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  1. Let's get this out of the way first. There are three kinds of lies: Lies, damn lies, and statistics. Ha ha, it's funny because it's true. Also, yes, I am aware that the only statistic that really matters is the bottom line, the size of the check (cheque), the direct deposit, the number and size of the sales, what have you. Unfortunately, many of us don't get sales frequently enough to have them be statistically significant, and there's often such a long delay between anything that happens on the website (a view, a zoom, a change in rank, a change in the website) and the sales that may or
  2. I see views/zooms and CTR as simple as people walking into a shop and looking around. They know they want a new fridge but they want to see what offers the best value for money. A view is walking into the area of the fridges and a zoom is opening a door to see inside. The consistent zooms/sales ratio works well for folk who have an established portfolio. However for new people its less of an important statistic to work off. I'd say working on a quality catalogue of work and a large portfolio of saleable images is key. My stats have gone up a lot, but until I start seeing sales then I'm not
  3. I am not a Newbie (this forum is new so labels everyone a Newbie even though I've been active on the old forum). I've been with Alamy since 2007. I understand the seasonal fluctuations etc. What I am experiencing is different than anything I have experienced before. I know that zoom are only recorded for registered buyers. How about the views, are those only recorded by registered buyers? For comparisons sake. My statistics for for last year (July 2012), the same amount of images: views: 2,800 zooms: 16 sales: 8 CTR: 0.57 This year (July 2013): views: 5,934 zooms: 4 sales: 6
  4. That's the human nature... But the fact is that starting in January 2013 something clearly changed, at least for me. It's like a line was drawn and there's a Before and an After. Everything that has happened since contradicts years of data and it's not a seasonal fluctuation, as I know them. Yet, only in the sales part as I've shown. The views and zooms only had a slight decrease. Something doesn't make sense. I believe some people are having better sales now than before, but that's normal. The problem is the ratio between zooms and sales, and even if alamy changed the clients th
  5. Gervais: My zoom ratio does not indicate a keywording problem to me and I have not changed anything from what I would normally do. It could well be a general downturn in travel imagery combined with the vast amount images now online. If my views and zooms were down I would assign the problem to that but my stat activity suggests different. Hopefully it might be a backlog in the system and I have hundreds of sales to appear (or not!). The stats just do not add up. Andy
  6. The mystery of unzoomed sales turns up regularly in this forum, but it's not all that difficult to explain. Alamy tracks the views and zooms of only a subset of visitors to the site, presumably those who have demonstrated they're serious customers by actually licensing some images, so a sale may result from a customer who does not (yet) belong to this group. What's more, not all zooms, even by those in the elite subset, register as zooms: Someone in the old forum was able to establish that if a customer clicks on the "more" button to view more of your photos, subsequent zooms do not register (
  7. Personally, I've never found that zoom and CTR stats correlate very well with actual sales. However, my sales to zooms ratio for 2013 is not nearly as good as it was for the first six months of 2012.
  8. A ratio of 5 zooms on 1 sale, but the sales don't match the zooms...
  9. Just had a look at my year-to-date figure for sales v zooms. No convoluted scientific reasoning behind it, just curious and was wondering how others compare. Since January 1, I'm getting roughly one sale for every four zooms (total zooms divided by total sales). Anyone else getting anything similar? (Don't know whether one in four is particularly good or bad by the way).
  10. I may be wrong, but I don't think that sales are included in your CTR. They do affect your rank, but I think CTR (click through rate) is purely the ratio of views against zooms. Are you getting more views as well as more zooms?
  11. On a monthly basis, my views/image ratio has varied recently from 44% to 115%. It's important to note that there are a lot of variables that contribute to this statistic besides keywording, though, making it difficult to find meaningful comparisons across different contributors. One variable is the popularity of the subjects you shoot: If your collection consists entirely of hundreds of photos of a single species of parasitic wasp, you probably won't see nearly the same activity as someone shooting much more popular subjects. Alamy rank also plays a role: The higher your rank, the more views y
  12. I'm a prolific shooter and keyworder and therefore tend to have a high ratio of views to zooms, and probably also of zooms to sales (about 7:1). However, I have been looking at my stats and a) my average is better than Alamy overall I am impressed by how many times there's only been one zoom, and it's been mine, despite both a fairly high return from my collection and a very large found set from Alamy. I may have had say 30 found results, Alamy may have had 600, but only one's been zoomed and it's one of mine. That kind of result is reassuring because it confirms what I set out to do, which i
  13. Hi Derek, A while back, Alamy instituted a "Ranking system" for pseudonyms which essentially determines which pseudonyms appear higher up in searches (ie which images appear first) - your rank is important as many buyers do not look at that many images when deciding which image to buy so the sooner your images appear in searches, the more likely you are to sell. If your pseudonym has a good rank your images appear early; if your rank is poor, then they are buried near the bottom of sometimes several hundred pages of images depending on the search term used. The ranking system, to my un
  14. A more general question emerges from this, namely, what effect if any does the zooms to sales ratio have on Alamy Rank? Surely it would make more sense to 'reward' those with a lower ratio. It might be a mistake to think that just getting zooms is beneficial if the ratio to sales is poor? I recall that Wim Wiskerke posted a very low ratio and I see that he is ranked number 1 one on BHZ. Overall, for my own stuff, I think a ratio of 4-5 zooms to 1 sale probably suits me. I'd be concerned that I would lose out on the low ranking pseudo sales if I edited too tightly. I do see that the rat
  15. Thank you for your answers and advice .. I would have to wait several months before you see the correct ratio "zooms / sales." Depending on the result and I would adapt the number of images to a subject ;-) Thank you again!
  16. Quote from Geogphotos: "Looking at your images I would say that you have very many similars, an excessive amount in my opinion. I would guess that you would have a high number of zooms for each sale. I don't consider myself as somebody who edits very tightly but your editing is very loose. This will damage your Alamy Rank and that will hit sales because your images will be way down the search order." I would agree entirely with what Ian says - If I was a buyer, looking at your photos and saw an image I might consider buying I may well zoom it - but if there were a whole load of very simi
  17. It was hard to draw any conclusions from this recent discussion but I did think that the higher zoom to sales ratio were for less tightly edited collections - maybe the buyer looks at more similar images before deciding which one they want. Looking at your images I would say that you have very many similars, an excessive amount in my opinion. I would guess that you would have a high number of zooms for each sale. I don't consider myself as somebody who edits very tightly but your editing is very loose. This will damage your Alamy Rank and that will hit sales because your images will be wa
  18. Some recent forum discussion suggests that the ratio of zooms to sales is somewhere between 2-6 zooms per sale with a few people having a much higher ratio. It can take many months for a sale to be reported so you will just have to be patient. But hopefully with 130 zooms since January you will have a nice stream of sales in the pipeline. Ian Murray
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