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  1. I've had some good fees eg) Germany But the commission cut does hurt. Overall it means more sales than otherwise would be the case.
  2. I had 6 distributor sales this morning for a grand gross total of $19. I get 40%. Nuff said.
  3. I am wondering about contributors' current experience of distribution sales. Are you happy with the prices you receive? Have you had any reasonable fees in the past year? I am currently opted out, considering opting in April. Thank you, Kathy
  4. Good for you. That's an interesting point you make about specialist portfolios possible being more resilient during uncertain times like these. I can't help noticing that most of my zooms and sales these days are of my Mexico images, which used to be a specialty of mine.
  5. I occasionally have book cover sales, and they are usually fairly ordinary images. On Alamy, the content of the image seems to matter more than aesthetic or conceptual value. At one time, book and magazine cover sales were often $$$. These days the prices are all over the place, and often pathetic.
  6. Images of mine that have sold as covers do not look like any of those 😁. One of the things you'll notice that all of them are verticals. Or portrait like the filter says. The other is that the search term is concept. Or there's a filter named concept. (Where is that filter?) Some people actually have book cover in the keywords. (Use "book cover" as a search term.) However when clients are searching for book cover, they are overwhelmingly looking for the cover of a specific book. Not an image to design a cover for a book. (Use All of Alamy to look for %book cover%.
  7. I have several abstract backgrounds of things like light patterns on water, tree bark textures etc. None have licensed on Alamy (though have only been here since September 2019). Previously I was with a microstock agency and I had a number of sales of those kinds of images there. So I think it is definitely more likely to sell on microstock. I did sell one image on Alamy of lichen on tree bark, probably because someone was specifically looking for lichen, but no sales of just tree bark patterns on their own. In general it seems Alamy buyers are looking for a specific thing rather than an abstr
  8. Zooms holding up reasonably well with 25 so far this month. A bit down on average but not disastrously so. Did a quick check on my zoom numbers and zoom/sales ratio for the last two years and, despite the pandemic, there is very little difference between the figures with no great drop off showing up: Year Zooms Sales Ratio Zooms to sales 2019 987 365 2.70 2020 963 362 2.66 It could be that specialist portfolios are better insulated against swings in demand - or I could just be lucky,
  9. Edo, about live news zooms... A picture clicked on from the live news page can't register as a zoom in measures because there isn't a search term for it to key on to. When a news picture meanders it's way into the editorial stock pot that's a different story. Stay safe!
  10. Chuck, I'm wondering if most of your zooms are on your Live News submissions? And I was considering telling a story to agree with your post elsewhere (can't find it) saying PJs should never carry a weapon.
  11. Well Charlie, "inadequacies?" You have not "Added much to the conversation." If I could see any image of yours worth my time or anyone else's, my opinion of your lack of experience, skill with a camera or your lack of knowledge doing post might be different. Concerning the original post. my zooms and licenses are holding up, which I am thankful for during our current situation. Chuck (still the original one)
  12. One of my pseuds is well above average at the moment at 41 but 20 of them are of the same location so I think that's just a blip. No sales from them yet but one of the others has resulted in a sale. If it wasn't for the 20 it would be about average.
  13. I’m in the slightly odd position that my number of views has tanked over the last few months but my zooms have stayed consistent, so good for CTR (if that makes any difference these days)
  14. Zooms have been sporadic for a long time now and that's hardly surprising considering my views have dropped to about a third of what they were a few years ago. I'd add that my sales have dropped too probably due to the increased number of images on Alamy uploaded by other agencies which I just can't compete with. So far this year I have no sales but know of one or two that haven't been reported yet. However it's not a good start and with a fairly ordinary portfolio I can't see things improving. Last year was bad, I don't expect any improvement this year. Zooms used to be a source of hope but t
  15. However, I can't help thinking that the swings are swinging higher, and the roundabouts are spinning faster. Things seem a lot more unstable than they used to be in the zooms, CTR, and sales departments. With a raging global pandemic, economic woes, political turmoil, etc., I guess all this shouldn't come as a big surprise.
  16. Charlie, Hi. I know you're relatively new to the Forum and feeling your way around, but you seem to be making lot of troll like comments on various threads inviting arguments - and you have had several arguments this week. Lockdown is frustrating, but it may be more worthwhile increasing your porfolio size than picking fights. I don't see the benefit of going on a Forum and telling everyone their photos may be undesirable. That could only be possible if everyone has identikit portfolios - if you look at people's portfolios you'll see they are actually very varied. Zooms are o
  17. truthfully i have found zoom and views to be a leading indicator of future sales level, with about a 2 month lag.
  18. Zooms down from past glories but I have known worse. CTR very good by my indifferent standards, and with a reasonable proportion of exclusive zooms, BUT, more importantly, sales dreadful, one PU to date this month. As John Mo said, swings and roundabouts. Plenty of Alamy images continue to be used in The Times, I'm not seeing a noticeable decline.
  19. Well, the truth is, I'm making regular sales. So are most of the regulars here. Surely that's the idea, on a professional forum
  20. My zooms were much lower than previous years during 2020. They really started tanking in October, though, and my CTR sank to an all-time low. This month zooms are looking somewhat healthier and CTR has perked up. However, I only have one sale at the moment. Usually I have 6-7 by mid-month.
  21. All else being equal that would not be an unreasonable assumption. In my case my zooms for Oct, Nov and Dec were lower than my average, resulting in a very low CTR. Considering my port grew steadily through most of last year that didn't seem quite right. However here's what'll really burn your bacon: I made more sales in each of those months than zooms, in fact, sales during those months saw an uptick. That trend appears to have broken off now, with zooms up this month and so far a single sale that doesn't show as a search or zoom. I will also say that despite having a
  22. On a serious note. No zooms could be telling us the products on sale are not desirable.
  23. As of 16 January, I have 4 sales and 9 zooms. None of the 9 have sold. My collection is 8476 images.
  24. I've had 54 zooms and 7 sales. No sales reported at all until 12th January. Things take time to get going after the holidays even in normal times. But with lock-down it is hardly surprising that things are slow.
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