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  1. All of my images are Rights Managed and it seems that sales are falling off. I have considered converting to Royalty free but am unsure whether that would substantially end the income from images on Alamy. I would like input from those who are royalty free and from those who may have switched. Also, if I do go royalty free,and it turns out to be an error, can I revert to Rights managed?
  2. I've lost track a little but it's either two or three days behind again. Being as it's the core of Alamy's sales income you would have thought it would be a priority to get a database that works as advertised.
  3. Going back to Ian's question 631 sales so far in 2020 2 to the United States; an advertising sale in June for my highest fee ever, and a reasonable $$ sale for TV use in November. Thats that for the USA (and I do have about 2000+ images taken in the USA) Kumar
  4. Er, it's the sales commission. Just like the one on licences. Alamy did send out an email about this- probably around the time they were removing the opt-out- they were obviously canvassing for opt-ins. IIRC a figure was given for the number if items Alamy could claim for. It was only a few more than I knew about myself (maybe 15%) so I concluded it couldn't possibly make up for 50% commission, so I stayed out. If I find it I'll put it up.
  5. $5 sale in August, $3 and $5 sales in October so far....not a single sale in November...
  6. Five sales dropped in yesterday. Maybe "drop" is not the right verb as one of these was used May 5th and I've been reminding Alamy about invoicing several times. Distributor sale, so I earned $ 1.69 for each. At least two of them were used by Finnish Broadcasting company YLE (Finnish equivalent for BBC). https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-11336433 https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-11411407 Ambivalent feelings. As a tax payer I'm happy YLE is not throwing money away. As a stock photographer I'm not happy being exploited like this.
  7. I've sold some face masks (elsewhere obviously) to folks in red states, so maybe they're coming around. Was on the phone with one of my cousins just now and he was bemoaning the fact that many of our younger relatives are looking to get dual Italian or Irish citizenship and leave these shores for the countries our or there (we're both of Italian descent) came from. My husband is looking into Irish citizenship as our daughter is among those considering saner shores. One of my grandparents was born here and the others apparently became citizens early enough in the 20th century that they we
  8. This one is Rockwood Hall, in Sleepy Hollow, NY part of the same complex of parkland donated by the Rockefellers to New York State as in the image above, obviously a different time of year. I sold a nice print of this earlier this month on Fine Art America and Alamy has licensed it for me in the past. It was one of the very first images I took with my Sony a7rii a couple of years ago. I powered up a battery when the camera arrived on my doorstep, and went out into the cold and soon dark February afternoon as soon as it was ready. It's a favorite of mine, the sun setting over the Hudson River.
  9. I downloaded my sales to see the region of the sales and two more sales popped up for today. I hope this is a sign of things to come. This one is personal use for the full US price. I'd make much more had I sold a print myself, but it does appear to be appropriate for personal use and with three sales in a row, bringing me to 5 so far this month, I won't complain. Rockefeller State Park in Pleasantville, NY, the next town over from where I live. RF Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Personal use ; Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use ; 45.6 MB;4608 x
  10. I have quite a few US sales ending in cents -- .99, etc. To get around the "Worldwide" conundrum, you can check out the "Region" column in the downloadable sales report to get a better idea of which sales are actually US sales. It's OK to change your name on a whim, we need all the Wims we can get these days. 😁
  11. I'm in the US and all but one of mine this year are US sales, the other is ROW. I rarely get UK sales but then aside from some images of Edinburgh taken in 2007 before I even knew what stock photography was, I don't have much in the way of UK images. The European countries I tend to sell to are Germany, Italy and Sweden, and all of those were concepts or US locations.
  12. You will find this information if you download the .csv Excel spreadsheet in 'Download Sales Report', Edo. Last column on the right.
  13. Google certainly has its own strange way of returning results and this is very interesting. I've tried it, and it doesn't work at all for me. But then, given my small port and sales volume, perhaps this isn't surprising. Be fascinated to find others findings on this when searching their own pseudos.
  14. Looking at my 2020 sales (without a count) the 'country' that's listed most is Worldwide. The best prices paid are alway for images of the States. Am I wrong that images sold to a buyer in the USA are always an even amount, like $100.00 with no cents. To understand all this stuff better, I would have to change my name to Wim. And we already have a Wim.
  15. Having really good captions maybe drill down for comprehensive descriptions that if you couldn't see the photograph the words would describe it. For instance your photo of a submerged gate in Derwentwater, beside being a nice photo instead of submerged I might have used "flooded" and put that in the tags too along with every word for flood, floods, flooding, maybe try a keyword phrase etc. Your photos are good but descriptions and tags are so important to getting found and making that first sale. Maybe concentrate on uploading more content and building your portfolio size and quality, the sale
  16. If the £1 per claim covers all Alamy's admin costs, what's is the 50% used for? Does it just go added to the sales revenue "pot" to help keep the business profitable? It's quite a large commission if costs are already covered. I agree with Ian, it seems likely that Alamy and contributors are missing out on revenue. I've found some ISBN and ISSN numbers and I claim for those. But it's likely that Alamy knows more ISBNs ISSNs than I do, and these are not being claimed for. I understand why Alamy may not wish to share those ISBN/ISSN nos with us (confidentiality and potential loss of
  17. I didn't have any US or North American sales over the last 12 months, but I guess some of the worldwide sales will have been to the US, especially those dropping in at the end of the day which happens quite a lot. Had seven sales to Taiwan though. 😲
  18. I get relatively few sales in the U.K. so I suppose the U.K. uses much more content of U.K. centric images, just as the USA does of U.S centric images. My breakdown of the rolling year of image sales are as listed below. I suspect that many or most of the ones marked Worldwide, originated in the USA 145 Worldwide 7 USA 7 U.K. 4 Germany 2 Turkey 2 Spain 2 Denmark 2 Netherlands 2 Poland 2 France 2 U.A.E. 1 Japan 1 Canada 1 Italy 1 Serbia 1 Brazil 1 Latvia
  19. Thank you Alamy for the widening of this space! This one is now 999px wide and it came with the Keep the ratio box ticked when dragged from the Zoom page. Department of the Interior DC. Worldwide marketing $$$. wim
  20. American sales always seem to be for more $, but are very rare for me... Not that many to the UK either! Sales so far this year: Worldwide 29 Croatia 6 Czech Republic 1 Germany 3 German speaking countries 1 Finland 4 Italy 1 Ireland 1 Serbia 2 Turkey 6 United Arab Emirates 3 United Kingdom 3 United States 1 I wonder where the French source their images?? Don't think I've ever sold anything to France. Maybe they always purchase 'worldwide' because of all the DOM-TOMs.
  21. A person who seems to have experience as a buyer suggested on the forum that there is a hierarchy of searches: 1) Look for anything free 2) Try the micros and Getty ( basically the same thing for most sales these days, except Getty is often cheaper) 3) Have a look at Alamy 4) Try small specialist agencies and individual photographers 5) Commission a photographer Given the huge supply of images it becomes less and less often that the buyer has to work through the list to the end
  22. I have had 10 US sales this year out of 124 total sales, and the prices are definitely better. The average gross price of those is $73.5, which is about 2.5X higher than my overall average. They are a variety of subjects, including wildlife, plants, signs and objects, but no travel images - I don't have any images taken in the US. I do try to include American spellings and words in my tags.
  23. We can't tell you your profit because we don't know your business expenses, but if you mean when will you get a payment, it's at the end of the month in which your cleared balance exceeds $50. Since your balance carried forward is only $49, it will depend on future sales.
  24. I'm quoting myself. As a follow up, on one search, I had 3 zooms out of 4. Result: they all sold! 3 sales! Please keep the pattern for the other zooms...
  25. Yes, I do not expect more US than UK sales. But as I said in my OP I do get a large number of sales every single month to the various USA 'countries' from GI from the same images. Just hardly anything through Alamy. Perhaps its in part pricing related between the two agencies for the same images for non-exclusive images. I'm assuming that those reporting much better US sales are Alamy exclusive.
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