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  1. Aren't these really Chinese distributor sales? I imagine that microstock prices are the norm in China.
  2. I am in distribution sales but never did Novel Use. I think distribution is worth it and, from what I have seen, Novel Use is not worth it.
  3. I opted out of Novel Use in 2013. I'm content with the other revenue options. I do well with PU sales.
  4. I hardly bother looking at my sales these days until the very last day of the month as I know nothing will have sold. Sad
  5. Distribution sales account for about 20% of my sales volume in the last 12 months, a fair few netting more than some direct sales, so I'd say get in there!!!! Phil
  6. No image option sales for me yet, and only one NU ten years ago, so I'll stay in pro tem.
  7. You can't set a minimum price. However you can remove yourself from distribution sales and also Novel Use which is where a lot of these low value sales come from
  8. I´m really glad I have no sales at Alamy recently. I guess I´ll never have in the future... Some possible infingements or unreported sales thou detected but no reply from Alamy...
  9. Last month I had 5 sales at $0.25. Although it would cost Alamy a small amount of profit overall perhaps they should set a minimum price , even $5 would help
  10. I see I'm not the only one experiencing this - I just got two 0,21 and two 0,51 sales which netted me 2 x 0,06 and 2 x 0,15 😵 Reminded me to opt out from novel use sales
  11. Using a first 10 sales, last ten sales comparison as some have used here, I come up with these rather totals: First 10 2003 = total $2134 Average $213.40 Last 10 2021 = total $254 average $25.40 The latter compounded with two .25 cent "any size, any placement, in perpetuity", editorial licences this week. Depressing! Rob
  12. My two refunds were reversed, but I still have a negative cleared balance--an accounting effect of refunding a cleared-and-paid amount, even if it's subsequently reversed. So Alamy gets a little float with respect to my current clearings. Something else is not quite right--the sales total for this month in Account Balance is more than what shows as Sales on the Dashboard. So I'll wait and see if it gets straightened out a bit more.
  13. Those two pie-in-the-face eleven cents sales were RF 1600x1000 pixels to China. As they are RF that is all the data given.
  14. I think I’ve read just about all of the Mac rumors. I’m excited about what you’re saying, but from what I read, 16GB Memory is it. So will 16 be enough future-proofing? Will the new chip make it run like it has 32? I would assume if the graphics performance is mind-blowing, then it should handle the demands of CC, layers, etc. is that what you think, Mick? I could use about 20 $$$ licenses about now. Yes, I agree Apple isn’t fan-friendly. They overcharge for the computers, then for out-of-warrant repairs (I guess, never needed a service until now) Yet they have services once you buy
  15. First ten sales (in 2007) - $1152 gross, taking just under a year Last ten sales - $216 gross, taking just over a week Alex
  16. I don't know yet, I will see when the Sales page is updated this evening. It's so low that I wonder if it costs Alamy more in their staff's wages to deal with these deals than they make at eleven cents per shot. With the $ fees I always used to console myself saying that at least it would buy a coffee, but the $0.04 to me wouldn't even pay for the little wooden stick that you stir your coffee with. Its all pretty lamentable. I just had a look, and its RF. I will put more details here this evening when I know.
  17. I've had quite a few $00.01 'sales' somewhere else and that has been for RM non-micro images. And 13p to me for the BBC News global homepage. This is what microstock creates. That's where we are. But with Alamy I did get a sale just under $1k recently and quite a few in the mid $$$ range. Take the rough with the smooth.
  18. Hold the presses.... a new lower low.... I just got 4 sales from $0.05 to $0.19 net. That's right: 15 cents with 5 cents to me. Very novel indeed.
  19. I guess I should feel, by comparison, chuffed about a .49 cents sales that just dropped in! That's more than 4x what you got!! 😒
  20. I just had two sales for 11c each, so 4c to me! That's 40% of Sh***Stock's miserable payout. So, yep, I am nostalgic for those early sales.
  21. Yes, it looks like my refunds are being reversed as well. But the main point, which some did not seem to pick up on, is that these were sales that were cleared last year, paid out to Alamy and to contributors. I know it's not the first time it's happened to anyone here, and not the first time to me. The other time this happened to me, the refund was not reversed.
  22. Funnily I had a sale from last week reported again this morning and immediately refunded, the original sales remains.... Maybe a new apprentice in the accounts dept 😉😅 Phil
  23. I have found BHZ useful for checking the relative weight of captions, tags and supertags. My position hasn't changed. Some of my images with good sales show up at the top of results. Paulette
  24. Okay, this had me laughing this morning. Last night my daughter posted this photo on Facebook of her 17 years ago holding this molting cicada. I loved it of course and wondered how she got such a nice clean version of it....but thought maybe she had a copy in her folder of photos. Well this morning, I wake up and look at my Alamy sales and there it is, sold as a Personal Use!!! She bought the photo!! Either she is trying to help me out financially or figures it is way easier than just asking me for it 😅
  25. It may also be that the customer has ceased to trade or ceased to pay suppliers. Also some businesses have an accounting policy that if a debt is not paid within a period of time then it is written off. In a business that has very small value sales it is not economically viable to go chasing bad debts.
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