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  1. If so, good for you, Gary. For most of us (and me), sales are up prices/fees down.
  2. Some of us remember another way of earning "Brownie Points;" making a personal impression on actual human picture researchers. Alamy's digital ranking system is pretty awful in my mind, and yet, it's far better than anything else I've ever experienced. I would rather have my micro-priced sales counted towards my rank than feeling like I have to visit headquarters and leave boxes of chocolates for the researchers. (something that always made sales spike back in the eighties) These sales we've been discussing have been part of my stock photo reality since I first got involved in the
  3. I've had cleared licenses refunded months later. Re: PU sales - I get letting established clients pay net 60 days for periodicals, and longer for books and calendars, as that has traditionally been how the industry works, but with PU sales from unknown entities, not requiring immediate payment seems like a poor business practice. ... As does allowing refunds after several months, let alone years.
  4. 1 teeny sale and a few zooms so far. I was also wondering if the zooms/measures behind the scenes upgrades had been completed. It was supposed to start Sept 30 and last 3 months, wasn't it?
  5. Hi Samantha, I do have roughly the same number of images on Alamy and Stockimo. Last financial year, the sales from Stockimo, were actually a bit more (In value per sale, but not in numbers) than the ones on Alamy, for me. But I joined Stockimo as soon as it started so I might have an advantage on you there, in regards to commission. The rating does not look like it influence the sales for me. Most of my sales with S are actually images with very conservative post-processing. The overworked ones don't seem as well, for me. As I have my p
  6. One of my earliest sales was made when someone used the same misspelling I had for the name of a lighthouse. Ed, you are definitely not alone. Edit: PS that particular image (taken in 2009) has earned me $$$$ net here and elsewhere - for years it was my top-grossing image for license fees and it is still close. (@Bryan - nice when that happens, isn't it?)
  7. James and Ian -- two of my heroes. I just checked my sales for the past year and I see no sales to China and no sale under a US $. I get a lot of PU sales that I value since they are mostly for the full $19.99. I admire the Chinese, lived just above Chinatown in NYC. They are focused and hardworking with a loyalty in the community. I used to go down early in the morning and do Tai Chi. The master never questioned or objected to my being there. (I do hate their music and their stock prices though.) Damn it! Can someone please tell me how to find the terms o
  8. I'm not a psychic when it comes to selling other people's work, but if you want to sell on Alamy, you have to keep shooting, keep editing and honing your editing skills, and keep uploading. I am always surprised by what buyers purchase from my portfolio - not always the prettiest or nicest images, and often times just point and shoots that I took randomly. The more you upload, the more opportunity you will have for sales.
  9. Two U.K. Sales, both for near mid $$. Top one for a TV use and the other for "Examination Papers" (not sure what those are).
  10. Nearly 2 weeks into the year before getting 2 sales today. One low$ through distributor to Turkey. The other mid $$. Zooms and ctr are well down.
  11. i had found my images on an African distributor, the day after i removed all of Africa, my images were gone, so i could still have had sales in following weeks based on reporting lag, but they were off line. I am still convinced all these sales are from the last 12 months, and there has been 0 reporting throughout the year, it makes no sense that they would have all been sold in last month or so, and we can be sure 4 cents sales net would have been mentioned, and this is why those of us who went out mid-year still have some sales. and even if my guess is right, to q
  12. Pretty slow for me, with 3 sales for just $34 gross so far, and 14 zooms.
  13. Slow start means some sort of movement, in my case nothing, zip, diddly sales or zooms however its early days 11.5 months to go. 🙄
  14. Best ever year for sales with 198 and 5th best year for revenue at $3,663 - $18.5 average sale price. 2020 sales 119 for $3,100 - $26 average. 2021 sales 198 for $3,663 - $18.5 average. 2021 sales up 66% revenue up 18% over 2020. I added 1449 images in 2021. John.
  15. How long does it take to have images approved via Stockimo? My images through Alamy usually take under an hour (outside of weekends) to be approved, but I submitted images about 3 days ago and haven't heard anything yet. Is this a normal occurrence? I uploaded a variety of images, with a variety of filters to see what style was better suited to the platform. I have been watching the customer like ratings each day of other peoples images in the app, and I too am confused at the post processing style they desire. There does seem to be a stream of very over processed images, to the ex
  16. I sell vintage images from my archive and have an average selling price of about $40, but I get a lot of sales for 22c with the usage detailed below. I'm not sure I want to make my images available for commercial use at this price, but cannot find where I have signed up to an ancilliary sales outlet that promotes sales below the standard $9.99 for personal use. Any ideas? Country: WorldwideUsage: Editorial, Websites, apps, social media & blogs, editorial, any size, in perpetuity, worldwideMedia: Website, app and social mediaPrint run: UnlimitedPlacement: Any - print cover &
  17. Stockimo’s web site claims that for news all that’s required is that uploads are approved by the Live News team. For a company that is supposed to have nothing to do with Alamy there are many obvious links. I think I’ll pass on any aspect of of S. As they pay out when cleared funds are $10 and Alamy when $50, it’s pretty obvious S licences sales must be a lot less, even taking account of their contributor commission only 20% for newcomers.
  18. ah yes the six months harshness of the Canadian winter. 5C yesterday, riding my bike... 😉 (sorry the "6 months winter" has been a major anti bike-infrastructure rallying call from the car culture crowd....) . upcoming week is a wild ride. Morning temp forecast of next 3 days: -16, 4, -10.... as for winter subject, Alamy claims that "Weather is always in the news" (of course if you are in place where your News doesn't really use Alamy that doesn't help much, but i still have fun shooting, and it does have stock side appeal) )....
  19. Just summed my gross sales column, well in to retain 40% during last year. So far gross sales varied from $1.67 to $99. Hopefully sales will remain a viable mix of high and low value, though would prefer not to have the low ones, but can't see that changing. So far January is slow.
  20. Licence for mid $$ appeared yesterday. Here are the terms: Country: World English Language ; Usage: iQ sale: Educational book. Editorial print + digital use. Up to 1/2 page inside. Repeat use permitted ; Industry Sector: Education ; Start: 17-December-2021 ; End: 17-December-2046 Interesting, i had a sale Refund for the same image on December 17 which had been originally licenced in September. A year ago, this would have been frustrating, but i would have waved it off as "This is the way Alamy operates, in the end it's all the same".
  21. 64 sales for $1197 gross, or $19/image sold gross - poor. Only 2 in the $$$ category, best $108, TV usage. Zooms and views poor at 111 and 22,400 respectively so a CTR of 0.53, but Alamy said that zooms/views would be low until January None of these very low China fees partly because I have very few RF images, and partly because I opted out of all distribution areas apart from Japan and the USA during the summer when the new contract came in. Kumar
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