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  1. The full-figured lady is still singing here, but it looks as if February will go down in the books as a fairly average month with lucky 13 sales for $443 gross. Low prices overall, though, except for a healthy $$$ museum display license. Zooms and CTR have rebounded after an alarming slump during the latter part of 2020. One oddity this month was the same image licensing four times to the same UK magazine(s) publisher for the same low fee. That was a first for me.
  2. 2 for $57 with consistent views but a lack of zooms. Good to see what looks like a rebound in volumes for all you regulars on here though.
  3. I like wildlife and to be honest could not think of coping without the 1.4. It's a god send. In wildlife you can never have enough length. The 2 for me is something I can only use if I am attempting to photograph something within say 15 meters (small birds) and on a tripod, handheld it makes everything slow down and affects quality IMHO (I use Nikon BTW). As you are starting out at 200 mm I would just say go and use it a few trips and then come to your own conclusion whether you need it for the type of photograph you are wanting to take. If you do then the 1.4 is good with most lens but kee
  4. Very unusual for me to get any sales on a Sunday but three dropped in today at $39.66 each..😀 So, best month for quite a while - 24 sales, total $1049.24 Two distributors sales but fortunately these were at the lowest fees.
  5. 5 sales for $157 gross net $68 a poor month and an appalling month across all stock sales I had to go back to August 2014 to see returns as bad as these and back then I had less than 500 images on sale 😒 But at least the CTR picked up after a 3 month slide
  6. Really good, despite of most of all were non exclusive and distributors sales. 27 sales at $3233. The most important due to TV sales.
  7. Assuming no P.U. sales come in today, February was about average. 19 sales for $799 gross. Two sales +$100.
  8. One for $25 gross (direct). First of the year; also three zooms, but I don't expect any of them to convert.
  9. My second best month ever with 19 licenses for $723 gross. Very happy with that especially as February has always been a poor month for me. Zooms a bit low though, so the good results might not last.
  10. To save some space, it works with tabs as well. Drag the image from the page to the tab of the forum and then go down to the input box. All the while holding your mouse button or pen button. The input box must already be activated beforehand like by clicking on it or quoting or typing something. I now always double click on the image to make sure the box Keep original aspect ratio is ticked. wim
  11. 10 sales for $627, including 3 $$$ sales. Can't complain.
  12. Four that came in at the end of the month. Two were live news uses from last month. CTR absolutely unbelievably bad - but I can't really do anything about it because I have a well covered subject that is getting a lot of searches but no bites for the particular angles I covered (some did sell for LN). If I remove the KWs, I might improve my CTR but will hamper future sales ops, which seems like a very backwards way to go about things so I won't. Sales numbers are steadily increasing but the fees are getting lower. My sample size is still small yet so I hope that isn't a trend.
  13. Rather a good month here with 39 sales for $1,340 gross, $670 net. Of those sales, 6 were for $$$. Onwards!
  14. TV sales must be high earners. An average of $120 per sale across your 27 sales is impressive.
  15. A strong month for me. 21 sales for $944 gross. I had 3 $$$ sales with the highest value being $284 gross.
  16. It's increasingly obvious which photos sell. Four sales of one photo. Six zooms and a sale on another photo. It tells me you don't have to have a huge portfolio, you just have to follow and photograph key news events, and it helps to photograph groups who traditionally get less representation. And the other photos that get traction have to do with travel. Fortunately, these sectors fit my interests as well. 👍
  17. Anybody else had this today. Measures showing more zooms than yesterday, click into "your images" which normally shows yesterdays images plus any zooms in the appropriate column. Nothing. Just a bit odd not particularly bothered as most of my sales are never zoomed. Andy
  18. Highest for volume (just) in rolling month with 45 sales. Seven $$$ but one of those was a distributor TV license. Total a tad over $1500 gross. Pearl
  19. I've made a general list of things I can photograph in various places, and have made local trips to take photos of things I knew would be in other towns, and arranged to photograph things in Jinotega, but right now, I think I'm going to sit down and shoot book covers as a lot of what Alamy search showed for "Leaves of Grass" book wasn't a photo of Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass." Two zooms, one of mine. Probably go with book on a table (choice of glass pebbled top or the wooden table), and one cropped just of the cover. My lists aren't that precise. The list for Sebaco:
  20. After continuing to upload an average of a few images a day, like January, Alamy income has stayed closer to my normal range: 13 sales for $626/239
  21. Although a January sale cleared yesterday, it was not quite enough to take me over the $50 payout threshold for the month. But it had a $19.99 PU at the beginning of the month, and surely that should have cleared. But no, it seems that, in addition to card & Paypal options, Alamy offer to bill even Guest PU buyers. How does that work? Years ago businesses would trust known customers to pay on invoice (in fact there are stories of shopkeepers turning up on the death of a former customer to collect a lifetime of unpaid bills) but surely a personal use sales should only be paid fo
  22. Well, technically, there is no longer a UKNS as such. It's just that we're now all in the pot for news sales! I didn't used to be in the UKNS, but this past month 3 of my 5 licences were to newspapers - so I guess that there's just more competition for low fees?! 😬
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