan" Why do you have Pakistan in the caption? And I assume that's Paris not pairs. You need to widen your stock subjects range. I didn't happen across anything that said Pakistan. Good luck
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